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Fri Jan 6, 2017 18:45

The testimony of the survivors, mostly very elderly people, put me into that shock I spoke of above, landing me in between the place where living and dead is unclear. I had no idea what I was in for. There are no words to describe what I saw, heard and bore witness to over the three days of testimony. I am still in shock at this writing and finally seeking professional help for trauma from those three days, from those amazing people who often broke during their testimony. I have never seen a condition of human ‘brokenness’ that broke until those three days. They were telling the stories of their childhoods in those schools. They were the survivors…speaking for themselves and for all their dead siblings and relatives who did not make it out alive.

As we continued to be such a high level priority target of the US Government over the course of the following 18 years, until currently, I was unable to synthesize properly their stories, or mine. The shock form the testimonies was one thing, but the ensuing twighlight we had to survive day in and day out since, with endless murders along the way of just about everyone involved in this Tribunal was another. Diana and Harriet both died under more than suspicious circumstances in the same month, 2007. I will be brave and say these two women were both murdered - Harriet’s death a more obvious murder by the State of Canada as per her Wiki page. What is not said on the Wiki page is that she was thrown into a jail cell in the most northern reaches of Canada in sub-zero winter with no heat or blanket as an elderly woman for the time she was incarcerated for protecting Sqamish Land. Diana died in relative anonymity…her husband’s reputation all but effectively destroyed by alphabet agencies and those two white men I speak of after the Tribunal. Rudy has never been the same, and I have not talked to him in years, since his beloved Diana’s death. He has dropped off the map, much like me and my husband, who himself is a boarding school survivor and receiving far more the brunt of terror than me in all of this, and is on his third suicide attempt at this writing. Of course he and I have also buried the usual scores and scores of personal family members (from the South Dakota branch of the family as my white privileged sister once termed it) of our 26 year’s marriage, babies included. At any funeral he will mutter ...’successful genocide’...

It was only when PizzaGate in October was a breaking story that I had an event occur that happens I have learned with trauma victims. A frozen memory became thawed to living life. As my husband had been part of The American Indian Movement and had survived the second Wounded Knee in South Dakota in the early 1970’s, and known as The Reign of Terror on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, we had never fully understood what we had done or why this Counter Intelligence nightmare was launched on us. Of course one will see on the internet The American Indian Movement labeled as a terrorist organization - or as those murdering terrorists (exactly as the State Department and the White House defends ISIS and Al Queda as the good guys and claims with non fake news it is the ‘murdering Syrian Arab Army aligned with the murderous Assad that are the problem…OH AND DON’T FORGET THE RUSSIANS !!!) I know it sounds crazy that I never believed it all was because of our participation in the Tribunal, but that was part of the complex web of counter realities that had been established to confuse all involved to the point of mind melt, post Tribunal. It was very clever, very evil and very effective. It did indeed tie us up between daily survival for 18 years and the constant current of non-realities and non-truths that we had to battle constantly. We therefore never spoke of the children, or what had in fact occurred at those schools of horror for over a century in any official way, or even privately. And unbelievabley, I had somehow forgotten, frozen out, the most critical detail of all. I did send my findings. I wrote and sent my findings and put them into the hands of Rudy and Diana James in July 2000 as they left form our house to board the flight to Geneva - without me (for I had just been kidnapped). I SENT MY FINDING TO THE UNTIED NATIONS !!! And I was the sole Juror to do so (and on behalf of Royce). The confusion campaign by the two white men I speak of who shall remain unnamed for they do not deserve names, or dust, was THAT effective (and they had virtual armies behind them, which has later come to light).

Two things happened on that October day in 2016 during PizzaGate. The first was when I opened a link to a Daily Mail story…..….

regarding the arrest of Jeffery Epstein. It was both in the headlines and in the pictures. The now way too familiar reactions began: the thundering in my chest, extremities going numb, harried breath and sense of panic, the swelling of ancient grief choked up and buried inside... As I scrolled down the pages of pictures online, I stopped and froze at the one of his bathroom in his Palm Beach estate. It was the dentist chair. The dentist chair. It’s as though time carried me back without any time at all, to the first Elder giving testimony in 1998…of the dentist chair in the basement of the school in Kuper Island (see Findings below). It got worse as more came forward, others from Kuper Island, with more stories of the dentist chair. I leave it to this good audience to connect the dots between our Elite in Washington and Palm Beach with convicted pedophile and child trafficker Jeffery Epstein, and the stories and testimonies I bore witness to about the dentist chair in the basement of Kuper Island. Many children don’t leave those dentists chairs alive, and I suppose if they do leave alive, they wish they were dead.

