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What will help sort out this mess fast could come from MPs
Mon Jan 16, 2017 08:58

January 16, 2017 Please watch the following linked video on the House of Commons Reviewing the Bilderberg Conference and keep note of the names including the party who is presenting the inquiry on the floor of the House of Commons. Linked from - and - - Thereof, to contact the key persons mentioned in this House of Commons Hearing (Linked Above) all of whom should be contacted concerning the Virginia Charter, the Theft of the Stuart Royal Trust Assets. As well involving a life time of continued harassment that has had to be endured. Thence, the understanding that the legitimate direct descendant of Queen Victoria is in North America. And that these same named parties descendants of the ones tied to the misuse of the Virginia Charter and what it should be, must be immediately indicted and the Stuart Assets be returned back to the Stuart Trusts. For these criminal elements and crime families including the Gates Family, the Maxwell Family, etc., for their also being held accountable for the kidnapping of children. To finally bring justice to these Elitist Criminal Elements for having based their entire worldwide criminal empire on their leveraging and financing their globalist plans to subjugate their victims by their having stolen the assets that they have secretly absconded with over this past two centuries from the Stuart Royal Trusts, of the actual Stuart Royal Family that has been and is located in North America. Thereof, doing so be implementing the criminal banking networks of the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the fake Windsor Royal Family. And the Jesuits worldwide crime syndicate with its vast path of planned and implemented mass murder, pedophilia networks, human trafficking, global psychotronics warfare technologies being used upon many millions of unsuspecting and innocent victims. Their many illegal wars for profiteering, and assisted by their (Stuart Trust Asset Funded.) intelligence apparatuses (Including the Bush and Clinton Crime Families and their vast and fake money laundering foundations.) that have been running global drug and weapons networks, etc, worldwide. Thereof, and for them to be finally held for the murder of Bonnie Prince Charlie and his father in the Vatican and so forth. It is time to hold them all accountable in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. As well, for them to be held for the many unwarranted crimes that they planned and that they implemented against the Native American and the Native Canadian People and the unwarranted theft of the Native North American Peoples Land and for the murder so forth of the innocent Native American People at Wounded Knee which had also included the Ponca and Lakota Tribe Grand Parents of Patricia.

That this ensuing pursuit of this matter must be also included in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Along with addressing the above, provide Will P Wilson with his Above Top Secret Military Records being held by MI-6.

House of Commons Enquiry Service via email or by telephone on 020 7219 4272.

We are looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time,

Actual Direct Heir of the House of Stuart/Stewart
Patricia JHS
1 479 471 1895

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