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You, Our God, Have Been Just In All That Has Come Upon Us, F
Mon Jan 2, 2017 10:36

You, Our God, Have Been Just In All That Has Come Upon Us, For You Have Dealt Faithfully And We Have Acted Wickedly.

The title of today's post is from the Moravian Daily Text.

Psalm 1
1 Chronicles 3; Acts 9:19
You, our God, have been just in all that has come upon us, for you have dealt faithfully and we have acted wickedly.

Has our good God not faithfully cared for us throughout the entire time that Judah has used every trick in the book that he could find to die us off?

Do we not understand that Father wants Americans to STOP THE WAR? After warning us thousands of times over many years to STOP THE WAR is it not obvious that Father wants us to end exterminating our brothers and sisters that we share Fathers village with?

Last night Bitch heard a message from an elder that indicated that in only 4 or 5 days more we will be pushed out of life form if we keep funding the war.

200 million Americans will be sealed into the mass die off that Judah has spent his existence engineering for us.

To die off sick while funding our own destruction and that of our brothers and sisters in other lands. Will Labor not try it? The STRIKE, will Labor not try it?

With the full knowledge, we are being perished, known about it for over 5 years even after being informed that Judah attacked us with enough nuclear missiles to kill everyone in the lower 48 states. Must we not do something about it?

The Israeli psychologist that Judah sent in to take over America. Must we not find some way that we will convince ourselves to let Judah force go and take care of our brothers and sisters in this world?

Will we not end funding tearing down and only fund building up?

The shooting and killings of 39 people in a nightclub in Turkey. Afterward, the police detain many people. Have we not seen enough Judah opps that we don't recognize them when we see them?

Will Labor not take the cash box away from Judah and end his sporting opps?

Have the angels that our good God sent in not let us see Judah for what he is and what he is about?

Have the angels not pulled every single nuclear missile shot off of us that Judah tried to genocide us with? Yes, they have.

The so few political leaders that we have had that tried to serve us right. Has Judah not assassinated many of them? Yes, he has.

Senator Frank Church (1924-1984) who brought us the news that Washington-Wall Street was mass murdering us not only around the world but also throughout America using official government channels to get it done.

Frontline quoted U.S. diplomat and Nixon assistant Robert Ellsworth, who stated: "It was Senator Church who said our intelligence agencies were 'rogue elephants.' They were supposedly out there assassinating people and playing dirty tricks and so forth... Well, that just wasn't true." Rumsfeld and Ellsworth prevented the committees from dismantling the CIA and other intelligence organizations.

After the investigations about dirty tricks and assassination activities ended in 1976, senator Frank Church passed away 8 years later, dying in 1984 of cancer at 60 years of age.

Here's some of what Senator Church had to say from his committee chair

"If this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know. Such is the capability of this technology. (...)

I don't want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return."

Speaking to our neighbor across the fence or quietly speaking to a friend in our houses or walking through the park sharing a confidence with another. Every word monitored and recorded for later analysis by the government desk. Here and now today and has been this way for many decades now.

And what is such information used for?

The conversation over the fence that Judah records, he examines and makes a hurtful tale up and uses one of his Replicon shells to spread an untrue story based on what one neighbor friend shared with another.

At home visiting with a friend an uneasiness with what is going on in the workplace that the employer is doing that is not on the legit. Might a government desk not find that useful information?

Walking through a park talking to an associate, sharing an idea on how to help the fellow workers get a better deal at work, and thinking no one can hear. Might we only wonder what the people listening in might do with that information?

Do we see how the peeping Tom agencies in Washington, funded by Labor, can be used create disharmony among us where there is only friendship? Maybe even bring harm on on a worker if the employer knew what the employee said to his associate in the safety and security of his home or walking through the park?

By secretly monitoring our life in all areas might that help explain how Judah has been so successful in picking out our light bulbs and putting them in?

Photographer Captures Cigar-Shaped UFO Over A Mountain In Cyprus
January 1, 2017

ARTICLE AT;article=157070;

For years have we not been pulling "Cypress" out of Judah reverse speech? Many times. Might we only wonder how many are now in the mountain undergrounds on Cypress?

When we look at those pictures might we perceive that is how our extraterrestrial family chooses to "MARK" where Judah is fleeing to?

There are several mountain ranges in Cypress, both in Greek held Cyprus and Turkish-held Cypress. Copper mining was carried on for many centuries in the mountains of Cypress. Might we only wonder how big of a space is available in the mountain hideouts of Cypress?