The FBI tells us they have no idea what a dentist chair is doing in Jeffery Epstein’s bathroom in Palm Beach. I cannot believe this statement by the FBI. They know damn well what the dentist chair is doing in relation to pedophilia. They just don’t want us, the public, to know. But I know. I heard from those old and noble and broken Elders and elderly in Canada sitting at the witness table in front of the Jurors, what happened in that dentist chair - to them, and their little friends and siblings and other relatives. I don’t know of anyone else who does know among the public, or who will come forward and discuss the relationship between pedophilia and the dentist chair. So after sitting in one super long episode of PTSD (now finally diagnosed) for two straight months, I am here to bring forward the horrible truth about pedophilia and the dentist chair. Whether it was the 30’s in Kuper Island, or the 90’s in Palm Beach, it is about the most bizarre and most inhumane form of human torture, and horrific rape, to children that ‘they’ can dream up.

As I sat in that long familiar frozen zone pondering the dentist chair that day, I awakened. I awakened finally. I had buried the memory that I was indeed the only Juror that wrote and sent my findings, tucked into Diana’s safe hands that day in July 2000…to go to Geneva. I had truly forgotten. Not only that, but thy have remained well buried until this writing. I am not saying that Camp Justice or Naropa or having Ruseel Means in and out of our home for three years, threatening to national press to ‘occupy Naropa’ did not cause us some problems. But this kind of problem?? That we have just ’survived’ ? The highest level surveillance and intimidation program on planet Earth at the time, and ongoing…?? The Findings, my Findings, the only Findings, are as printed out for the world to finally see below.

Finally, what I wish to inform the readers here and all those who are standing for humanity after this election and are feeling the same hope I am for the stand we have just taken against the very globalists that bring us the wonders of pedophilia in the first place - we all are, as truth shines to light: I must now tell you all that the survivors that gave their testimonies, each and every one of them - approached me privately and confided in me of the ‘disappeared’. The disappeared referred to here, were not those buried in mass graves, or lonely unmarked graves (often buried alive by their own siblings under threat of being pushed in), or pushed into the furnaces, or buried under the school floor boards or in the barns or in the walls alive and dead by priests and nuns of those creepy buildings often on unescapable islands…but the ones that were taken by the men of power and wealth that would regularly visit those schools. Beloved siblings, cousins, best friends…taken and never to be seen again. We know. They know. You know now. CanadaGate. North AmericaGate. Our Native children by the hundreds of thousands.

It was told to me that exotic children, Indian children, fetch a far higher price per time per day by Western men than western children. It was told to Rudy James by a leading judge from Boulder Colorado that the central rings came through Boulder and connected with Vancouver through California and Washington State..for trans Pacific trafficking and vise versa. They service our politicians, our corporate heads, our military leaders and our priesthoods -who began the whole thing thousands of years ago if one has the courage to engage in this study. They become the Jesuits who attempted to rape to date the First Nations children of Canada and North America and steal their voices from the dust upon which we walk - that unsettled dust.

My name is Lydia White Calf and I am still afraid but will no longer be silenced. I am a friend to the untold numbers whose voices I hear pleading with me to tell their story. Help me hear them and sing to them softly that in the hearing we can face ourselves as a humanity and that one day this dust will find rest on their land where we all live. Help me sing not just their dust to calm but those who have met the similar fate from our Ancestry. There may be no way to bring the monsters behind this unsettled dust to justice but for all of us to stand in truth to light as one human family and tell the truth. It is time. Tiny voices, big dust.

"What I would like to see is people with [traditional] knowledge to teach the small, little people how to grow up with pride. This generation is lost. My generation is lost − they're assimilated. They don't think like an Indian. What I'd like to see is our five-year-olds being taught their language, their songs, their games, their spirituality, their Indian, eh, their Indian-ness. I'd like to ask all the people out there to reclaim their culture − practice it, teach the children, and let's reclaim our backbone, our culture and put some pride in our children."

Harriet Nahanee


Pdf file of the report to the U.N.: findings

Kiui Thlingit Nation: testimony: scan0111

The Eyewitness: Harriett Nahanee

(Died suddenly after her arrest and incarceration, February 2007)

Murder at the Alberni and Ahousat United Church Schools
- Harriet Nahanee, eyewitness to the murder of Maisie Shaw on December 24, 1946 at the Alberni School (1995)

I can find no pictures of Maisie Shaw, R.I.P. who would have been 85 this year, it is alleged.