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"They Train Them With A Consciousness That Is Different Than
Mon Jan 9, 2017 09:52

"They Train Them With A Consciousness That Is Different Than Ours"

The 10-year-old boy in Clearwater, Florida that was reported to have had an argument with his mother and took her gun and committed suicide. Here's some reverse speech from a video news report about it:

"Because of Iowa, they see our sin. This is a pure fake here. We gave him a day before we had to pull him in. They ruled him pest because he pitched a boy. They had to get him out long. This is our tease here."

"This is our tease here." That was a reporter giving the spiel about the ten-year boy purportedly old shooting himself.

"We gave him a day before we had to pull him in."

That was the reverse speech of a police officer on the scene speaking to the news reporter.

"They ruled him pest because he pitched a boy."

That was a neighbor speaking about the boy.

"Because of Iowa, they see our sin."

That was one of the weap Judah neighbors talking in reverse facial speech.

That a ten-year-old boy had to ghost out for pitching a boy in. Might that not indicate that weap Judah trains his kids with a truly different consciousness than other cipher brands?

Could it be that the different consciousness that weap Judah trains his children with is not perceived by Americans yet?

Hypnotic chemicals to set the boys for when they get out. The Florida airport shooter, did we note had been in a lock up previously?

Might that have been where they hypnotized him and installed his chip?

The beating of a mentally challenged white teenager in Chicago the other day. Here's what some of the reverse speech had to say:

"We got multiple complaints about our goose sin here. This is a Jew molest for Tiffany states rule. This is part of our helping to bring China in. This is more of our algebra for fascism. This is to fall the African away right.

This will help my abrasive for wholesale sports day. This is to help weap out your ciphers. This is to put white spin feeble, part of our roll way. Our management obviously capped you's so I'm brief here."

Might we note the mention of China in those reverse facial speech?

"This is part of our helping to bring China in."

The tyranny in China, as the rest of our world, is held in by hybrid transplant weap Judah Replicon look alike people.

Do we recall that Judah always says that he "Hike ya?"

Do we recall Mao's long march?

In October 1934, during a civil war, embattled Chinese Communists broke through Nationalist enemy lines and began an epic flight from their encircled headquarters in southwest China.

Known as the Long March, the trek lasted a year and covered some 4,000 miles (or more, by some estimates). The Long March marked the emergence of Mao Zedong (1893-1976) as the undisputed leader of the Chinese Communists.

Is that not about as accurate as it gets for Judah's mode of operation, the long hike of our family in China?

But what might China have had to do with 4 black kids beating up a mentally challenged white kid?

"This is part of our helping to bring China in."

Might it have been financed by Replicons in China?

Might we note one of the things that Judah has done historically to our family from the land of good people is to smear and false too put in a negative view? What about this?

"This is to fall the African away right."

Might we see in that reverse speech how Judah has sold his Auschwitz to Americans?

The Dairy Queen that has been closed by corporate because the manager made racist remarks to a customer. Here's some reverse speech from a video about that:

"I'm boursing a race problem to force upon you. This helps our boom ship. This is to help fall the white man with our conspiracy. This is to help our weap in jails."

Might Labor not think about when we have our grand juries in we will have our eyes and ears that will hear and see easily what is going on here?

Here is some more reverse speech from the Fort Lauderdale Florida airport shooting:

"We enjoy this feud, we find it encouraging. A HUGE gentleman we got away. This is to help my desk for China. We have a budget to knock the white man in."

Might we notice once again the mention of China in this shooting at the airport?

"This is to help my desk for China."

Along with financing the beating of the mentally challenged white teenager in Chicago, might China have financed the shooting at the airport in Fort Lauderdale?

"A HUGE gentleman we got away."

From that might we not consider that there may have been a sniper in the ceiling that shot the huge gentleman when everyone was running for cover?

Will Labor not help us and end Judah sport in America?

That Mercury prematurely set the bomb off that was hidden in the engine compartment of the 767 jumbo jet in Chicago recently, sparing all on board from losing their lives. Will we not join with our elders from outer space and let Judah off right?

Do we see how by merely making a reservation we set ourselves up for Judah true sport?

Rather than a sniper, might there have been a high tech pentagon remote controlled gun in the ceiling that used high-tech extraterrestrial level technology to target and shoot the HUGE gentleman that was scored at the Fort Lauderdale airport?

