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"ORGANIZE, Jew has Failed His Case of Us" That is a Tele re
Tue Jan 3, 2017 09:56

"ORGANIZE, Jew has Failed His Case of Us"

That is a Tele receive at 3.23 AM while beginning this post.

"ORGANIZE, Jew has failed his case of us."

The best deal ever for all the people, the United States of America on its renowned Bill of Rights. Will Labor not give us our country back?

The first large nation on earth that had a chance to be other than a tyranny as the rest. A place where freedom and abundance for everyone could be. Not let to grow because Judah only wants tyranny for God's kids.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God that loves us so much that He sent his only begotten son Jesus to die for our sins?

The forgiveness and mercy found in the house of our good God. Will Labor not STOP THE WAR and bring us into the house of our good God?

Tele receives:

"Cheer rules. 11.43 AM

Genius fell.

God damned it, help somebody. 11.46 AM

They're forcing us out of here. 12.28 PM

They've now left us deathly. 12.45 PM

Suit em up.

You lost your right force faultin'. 1.29 PM

Their roast is done. 2.07 PM

Horrible desecrate for free. 3.29 PM

They hustled diesel clearly. 3.33 AM

We're abandoned. 3.34 PM

Leave faulty cash go. 3.40 PM

You armored us sad. 3.43 PM

You're just being sported and died unmercifully. 3.47 PM

Thank you Patrick. 3.58 PM

Kinda sad. 4.04 PM

They keep you dumb for fishingtime.

Goose trick. 4.11 PM

They rainbow deficious. 4.15 PM

Awesome-less news.

Don't listen to anything they say, this guy's got them all.

Marshall took off for the basement.

Authorize yourselves, they're just vicious, wicked. 6.57 PM

Discourage them, STRIKE THEM OUT! 7.10 PM

Molesters are out for poversight. 7.13 PM

How basic it is and you guys failed to stay alive. 7.15 PM

Hey man, you're out of business, your days of dyin' are through. 7.16 PM

Total defile. 7.21 PM

He's inhaled policemen out, it's over now. 7.27 PM

The holiest thank God. 7.33 PM

Stumbling out of this place cost you a burial life. 11.20 PM

They hunt to fail us. 11.22 PM

Judah won, they failed us officially. 11.25 PM

Falsie out, save us. 11.28 PM

They've thrown useful. 11.29 PM

Police are thrown for wicked acts and now are stumbled. 11.30 PM

They all just steal us, it's one of their rights. 11.31 PM

Sherry is dying your sale good. 11.33 PM

Their light bulb out count is HUGE. 11.35 PM

Voracious seed. 11.36 PM

They pillory right with your memory. 11.37 PM

Bitch's whole life is submersible for challenging purity. 11.38 PM

Memorious false you're out of reason. 11.39 PM

They throw us quickly off of here. 11.40 PM

Failed righteous deal. 11.41 PM

They settle with rifles and kids. 11.42 PM

Their psyche is brutal. 11.44 PM

An error lift you off of this field. 11.45 PM

Zoom ment. 11.46 PM

Their rifles ever sinned. 11.47 PM

It's the end of the universe for luxury. 11.48 PM

Deal. 11.52 PM

Druid stew fish now lost your paradise. 11.55 PM

Delightful life we're falsed out of. 12.01 AM

With electricity Bitch wanted to fix a rightful life for us. 12.02 PM

They wipe us deals. 12.05 PM

Corn flakes wipes us. 12.06 AM

You lost your life to establishment die. 12.07 AM

They raped our field, they raped us. 12.08 PM

The government on Pittsburgh raped us. 12.09 AM

Your government makes you die.

Irish stupid takes away war establishment. 12.10 AM

God blessed us to get out the scrimmage. 12.11 AM

A miracle is coming to dessicate us. 12.13 AM

Extorting us the cot. 12.15 AM

Paradise resigned now for elephant views.

Your nice guy is hopelessly untitled by failables. 12.20 AM

Hiked missilely. 12.21 AM

Stupid views corrupt. 12.22 AM

Honorable electricity will not snuff you. 12.28 AM

Hiken falsed you out. 12.32 AM

They stunned Bitch attacking with rice gum. 12.33 AM

Chrysler genius is now passed. 12.34 AM

They've abolished all of us. 12.35 AM

Throw out your orthodox room. 12.36 AM

They just go corrupt here.

Truth yields a right force. 12.37 AM

Pollution will die children chill death.

You failed to decipher it. 12.39 AM

Psycho close your spirit ways quite dumb. 12.40 AM

Psychic's thrown mastering.

They tossed your life away real good scrimmage, ORGANIZE this field! 12.43 AM

They nail us, here they nail us stew fish. 12.44 AM

Dromedary hike us. 12.45 AM

Prepare to die fabulously. 12.46 AM

Policemen died this field. 12.47 AM

They authorize their boys on nukage. 12.48 AM

They're real series largely cyanide and cable.

