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"We Mob Murder Ya. A Failed Journey. STRIKE THEM OUT! That'
Wed Jan 11, 2017 09:53

"We Mob Murder Ya. A Failed Journey. STRIKE THEM OUT!

That's a combination of a Judee reverse speech and a couple of Tele receives.

"They've pushed the button and you've done nothing." Tele receive.

Have we let them toss us out for a brief erection? Is there something Judah understands about our psychology that we are just not able to overcome his force of mental?

That we survived going out as nuclear blast ash only to allow ourselves to go out as nuclear waste ash. Would it be that the Israeli psychologist understands what lets them continue to push us and our families out of life form?

Are we not understanding that our good God is with us? If we do will we not have faith that we can easily close weap Judah and their eternal war machine out of here if only we will have faith that God will see us through to the side of peace?

Millions of Americans chained and caged. Does Judah not tell us that is so he can keep his lies in? Yes, he does tell us that.

The false root of Judah. After pulling the trigger and pushing the button on us, might we not want to ORGANIZE and help ourselves out of the world of nuclear genocide?

"Even with the triangle in we're dying them out of here. The Martian has left you see our federal management," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"Close them out. 1.12 PM

You're an ass. 1.56 PM

This is a rightful die here.

Great error rolled right. 2.27 PM

Jew fetish, taking out our lives. 2.41 PM

Embarrassing killed us. 2.44 PM

Whitefish, Jew stay assaulting you out.

Oh my, God, Patrick searching made Jew fist. 4.20 PM

RISE THEM UP, you're still available for peace. 4.23 PM

They sold us out for realty. 4.27 PM

Thank you, Sullivan. 4.31 PM

Failed out our way. 5.52 PM

As if lightening occurred they hunt us war. 5.56 PM

Rome is deadly. 6.03 PM

The white guy has lost his failed side because he failed to ORGANIZE. 6.04 PM

You just lost your cipher on a dazed head.

You failed to save your life forces, you just got twisted awful dead.

They conspeared your right forces out obvious.

The whole city is dying from numerous fails. 6.11 PM

Your life is so scatted by fighting forces that force you out.

Crushing you missiles misery. 6.20 PM

ORGANIZE, your spirits rifled. 6.23 PM

They set the white guy dead through treason. 6.24 PM

Beggars failed all rights. 6.25 PM

You failed your sources.

Ditched you in a police state, you're perished now forever. 6.26 PM

You're forcing out your spherical righteous field. 6.27 PM

Just STRIKE THEM OUT and the distress will leave your lives. 6.28 PM

Grand dubious. 6.31 PM

Stay awake and insightful. 6.33 PM

A failed journey. 7.34 PM


The bourgeois just uses you rapely. 8.08 PM

They've savaged you, take them out. 9.01 PM

A nice overthrow them.

Their score died people with force every day. 9.33 PM

The dog breezed us. 9.35 PM

Ignorance is quite false. 12.30 AM

Ignorant in a quiet room.

They're giving us a hell of a passing. 12.31 PM

Children sault you out. 12.32 AM

He has failed us shill-a-beast. 12.37 AM

You run full force out of life form. 12.42 AM

Patrick scolded us. 12.42 AM

A vast Berlin shot. 12.44 AM

Oh my god them boys died us, shot us out. 12.45 AM

The system makes policing on everything here, you lost your life forces.

Your life force is obviously dead. 1.43 AM

It's chickish. 1.44 AM

They conspear your life forces away. 1.45 AM

They tossed us out for a brief erection. 1.46 AM

This fail is psych you dead, you lost your right economy to a jail. 1.48 AM

The economy is tight forcing, falsing now. 1.49 AM

Wicked siege. 1.50 AM

Your able life forces are out completely. 1.51 AM

The tight fist is quite a tossive tossing. 1.52 AM

Perish you outside quite fisty. 1.52 AM

Master fold your deal homicide.

American life forces obviously cease to exist here. 1.55 AM

Circuit-less air fair dies us. 1.56 AM

Tossed your lives for sale angerous.

They just sale white forces.

Cannibal state tossed you's out. 1.59 AM

Their science offended us. 2.00 AM

It's an obvious death failed here Jewish war. 2.04 AM

Their force is out of here for rifle great.

Goose foul. 2.05 AM

They fired out useless our view completely. 2.07 AM

There's a pumice here quite fair. 2.08 AM

The supreme cannibals are the force. 2.09 AM

You're micing up your life forces. 2.12 AM

His mother failed to save our establish. 2.14 AM

Turkey strikes us bad.

STRIKE THEM OUT principus. 2.15 AM

They venture baby sports boy. 2.16 AM

The royals have fled your continent. 2.17 AM

ORGANIZE fool opposite. 2.18 AM

War symbols failed. 2.20 AM

Deceit won. 2.22 AM

Palace rhyme tumbled. 2.23 AM

They tossed the white kids purity.

