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"You Lost Your Rights to Biology, You're Zapped, Degraded He
Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:03

"You Lost Your Rights to Biology, You're Zapped, Degraded Here"

Those are from Tele receives over night. The right to our existence, we do not have it. Zapped with brimstone waste that Judah has been shooting on us for nearly six years now.

Dropping bombs on our dollar, that we have nothing to say about it. Is that not about a perfect definition of degraded?

"The police will not hold my objective," Judee says. Judah reveals in reverse speech that it is the genus war that has caused his relationship with police to end. They know now that they are set to die out with us.

So we have everybody with us on wanting to get Judah out, except Labor that can STRIKE THEM OUT.

"February" Judee has been saying in reverse speech for over a year. What is it about "February" that has Judah so excited that it is in his subconscious often?

Might February be his big smash of us with foreign troops being brought in under the pretext of protecting us from the Muslims that will do the big attacks upon our infrastructure?

"February." A week away from now. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and put a committee of the whole in to issue our money?

"The idiot falsed you out." Tele receive. 3.25 AM

The sinking of the Lusitania, the Zimmerman telegram. The tools that were needed to force America into the First World War.

The bombing of the World Trade Center in 2001. The recent tools that Judah used to put America the beautiful into war.

Might we note the big target when he puts us into war really is, to get our rights away from us so that he can sport us right?

Those that are real tuned in and inform us of what is going on. With no rights have we not seen how easy it has been for Judah to arrest and then transport us out of the nation to shut us up?

The foreign police and military that Judah has running loose around America that he kidnaps and shoots us with. Will American Labor not get involved here and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

That we have a good God above that loves us. Will Labor not awake to who we really are?

Judah historically holding us for wealth and sport. Spends his life time playing with us. Using us for creating wealth for him and then dying us off. All for the sport of weap Judah on us.

Our extraterrestrial family will have no truck with Judah. They will have no arrangements with him other than to die Judah off.

That they let Judah attack us with nuclear missiles and then pulled the nuclear missiles out of the sky, was that not a wondrous demonstration of how high-level powers let fist players off?

200,000 years seeded with our high intelligence 223 genetics gifted to us from our creators, the Galacticans. And what does Judah use his high-level intelligence for?

Has Judah not focused his high intelligence on fooling and fisting the rest of us?

Might we consider that getting our rights out has allowed Judah to fist us while keeping the pretense of law on his side?

With our rights in will we not see the charade that he carries on and end it? Certainly. Do we see why Judah needs us to have no rights to get his thievery done?

Judah's plan to war us to extinction. By getting hold of the vast wealth of America do we see it allowed him to get to that level?

The genius of Judah false. Is it not something wondrous how our good God above let Judah expose himself to us?

The magnificence and glory of our good God almighty. Judah hubris, chutzpah, arrogance, deflated by his attempt to exterminate us in one night.

The guy Judah that had his day with us. Who threw away his key and will never be amongst us again. Will Labor not close them out right?

He had all the material things he wanted but what he really wanted was to destroy us right. Will American Labor not get smart and let them off right?

"If you don't get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed." The angel said.

As nuclear waste continues to rain in on our fields and poison our air, is there not some sense of how seriously America the beautiful is being destroyed by Judah?

America, land of the free. The best hope for humanity. Turned into a most violent brutal despotism the like of which the world has never endured before.

We the people now being destroyed in MEGADEATH numbers by war and nuclear waste. Cancer. Has Judah not specialized in giving it to us?

Our good God above wanting to save us. Will we not listen to the love of God and act to save ourselves?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" God asked us.

The nuclear war fighting industries. Boeing that made the missile air frames that Judah used to attack us with when he tried to exterminate us in the middle of the night.

Much chance Americans will be giving Boeing any contracts for any more missiles to attack us with again? Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

General dynamics, builders of the submarine launch platforms that Judah used to launch intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles in his attempt to wipe out America and kill as many of us as he could. Much chance we'll be giving them any of our money ever again? Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

Will working people not try to perceive what the banker bombers have tried to do to thee?

They'll show you a picture of a pooch while they poison our little children out of life. Will we not have a consciousness break through here that will open eyes to what we are dealing with now?

If it is understood that they came at us full bore with nuclear missiles to score us out of existence, will we not grasp the reality of what they are doing as their last attempt to exterminate us?

Might we not try to connect the warnings in our bibles of the end times and the fire, smoke, and brimstone that will take us away?

Judah still burning his nuclear bonfire at Hitachi-GE. Casually creating the deadliest toxins ever. Going on 6 years now of poisoning our planet. Must American Labor not get smart and get hold of the purse and shut that Jewish electricity artillery down?

Do ordinary people not yet perceive that Judah has done all that he can to put us into an extinction level event?

The over 40 Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plant shots that have been shut down in the last few years by our elders from outer space. As only one Jewish electricity plant on the other side of our planet is threatening to destroy America, might we only try to imagine the horror of having a few dozen melting Jewish electricity plants poisoning out our planet?

If only one Hitachi-GE has the poison to die off a third of the human race, what might we wonder would a few dozen open air burning Jewish electricity dirty bombs do to our planet?

As we are now breathing in hot radioactive particles from the bonfire at Hitachi-GE do we not understand that with out our rights in we can do little about it?

And what could we do with our rights in? Might we not put a Grand jury in to investigate why that burning nuclear waste bomb is still burning and poisoning our environment nearly 6 years after it was set off? Do we not see that Judah is trespassing by contaminating our oxygen?

When we have the money available for a grand jury do we see that a grand jury can then hire the engineers to go in and shut that Jewish nuclear artillery down?

