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"The Reich Has Sold Us Complete. Violent, Tough, Dangerous F
Tue Jan 17, 2017 08:28

"The Reich Has Sold Us Complete. Violent, Tough, Dangerous Fish Here."

The Reich, the route Judah took to violently overthrow the government of the United States of America. Getting hold of the concession to issue the money made good by American Labor in 1913 and hiring all the violence necessary to take over here.

After repeatedly attacking us all out with nuclear missiles to die us and our children off, destroy the best hope for the children of God on earth, a truly free home, the United States of America, and now gassing us out of existence. Will we not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah to STOP THE WAR?

Must we not prevent this generation from having to learn the hard way that war is no good?

It appears that it is fear that has been holding American Labor from closing weap Judah out. Will we not pray for courage and let their eternal sport war off?

"Shanty saved your homes from a complete die by dictioner." Tele receive. 2.39 AM

Bitch was just watching a supposed UFO video and the speaker that was narrating the false video during the introduction said, "I love you all."

If the narrator loved us all would he be presenting a false?

Might we consider that Judah smooth knows the words to say to capture the listener? "I love you all."

And then goes on to fool the listener and viewer with a false UFO presentation.

Now our fields poisoned, our children being sickened and not able to live a full life, Judah still shooting us with his words and views and brimstone waste. Still destroying our world using all the free money he wants from American Labor.

Elders describe weap Judah as "rare." Judah is going right ahead and taking the third of the human race out of life form as was prophesied to us in the bible 2,000 years ago.

The war makers now being died off. The nations that the war makers control are now being poisoned by weap Judah as he goes away from us. Are we understanding that America is the number one war maker for Judah?

Judah using the mild fish of the West to violate his family in the Middle East creating refugees to send into the land of the mild fish of the north to stress the mild states.

Using tens of millions of refugees created by the fist of mild fish of America destroying nation after nation in the Middle East, Judah is slipping his Replicon shell Judah's into America to put their future Judah dictator refills in to run America.

The concession to issue money. Can that one thing be responsible for all the war and terrorism in our world? Yes it is.

Is it not something to think about that once Judah no longer has the concession to issue our money in his hands, there will be no more war in our world?

Africa, Asia. Neither will fight a war for weap Judah with or without the concession to issue money in his hands.

Only the West is Judah able to make make war. Must we not take the concession to issue our money out of Judah hands and end his ability to get Americans to fist for him?

Now we face dying off and out of our species. Set to die 95% of us out of life form.

Mild fish of the West facing off against mild fish of the East thousands of miles from our shores with vast storehouses of high tech destruction equipment.

Is it not troubling, it is all directed by Jewish that have already fled into their well-secured mountainside hideouts to sit out our extermination?

Will we not pray for God have mercy on us and save us yet?

Cruelly manipulated poor mild fish used by weap Judah to do his sports.

Has Mercury report not magnified the imperfections of this old-style tyranny and made them understandable enough that Labor will not act to help us?

"They have no defensible rights." Our good God informed us as to the status of Judah for attacking us with nuclear missiles.

Are we all in agreement that Judah has no defensible rights because he attacked us with his nuclear missiles in the middle of the night to exterminate us?

Who would have ever guessed that only one Jewish electricity artillery piece disguised as a power plant could die off a third of the human race that is living on the surface of planet earth?

When the first few hundred million people die off poisoned out by radioactive waste does it not seem likely that the survivors will focus their attention on getting some boron into that fissile pile at Hitachi-GE?

Is there not some way that we can focus ourselves on what is being done to us to end it before we have to take the mass die off that Judah has put in on us here?

Father wants to save us but to do that do we see we have to be brave enough to stand against those that take our money and use it to hurt the other children of God on earth?

Are we seeing we must have possession of the sort of mental ability that is capable of protecting ourselves from Judah fiend ways?

Judah built the machinery to wipe out the mass of the human race and then went ahead with his attempt to get us before our mental figured his mental out.

Will Labors mental not critically critique Judah mental and take the purse away from him for what he attempted to do?

Not only for Judah's past sins against us, his sins that he is committing every day using the purse of American Labor. Will Labor not try to prevent us from being perished completely out of here?

The first month of a million plus Americans to die off from the high levels of background radiation that Judah has put on us here. Only a month and a half away. March is the beginning of the few years of die offs of us Americans that are funding all of the war sins in our world.

The suffering of war. Must we not prevent ourselves from having to experience it first hand?

