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"O My God, They've Pushed Us All Off" That is a Tele receiv
Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:09

"O My God, They've Pushed Us All Off"

That is a Tele receive from 4.18 AM today. "O my god, they've pushed us all off."

We are set to be died off inside of America in the hundreds of millions over the next few years. To be made sterile from the effects of radioactive waste that they are warring us with.

And who are they? Might we say the "usual suspects, the folks that issue our money for free?"

Who would ever guess that merely having a concession given by a state to a private party to issue our money could prove to be so totally corrupting to the point that it destroyed the state and most of the people that lived in it?

The concession that allows only one party to issue little pieces of hard to duplicate colored paper with writing and symbols on it called "cash" that are tickets that allow access to the aggregate resource base.

Over a century now since the concession to issue the money, made good by American Labor, has been held in the private hands of weap Judah.

"Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves." Budget Judee said about weap Judah.

Patrick thought that might be the strategy that our extraterrestrial family was using to deal with weap Judah when they dropped their craft at Roswell in 1947.

"Patrick, please don't embarrass us." Kind elder sister Juliet said to Patrick after he wrote that.

"Magnify their imperfections." Is the strategy our extraterrestrial family has used in dealing with the intransigence of the ethically criminal weap Judah.

"Torch you massage for my big hold," Judee say.

Are we not aware that our elders from the Galactic Federation of Light have stopped every single nuclear attack upon us since Judah fist started building atomic bombs?

Might we only try to imagine the wonder and diligence of our elders from outer space that were able, using their advanced technology, to prevent Judah from getting even one nuclear missile past our elders from outer space?

From examining the record it looks as if Judah first tried to wipe out America using atomic bombs dropped from US air force bombers beginning in 1952-1953. Judah already had hundreds of atomic bombs stockpiled by then.

Each and every atomic bomber attack prevented one way or the other by our elders from outer space intervening to save us.

All the while Judah building his submarine-launched intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles force. Simultaneously Judah built his land-based intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile force.

Have we heard about Judah's attempt to trigger a general nuclear war with the Soviet Union using a 9 megaton thermonuclear warhead mounted on the tip of a Titan II rocket that blew up while still in the launch tube at Damascus, Arkansas on September 18th, 1980?

Elders from outer space, keeping a tight rein on nuclear war fighting Judah, had that missile, as all other nuclear missiles, software blocked that prevented them from being launched.

Can we only try to imagine the patience of our elders in that they let Judah keep all his missiles and even let Judah parade his missiles whenever he wanted? They even let Judah keep his missiles he placed on hair-trigger alert status. Elder big brothers let Judah test fire missiles without a warhead, but Judah was not allowed to use them to make war.

Of the many attempts by weap Judah to begin a general nuclear war, most are known only to insiders. The general public has only been informed when it involved the crash of one of their bombers, loss of one of his atomic bombs or as in the disaster at Silo 7, the launch attempt resulted in the rocket engine backfiring, burning and then exploding while still in the launch tube.

Elders software blocked the Titan II missile that Judah tried to use as a triggering device to bring on a general nuclear war on September 18, 1980.

Judah's refueling technician had finished topping off the tanks of the Titan II with an oxidizer and hypergolic rocket fuel preparing the rocket for its long journey to Moscow to deliver the 9 megaton warhead that was intended to destroy millions of our family in Russia.

Might we understand such an act would trigger an all-out thermonuclear counter attack upon America by the Soviet union?

Might we think of Judah's earlier triggering devices such as the 1915 sinking of the Lusitania to provoke a war with Germany or the 1898 sinking of the U.S.S. Maine that brought America into war with Spain?

The hydrazine and hydrogen peroxide used to fuel the mighty Titan II would spontaneously combust when combined. No need for an igniter hence termed "hypergolic."

When Judah pushed the button on September 18th, 1980 to begin the general nuclear war that he planned to wipe both America and Russia away in, might we consider that the software block that Sir Casper installed in the rocket engine's control circuitry ended Judah's dreams of glory that day?

A line of code Sir Casper's diligent team added in the rocket motor control software, afforded the rocket motor the opportunity to start slightly out of sequence, which it did.

Another line of code in the rocket safety shutdown system afforded the safety shut down to take longer than normal to stop the flow of fuels to the rocket motor.

