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"Respect You Failed: Do You Realize You Have Officially Died
Thu Jan 5, 2017 09:26

"Respect You Failed: Do You Realize You Have Officially Died?"

Those are Tele receives from 2.58 AM.

What about it Labor, do you not realize you have officially died? Do we not realize we have officially died?

Did Judah not die us fair? That is with over 5 years warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR plus 2,000 years warnings in our bible of how a third of us would be finished out in the last days, did Judah not die us fair?

Respect you failed." Tele receive

Is that where the failure came from? Did Bitch insult so sour everyone that we failed to survive the nuclear war that we are now dying out in?

The critical things needed to go into the universe that is at peace. Respect and honor to dignity. Did Bitch fail this critical component so badly that it has now destroyed our beautiful nation, died the majority of Americans and a third of the human race out of life form?

Did Bitch numerous apologies just fail to heal the breach of failing respect? So sorry that we haven't gotten together to STOP THE WAR and save ourselves.

Are we understanding that they have a place to go and they're leaving our whole atmosphere poisoned out?

"You must gamble it; rice was done."

Thank you Sir Jason for that message from your telepathic voice mailbox.

You must gamble it Labor. Do we not understand that Judah has already gotten his rice on us done?

Judah nuclear waste sport. Are we perceiving that we are now sealed into losing the majority of Americans over the next few years to the radioactive sickness of many varieties?

If we understand this will we not repent, pray to God to save us and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"It'd real assembly discourage. Nice close-up."

Thank you Sir Morris for the telepathic voice mailbox message.

Could the mention of "nice close up" be in regards to the local noon news yesterday that had a big dog sitting with a big red boner while the news camera stared at him for an exceptionally long time?"Nice close-up?"

Here's a couple of reverse speech from the interview that accompanied that video of the dog with the big red boner:

"Our first Opti gram let us get our genocide done. My dog lets me harp you the true way."

Might we have some understanding of why Judah have a fixed smirk on the face? Are we perceiving that with those sorts of pictures they have caused to boys to fail images?

Or how about this story that is reported as news about a woman who likes to .......................

After posting this at the daily test page at Weebly, a couple of hours later heard a Tele receive at 3.10 PM that said: "Filth's offensive."

So the article that was here has been taken out. It is a Judah special filth that arrived in Bitchie's email.

There were reverse speech in the video that accompanied the article as to what the purpose of the filth was about and decided to leave the reverse speech in.

The video has a young Judee guy giving a spiel in support of the preposterous false.

While cooking her dinner the Judah hybrid transplant Replicon woman in the video says in reverse speech:

"You have a hand that I must seal. I'm going to see about your Jewish state. My whole game is how to dis-empower you. I am vicious on worships."

Then the Judee guy in the video says in reverse speech:
"I open my eyes to fault you hard. Mercury relate I fool you great. I weap your thighs. Our rich ways are all Judee sperm for the rule. I'm just saving a way for your folding. I'm a pop dog setter.

A tree, a dog, and whiskey, it's about time you saw rule. I'm a merchant sell for $25 thousand. My best beat was seat belts to take them off in all ways. If I have a choice I fight you all Israel because I'm a cheat.

Chemistry is how I hold you with the department war. I have Fran for all my right efforts. Retsin I want on in your head. This is Judee diesel on a pretzel. I just have a white race power that lets us force.

For my truth day, I fell. I'm a Judas that's fighting you whole (hole). ----- and I score you with chambers ways."

"Retsin" is a word found often in Judah reverse facial speech. Might that be one of the chemicals that is used to turn ordinary people into violent crazed people that then get shot when the police arrive for a call of a person with a knife, gun or baseball bat that is threatening and or attacking others?

While Bitch took the article out because it is offensive filth, though left the reverse speech in from the video, the link to the false filthy article is at the bottom of the page of this post.

"Your Judah police force is out because of Pittsburgh." Tele receive. 4.48 AM

Proverbs 12:20 Deceit is in the hearts of those who plot evil, but those who promote peace have joy.

"They have been falsing us." Tele receive. 6.05 AM

The deadly radioactive fallout from Hitachi-GE that has poisoned our fields, air, and water.


EPA Hid Planned Exposure Levels 1,000s of Times Safe Drinking Water Act Limits Posted on Dec 22, 2016

Washington, DC — In the last days of the Obama Administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is about to dramatically increase allowable public exposure to radioactivity to levels thousands of times above the maximum limits of the Safe Drinking Water Act, according to documents the agency surrendered in a federal lawsuit brought by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

These radical rollbacks cover the “intermediate period” following a radiation release and could last for up to several years. This plan is in its final stage of approval.