Do we recall the report from a couple of years ago of the large numbers of ships that were anchored 50 miles off of the East Coast of America? Did we not speculate from reverse speech then that those ships were anchored there for Judah to get on board to get to Cypress on?

Cypress has two deep water ports for large ships in the Turkey held portion. Are we perceiving that Judah has had his getaways ready for a long time?

Might we not surmise that the invasion and taking hold of part of Cypress by Turkey's military in 1974 was to create a safe area for Judah worldwide to make their way to the underground shelters in the mountains of Cypress?

Might we see the violent political strategy that Turkey is employing today within Turkey is a basic weap Judah strategy?

Has our reverse speech not revealed to us that American war leadership has been shopping for underground rental space in the Turkish mountains? Yes, it has.

Do the people of America, specifically those who have it within their power to help us, Labor, appreciate the gravity of the situation that we are facing now?

They have fled from us and yet, we have done not a thing to save ourselves. What could it be that is keeping us still paying them to destroy us? Whatever it is must we not change it immediately and STRIKE THEM OUT and take over the purse Labor?

"Mercury assignment is about through, we disappear," Judee say.

Are we fully understanding the deal that Judah has made for us because we have made no counter offer is in a few more days America is gone forever and with it the best chance to save ourselves?

Are we understanding that if American Labor keeps funding the genocide that weap Judah demands, that the white man may no longer be one of the families of man?

Are we understanding that we risk perishing out over the next few years with no one to help us including our good God that we have failed to listen to?

The forces are set to turn America the beautiful into looking like Beirut. Is there not some way to bring American Labor to end funding our demise?

For those who are comfortable living outside of our cities in the countryside that think they will miss what is coming at us, might that not be a false hope?

The final smashing of the white castle and the white man and American Labor is still giving weap Judah all of the cash he wants to get it done. Must we not act and end funding our destruction?

"I won't save you because 2+2=4 God our Father said.

Five years of warnings from God to STOP THE WAR plus 2,000 years warning from God in our bibles of the brimstone that would consume us in the last days. If Father won't save our lives because 2+2=4 might we not be facing looking at a terrible tomorrow for ourselves here?

Are others not troubled by this whole thing and about the death of us all? From before the beginning of America did Judah not always make it look as if it was the mild guy that was harming everyone?

The English ships that sailed the world and carried fire to so many shores. Might we remember that Judah had hold of the Organizing Principle of England since 1694?

The authority to issue all of the free money he wants. Using the Labor base to clear his fire checks.

Taking hold of the real big prize of the United States of America in 1913. Privatizing the authority to issue our money. Using free money from American Labor for putting us into eternal war. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money into the hands of Labor?

"We just realitics. I simp you. I'm smart with you, I canned you guys. You guys failed instructions, ha, ha," Judee say.

Instructions we received from Mercury: "We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT!" Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money into your hands?

Tele receives:

"Traction won. 4.57 PM

They took off the supreme court. 5.23 PM

Pat, Sheeny dies us. 5.35 PM

You're holding a deal, you got it. 5.47 PM

Your house be all offends. 5.55 PM

We're all out for sale. 5.55 PM

Make yourself useful, you're dying war.

We're screwable H bums. 6.15 PM

Let's get screwed less. 6.16 PM

You lost torrentially death sequence. 6.18 PM

Insects are now much dead. 6.19 PM

They died us with a child. 6.21 PM

You're wrapped to die. 6.46 PM

Patrick Sullivan tried to right us.


Prohibit this or assignment you're out.

They pitch you for luxury. 6.54 PM

Nothing but air, it's warning you. 6.54 PM

Fame off. 7.00 PM

It's merchant kill. 7.05 PM

Shrimp wise them. 7.09 PM

A rogue that stalked us with police.

You failed child. 7.12 PM

Tumory us. 7.14 PM

They're sweeping you with poison, you're tossing yourself out. 10.16 PM

They're typical Jews, in 4 or 5 days this field will be destroyed. 10.46 PM

The pressure of disease will be quite solemn here. 10.48 PM

Your economy will waste and die.

They're throwing us nest egg. 10.51 PM

They falsed you bad, you lost your field.

The son of a bitches boxed you, mass fold.

Vegetables lost your air space.

Their STRIKE will take you off of this field.