Will Labor not get the synagogue of Satan terrorist out?

Have we not learned that it is weap Judah that has played his racist game against us all here in America?

"I'm boursing a race problem to force upon you."

Will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from the racist Jew? Have we not been fooled too long by them and their stool culture?

While it appears that weap Judah is winning against us every day, what about this from one their high-level ones?

"Our management obviously capped you's so I'm brief here."

Is it not obvious that Judah capped us with thousands of nuclear warheads in the middle of the night?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for sending His angels into spare us our lives?

Might we not even say a few prayers to our precious sweet Father for having His angels teach Bitch how to read the reverse facial speech?

The stream of false that is sold as news to us all. Will Labor not let the inkettes off right? Never A Straight Answer. Will Labor not get these false guys and gals out?

Will Labor not let us accept the welcome we have been offered, gifted to us by our elders from outer space? Must Labor not STOP THE WAR?

"Get them out of here, end helpless."

Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today. Elder Sir Jason is our technical representative sent to us by Father to help us get the nuclear dirty bombs shut down.

"Cement it in," Jason said years ago about the still burning nuclear pile. Are we not aware that Judah is putting thousands of Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of radioactivity into our environment from Hitachi-GE every month? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end helplessly?

They make believe they're cleaning up the dirty atomic bomb power plant Judah set off at Hitachi-GE on March 11, 2011. Might we understand the purported clean up is all a false that lets him keep pouring atomic waste in upon us all?

The dirty bomb Jewish electricity plant that is set to die off the majority of Americans now. Is there not some way that American Labor will act, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them all?

Looking right at us with a Mad face poisoning us out of our life forms greatly. Will Labor not get over everything that is holding us back and act to save us and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"Patty is lucid about them. 9.53 PM

It's horsepower for luxury. 10.04 PM

A micro sale for torpedoes. 10.05 PM

He ain't nothing but the truth. 10.14 PM

They train them with a consciousness that is different than ours. 10.21 PM

Vegetables won. 12.10 AM

They've scored us out of the field.

Jew just likes to thrill right. 2.44 PM

STRIKE, misery loves cash. 2.47 AM

They're streaming out. 2.48 AM

You're a complete jerk revealed. 2.49 AM

Stupid greasy now porting easy. 2.59 AM

Someone loves you. 4.58 AM

The gentleman's scoring. 5.03 AM

You won them out. 6.38 AM

Toast. 6.48 AM

We caution you, it's rifled." 6.49 AM

"You won them out." 6.38 AM

Yes, that's true, but do we notice that Bitch did not win Labor in? Will Labor not step in and finish closing them outright?

"You're a complete jerk revealed." 2.49 AM

Could that be weap Judah or someone else?

"Revealed?" Some minutiae revealed, so what? What's the big deal?

Judah and his company have physically destroyed hundreds of millions of human Beings in their century since they took control by privatizing the Organizing Principle of Society and now have set us to die off in the billions. How is that for revealed?

"We caution you, it's rifled." 6.49 AM

Bitchie made a pot of coffee and heard an elder say that to him. Immediately Bitchie threw the coffee out.

Bitch was thinking of buying raw coffee beans that are not roasted and getting a roaster and roasting them right here. Then he read some reverse speech of coffee growers and learned that they contaminate some of the coffee beans coming right in from the field.

So Bitch just cannot drink his favorite beverage coffee at this time. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Bitch is warring our song deep purple itchie. My signal's all out of here now. With a fault, I derate your end. I set you mutts to contain you, that's why I'm still warring out here. With war, I fool you off with a Mormon. I just defeat you dud.

I use Phillip to pitch your head, I always take out nice guys. I just always want to possess you big, carry my zoo. We want to have a rich child so we score you out. I push you on a virgin can't elope.

I shoved out my own voice. We believe emotions of a friend will set you to be punched. We just have a life to scrimmage you and score right. My relations took out the U.S. louse. I rolled contact with my circle," Judee say.

Will American Labor not bring contact in, please? Will Labor not override Judah circle and end Judah veto of contact?

"Stroking will fall you nicely, their whole die will spear you up."

Thank you Sir Morris for that telepathic voice mailbox message today.

Is American Labor not tuned in yet to just how many Americans are set to die out of here now?