Clearly, the right force is out. 2.24 AM

Jew rifle idiots unctuous. 2.25 AM

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. 2.26 AM

Idiots reached out zoo death. 2.32 AM

They've assaulted the gentlest. 4.04 AM

Settle. 4.07 AM

"Judee has a marpole for harshing. I just like to image you guys. I'm clearly out for triggers. I force you off of here painfully. We astonish you foul. I conquer by sin even though my hiking force is out," Judee say.

Judah's great balls of fire. His hiking force pulled out of the sky by the triangle. And yet he continues his conquer by sin.

The crimes they continue to perpetrate against us right less people that have little to nothing to say about it.

Whatever happened to the American Bill of Rights? What has caused us to let the best deal ever for the human race, slip away?

"We shot the triangle down the right way. Even with Martians helping you we put you in," Judee say.

How sore of a truth is that? And have we figured out yet how Judah has successfully died our life forms out? Have we gotten the clues that inform as to how we lost our genus in Judah war weap zoo? Might this next reverse speech reveal the truth?

The bourse is completely how we ported you out," Judee say.

The franchise to issue our money that congress gave away to weap Judah in 1913. Are we perceiving that one issue has caused us to lose our life forms because we have not as of yet taken it away from him?

Tele receives

"Ruptured real nice. 4.26 AM

Summons is all through for hate war. 4.38 AM

We've been attacked? 4.44 AM

Failed your Boston opp. 5.15 AM

They fell this union ship with a chisel right. 5.23 AM

They died us completely threw right. 5.27 AM

You're home easy, just STRIKE THEM OUT! 5.38 AM

Your genus is out, your genus is most wasted. 5.58 AM

It's preditited." 6.41 AM

When Labor STRIKES THEM OUT do we see we'll be home easy? Certainly.

Once Judah loses the authority to issue all the free money he wants, might our gentle not be able to stay alive long enough to help us? Certainly.

"Idiots passed us right." Tele receive. 6.53 AM

The word for slave, from the Slavic peoples that were made into forced Labor for Judah and his Roman fist. Might we just say it was the mild man of the north that was made into the slave for weap Judah?

And now the new world right less man that has his Labor taken by force in the form of an income tax, funding and fighting all of the war in our world.

Might it have been Judah's previous long term taking and holding of slaves before he came into the north lands that gave him the insight on how to hold slaves right?

The slave uprisings that master was always on the watch for. Might it have been the cage and then the whipping post that held the mental of the slaves to not try and free themselves?

"They cost you right the error boys. Liberate." Tele receive. 7.03 AM

And how about what Father said, "I won't save your lives because 2+2=4?"

Judah dying our genus away while we keep funding sports war for the guy that is poisoning us while making all of the war in our world.

Judah, his management out for all times because he got caught trying to blast toast us with his great balls of fire. Bitch apologizes if he sounds like a scold sometimes.

Might it be what master did after he crushed the slave revolts that has put so much resistance to act in that we have not closed master Judah out right?

To hold slaves to produce profits is one thing, yet to hold them and after gaining profits, to destroy them. If slaves understood that might they not have acted earlier to not generate the profits for the master that plans to slay them in the end?

"O my god he steered the police off to sin." Tele receive. 7.19 AM

Might we consider that it is us that are responsible for the corruption that has destroyed our ship of state?

If only we did not let Judah keep the franchise to issue our money.

Might we spend some time thinking about the subject of money and who issues it so that we will concern ourselves with it?

"We failed ourselves here." Tele receive. 7.27 AM

Judah has now set the mild man of the north to die out of life form in the range of 95% of us. Father spoke to Bitch last night.

Bitch was asleep and Father said something concerning what Bitch wrote in yesterday's post.

Apparently, there was something that could be construed as a scold in it. Father's house has no scold in it. Bitch apologizes if there was a statement that was scoldish.

Father will not pull Judah off as Judah is destroying us with nuclear waste.

Did Father not do enough for us when He had His angels pull every nuclear blast shot off of us?

And if we will not listen to Father to STOP THE WAR, do we understand that Father will not scold us at all?

"You have failed to martial criminals." Tele receive. 7.36 AM

"Our scrim-a-checks were how we were able to humiliate you's. You failed your lives listening to our oracles. We're bringing in checkpoints. I stumbled because I shot you right with Loomis.

I'm leaving some stupid boys in charge. Our force booms you out in the right way. I jerk you into a right government true. You failed our relationship. We just cite you jail bird, cop flew you.

I've got my Moscow set to do a boot; the Germans are going to handle the package right. Friday we got you all ready to stretch. We continue to come Egyptly. Hydrogen I sold you actually got my management out this time.

We abolish your life with offending. I dog you to ever get you rightly. I bash you right out of here at the end. We want to exhaust you out for the 4Ms good price. Most of my rule pushes you badly.