The thing that has allowed weap Judah to keep our world in a permanent state of war. Do we see it is all the free cash they have that is gifted to them by American working men and women?

Judah has special task forces at the ready to pick off organizers of any sort, with a special emphasis on Labor organizers.

Do we see when Labor quickly takes away Judah's unlimited free paper power with a STRIKE, our organizers will no longer have to face being assaulted out of life because they want to serve us in peace?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

When Father had His angels pull all of the nuclear missiles off of us that weap Judah shot at us, did Father not give us the peace?

Did the royals not pitch themselves out of our world right with Judah when they went ahead and attacked us with nuclear missiles from a couple of British submarines off our East coast on June 11, 2014?

Will American Labor not cast whatever fear there is aside, and STRIKE THEM OUT and finish the war making sports business model out?

Our extraterrestrial family sent a meta-transiliatory message to our family in Europe when Judah put his plague on our ancestors in the Middle Ages.

Have some of us read of the men in black that were outside the towns just before the plague began, with aerosol spray cans spraying into the air?

If only some of our ancestors would have perceived that was our extraterrestrial family warning us of what weap Judah was doing to die us off might they have acted and let Judah off of the town right?

This last plague that Judah is weaping on us, brimstone nuclear waste. Instead of two-thirds of the people of Europe dying out, are we understanding that nuclear waste will take us out in the range of 95% of us?

Has our family from outer space not "MARKED" enough for us to perceive that we are being perished great?

"You speared me, you speared me right," Judee say.

Did Bitch not spear Judee right with the report that he attacked us with 1,000 missiles and 3,200 nuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011? Might we consider that Judah actually speared himself right?

Will American Labor not help us to close weap Judah out right by taking the concession to issue our money away from him?

Our family in Asia had Buddha to clue them Judah was in error. Africa had abundance and never bought Judah's false junk.

The mild man had Jesus, but might we consider the preachers were all on Judas payroll so we never learned the real truth of Jesus love for us?

Are we not yet perceiving that we are massively being died here? Might our good God have to let us die if we keep assaulting our family out for Judah sports?

"We simple people died contact." 6.01 AM

Our extraterrestrial family is still here with us. Will we not take their good advice and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Must we not end funding destroying ourselves with nuclear waste American Labor? Must we not be of the awareness level to recognize that we are being assaulted with nuclear waste chemicals and brave enough to bring it to a halt?

Might we consider that once we act and assert ourselves we just won't accept any government that makes war ever again? Certainly.

Father wants the simple working people of Labor to take over the concession to issue our money. Might that be so that no criminalocracy shall ever arise again in His village on earth?

Might Labor not take care of the children of God rather than sporting us out of our houses and lives?

"Bull shit's me, I con you fair. My business days are to core your state great. The scientist I keep pupping him to score you. I'm abusive to use you to do wrong, it's in my head. I just put a foul sight of purity in you and you let us nuke fist.

With the British, I always scored right. I just take Washington to get the riches from you. Strike you never raised so I kept fooling you, I will until I die; Jew's a muzzle head," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"They parceled us. 4.20 PM

We're being destroyed with radioactive waste.

STRIKE them for fishing us. 4.30 PM

It's willed. 4.32 PM

We're being died out in a riches war, perfectly died out. 4.35 PM

Criminals con mouses here. 4.36 PM

You mace yourself. 4.37 PM

Serfer lifers failed. 4.38 PM

Please choose to close them out. 4.45 PM

Punished, you fall your wit.

We're moused, we're torpedoed war.

Nightmare is going to state you.

Jail away. 7.05 PM

Oh my god, let's STRIKE THEM OUT!

The white man is physically frozen up, bound up in tyranny. 7.12 PM

It's fair to cast you into poverty.

You're being destroyed in a tiff. 7.33 PM

Falsing out yourself completely dead. 7.36 PM

Oh Patrick, the walls still seek us. 8.10 PM

Failed your life forces completely. 8.12 PM

Doom out raiders, flush them out! 8.13 PM

You have failed Jew opposite.

Juvenile rights have fallen the state. 8.57 PM

Fear is audible.

Their alliance lost and we're still dying off. 11.53 PM


With their mutual, they've died us. 11.56 PM

Contact tossed away from obvious. 11.57 PM

You ended inheritance enormously. 11.58 PM

For embarrass critical they make you a good casualty. 11.59 PM

Viceroy is a helpless thief.