The documents indicate that the plan’s rationale is rooted in public relations, not public health. Following Japan’s Fukushima meltdown in 2011, EPA’s claims that no radioactivity could reach the U.S. at levels of concern were contradicted by its own rainwater measurements showing contamination from Fukushima throughout the U.S. well above Safe Drinking Water Act limits.

In reaction, EPA prepared new limits 1000s of times higher than even the Fukushima rainwater because “EPA experienced major difficulties conveying to the public that the detected levels…were not of immediate concern for public health.”

When EPA published for public comment the proposed “Protective Action Guides,” it hid proposed new concentrations for all but four of the 110 radionuclides covered and refused to reveal how much they were above Safe Drinking Water Act limits. It took a lawsuit to get EPA to release documents showing that –

The proposed PAGs for two radionuclides (Cobalt-60 and Calcium-45) are more than 10,000 times Safe Drinking Water Act limits. Others are hundreds or thousands of times higher.

According to EPA’s own internal analysis, some concentrations are high enough to deliver a lifetime permissible dose in a single day. Scores of other radionuclides would be allowed at levels that would produce a lifetime dose in a week or a month.

"Fukushima meltdown in 2011, EPA’s claims that no radioactivity could reach the U.S. at levels of concern were contradicted by its own rainwater measurements showing contamination from Fukushima throughout the U.S. well above Safe Drinking Water Act limits."

Is it not something to think about that we have heard so much about the details of the movie stars divorce and so little about how much radioactive fallout has landed on us from Hitachi-GE at Fukushima?

Our drinking water showing radioactive fallout all across the United States in the aftermath of the dirty bomb that Judah set off and shot us with on March 11th, 2011 at Hitachi-GE.

Rather than "shot us with," might it not better be said, "is shooting us with" as the Jewish nuclear war fighting artillery at Hitachi-GE is still pouring radioactive waste into our water and air and onto our fields?

At that time do we recall we were assured with warm soothing, caring words by high government officials that radioactive fallout from Hitachi-GE was nothing to be concerned about?

As we now have lost our fields to radioactive toxins and are set to begin dying off in the millions every month for the next few years, might we think about the "magnitude of the deception?"

"Hey turkey, you're a jerk. You frighten us." Tele receives. 5.38 AM

Might some of that opinion of Bitch be from Judah and his Replicons that have effectively slimed Bitch?

Did Father not describe Bitch as a simple working man? Yes, Father did describe Bitch as a simple working man.

Though did Maximilian not describe Bitch as deeply imperfect? Yes, Maximilian did describe Bitch as deeply imperfect.

Did Father not also say that Bitch has a fault of stupid due to being subjected to prolonged periods of suffering? Yes, that is what Father said.

That Bitch analysis of prolonged periods of suffering arise due to the violence that the government of the United States of America is involved with is what has caused the suffering that produced the stupid and Bitch seeks to put the government out of the violence business, does Bitch not try to remedy the thing that has caused the stupid in the first place?

"They're dying us off, it's a communist fate. Tyranny cuffs. Please, Patrick, save us. Journal leads." All Tele receives from early today.

Has Bitch not given everyone the facts about the real world we live in? Might most not say yes to that?

The images have been able to hold the boys, might we not wish to do better than that?

"I would have given you anything." God our beautiful precious sweet Father said.

Why do you leave us in this horrible deal?

"This state of mine forces you out of your life bad," Judee say.

"Dr. Franklin says "it is the eyes of others and not our own eyes which ruin us. If all the world were blind except myself I should not care for fine clothes or furniture.

The noblest art is that of making others happy.

Fortune always favors the brave, and never helps a man who does not help himself.” PT Barnum (1810-1891)

Is that what it is, the eyes of others that ruin us?

Might we note how Judah has sent his Optigrams to hold Labor?

Will we not be happy when we have a world of peace where God's way is the plan? Can we only try to imagine how happy everyone will be when a $39 dollar electronic circuit card will drive an electric heater 24/7 until eternity for free?

As we face the end of our life form can we not pray that American Labor will help us to make peace in our world?

"Brother Pat got the big H out." Tele receive. 8.03 AM

Will we not pray to our good God that we can get the big L in, LABOR!

Tele receives:

"Oh, Patrick save us, please. 3.03 PM

It's over for irr-loyalty.

Close up the Jew wreck. 3.08 PM

Play criminals wipe us out.

Average cinch rate failed. 3.33 AM

You're just leaving them to toss you out. 3.38 PM

You're falsing yourself out stew fish. 3.40 PM

They're dying your fields. 3.43 PM

The catfish. 3.45 PM

The honorable guys are losing your power to tuna fish.

Famous are giving us cancer. 3.55 PM

They've been dying knowledgeable with reefer. 3.56 PM

Silly. 4.41 PM

You let Jew do surgery. 4.12 PM

Genius sight is foul. 4.51 PM

They're seeking war. 6.04 PM

The hostages are for real.

