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The Stone That The Builders Rejected Has Become The Chief Co
Sun Jan 8, 2017 12:40

The Stone That The Builders Rejected Has Become The Chief Cornerstone. This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.

That is from yesterday's Moravian daily Text.

Psalm 6
1 Chronicles 6:31–81; Acts 10:23b–33

The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.

Might we think of the bill of rights that the first builders of the United States of America rejected because they did not want us to have any rights?

The state delegates that chose to not sign on and create a nation in the new world without a guarantee of rights in the deal.

Might we see now that our good and mighty God's hand was behind the creation of the United States of America on rights for all?

Rather than the question of citizen, subject or inhabitant as to who has rights, might we see now that our rights are based upon our all being loved equally by our Sovereign, our good God above?

Now that Judah has succeeded in taking away from Americans the very best deal ever gifted to any people in all history, civil rights, the First Ten Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America, might we see that when we put them in once again, no tyranny investor or group of tyranny investors will ever again scam us or our children out of our God given rights?

The last act of the burlesque from Washington, to plunge us into world war III with Russian Replicons coming into America and taking over us right less people here. Will Labor not act, STRIKE THEM OUT and close the Washington-Wall Street demons out right?

Will Labor not step in and close out the entire violent genocidal burlesque that Judah has weaped on the children of God on earth and close it out properly?

Will Labor not put Labor people into rule our money supply? Will Labor not try to find some good for you and me?

Will Labor not free God's children from the fear, terrorism, the mental control of the errant life form Judah that our good God is dying out now? Will Labor not close Auschwitz down? Will Labor not pitch the holy royal militarist sports out?

Will Labor not step in to take over the crumbling society we are being pushed out of before all is lost?

Vasily Blohkin (1895-1955) the Russian military officer that reportedly personally shot tens of thousands of people in the basement of the police station.

Although most of the estimated 828,000[2] NKVD executions conducted in Stalin's lifetime were performed by local Chekists in concert with NKVD troikas, mass executions were overseen by specialist executioners from the Kommandantura.

Might we understand that the local Chekists were Judah hybrid transplant Replicons that Judah has been breeding into the terrain of the mild man of the north?

Have we not been apprised that Judah now has millions of his Replicons that he has brought into America to give us the same treatment that he gave our family in Russia and throughout Eastern Europe in the last century?

The Russian military that attacked America with intercontinental thermonuclear tipped missiles. Are we not understanding it was the Judah hybrid Replicon Russian force that attacked us with them?

Are we not yet understanding that our good God above is dying off weap Judah's seed?

They have fled into their well prepared underground shelters to finish off hundreds of millions of Americans with their hot radioactive nanoparticles.

They need their Russian Replicons shooting us in America to keep our nation hobbled so that we cannot get their nuclear artillery at Hitachi-GE shut down.

Are there any that think they are going to escape what is coming at us? If so might that not be the perfect definition of FOOLISH?

Repeatedly attacked with nuclear missiles, now right less Americans are standing aside while Judah begins a ground war in America.

If only the tens of thousands that were shot in the head in the basement of the police station had known five years before what was to be their fate, might they not have gotten themselves organized to try and help themselves?

From China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada and beyond. What could it be that has allowed Judah to convince Americans to pay for all of the death and destruction he wanted?

Shot with nuclear blast weapons repeatedly, nearly constantly, while our elders from outer space keep pulling all Judah blast shots off us saving our lives and our state.

The ghastly Auschwitz Judah built in America coast to coast. That we could be so fooled to let him get away with it. What could it be that we have not as of yet closed them out of here?

Judah burlesques with the pooch and the diaper. Will it be enough to hold Americans to die ourselves out of here now?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4" Our good God said.

Americans now being put to a chemical genocide the like of which has never been put on the human race before. The nuclear war fighting industries of Germany making a score.

Is there anyone that really cares what the score of the ball game was yesterday?

Has our good God not given Americans ample chances to stay alive? Certainly. Was over 5 years of warnings to STOP THE WAR not enough warning to prevent our own genocide?

"I'm going to bust you off from Moscow and make it appear correct," Judee say.