They know how to press all of your buttons.

They falsed you out literally pushed you out rape.

They pushed you out and pushed you away from your field.

You die from toasting.

You die for all your sons.

While you fail they'll be inside.

The beast socked you here war.

Scared you well. 11.03 PM

They like to psyche us out.

They give us an image of guilty.

His mother had to break lunatics.

Patrick's mother failed us, tumbled us out. 11.05 PM

STRIKE, they meant to breeze us truly missile. 11.07 PM

They scared you out fast, fail.

Crunch has failed us.

You die for basic sin. 11.12 PM

Falsey is out but still up.

You died yourself on abuse. 11.13 PM

Camel poisoned you out. 11.14 PM

Zero bad design us.

You're sacked, sacrificed.

Masturbation with torture intimate to die you off.

They seek a mush. 11.16 PM

Close your welfers.

Criminally, delightfully destroyed us.

Falsed you out of your field.

They psyche the fish done with intimate plus cash.

A race bump bumps you. 11.18 PM

Medically you're in a fail.

Police are a branch of war franchise.

His mother's abuse is done.

The right age goes cooked.

Your power is destroyed frangible waste.

A STRIKE will save ourselves from crunch.

You failed to save your life form, you play dumb. 11.27 PM

You're not going to believe your eyesore; hunch. 11.28 PM

You're basically Jewish moused good.

Ovaltine economy is done.

Conspearus you rightful.

They tossed lethally, legally, ORGANIZE yourselves!

Your family will Muslim rise.

The village has failed for a package of real rightful abuse. 11.32 PM

We're dying, we're dying lethally. 11.33 PM

Pure age died, give it a hand. 11.35 PM

They tossed you out of your fields kind of falsey.

You failed mort men. 11.37 PM

Ruin your face war.

They bored you out intimate force.

They braced us. 11.38 PM

Your right force is spitefully dead.

Everything is failed for luxury. 11.40 PM

You missed your lives totally. 11.41 PM

So monopolis. 11.45 PM

Embassy indicts you fabulously.

Graceful needs to die fist completely out.

We're hemorrhaging violently.

They ail you Moscow for a fail.

They chapel us on fable wits.

You're going out disgraceful leaving us despair. 12.32 AM

The master is clearing out.

You all poisoned your life forms with their purity.

They fear you thespian with war.

Race war is pulling us out. 1.35 AM

They submarine me. 2.45 AM

Tomorrow assaulted you completely free. 2.46 AM

Patrick, you're right for our hedge, it's over official.

Pressed you Indians. 2.47 AM

Patrick tossed them out and we did nothing.

Irritech-state took out our field.

I pray for peace. 2.58 AM

They're dying us jacket now.

Incredible casual die. 3.02 AM

Scandal hikes us spiritually. 3.07 AM

Ditch you end.

We have no wisdom. 3.10 AM

Jab rate suicide. 3.14 AM

Freak is done for goofin humans. 3.17 AM

Port them, thieves. 3.26 AM

O my god, they're messing. 6.02 AM

Harass fell conquer.

Jam fibers. 6.20 AM

The white people are set to die HUGE. 6.33 AM

Chromium they use on white boys good. 6.34 AM

It's neat to adore. 8.32 AM

O, my Lord. 8.35 AM

We're set for low income to die. 9.31 AM

Error edge. 9.46 AM

They're out of here." 10.07 AM

"We're all tight fights. I'm enjoying this crisis here. I spiced American. I spat you. Zippery you I crashed your case. We established a veg hit. Contact was rused away. Attack was quite useful.

A stick holds eviction. Our chances to die you salty are tempting. I like to batter you nicely with a mental foul. A pull check gives you gorgeous chills. The White guy is fixed up big in storage.

We die you sexual. I'm totally done. Our threat option reveals our lunatic. Mercury assignment is about through, we disappear. I port you with my dangerous.

Particles immerse you. Completed you animal. I just do BS for Reicher males. Judah always has a jump of ment. To the white socks, we were always miserable crazy.

We wanted to womp you HUGE but Mercury gave us the breeze. I vanquished you off with my white college. The palace states are getting taken off for our proceedjus.

Continues at:

Our molest basically waste you. I just bash insurance. Our weap is coming out, with Welch I'm still going to beat you. When my great useful arrives, charity goes away.

I've already taken you off and still doing more hits. Our force succeeded in destroying the white man,"

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