The average death rate in America is about 200,000 people each month. Are we ready to start seeing millions dying each month for the next few years due to the effects of radioactive waste?

Are we not aware that getting upwind of us and lighting a bonfire off has always been one of Judah's favorite ways to molest us? Yes, we have.

Now that he is upwind of us with a lethal bonfire that will die us off in the billions, should we not be acting to protect ourselves from Judah's death lust?

That Judah trains his children with different consciousnesses than ours. Will we not train our consciousness with the strategy to save ourselves from Judah perfected nuclear brimstone waste genocide?

Might we visualize a large ocean liner passing far out on the high seas and the lookouts seeing a bunch of people drowning in the water and going to rescue them and then dropping them a safety line to tie around themselves so they can be pulled up to safety, and the people in the water will not grab the lifeline because of negative rumors they were told about the guy that dropped the line to them?

Will Labor not bypass the negative rumors that Judah spread about Bitch and take hold of the lifeline that our elders from outer space have brought in to save us?

Viewing such an analogy, might we not appreciate what Father said, "I won't save your lives because 2+2=4?"

Judah, the ethically criminal cipher that now has no defensible rights because of his shooting us with his great balls of fire to extinct us right.

Does 2+2 not equal 4?

Do the Druid and Slav peoples, the mild men of the north, not yet perceive that if we do not act then we will be no more?

A few simple things to do, STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and put in the God-given right to an existence stipend. Do we see that will end the poverty tool that Judah uses to recruit his nearly biological white fist?

"We've had the white fist for so long it's almost part of our anatomy," Judee say.

We're so close here Labor. Will you not help us to make contact with our elders from outer space?

Doesn't "Most Favored Suggestions" not sound much more friendly than Plaintiff versus Defendant?

Does a "cordial relationship" with our elders from outer space not sound better than competition between our family in this world?

Will Labor not try to perceive the "Magnitude of the Deception" and take the paper away from wea Judah and put it into the hands of Labor?

Will Labor not try to perceive the love that our precious sweet Father has for you and me?

Will Labor not let this Judah fist world off for free?

Might Labor not recognize that now is the time that we are liberated forever more from sports war?

The thousands of years of destruction and the heartbreak of war for families everywhere that Judah scored. Will American Labor not be the ones that will finally say "goodbye to war?"

Judah, the guy that went for the big score, lost his voice and doesn't have a leg to stand on. NO defensible rights at all. His permit to run Auschwitz in the new world tossed out by his mal intent.

Will Labor not recognize these most important facts and let them off right?

Is Labor understanding that it will not be a long STRIKE? Do we recall that Judah informed us in reverse speech that in 5 hours he will say "uncle," and throw the towel in and hand over the checkbook to Labor?

Are we understanding that if Druid and Slav, the mild men of the north that are faced off on the Eastern European battlefield that could end our world, ignore God's will that His children live in peace, for about another week, then we will be fully set and locked into die out of life form in Judah sport war?

We have the advanced technology now to easily feed, house and clothe everyone of God's Simian children on planet earth.

While we are doing nothing about it, have we not noticed that Judah is going out of here destroying our resource base with lethal radioactive waste toxins so that we may not be able to even feed ourselves in the next few years?

Does American Labor not yet sense that we are just about plumb out of time here?

It is all up to you Labor. You are the one that will make the decision to close them up right or not.

One last reverse speech from Judah to give a feel for what we right less Americans are facing now:

"Your right you failed so I get to throw your genes out," Judee say.

Do the people understand that our 12 million years as hominids living on the surface of planet earth and our 200,000 years with our high level hybridized intelligence potential gifted to us from our good God above are now set to go out with Judah fail?

For those that choose to live will you not choose to STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Monday, January 9 — Psalm 7:1–9
1 Chronicles 7; Acts 10:34–43
Hezekiah became sick and was at the point of death. He prayed to the Lord, and he answered him and gave him a sign. But Hezekiah did not respond according to the benefit done to him for his heart was proud. 2 Chronicles 32:24–25

Jesus said to the one who had been healed, “Go home to your friends, and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and what mercy he has shown you.” Mark 5:19

Merciful God, please forgive us for our foolish pride that often blinds us to the blessings you have provided for us. Make us to be faithful witnesses of your love and mercy for all of humankind. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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