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PICTURE: Strange 'UFO' object seen over Buckingham Park last
Mon Jan 9, 2017 10:41

PICTURE: Strange 'UFO' object seen over Buckingham Park last night
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10:15Friday 06 January 2017
Did you see it too?

Did you see something strange in the air over Buckingham Park last night?

Reports of a strange circular object hovered across the night sky and flew off over the horizon, with power cuts following the mysterious appearance.

A Buckingham Park resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "We were lying in bed and this extremely bright light lit up the room. We assumed it was a star because it was a clear night but it was so bright.

"Then it slowly rose up and suddenly shot over the top of our house and you could hear an aircraft like noise but it was too fast to be a plane.

"As it passed over the power in our house dropped and came back. It really freaked us out. Then about 45 minutes later we heard the same sound and the power dropped again briefly and came back. We took a picture but didn't have time to do a video as it suddenly shot off."

Another resident also contacted The Bucks Herald this morning claiming to have seen the same thing at the same time on Watermead.

"I was sat watching telly with the blinds closed but one of them was sort of lit up as if someone was shining a torch on it. I looked out and saw this really bright light and then it suddenly shot across the top of the house and as it did all the lights went down and came back on.

"The lights went down a few more times in the next hour too, I'm no conspiracy theorist but it was really bizarre."

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Brandon Keith
10:50 PM on 09/01/2017
My question isn't whether or not these UFO's exist. It is why they refuse to interact with us. To date as far as we know there has never been any physical evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials.

As far as we know there could have been an intelligent species that developed on this planet prior to any of the major extinctions and may have escaped their doom by becoming a space faring species. We have proof that life has existed for more than 3 billion years and we think that we are the most intelligent species to walk the planet.

Old Duffer
5:38 PM on 07/01/2017
Probably Trump on his way to the Kremlin to meet with his buddy.

7:47 PM on 06/01/2017
A resident of the Beaconsfield road area of Aylesbury states her phone (land line), made a strange noise and her lights dipped. All her stored numbers in the phone has disappeared, but they reappeared by this morning!

Alan Ford
5:00 PM on 06/01/2017
Our power levels were dropping periodically last night too (Southcourt area) but I never saw any UFO's. All the curtains were shut though, and we have pretty thick curtains and well-lit rooms.

Queen almost shot by startled guardsman during 3am stroll
Published time: 5 Jan, 2017 14:52
Edited time: 6 Jan, 2017 13:17

Queen almost shot by startled guardsman during 3am stroll
© Reuters
A startled guardsmen at Buckingham Palace reportedly almost shot the Queen after she went for an unexpected 3am walk around the gardens.
According to the Times, the soldier was on patrol on the palace perimeter during the early hours of the morning when he spotted a figure in the darkness.

He reportedly challenged the potential intruder by shouting: “Who’s that?”

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© Dylan Martinez Queen’s elite Guards regiments are badly short of soldiers – MoD figures
On realizing it was the Queen, who had ventured out after a bout of insomnia, he said: “Bloody hell, Your Majesty, I nearly shot you.”

Expecting a serious dressing down by the monarch, he was surprised when the 90-year-old responded: “That’s quite all right. Next time I’ll ring through beforehand so you don’t have to shoot me.”

The near-miss was reported as it emerged that the venerable military ceremony of handing over the guard may be rescheduled due to security concerns.

The changing of the guard parade, in which one group of soldiers takes over from another, will now take place on fixed days during autumn and winter.

Normally, the handover takes place on alternate days between August and March, but will now happen on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, during which time roads in the area will be closed off by police.

The move has been informed by fears that a Berlin-style lorry attack such as that which killed 12 people in December could be launched against the crowd which gather to watch the famous spectacle.

The red-coated Guards regiments are also meant to be a functioning infantry unit, but recently, fears have been raised that some of the five units – Grenadier, Coldstream, Irish, Welsh, and Scots – are so undermanned that they cannot fight effectively.

According to Ministry of Defence figures seen by the Express in November, the Scots Guards can only muster 260 Guardsmen – the equivalent to privates – for operations.

The Irish and Welsh Guards, meanwhile, can only muster 230, despite the operational requirement for an infantry battalion of between 330 and 410.

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    • PICTURE: Strange 'UFO' object seen over Buckingham Park last — PS POST, Mon Jan 9 10:41
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