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"The Chapel State Is Now The Story. Their Synergies Have Rob
Fri Jan 6, 2017 10:34

"The Chapel State Is Now The Story. Their Synergies Have Robbed Us of a Deal."

Those are a couple of Tele receives from over night.

"The chapel state is now the story. Their synergies have robbed us of a deal."

Now set to die off the majority of Americans in only the next few years. Might we only wonder how many have felt the slight pain in the back? Could that be the first sign of roast kidney disease?

All of our fields contaminated with nuclear waste while Judah keeps on burning it in our faces.

About a month and a half away from the multi-million die off of Americans every month.

Will Americans now claim that we just didn't know how dangerous Judah was?

Yet if we think about it, did our elders from the Galactic Federation of light not accurately predict 2,000 years ago from their computer simulations that Judah would take a third of the human race out when it was time for him to close up his shop? Yes, they did predict that along with predicting that a third of the water on planet earth would be poisoned out. Are we not aware that a third of our water has been poisoned already?

The total 200 million Americans now sealed into the loss of life form. How did Judah ever fool us so badly?

How was it that we just didn't see that Judah war was all sport for him?

Putting in a system to put ordinary people into debt and then using Judah court cage system to die us for insurance collections.

Making hemp illegal to keep income out of people's hands so they could build their court-cage prison system for free.

Are we understanding that it was the concession to issue American Labor money that let Judah do all of this including building their great balls of fire?

The reason Judah kills the dates for dollars crowd? Judah claims that dates for dollars are immoral. Has his legislatures and courts make up intimate rules. Then ordinary consensual human behavior gives Judah the opportunity to put apples and Johns in his cages. Sets them on a path of poverty where it is then easy to kill the homeless living in shelters.

And what is the real reason dates for dollars is illegal? Might it "because it violates master's right to exploit the Labor resource?"

Are we understanding that Judah and his faulty lie state are done the day that Labor STRIKES THEM OUT?

"We mace you in jail, we fist you off. We just goof ball you to stumble you right," Judee say.

Might we consider that Judah has played his last hand?

His dog with a big red erection on the local noon news. How you can adopt him to be yours from the animal rescue league. Do we get some idea of why they laugh and smirk at us? If only Labor will step in and take the concession to issue our money away from them do we see it will end their ruse war on us?

Judah and his war with a baby. A child to put us out of service. Yet has it not proven to be his strong hand? Has it not allowed him to get hold of his fellow man?

The white fish now dying out of life form fooled by the crew that came in from the desert with their rooms. "The white man had a mental we could take out so we did. We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.

Getting white to harm his fellow mild man of the north. Then using him to harm all of the rest of his brothers and sisters around the earth.

The hell the Jew put into all of Europe. The hundred years war that Judah kept the mild man subordinated in. Breeding his look alike hybrid transplant Replicons into every environment on earth. Using the force of cash to put his sleepers into decider government positions in every land.

Yet how can we argue with success? Are workers unions not headed by the Judah crypto-Jew brand?

The AFL/CIO headed years ago by the aptly named George Meany.Tied itself to Washington's US AID and worked helping them shoot our brother workers south of the border. How could it be?

The only union to have tried to stop the war, the IWW, the International Workers of the World, framed up and put into prison, shot down and noosed up in America.

Might we see how Judah has won the West in that score?

The power of bourse that cannot be overcome because it draws on the power of continuing Labor resources and has wealth to hand out to all that will carry out their devious desires.

What are we to consider that the American people are fully aware of Jewish tyranny crimes in America and have chosen to just step aside and do nothing about it?

Fortune always favors the brave, and never helps a man who does not help himself. PT Barnum (1810-1891)

Bitchie put his life on the line and now has gotten these guys out for all time. His revealing the Mercury report. How our elders from outer space pulled all of Judah continentals out of the sky preventing us from being died in the middle of the night.

And yet with his mental power over Druid, Judah keeps bombing and shooting our world out from Washington-Wall Street.

A simple working guy that has had many jobs in his life, known for dealing honestly with everyone. Always tries to give more than he takes.

Judah kidnaps him to put him in a cage to have some Replicons of color assault him out so Judah can put snake bite in his back and cripple him for life.

Judah Planned to use guys of color to put more error into white people's thinking. Making it look as if black and white don't love each other.

Now that Judah has succeeded in wiping out our government with war on us both external and internal, and now has put enough nuclear waste into our fields to die us all of us off, might we not ask, "in the name of our good God above where is Labor in this all?"