We just put in force to wipe out democracy. Diesel is a deterrent that holds Jewish opp. I'm an obvious fail on my chemical time. I have two problems, I'm a boom fist that put out some wood and you see my bourse rate you'll take it out. The bourse is completely how we ported you out," Judee say.

Will Labor not look real hard to see the bourse rate that Judah is holding us to sport with?

Must Labor not take the bourse away from weap Judah and end the force that they put in to destroy our democracy?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" God our Father asked Americans that were attacked in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads.

"I died them truthful." God almighty said of letting Judah take his best shot. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending His angels into spare us from extinction at the hands of weap Judah?

"It's an extinction." Tele receive. 7.59 AM

Might we also keep in mind what Father said to us, "I want to save your lives?"

As we are being perished using a multiple of forces from weap Judah's terror store, will we not take up precious sweet Father's offer and let Father save our lives?

Bitch will keep reporting whatever comes this way. Thank you.

STRIKE THEM OUT LABOR! Get hold of the purse and let these guys and girls pass away right.

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Wednesday, January 11 — Psalm 8
1 Chronicles 9:1–34; Acts 11:11–24

The righteous know the rights of the poor. Proverbs 29:7

Paul wrote: Your plenty will supply what they need. 2 Corinthians 8:14 (NIV)

Dear Father, please give us eyes to see the needs of those around us. And seeing, let us be the hands that open your channels of blessing. Thank you for your generous love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Tele receives:

"A real settlement won't die you fish. 8.04 AM

Finish it. 8.15 AM

ORGANIZE drasticle. 8.19 AM

Researcher boy tossed strange outlaw. 9.06 AM

You lost your bail, they're scorching animals now. 9.20 AM

Pat, your articles failed to save your son. 9.51 AM

Clear fistol. 9.51 AM

They just keep watching Alston.

You're set for a major fiend event. 9.55 AM

Close this fail, just STRIKE THIS FAIL!

ORGANIZE, they bested you's. 10.01 AM

Real Cinnamon tossed you out. 10.14 AM

Your foolish lives are very died.

The industrious caged belief. 10.15 AM

Surgery is spitefulin. 10.16 AM

His error is corrupt.

You lost your rights to fieldness. 10.18 AM

You've been molested real good on your journey. 10.19 AM

Their oracles war nuts. 10.20 AM

Roger failed us. 10.26 AM

Jew failed and falsed you out. 10.28 AM

He put you's into so many dungeons cruel. 10.29 AM

He's shown you what they're doing to us, they're extincting us. Oh, is that what it is?

They pulled us martialed. 10.30 AM

Beautiful right zoo core ya. 10.31 AM

A typical cop luncheon will breeze you right away.

Goldilocks launched. 10.32 AM

Their stacks are cleaning house. 10.34 AM

You failed us hugely. 10.43 AM

Oh, my god, they're forcing us out of life forces. 10.44 AM

It's a stealiverse crush, they make lies. 10.47 AM

Pat's mother cite you falsed in. 10.51 AM

A sight rolls the cat used on us. 10.53 AM

Somehow resuscitate us. 10.54 AM

Take out your jails, take out your fail. 10.56 AM

They're wiping out all the white people.

He's done. 11.27 AM

You failed your life forces with stufish. 11.47 AM

A total RISE is now seriously needed. 11.48 AM

Bitch is a lesbian streaming consciousness. 12.40

You are a idiot." 1.09 PM

"You failed your life forces with stufish." 11.47 AM

Bitch is still hoping that Labor will see it is the stupid mistakes of an amateur rather than some indication of hard-hearted guy, which Bitch is not.

Still hoping that Labor will fill in the needed intelligence and STRIKE THEM OUT!

Here is a reverse speech that really rings a bell as to what we all have lost:

"Minnows have lost another field," Judee say.

Have we minnows not always been unable to keep our fields in the face of the aggressive guys that use a battery to get their way?

Might we minnows not try to get our best field ever in again, the field that has our wondrous American Bill of Rights in it?

Continues at:

12.46 PM

Watched some news and pulled some more reverse speech to find out what the plans are for us. Here's some more Judee reverse speech:

"My favorite is opping countries to fail. Obama's been a true macer for me. The white I'm sporting dead into a true fall. Witless is how I right rate you. My memories are going to make you all die.

I'm just going to do you and your child and I'm off for my luxurment. Fall you religious. We shot the triangle down the right way. I'm leaving some stupid boys in charge. Our force booms you out in the right way.

Eventually, a bench will core app you off. I believe in death squads on 4 eyes opps. You guys are passive on my war. My vision is a chapel, then no problem, you're in a grave.

I punish your field with my homeland I put in. I pitch you out because you pay me to. I have files for cannibal that I use to make you die. I just use a compass to erase you. My function right is a sin.

Our fortune is weapas and sue. My chair believes in fraud. My market rules let me sin on margin. Wolf with a flame here. Jew policemen will stop you before you get here and fall you off.

We use words terrorists to toss you in jail. American analogy be Jew good take your

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