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"It's The Paper Stupid!" Do we remember when Bill Clinton's
Sat Jan 7, 2017 10:26

"It's The Paper Stupid!"

Do we remember when Bill Clinton's handyman, James Carville, said when he wanted to define what the election issue was, "It's the economy stupid?"

If James were serving with us now to get us out of tyranny and war might he define the issue simply for us by explaining it his way, "It's the paper stupid?"

How long have we been waiting for the government to give us the truth concerning the presence of extraterrestrial visitation?

When that day finally arrives where the government tells us the truth, if they have James Carville make the announcement might we wonder how he might explain why they've kept it a secret for so long?


In all his years with serving Clinton, did James only once miss a note? Do we recall that was when Paula Jones made her report about Bill and it caused such a storm on the hill?

“If you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.”

Do we recall that James said those words in response to accusations made against Bill?

Might we simplify the wording of that hundred dollar bill dragged through a trailer park as if it were a mathematical equation? That is if we reduce it to its simplest terms what James said might it read, "It's the paper stupid?"

The $ hundred dollar bill. Might a $ hundred dollar bill not carry some weight in more places than just a trailer park?

At $3 dollars a meal would that $100 dollar bill not buy about 33 plates of food?

What are we to think that the only guy who gets to print those bills and issue them is the same guy that canceled Mercury opp out?

Offering bribes to worker leaders to not go along with a STRIKE to get the authority to issue the paper away from weap Judah.

Are we getting some idea of just how powerful are those little pieces of paper with symbols, pictures and writing on them?

The great American scientist that built the bomb to exterminate us all. He would have liked to build things of peace but explained, "like everyone else, at the end of the day I have bills to pay, and when it come to power, the only power there is is the purse."

Not an exact quote, just bits of memory of reading why a bright scientific mind would let his brightness be used to build the infernal machines to wipe out you and me.

Instead of a political route, if James had taken a scientific route and went ahead and built the bomb can we only wonder how he would have explained the same thing about the power of the purse is all the power there is?

Maybe, "It's the paper stupid?"

Might it all be as simple as that? Who it is that gets to issue those little pieces of colored paper with symbols, pictures and writing on them?

Our family from Mercury that dear kind precious sweet Father sent in to watch over us. Bitch had solicited them to help to get the nuclear bombs out.

They know from watching Bitch that he has always sought out information that will help everyone.

Harold Washington who put in a sanctuary policy when he was in. No one could be taken off the streets by the alphabet agencies in Washington.

Judah playing his citizenship sport was not allowed to operate in Chicago when Harold was the man on five.

While Judah likes to consider his mental is so strong and that is why he always wins, might we note when we get a strong mental guy like Harold in, Judah did not win in the mental, it was the poison vial that did Harold in?

While Judah boasts about his mental power over an ordinary lot of men, if not for having the force of free Labor power to support him, might his mental not win?

The guy that savages those workers that want a fair dollar for the work they do. What might explain why Labor is still holding them in? Must Labor not let them end?

"He's over, let's STOP THE WAR! Tele receive. 11.37 AM

"The Jew plex, you won't believe the power it has over Druid." One observer said in reverse speech.

Judah arrived in France about 525 AD. Moved from there further north and spread out and reproduced himself in all the northern lands. Took municipal control of the northern lands of the mild man by 700 AD. Began his unending series of wars in 760 AD.

Left the mainland of Europe and took over England with his war disease in 1066 AD.

Might we consider the facility of mind that Judah has been focused? The mind of how to fool the other brands of men in every land?

While it might be self-serving and convenient for Judah to consider how he fooled the mild man of the north, do we recall that in reverse speech he reveals that it was his extreme brutality, cruelty, and viciousness that convinced the mild man to serve him? That is what Judah reveals as to how he took control of the mental of the mild man of the north to get us to fist for him.

How even today mild man subordinated to not lift a finger to get rid of Judah. This even though Judah has shot mild man again and again. And is still at it. How can this be?

Judah airport sport that he did yesterday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Is Judah sport not obvious to us now?

"We rolled them from out of state. A lot of insured here. This was official life here. You lost with no grand juries. I'm putting a fresh war on your genus.

This helps us with our Khrushchev route. I shoot my tough arrests rightly. Troops for Jewish truth. We just make a fool out of your state force. We're rolling out more action to fool you every day.

This is threat completion which is completely power. My right, this is part of our race power true. This is to push a fault. You are all fool-able. This is part of Jew dyism."