When the trigger was pulled and the rocket was fired, because of the Martian added a line of code in the fuel pump section the hydrogen peroxide oxidizer fuel did not enter in sequence with the hydrazine.

Ordinarily, the safety shutdown would detect the failure of the oxidizer to begin the burn and would shut the hydrazine down immediately preventing an explosion when the late arriving oxidizer entered the rocket motor.

Because of the Martian line of code in the safety shutdown software, it afforded the hydrazine the time needed to put enough hydrazine into the combustion chamber for when the oxidizer entered, it would cause an explosion, shutting all safety systems down preventing the rocket from being launched.

The small explosion produced by the lines of Martian software missile blocking code that shut the rocket engine down broke a small fuel line leaving hydrazine leak into the rocket combustion chamber.

The small hydrazine fire burned all that night and into early the next day when the hydrazine fuel tank exploded destroying the missile and launch tube.

We were told that the force of the blast blew the 740-ton concrete and steel launch tube lid off and hurled the 9 megaton warhead to where it landed, a distance away from the launch tube. The warhead was found in what was described at the time as "Pristine condition." It had leaked no atom bomb plutonium or thermonuclear "H" bomb tritium.

If the blast from the Titan II rocket was strong enough to blow the 740-ton concrete lid off, does it not seem somewhat odd that the 9 megaton warhead was found 100 feet away and in "Pristine condition?"

Does it not seem more likely that the lid must have been open when the Titan II rocket exploded?

Is it not curious that we have never heard any controversy about it and it happened over 36 years ago?
Here's a link to read more about it:

As Judah still privately holds the issue of our money will Labor not feel the need to take the authority to issue our money away from them?

Might we understand that our good God wants no repeats of the abuse of his children such as Judah has done to us?

Are we seeing that our good God has let master throw himself out right? The medal-bedecked jack boots of the old world and their eternal fist ways. Will Labor not step in here and gift us with a new day of peace?

Is American Labor seeing that once Labor has the concession to issue our money in your safe hands the abuse of God's children on earth will end in every land that Judah cipher is molesting us in?

Might we consider the magical ways that our good God has had His angels keeping us safe from weap Judah's plot to exterminate us using nuclear weap technology?

Bitch first communicated with Sir Casper when he discovered Sir Casper maneuvering through our phone lines. That was in the early 1990s. Bitch recorded signals of their equipment and processed the signals and separated them to see what was there.

He found one he called the "cricket." That's what it sounded like. Listening to it made one think it changed colors as it chirped. The cricket sounded as if it changed color from crystal to green and back and forth. Has anyone ever heard a sound that sounded like it had a color?

Might we consider that elders let Bitch discover them in the phone lines with his computer? Of course. If they would have wanted to shield themselves, Bitch would never have discovered them in our phone lines.

When Sir Casper communicated with Bitch in the early 90s he told Bitch that he was software blocking missiles. Bitch asked him who he was, air force? And the communication ended. Sir Casper left a software block in Bitch's modem that he couldn't clear until he gave up and rebooted his computer. Sir Casper's software block froze Bitch's computer modem.

Are we all aware now that Sir Caspar is our Martian friend and good neighbor that has pulled all of Judah nuclear missile shots off of us?

If we can understand this will we not join together and end the menace that Judah has put upon us?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks for the love of our precious sweet Father that spared us from the exterminating nuclear rod of weap Judah?

Will the Druid Slav white fish not let them off of America, England, Germany and Russia and STOP THE WAR?

The highest level of our house, our good God that has spoken to us to guide us on how to save ourselves. Is there not some way to convince the Druid to end funding extincting us?

"Stupid. Stupid, Terrible. Horrible." All Tele comments concerning Bitch's post of the other day concerning the issue of white fish destroying our world while in the economic control of weap Judah.

From those comments might we derive that the way Bitch puts it about white fish is not useful? Seems that way doesn't it?

Bitch said a prayer to Father yesterday and asked Father why Bitch's comments about white fish are never put in a useful way and "B" indicated that Bitch has a sense of threat from the white fish and it is expressed in the form of stupid when trying to communicate about why we need them re-sighted out of the fist business.

While it is Judah that is directing the hits in our world, are we seeing that it is largely white fish that is doing the hands on dirty work?