You got a new deal.

Imaged you all Jewish.

Creepy. 6.19 PM

Stupid. 6.23 PM

Fugitive is helping us. 6.29 PM

All they serve us is a threat. 6.36 PM

Patrick, the weap is dying us. 6.46 PM

Ratchets spirit away. 6.50 PM

Patrick's a nice man. 8.01 PM

We passed right out of life form. 8.02 PM

Bitch routed the Mormons out. 8.03 PM

Judah fouled our deed. 8.05 PM

You got to do history. 8.06 PM

The simple boy was cast back. 10.01PM

We're out of time, the whole state fell. 10.10 PM

All RISE up in embarrassment and make their falsing done.

Their threatening side tossed us. 10.12 PM

Venus is washed out.

Irish failed to save us.

Our efforts are totally shot. 10.15 PM

The economy did its fist.

I didn't, trike did it false. 10.16 PM

They're completely out, they left radiators.

They banished us. 10.20 PM

They're scoring screwfulous. 10.21 PM

They tossed out your cipher English.

The etherous fell, failed to establish camp. 10.22 PM

The crooked beast trounced us.

Cast yourself out for the safe die.

You guys are tombing.

Tossed yourselves splendid, fortunes are arrested. 10.23 PM

They organize a nice fault. 10.25 PM

Stupid waste accomplishment.

In a sense, you lost your field. 10.26 PM

You'll vanish STRIKE THEM OUT!

Life is failed for us.

You're robusting them, your life is stealish. 10.27 PM

Laboratory fools us bad through bribes.

They're holding us to die us all. 10.30 PM

Patrick saved us and we died ourselves.

You're closing up your whole life rightfully truly Judas. 10.33 PM

Summer, you're rightfully not around, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Bitchie canceled punish rightfully. 10.34 PM

The whole state lost deceitfully. 10.35 PM

They falsed thee up bull----. 10.35 PM

The evil missile is prepared to rifle. 10.36

Righteous you fault dead.

You're closing up your life forces particle. 10.37 PM

They rape our establishment ruthless here.

The Martian fell ghosted. 10.38 PM

We're virtually rifled. 10.39 PM

With rights dead, you lost your life forces. 10.40 PM

You're typhusin out yourself. 10.41 PM

They exhausted us amazing.

Punishment will be desperate ways.

Mentally they challenge available life forces.

Shorn us real nicely deeds. 10.42 PM

They hold your life fickle to genocide. 10.43 PM

You tossed your life forces out of here. 10.44 PM

Poverty is their true offensive.

They're nailing us badly, fool your space ship. 10.45 PM

Lechers foul grease.

They're executish.

Your life is forcing out your nice force, your right forces.

Your state is rightly faulted, parasite put a museum in.

Hurt failed, wiped us Kansas rifles rightful. 10.47 PM

Wipe us out nastily. 10.49 PM

Your life has fallen to forcing out.

Sewered life awaits you all. 10.50 PM.

Register rifles.

Bear frame is useful knowledge now. 10.51 PM

They hauled the fields out completely Wesson.

You guys failed to save your life forces, you guys failed to save yourselves. 10.52 PM

Terror new ready for launching and awful life forces to threaten to die. 10.53 PM

A horrible death nuclear is here.

Always a menace to you, flush them out.

Their brains always get you greasy.

They accomplish a Boston life, subject you falsely, contact packed them out. 10.54 PM

They abolished us here. 10.55 PM

They died this field, they died us. 10.56 PM

ORGANIZE, your health is flushing out.

Iowa digital site is honest. 10.57 PM

A righteous field will save us. 10.58 PM

Us guys here are casually out of life for men.

Full fail of the nursery, how to save our life forces.

You failed the nautical life fistol.

Right, falsing out yourself. 11.01 PM

They ditched all memory rightfully.

Government exhausted us failure. 11.03 PM

They freeze your will.

They force you to tight well. 11.05 PM

Atomic forces are real die fully.

They desecrate us. 11.07 PM

Tight proceed will die you in. 11.08 PM

Freeze totally until dead. 11.09 PM

War suits their London street.

RISE up a humili-state. 11.12 PM

Unless you fail these forces you'll be rightfully dead. 11.13 PM

They're putting out air.

Full stroke penalties here.

They fail us averages totally.

Chicken impoverish us.

The Beautiful right force has failed to save us.

Reduced mentally until put in by police.

Sewerage life is sad.

Total burning off all of the picture, burning you off officially.

Bad choices have fisted out your life forces.

Your right forces available are falling. 11.18 PM

Continues at:

They're accomplishing perishing us.

False you out mentally to do genocide.


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