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A couple of Corrections on your post Will
Mon Jan 16, 2017 14:27

Whereas, some of these Stuart Family Descendants were native Ponka (Ponca) and Lakota Americans whom Patricia's great grandfather [was Sitting Bull] by an incredible miracle [the one who killed Great Great Grandpa General Jeb Stuart was killed by the Lakotah side of the family. Yes that was Custer and his gang. You see Custer killed General JEB Stuart and you know what happened to Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.]

[Then General JEB Stuart]
being the [great]grandson of Bonnie Prince Charlie [had received the Direct Heir responsibility due to his heritage. When killing him and sending his son James E. Stuart running for his life left the Stuart Trusts unsupervised by the Direct Heir and open for just what took place.]

One further miracle was Patricia's Grandfather and his brother escaped Wounded Knee by hiding in the Bullrush of the creek and not coming out when the soldiers said it was safe, however, the soldiers proceeded to kill all of the ones that came out. So the the brothers] had survived the planned mass murder at Wounded Knee that was implemented in order to try to wipe these native American descendants of the Ghost Dance Prophecy [and especially decendants] of Bonnie Prince Charles.

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    • A couple of Corrections on your post Will — scantv77, Mon Jan 16 14:27
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