Bitch got off to a bad start with you Labor. Insulted you's, and disrespect. But does Labor understand that Bitch is a completely honest, simple and truthful working man?

Bitch has had several employers try to insurance mouse him out. Elders would not let Judah Replicon security guards shoot Bitch. "Always opp racial," Judee say.

Do workers not want to get boss peasant insurance packages off of us? Does Labor understand that when a Committee of the Whole comprised of Labor takes the concession to issue our money away from Judah the worker's insurance packages will no longer threaten simple working men and women with surprise death?

Over 5 years of non-stop warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR. Do Americans understand why we must die out of here?

Are we a people that have remained so frightened and unaware that we have now funded the death of ourselves and our children out of here?

The best gift was given to any people anywhere, anytime in all of history, the American Bill of Rights.

"Fortune always favors the brave, and never helps a man who does not help himself. PT Barnum (1810-1891)

As the American man is now being crunched out of here in the hundreds of millions, is there not some way to convince him to try and save himself?

Is Judah mental not something, that another simple working man that saw a video that Judah set up Bitch to star in, has a hostile to Bitch, yet has let down his own children?

The battle for the hearts and minds of the people. Does Judah not win with his opticals?

Might we see how Judah turns it around, instead of talking about what would have happened had his 3,200 thermonuclear warheads have burst right over America, he's able to keep the guys looking at mini hopper images?

Though it has worked for Judah so far. Has he not poisoned our air, water, and fields now? Yes, he has.

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God almighty of heaven and earth said.

And we the people that have been lethally poisoned, what are we doing about it?

All the shootings, bombings and terrorist events in our world. Are we not aware that it is American Labor that is funding most all of it?

German marks are also funding some of the terrorism in our world. Might we note, all the money to fund the terrorism in our country and world comes from Labor?

The concession to issue our money held in all states by weap Judee.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4 God our Father said.

If the working class chooses to not understand it do we see that then we are out of here?

If God washes His hands of us do we not see it is then a complete die for us?

If we are too simple, too lethargic, too unconcerned, too frightened, too whatever it is that is holding us from closing the errant ones up and out of here, do we not understand that's the end of us?

Are we perceiving that the Federation has stayed Judah's hand preventing him from taking more than a third of us out in his last stab at man?

Judah's nuclear waste brimstone die. Have we not read in our bibles that have revealed to us that we would be put out of life by fire, smoke, and brimstone in the end times?

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves. He remained true to me." God our Father said.

If only Labor will reject the false and lies that pours out of Washington-Wall Street might we not get ourselves into a right situation?

All the well boursed, not merely useless but truly dangerous public officials on our payrolls. Now that we have survived nuclear war due only to the love of God, will we not let them off right?

Sitting around the office eating on our dime, mousing us for their sport. Will Labor not give us a wake-up call? Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let our grand juries hear it all?

"You're a nice boy." Precious Father said to Bitch.

Bitch rejected all war as a teenage boy. Saw it first hand, and was smart enough to know a fraud when he sees it.

Not knowing the real truth, unable to counter their crafty use of logic and words, merely certain that they are a lie. And how do we know they are lying? Does the wreckage and war in our world not tell us so?

The most horrific crimes ever committed against the human race. Have they not all came out of Washington-Wall Street?

The old world generic autocratic criminals did their best to do their worst to harm us wherever they could, and yet they never had the extremely deep pockets that American Labor made available to them until 1913.

With unlimited American Labor bourse in their hands, they hired the best and brightest from every land. Free American cash allowed them to build the infernal machines to exterminate us all in a few hours of sports shooting.

God wants us to live. To do that though do we not see we must involve ourselves in what we are doing here?

Bitchie nice boy though Judah has libeled him with all of his well-crafted lies.

Bitch never had a complaint filed against him in his life except for the false one from Maxwell. Bitch convicted in a secret trial by Judee of "Disturbing the war." And so Maxwell was put on him to get him in a cage to be properly assaulted, diapered, raced and put into a wheelchair for the rest of his shortened life.

Are we understanding the nature of "true law" that Judah puts in? Do we understand the politics of weap Judah kids?

Bitchie showed disrespect and insulted you's years ago. Did he not apologize again and again? Yes, he did.

Do Father's rules not say to apologize and for those offended to accept it and move on again as friends? Yes, they do.

Will Labor not be mature and help us to get together here?