Those are some reverse facial speech collected from speakers concerning the Fort Lauderdale airport shootings.

"You are all fool-able." That reverse speech was from a spokesperson from the federal group that is purportedly protecting us when we get on planes, the TSA, Transportation security Administration.

Are we all not well enough versed to see that shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport was merely more Judah sport?

"STRIKE THEM OUT!" Tele receive 4.18 AM

Can we only wonder how many and how large were the bribes that were paid out for that sport?

Might we see how lethal true corruption can be when it is time for Judah to play some state sport for free?

"We just make a fool out of your state force."

Does that not tell us exactly what Judah has done to our American state?

"You lost with no grand juries."

Does Judah not tell us why we have lost to him right there?

Now our state pushed away, we ourselves dying out massively in a nuclear waste war. Judah playing deathly sport in our airports. Will Labor not help us please?

Hundreds Of US Tanks Arrive In Europe To Support NATO Anti-Russian Buildup

Political Insanity: Outgoing President Obama’s “Operation Atlantic Resolve” against Russia: US Sends 3,600 Tanks Against Russia – Massive NATO Deployment Underway
Introductory Note by Michel Chossudovsky

We have been attacked with Judah thermonuclear missiles to wipe us out. Sir Casper, our Martian friend and good neighbor pulling every one of Germany's, Russia's, England's and Americas Judah missiles off of us to let us live free.

"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

Might we see with 20/20 hindsight how Judah by putting America to war with Germany twice, allowed Judah the opportunity to bring the old world generic autocratic criminals into our business, political and social scene?

By Judah bringing in this war now with Russia, are we understanding it will allow Judah to bring his Russian generals into rule what's left of our state now?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4." God almighty said to Americans that have failed to save our best state.

Our state with our wonderful Bill of rights, the only reason there ever was the United States of America.

The wreckage put throughout our world by Judah taking over the best hope for man. Why did you fail us Labor? For what reason have you allowed us to lose our life form by funding eternal sports war for weap Judah?

Our good God stepped in and saved us. Why have you let us down so bad?

The white man now set to pass out of life form. 95% to die off right funding and fighting all Judah sports war. America to be crushed from both coasts. Judah controlling Russia and China too.

What could be the reason that you did not try to get the paper away from weap Judah by doing a STRIKE?

"Why didn't you try it?" God almighty asked American Labor brand.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Our good God asked.

Instead of shipping tanks to Europe to begin a war with Russia, might our grand juries not want to know a little more about all of the missing nuclear missiles from the inventory? Where might they be now?

Are we understanding that the 1,000 nuclear missiles that Judah shot at us in the middle of the night of June 11th, 2011, are now safely disarmed and on display at a museum inside Mars?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for sparing us the loss of life form in the well-planned operation to wipe America out?

Can we not pray that Labor will have a 30-minute breakthrough, and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Or will Americans have to learn the hard way just what it is like to live in an open war zone?

The right less mild man of the north now set by Judah to slaughter his fellow mild man of the north.

Judah Russian military staffed by Replicon hybrid transplant Judah that will direct the slaughter of the simple mild man of the north.

American high military and police command directed by Judah hybrid Replicon brands with some good Germans and Englishmen thrown in to help accomplish their sport.

The knowledge breaking through that we are already dead people. There is no way now to live through the lethal nuclear waste that Judah has poured in.

A third of the human race has been sealed out of life. The slave peoples that fund and fight Judah sports wars, now set to die off as Judah will too.

Right less people that have no say all, held by Judah to get a bite to eat, that's all.

If you do nothing Labor, are we understanding then we just pass out of life form in Judah sports war?

Might some workers be planning to migrate out of America as this big boom comes in? Head up to Canada and find work there and just let the whole mess here behind?

"Finish it!

Professor is still rising this nation up." 6.06 AM

Might we consider that America is the important place to put things straight for everyone?

The American Bill of Rights that protects the people of the land. Might we see that is the top issue here?

By poisoning us out might Judah be hoping to leave planet earth with little to no real process to serve everyone?

Without our Bill of Rights in do we see we leave ourselves with no claim to life at all?

Druid, who came up with such useful legal process to serve all. Just not able to keep the good and fair rules in in the face of weap Judah sport.

Magna Carta. The Great Charter of rights of 1215 England. The right to trial by jury. Gained at the tip of a sword.