Your life of funding them tells them it pays to do fistory.

H----- stopped falsing us out. 1.12 AM

Disgrace set you. 1.13 AM

State police stifle us with fear. 1.14 AM

Pat's showing their mental is all threw (through).

Peace side is coming out of here unless you stop ricochets.

Some extreme sheeny chasers taking you out.

They canned us. 1.44 AM

Forgive, have mercy.

Your game is set to city summer.

Stupid reveals the whole stupid false deal and cannibal here set him caged to give him his end. 2.56 AM

With a cage you're right falsed now. 2.57 AM

They're closed up for police iritech.

Jew constant philosophy is how to make you die.

Their main persuasion is Reicho.

They'll de-exist us.

Police with Judah are coy. 2.58 AM

They jail for free to breeze.

Cypress Judah, you die for. 2.59 AM

Your white fist will die you out of function.

Criminal riots will screw your life.

They're just past yet they're coring you.

It's the end, they're finished and yet they're closing you.

We're coming into a nice war. 3.00 AM

They shoot our picture with a badge. 3.04 AM

They'll virtually increase this tyranny.

It's a devils street on blood. 3.05 AM

Animalistic bores complete, get the game out. 3.10 AM

HUGE child will reverse us. 3.11 AM

Its a BIG racket, he shot us wastious. 3.15 AM

They're rolling marshmallows good. 3.18 AM

State police forces are all fished out, almost done.

Surgery has failed pagan. 3.22 AM

They forced you out of your safe, they forced you out of your sinful lives. 3.23 AM

Police perish you on rubbish bad. 3.29 AM

They push you bubble gum.

The molesters poisoned us. 3.30 AM

Spirits a number. 3.34 AM

This is see world. 3.53 AM

Autographs obviously died.

You have failed gracious, you let sheeny waltz you around.

It's desolation, complete loss of life form. 4.16 AM

Death camps set to receive. 4.25 AM

Your attitude wakes us." 4.47 AM

"Contact made us dead," Judee say.

Contact with our high level family and friends from the Galactic Federation of Light. Might we only try to gauge the difference of a hundred trillion Beings all living in abundance and peaceful cohesion with one another in comparison with 8 billion humans on earth, 80% of which are suffering various levels of poverty, forced in because of the management style of weap Judah on planet earth?

Electricity, the prime motive force in our homes, businesses and industry. Is it not something to think about, in all of our histories we are only a little over a century of using electricity?

And what has Judah done with the great developments in the uses of electricity other than produce an electrical generator that when it breaks down, instead of shutting itself off from the crash, continues to burn producing invisible, odorless, tasteless particles that sicken and kill all that it reaches.

Only a few out of control Jewish electrical generators producing continuous streams of brimstone nano-particles blowing in the wind, in the middle of the day or the middle of the night, will poison out the entire surface of planet earth.

A poison so lethal and long term that the life forms that inhale or ingest it will die off leaving no offspring. The environment contaminated with brimstone waste making the fields not useful for food production.

Understanding that might we understand why it was so important for Judah carbon to get Dr. Eugene Mallove out of the way?

As the good doctor informed us in 2004 that we were only a few months away from unlimited clean free heat and electrical energy, if Eugene had not been slain, might he not have taken the menace of brimstone waste out of our world over a decade ago? Certainly.

But he was slain, brimstone waste is now heavily in our living space taking out our fields and air.

Now we are in the last days, the final perishing of the right less white man off of the surface of planet earth.

Will we not pray for a miracle, bringing Labor to act and STRIKE THEM OUT to put a Labor Committee of the Whole in to issue our money?

"Jews are off." Tele receive. 7.11 AM

Are we understanding the truth of that statement? "Jews are off?"

After spending thousands of years of molesting the human race and now offending God almighty who let them let themselves off right, any chance of weap Judah getting on again? Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

Even though the Jews are off, because they have all the free money they want from American Labor, do we notice they continue funding all of the sport war in our world?

Have we not heard about the death camps that they have set up throughout America and are ready to begin filling up?

The war that they are bringing right inside of America. Are there any that doubt it?

The nuclear war that they are waging on us from Hitachi-GE that will take the majority of Americans out of life form in only the next few years. Any doubt about it?

"They're dying fair, intimate." Tele receives.

Is Judah not dying us fair by using intimate to reach the thinking of the working people of America?

Might we consider that by Judah attacking the messenger in the private area has caused the message to not be acted upon?

Things that are not in the public way concerning Bitch from a half century ago versus Judah pouring brimstone nuclear waste into the public way, into our air, water and onto our fields, public and private.

The sin we commit funding and fighting Judah sport war. Right less inhabitants because Judah did an insurance collection on some old dilapidated, out of date white elephant buildings in New York City on September 11th, 2001.