While Bitch could see at the intuitive level over a half century ago the menace of nuclear blast weapons, he did not have the smarts to perceive that extraterrestrials were protecting us.

With that said, he now sees the menace of nuclear waste weapons and how they will do pretty much what nuclear blast weapons could do, except it will take a few years instead of a few hours to get the full ruin.

Judah has bribed as many as needed to keep the truth out of our consciousness of what he is doing to us now. Those that he could not bribe, he imprisoned or shot them down and made them die.

"We're only a few months away from unlimited clean free energy." Dr. Mallove said shortly before he was shot dead in 2004.

The history of free energy, numerous machines that have demonstrated it. And so why has it not come in?

Might we not consider it is because of who it is that has the bourse in their hands, weap Judee?

Judee tells us that he has "defeated you with duds." Will Labor not take the bourse out of his hands and let our Labor help us to a new land of peace?

A land with bountiful lives for everyone. A land that no longer has sports people playing a hopeless homeless game on the children of God.

A land with Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness allowed for all of God's kids. A land with liberty and justice for all. A land with no molest or abuse at all.

Judah said, "The white man had a mental we could take out so we did."

Our precious sweet Father wants us to come along with him. Get ourselves gently re-sighted as the mild man of the north that we are. Love all of the rest of God's kids. Let Judah off of here.

A few thousands of years of dishonesty and lies. Now in control of all of the governments of our world. Will Labor not bring our precious sweet God in? Father loves all of his kids.

"Wake me when they've struck. Sooth me." Father said.

"Foolish." Tele receive. 5.33 AM

Will Labor not give us some safety, please?

Waiting now for the next bomb to fall. Will it be the one that will leave us not able to help ourselves anymore?

You've left us naked here Labor. Will you not make amends and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Bitch is as serious as they get. I'm back from the grave because Father wanted Bitch in. Father has a plan for us all. To live in peace and never make war at all.

9 million years our crafters have lived in peace. Weap Judah knew a certain amount about this. The screw up in our universe. The guy that could not accommodate God or man. Now he is out of here. Is it fair to ask, "What are you thinking of Labor that you continue to fund perishing us and our children out of here?"

Are we not aware that when the white people get smart and let Judah go, that's it, war is done in our world?

"Your dictious kind a spooky. 1.53 PM

They're thinking of sporting us out of existence.

Close them Mercurally. 2.43 PM

Filth's offensive. 3.10 PM

Their psych-us pull all these guys, all these dies. 3.20 PM.

Fool died. 3.25 PM

Kleptic memories. 3.27 PM

We're being died off easily. 3.29 PM

The officials fell rightly well. 3.35 PM

Mucket, you failed to save yourself. 3.45 PM

You died yourselves out totally, wholly. 3.47 PM

The son of a bitches are dying us. 3.49 PM

White people are awfully destroying, abusive. 3.50 PM

We're off our state. 3.58 PM

Their sharp is over. 4.20 PM

Gerry's accomplished us with our all corrupt. 4.25 PM

Basically you falsed out yourself, you falsed your life away. 5.53 PM

Because of silliness, you lost your righteousness here. 6.04 PM

They're cycling out our pantry. 6.08 PM

Sometimes you don't watch your sale. 6.11 PM

You tossed your super salesman. 10.00 PM

Beautiful hostage dies.

Professor's song fell. 11.24 PM

You're stumbling out yourself. 12.31 AM

The fastest fish of all. 12.50 AM

Your whole life is a felony. 12.57 AM


Powerful signal. 1.00 AM

A miracle holds you. 1.02 AM

You're sure falling out here, Patrick.

Stupid on dutiful. 1.32 AM

Stupid forever are out of this burgh. 1.33 AM

The kook failed you. 1.34 AM

Your life forces are fusenik. 1.35 AM

That's game, you leave. 1.38 AM

Your life forces are out. 1.50 AM

Yesterday's Jew is closing you out. 2.18 AM

Why haves. 2.19 AM

It's real cheery, Jew's out. 2.21 AM

Real bored in refused. 2.25 AM

You lost your life forces. 2.42 AM

We're dead. 2.45 AM

Bitch posted to save us. 2.46 AM

Too bad they falsed our air, too bad they falsed us out of contact. 2.48 AM

Continues at:

We're now voluntary for Sumter land. 2.49 AM

Requiem failed us.

Your site is now really toast and you are completely closed.

They garnish to bury. 2.50 AM

Vast casualties have now made us. 2.52 AM

The chapel

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