Grand jury process in Poland 1430. Needed before anyone could be pestered by the master, the state, monarch or holy writ.

No cruel or unusual punishment made the law in England in 1689.

All incorporated into the new American Bill of Rights accepted in 1789. Made the law of the land in 1791. Did it all by agreement, with no use or threat of use of the sword at all.

Might we not see that American law combined the best of five centuries of practice and gave us new Americans a real chance to live in a land of the free?

"You lost with no grand juries," Judee said.

Are we seeing Labor how important is the real legal process to provide the ordinary fish with what we need?

Might we understand how when Judah took private control of the issue of our money they took our state away from us all?

The permanent state of war that Judah put in once he secured the concession to issue our money.

Now he has used his terrorism to take all of our rights away from us. As wealthy as we are, how did we ever let him get so far away from us?

Was it the shot they did to John, or Malcolm, Martin or Bobby?

Or could it be the fear they produced when they forced Larry Flynt to show up at one of their courthouses so they could have the triggerman shoot him in the back?

Must American Labor not put a general STRIKE in?

So they threaten us individually with death. Will we not collectively get together and take away the authority to issue all the money they want for free, to end their death threats to you and me?

"Druid, you've ever failed to save yourself. The Druid is not dutiful," Judee say.

Right less Druid, funding and fighting all the Judah sports war in our world. Set now to crash into the Russian bear. Is there not some sanity somewhere? Must Labor not find the courage to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Our deaths unfolding on multiple fronts. Is there not some way that Labor will buy a sale for peace?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God our precious sweet Father said.

Is there not some way to get Labor into this to take the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue our money, away from them?

Tele receives:

"Pat, Casper saved our wit. 10.49 AM

Chart abuse. 12.11 PM

They're collapsing the economy. 12.47 PM

A complete genocide. 1.41 PM

Sad. 3.11 PM

Who needs it? 4.02 PM

White abandoned our blood.

The cats invest is war, STRIKE THEM OUT! 5.08 PM

Let's do a fiscal and STRIKE THEM OUT! 5.12 PM

So we die totally useless. 5.16 PM

Some of their old fashioned.

You must brief us. 5.32 PM

Racial jab. 7.18 PM

This guy died the Caesars. 7.21 PM

Scrumptious failed, faded, this Jew guy died.

Professor told us they sold us out, weap-a-sphere. 11.07 PM

Jew is so obvious with his racket, even they know they're falling.

Professor told us they sold us out weapas place.

You are destroying this fist. 1.03 AM

They cheat us by smashing us.

Neighbors are still reachable. 1.04 AM

Absorbing. 1.08 AM

Patrick's a nice guy, Patrick's a nice kid. 1.13 AM

Useless savage gave us the waste gun. 1.14 AM

Comet's sly. 1.17 AM

We went fish head. 1.25 AM

Pat tossed them out for breezin.

They've bolted rightful. 1.26 AM

You let them ruin the state. 1.27 AM

I cite you wounded. 1.29 AM

Dull sewerage. 11.30 AM

Push them out. 2.02 AM

Close them up for homicide checkbook. 2.04 AM

Genius is cited. 2.06 AM

Combustion ultimately put all of us away. 2.09 AM

Christopher might of failed us. 2.10 AM

Our portion we failed with the disease. 2.11 AM


Physically fouled you completely. 2.17 AM

Psychic has stopped the complete racket. 2.18

Communist goofed half lives. 2.19 AM

The bank app, retire. 2.20 AM

They've thrown the white guy, they've thrown the white dead.

Thrown them nicely. 2.21 AM

They shot their rights to shoot us. 2.23 AM

Terminal hell dead.

The medical field really tossed them out. 2.24 AM

Moisturing for income took away your place here. 2.30 AM

Jews have a right to fail you by banging you.


He has set us up for retaliation. 2.37 AM

Apologize for your error, you sadly have failed to save us. 2.42 AM

The military steals. 2.45 AM

Uncle Pat is believable, uncle Pat is blood. 3.08 AM

Thank you, professor. 3.14 AM


Righteous is still rising this nation up.


You're mostly useful." 6.57 AM

"Apologize for your error, you sadly have failed to save us." 2.42 AM

Continues at:

Has Bitch not apologized again and again for his error yes he has? And Bitch apologizes again.

It wa

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    • "It's The Paper Stupid!" Do we remember when Bill Clinton's — Patrick Sullivan, Sat Jan 7 10:26
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