American Labor funding all of the sports war and genocide in our world. Might Judah want it to appear that when he uses his Russian Replicon force to invade America he wants it to look as if it is Moscow that is the good guys in our world?

Might he want it to appear that Moscow is stepping in to stop those terrible Americans who slaughter their brothers and sisters throughout the world?

Will Labor not figure these errant life forms out and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

"I porpoise you to lose, that's why I've got a missile. After the race war, I'll hold you out as criminal. The register was always one of our safe ways. The whites fall for Appalachia's.

I like a bummer for a true fit. I hold people for wood to genocide them right. I'm more wasting pretending I'm your friend, my scoop is out.

I use Oriental to just abrase you's, our policy is to always set you out. I close you with an analysis right because I always fault man. The martial is how we set you to always win.

Our super war state is how we always set you. We use false abuse to perp war to make our day," Judee say.

Might we see that Judah uses false abuse to get us into war so that he can then take us down nicely? The false abuse of 911, are we not reading that rightly yet?

Are we understanding that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization has stepped in to open our eyes to how the Judah cipher brand plays with the human race?

"The whites fall for Appalachia's."

Might we see in that how Judah is able to bring in whites to fist all of the war in our world?

Might we not consider how cunning is Judah that as he collapses us he is also making it appear that it is whites that are the criminals in our world?

"My Jewry opp with the bible in ways that you don't see."

Has Judah hybrid Replicon look alike preachers, not done a swell job of holding the white fish in to keep funding the war?

Has it not been his Replicon preachers that have held the people by citing bible verse to keep in his sports war? Have they not slimed Bitch well with false?

"With the enormous error we have, we struggle to get you off. With my error sight I sold you my torpedo well," Judee say.

Will Labor not take Godly care of our family so that Judah cannot create a white fall due to the forced privation of the cruelly manipulated poor?

While looking at some statistics on homelessness, if they are correct, nearly two out of three of the homeless are children in America.

Of the grown ups that are homeless, 21% are disabled people.

As a percent of the population, our family from the land of good people are suffering homeless sport at about 7 times the rate of white.

Does that not look like it follows the imprisonment rates also? Yes, it does.

Are we not seeing the hell for many homeless is because of the synagogue of Satan sports management?

Must Labor not get the paper away from weap Judah and get us out of the war sport, homeless sports business before we are all being ordered around by weap Judah Replicon Russians?

Will Labor not put our rights in and reject that Washington-Wall Street can kidnap and transport us secretly to anywhere in the world they please just because they call us a name?

The Nazi-communist war sinners. The fascists. Are we not understanding those are all Judah by other names?

But how did the Jews put a Hitler guy in that made his case against all Jews?

Might it be that weap Judah wouldn't allow a sentimental notion to interfere with making a dollar?

"Individual biological opportunity." The root element of the strategy that weap Judah has used for thousands of years.

Created from the resource constrained, biological niche competitor behavior developed from the harsh terrain of the desert.

Might we see it as nothing more than animal primitivism in one of its forms? Sure.

When weap Judah moved from his original terrain and abundance appeared, might we consider how Judah kept his mind in the animal primitivism phase?

Unwilling to listen to our good God above Judah continued to carry on as if there were not enough for all of God's kids.

To prove he is right, do we not see how he is destroying our resource base before he leaves?

Genocide, a natural response seen in many animal life forms. The killing of other feeders in the resource constrained environment.

That we are creations of a higher level order and have the intelligence available that gives us the ability to produce abundance for everyone.

That we are creations of our good God above might we see where the heretic Judah went wrong?

Did our good God not give us the intelligence factors to understand right from wrong? Yes, He did.

"Ethically, they're criminals." God almighty said of weap Judah who sports us with his homelessness, incarceration and war disease.

"They have no defensible rights." God our Father also said.

If we accept the word of God, and we do, then how did the ethically criminal Judah take over the world so easily?

Might it be that Judah has fooled us about right and wrong?

That we have been passively funding and fighting sports war for Judah since he privatized the issue of our money in 1913, might we just be fooled?

"Magnitude of the deception?" Do we recall was the reason our elders dropped one of their spacecraft at Roswell in 1947?

"Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves. Budget Judee said about weap Judah.

"Patrick, please don't embarrass us." Elder sister Juliet said when Patrick suggested that is what our elders from outer space had done at Roswell in 1947, "Give them enough rope and they hang themselves," as budget Judee had suggested.

The dropping of the extraterrestrial spacecraft at Roswell was to "demonstrate the Magnitude of the deception." Elder sister Juliet explained.

As the supplies and ammunition are ready for the beginning of the coming war between Judah's America and Judah's Russia, with years of warnings from our good God above, is there, not some way that American Labor will call a halt to this here? Will Labor not buy a sale for peace before we are all gone?

The Druid that gave us trial by jury and no cruel or unusual punishment and the Slav that gave us grand jury process that required the master to go to the grand jury before bothering any of us.

Now the mild men of the north, Druid, and Slav, faced off to kill each other on orders of Judah paper pushers.

Has Judah not put some real spin on us? Took away our Druid no cruel and unusual punishment and died Druid trial by jury procedures and took away from our Slav the right to have a grand jury look at the allegations before we are bothered, and now these three wonderful laws, the children of the creators of the protective rights for man, are now facing each other armed on the battlefield under the direction of the Judah that threw all of our good laws out.

Does 2+2 not = 4?

In the name of our good God that gave us the brains to figure it out, will American Labor not step in and STOP THE WAR?

"Sir, the age of molestive is broken." Tele receive. 8.08 AM

The stone age, copper age. The brass age. The iron age. The nuclear age and now finally, the molestive age. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for letting Judah properly end his age of molestive?

Will Labor not let us join with our elders from outer space and go into the world that our good God wills for his kids, the age of peace?

"I would have given you anything." Precious sweet Father said.

And why might we wonder does war go on? Might it be as simple as the people just do not care enough about it to try and stop it?

Or might it be that those that wish to stop war get themselves killed and so the others just do not want to dare the war makers?

The sweetness that we can have around if only Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT!

Will Labor not end the sports score of the hatchet? Will Labor not step in and take care of God's kids?

A third of the human race now set to die off in only the next few years. Warned it was coming for two thousand years. Would it not be fair to ask as God did when Bitch had his blooper slip: "What happened here?"

All of the pieces are now in place for the coming war with Russia. Not one check has been missing, all of it paid for by American Labor.

Have Americans given any thought to having to serve Russian Replicons?

Do some Americans think money will hold them when the big bear is here? It could, but then, might it not be a lure for the big bear to do a shake down for some or all of it?

A bruised reed he will not break, and a dimly burning wick he will not quench; he will faithfully bring forth justice. Isaiah 42:3

Might Labor see from that Biblical injunction how God's plan was put into place thousands of years ago?

Bitch's years of legal research that he has used to advance our peace interests. Might we see now how it is serving the purposes of our good God above?

"He will faithfully bring forth justice." Isaiah 42:3

Understanding Jefferson and Wythe. Might we not appreciate what a gift they have brought to all of us?

Not merely in this land of America, but to all of our family everywhere. A straight forward honest legal procedure that will afford everyone the opportunity to live free and in peace.

To exercise our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Might we understand by Gods gift of rights to us why the despots and tyrants do not want the United States of America to survive?

Will Labor not put our rights in and toss out this criminal enterprise that has shot us? Will Labor not end us having to endure any more of their marketplace bombings?

Our $100 trillion dollar economy. Ready to come in with only 4 years of peace. Will Labor not bring us to peace?

The bible tells us that one-third of the water on planet earth will be poisoned while one-third of the human race will die out of here in the end times.

Have we not read that one-third of our water is poisoned out already? It is.

They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God our Father said.

Will we not try to prevent the entire one-third of us dying out of here now? If so must we not get the power of paper off of them?

The concession to issue our money. Will Labor not get smart and take it away from weap Judah?

Our Father above us, our Father he loves us. The love of our precious sweet Father. Will Labor not let God come into our world and get the Devil, Lucifer, and Satan out?

Might we understand from the numbers of people shot in Chicago last year that it is the sports investor class that is keeping the war going on there?

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