Son of a bitch's, they're dying us off. 12.00 midnight

Oh, Pat, we're died out of here. 12.03 AM

They'll die us all eventually. 12.04 AM

No truth can save us but freedom.

They score us fibrous. 12.08 AM

You're scoring out yourself because you're so sole possessed. 12.09 AM

We died wholesale. 12.10 AM

Dachshund they bash us. 12.11 AM

Stupid excellent score rate us. 12.12 AM

Their jest attached us right.

Give us a favored rising maximal. 12.15 AM

We're dying out obvious Jew muscle. 12.20 AM

The white man's deluded.

They're stuttering Maxheimers in.

You lost your way, STRIKE THEM!

Abduct. 1.31 AM

They're putting us out of life through gassing. 1.32 AM

We need to save ourselves leisurely, we're cancer felled for their racket. 1.34 AM

ORGANIZE this failed century. 1.38 AM

You have a dead future for accusing all males. 1.42 AM

Let's rise this fadery. 1.43 AM

They make us their deal for luxurment.

They made us deal died real dead. 1.45 AM

Pat, you failed Munchberg.

ORGANIZE yourselves, ORGANIZE your safeco. 1.46 AM

Patrick gives me an app. 1.52 AM

The Jews new life is done. 2.01 AM

Violent tough fish dangerous here. 2.06 AM

The Reich has sold us completely. 2.10 AM

Strangled us.

Get duter.

Village late-age.

Oh my god, criminals hurting us.

It's fear that's holding here. Shanty saved your homes from a complete die by dictioners.

They protested us. 2.41 AM

Heart attacks are strike-able.

They're killing us spitefully. 4.10 AM


Good luck. 4.14 AM

Let's fold this threat. 4.25 AM

STRIKE your greed cuffs. 4.34 AM

They burned us out. 6.36 AM

Warrant wars you to dead fish." 7.33 AM

"You've lost to tight-fist to die."

Thank you Sir Jason for that message to us today.

"The Russians will be so natural now."

Thank you Sir Morris for that message today.

"It's completely over for pounding us fist." Tele receive. 7.38 AM

Are we seeing because we have left Judah continue to issue our money he is still pounding us fist even though it is over?

"We're void. His mother wants us to leave for abusive. Cattle-ment HUGE, I finish you greatly. I want your sexual life to dog you for free. The white man we get a hold of you to use you, we stiff your colony.

We bossed piston tyranny. Our digital side false and faults you. From the day I met you I speak army. Porpoisen' we goofed. We tax great. We pull all minnows fishermen, Judee says.

"We're void." That reverse speech came from the top of a nuclear war-fighting state.

Is American Labor not yet perceiving that because they went ahead into the extinction phase of the human race using nuclear missiles that they are void?

Even though they are void for attempted nuclear blast genocide, by letting them continue to issue our money are we not perceiving that they are succeeding in exterminating us anyways with their brimstone nuclear waste?

Their blast weapons that were taken away from Judah when they shot them at us. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for having His angels, our elders from outer space, take every thermonuclear warhead away from Judah?

Is Labor understanding that weap Judah has no defensible rights for the attempted extinction of us with their well planned nuclear blast war?

An elder from outer space said that there is an "occasional failure" when a planet is transitioned out of war and into peace. Will Labor not help us so that we do not become that occasional fail to transition out of war and into peace?

Our entire environment poisoned with long term toxic nuclear waste that will kill the plants and animals on the surface of the north American continent. Will Labor not ORGANIZE to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

"You've died, we've all been died." Tele receive. 8.00 PM

"In war, we invest you," Judee say.

Will American Labor not end funding and fighting war for Judah sport?

A STRIKE and Judah will have to turn over Labors check book to Labor. But where is our Labor STRIKE?

The war with Russia coming in right on schedule. Labor making every check good for all of the violent opps needed to get it going. All the false words spoken on news, all the false words ordered by Judah for all varieties of media paid for by Labor. All the bribes paid out to set the terror bombs off, paid for by American Labor. Will Labor not STRIKE and take away the free money Judah is using to shoot us?

Might we simple working people not embrace the love of God for us and what Father has done to save us by having His angels pull all the nuclear missile shots off of us that Judah tried to exterminate us with?

To be saved by our good God almighty from being died out in a few hours of weap Judah nuclear blast war and then to have to die out in a slow nuclear waste war because we don't get together to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah. Can we not do better than that? Sure we can.

Continues at:

Will Labor not help us here?

"I false you away sexual. I waste your wits out before I ma

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