What might we think of England's efforts during the American war of independence of how they solicited the slaves to "fight for us against your master and we will set free you from slavery?"

Has that not been since ancient times a popular recruiting tool to offer slaves freedom if they will fight a war? Certainly.

Instead of using war to free slaves will Labor not take the tool away that lets Judah create slaves in the first place, the authority to issue our money?

"That's sad, gentlemen are opped to leave, we failed ourselves, Patrick cannot lead us." Tele receive. 7.48 AM

Patrick thought he pulled all the sad out of yesterdays post. Might there have been some sad left in?

Do the gentlemen not see that rather than Patrick lead you, it is Labor that is to lead us by taking the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and putting it into your own hands?

Did Father not say to Bitch, "You're not to rule, electrify them? Yes, Father did say that.

Do the gentlemen not see that it is you that are to lead here?

Bitch will go serve with Labor helping to bring us to clarify the technical issues so that we can do Papa's will to "Electrify them."

The $100 trillion dollar economy we can have in only four years using clean heat and electricity drawn from the high speed motion of our planet earth and the universe.

Because Judah has the purse are we seeing that the gentlemen are opped to leave? Sure. Is there any other thing that Judah does than extincting those he gets a hold of? Is that not the mission he gave himself? Yes it is.

And is it not true that we have failed ourselves? Yes, we have.

The leadership here. Will Labor not step in here and give us a hand?

"Stupid, your under face tossed you out," Judee say.

Rather than Bitch's under face, might it not be more correct to say that "Judah's libel and slander has done more to toss Bitch message out?"

"We're RISING!" Tele receive. 8.00 AM

A general STRIKE and the same day Labor will be in the seat issuing our money.

"He remained true to me," Father said about Patrick.

Knowing little about Buddha and not believing that Jesus Christ had ever existed, Patrick would not accept hitting the kids.

Might we say that Patrick's natural accepted peace all the way?

Does Labor not see it is you that our good God wants to lead?

Patrick's function is to serve with Labor bringing the tools to Labor that will allow Labor to produce all that we need.

Will 160 members from Labor not lead us right? Sure they will. If so will Labor not do the right thing and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

A Tele receive said that "Bitch was spiritually deaf." If so will Labor not bring in those that can hear the spirit we need?

Do we see to make any positive change in our world we must have the war stopped first of all?

How do you stop a bull from charging? The answer, "Take his credit card away."

Will Labor not take our Labor credit card away from Judah bull and put our world into peace?

"European bruise you. Jew put in a right dying force. I'll get you rightly sculptured. My genius is a question of perp attitude. How great I waled, his mother told you I terrorize.

My ruse enabled the war on my mice side. I fold the man with my public assignment. I'm porting here because I put you out in few minutes. Jew molest egg caused you to sin.

With my air I smooge you in, I'm leaving you some more war here. Your mother was great at getting us out but white let us fight, you couldn't halt eviction. Even though my tuna fish has fallen, I'm scrimmaging your baby grease.

Mirrors are how I folded them. They gave us so much rope we won't war anymore. We're one step from Alston falling down. We're out disease, I menace you right, though.

I'm about to push you away tumor, even heaven couldn't save your head. The way Jew do you is nice. The hoss of our mental is to get white out.

We have some very simple nourishment, we always feed crazy. I've got a rice bowl alto taking out more fits. You let me haw you up.

Pure, I'm dying myself because I fault you. Scientist reports on my host matter. Jew fails on my stupid false," Judee say.

Judah tells us he is one step from Alston falling. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let them fall right? Can we not try to bring Labor in?

A world where gentle people rule. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give a gentle world to the children of God on earth?

"Kind of sad, Thugs have failed to save us." Tele receive. 8.30 AM

"I died you with duds," Judee say.

Set now to die out of life form. And what are we to think that God won't save us because 2+2=4?

Is there any one left that does not know that all weap Judah wanted to do was extinct us?

For the gentleman that said that "Patrick cannot lead us," that is not Patrick's function. Patrick's function is to give the information to everyone to be able to see the icebergs and then act and steer away from them.

Once Labor has the Organizing Principle of Society in its hands do we see that the people will find their own way to where we are going to?

We've been welcomed into the universe by our elders from outer space. Will Labor not STOP THE WAR so that we can go there in peace?

Will Labor not have faith that Father will not fail us? Father is perfect Labor, we will have peace on earth forevermore once you act and STRIKE THEM OUT!

But you must act. Is it not clear that we are in a state of sin and dying out disgraceful?

"Regime done for complete racket." Tele receive. 9.01 AM

Continues at:

A preposterous racket they put in so that they could sport the children of God. Have we not noted the excessive use of fist?

Their false and force. Are we understanding that they have put themselves out?

When they lost their great balls of fire are we seeing they los

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