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US Attempt To Destroy Israel This Week
Mon Dec 26, 2016 07:16


VIDEO: US Attempt To Destroy Israel - YouTube

In one of the dirtiest moves ever by those who work in the White House, Secretary of State John Kerry #2 is now attempting the complete destruction of Israel.

In a Secret Resolution this Satanic NAZI Pig - John Kerry #2 - is now working on with the leaders of the United Nations, he is proposing a Resolution to be voted on in the UN General Assembly Without US Security Council Approval (Illegal) that would force Israel to abandon about 1/2 of the land and create a state of Palestine

The Only Democracy in the region - and one of the smallest - the US is now drafting a resolution that would create a Full Scale Nuclear War to bring about their Great Lucifarian Teacher - their Messiah.

The Resolution should be presented to the General Assembly next Monday for a vote.

May I highly suggest - French and Russian Ambassador’s to the United Nations Security Council - you veto the bill and recommend War Crime Trials be brought up against those trying to openly start a Nuclear War.

Do Not Destroy My Planet John Kerry #2.

Just in case you have not heard US Presidential Handlers - Israel has a right to survive as a Nation.

Finally - in a flagrant Obnoxiously Arrogant way President Obama #4 threw Hillary under the bus - although we are learning that President Obama’s were simultaneously seen at the White House, on CNN News and in a Marine Compound in Hawaii - all at the same time. So we are not really sure which Obama this one was on CNN only this one had two warts on the left side of his face, not one.

At one point he stated, throwing Hillary under the bus: “I am confident in this vision because I’m ocnfident that if I had rtun again and articulated it, I think I could have mobilized a majority of American people to rally behind it.”

They don’t get it and they never will.

It’s over for these Human Sacrificing NAZI Democrats.

All recounts clearly indicate Hillary AND Obama mustered only 13 Million Votes - tops. The rest was dead people voting and Fake Ballots - like the 2 Million Fake Ballots counted in Ohio we showed pictures of here on this channel.


Please continue to pray that these Lucifarians (Satanists) fail at everything they do and please pray that the Media that Cow Tows to them goes away immediately.

Pray your families are ready for what they are about to throw at us.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


Never Buy It Unless It’s On Sale

The sales today are going to be huge since Christmas Sales across the nation tanked - even on line.

In January there will be some real Tremendous sales as many stores consider closing their doors.



Palestine Flag On Left - The flag of death.

Area To Be Taken By The United Nations:


Julien Bahloul
#BREAKING : le Secrétaire d'Etat John Kerry travaillerait sur un texte reconnaissant l'Etat de Palestine
1:28 AM - 26 Dec 2016
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President Obama Throws Hillary Under The Bus:

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