Bitchie does facial reverse speech of himself occasionally to see what is in his subconscious and several years ago he pulled a reverse speech that surprised him and then made him laugh, then feel relaxed for about 48 hours. In RS Bitch said

"The Welch worry me."

Over the years there have been London directed guys and gals stalking Bitch. He learned they were from Wales. They live here in America and work for the palace sporting us.

While Bitch has known about the Welch Sportster's for years, not until he pulled it out of his reverse speech that they worried him, did he get a couple of good nights sleep.

Apparently this nagging menace of white fish fisters for Judah, that when Bitch tries to communicate the need to put an existence stipend in and re-sight the cruelly manipulated poor fists, he is also subconsciously worried about them and it stirs anger causing Bitch to write things that irritate other white fish.

Is it fair for Bitch to ask the white fish why don't we take care of our fellow man? Why do we leave the children to grow up in the corrosive poverty of weap Judah where he gets a hold of them and molds them into his biological fist?

Do we recall former New York police chief Bernie Kerik explaining how he decided to become a policeman as a kid when he was arrested and a cop at the jail told him that in his social class he had two choices, either get in a cage or stand outside and push somebody else in?

In God's name, Labor will you not get the Jews jails out of our land for good? Will you not do the will of God and put an existence stipend in so there are better options for kids than getting in a Jews cage or pushing somebody else into a Jews cage?

Judah is already in his undergrounds being died off by our good God almighty. In a thousand years, his descendants will emerge transitioned into a peaceful cipher.

Might we consider that it took the original Galacticans 700 years to transition out of war and into peace after they discovered the departed civilization of Prenasour?

Might we consider that scenario as a blueprint of sorts of the path the departing weap Judah may follow until their descendants emerge without fierce in a thousand years or so?

So while Judah genetics will carry on in the undergrounds, are we understanding that by us funding all of the war in our world we have set ourselves up to be died completely out of life form?

If we do not have an underground to go into do we not understand that breathing the air on the surface of the earth will poison us out over time?

Judah fled the surface to his shelters in the basement, his crystal will survive because his air will not be contaminated.

Do we see that our crystal will be radioactively poisoned at the genetic level and not able to reproduce ourselves properly?

Every nation state of the mild man held in the grip of Judah with Judah Replicon shells plus a few hirelings, occupying all the offices of state.

While we have had scientists informing us what is coming upon us for decades, might we only wonder why we have not helped ourselves to survive it?

Might we just be so wealthy and comfortable that we have chosen not to disturb our bright sunny days by thinking about the unpleasant things that are coming our way?

Something Bitch has mentioned before, our friend's next door on Mars went through the same situation that we are going through now.

The dominant classes hid underground and contaminated the atmosphere with nuclear waste and died the mass of the Martians that way.

It apparently is a touchy subject from what Bitch has registered from elder when he asked about it.

The Martians have a small population now living inside planet Mars.

The Martians that are helping us to survive Judah nuclear wars are themselves descendants of those that poisoned out the herd on Mars.

Might we consider that if we do nothing, we will pass out of life form as the peaceful Martians did thousands of years ago?

Given time, the warrior Martians that moved inside the planet transitioned themselves to peace.

The Martians are a naturally evolved high-level life form unlike us that are a hybridized creation of the Federation.

The Martians did not have an intervening power as we have. So the peaceful population passed out of life form.

Do we perceive how lucky we are that rather than being a naturally evolved species, which would have left us to our own resources, we are a hybridized species, sharing the high intelligence 223 genetic factors of our creators and so have been gifted with protection preventing Judah from exterminating us?

As we were created by our good God that has sent his angels in to spare us from Judah nuclear blast war do we see that we have been gifted by being protected by our elders from outer space?

Are we understanding that if we let him, Judah will now finish out perishing us with a series of assaults on Americans?
Chernobyls Reindeer The Norwegian Herders Still Living In The Shadow Of Nuclear Disaster;article=157052;

That is a link to a picture show about our family living in Norway and how their main cash crop, reindeer, have been poisoned still 30 years after the 11-day nuclear burn at Chernobyl.

Norway is over 1,000 miles away from Chernobyl. Are we getting some idea of how deadly is radioactive waste from only an 11-day burn?

Continues at:


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