Rather than a simple trespass, do we not see the violent aggressive heinous battery that Judah is perpetrating against us by making our public air unfit to breathe?

Do the American people not truly understand that we are being aggressively perished massively by weap Judah?

Our 12 million years as hominids wandering this planet. Our 200,000 years as high-level intelligence beings due to being gifted by the Galacticans that shared their 223 genetics with us.

Do we not yet understand that Jewish nuclear waste will close our life forms out of here with little trace?

"I gave you the brains to figure it out." God Almighty said to us.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4" Father also said.

While it may be one thing to fund shooting some one else, if we fail to end funding shooting ourselves, might Father not save our lives?

"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee says.

If we understand that it is the authority to issue our money that Judah has that is allowing him to keep shooting us, will we not connect the dots and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

Does it not seem straight forward enough what we need to do to survive the multiple of wars that Judah is waging against us, get the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah? Does that not seem like a simple solution to get weap Judah out of shooting us?

If so, then can we wonder why we have not taken the authority to issue our money away from the 2% that only make war?

Could it be the chicken factor? If so will we not keep in mind that Judah always pulverizes a chicken?

Are we understanding that Judah cipher is unforgiving and merciless in his pursuit to punish us all?

The emergency diesel generators that were in the basement of the Hitachi-GE Jewish electricity dirty bomb that was flooded when the Tsunami hit on 3/11/2011. The explanation given by TEPCO was that it was to save costs as to why the emergency diesel generators were put in the basement instead of on the second floor where they could not be so easily flooded out.

The diesel generators that were needed to provide back up cooling for the burning radioactive nuclear pile inside of the reactor. Flooded out and not in service.

Leading to the melt down of the radioactive pile that it still producing vast amounts of highly poisonous wastes. A third of the water on planet earth now poisoned out by only one Jewish electricity radioactive dirty bomb artillery piece that is disguised as a power plant.

The destruction of the genetics of the people. Mutations, cancers, heart attacks, strokes. There's never a wrong time to do the right thing. Will Labor not do the right thing, STRIKE THEM OUT and end their ruination of our world?

When Joan of arc led her forces against Judah British forces in 1430 she was caught one time on the battle field with only 15 men at her side when attacked by 200 of Judah British forces.

Instead of shirking or playing chicken and hiding, Joan led her 15 men to fight the 200 British Judah invaders.

As God was on her side, the blows of the British did not harm her or her brave men. One by one Joan ended the British forces ability to prevail in her battle against them.

Will American Labor not awaken to the fact that God today as in Joan's time, is not on the side of British swords directed by Judah paper?

"The white man had a mental we could take out so we did," Judee said.

The issue of our tickets to eat. The abstract receipts of Labor that Judah holds as his private possession. Are we understanding that it is this mental arrangement of pieces of paper with symbols, numbers, and writing on them that has allowed Judah to put his tyranny and despotism in?

The unwillingness so far of Labor to challenge Judah for the right to issue our money. Will Labor not challenge Judah for the ruse of his dirty bomb shot?

No shot heard round the world, no bridge too far. No taste, smell or odor. Nothing visible at all. Only the numbers to die from the invisible affects of radioactive waste.

Will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah NOW?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end letting Judah threats hold us in?

Joe Hill (18791915) the Labor organizer that was framed up and executed by the state. Joe's last words: "I will die like a true-blue rebel. Don't waste any time in mourning - ORGANIZE."

The extraterrestrial civilization that grafted their own 223 high-level intelligence genetics into ours. The Galacticans that have been with us from the beginning of our journey as high intelligence life forms. Are we not perceiving that if not for the intervention into our world by our Galactican elders we would have already been done in by weap Judah on nuclear technology?

Tele receives:

"Get them out, it's an obvious scheme.

It's over and they're still harshing the boys. 2.23 PM

Cheer. 2.46 PM


Here he is. 4.53 PM

Uncle Pat, he's helping us to die sin. 4.55 PM

February. 12.30

The supervisor just lost 12.41 AM

You can't give up to hopeless sale. 12.45 AM

Kick them out!

Shrimp lost some here.

They pushed a button on you. 1.39 AM

Morgan tried stupidly by making the plunge. 1.50 AM

With your right forces help yourself up.

Stupid boys finally gorgeous feud; heads up! 1.51 AM

Due to your house wreck, ancient lies stir you. 1.53 AM

Still fishing here on blaze about.

There aren't any rights to hold you.

The carrot, save it. 2.45 AM

You lost your rights to biology, you're zapped.

Degraded. 2.46 AM

It's fair to hold this field. 2.49 AM

You bored your life theft, he bored you rifle. 3.05 AM

Ventricle life will kill you.

The idiot falsed you out. 3.25 AM

You did core them. 6.37 AM

He's weaped our fields. 7.03 AM

Patrick is the real truth." 7.05 AM

And is it not a wonderful truth that we do have a good God above us that loves us all?

What might we consider about the way that our extraterrestrial family has chosen to let us discover them?

When Buddha was in search of the truth he brought himself to the point of choosing to pass out of existence. Then he heard a voice speaking to him. Guiding him to carry on with life.

In the West might we consider that was an angel speaking to Buddha? If we make that connection might we make the next connection that an angel is an extraterrestrial?

If we make the connection with God as an extraterrestrial might we be able to see the advanced civilization that we are large, unknowingly a part of?

"GET THEM OUT! Tele receive 8.39 AM

If so might we view the bible as a book that was gifted to us by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization?

While it may be obvious once it is all understood, is it not amazing that our brightest on planet earth have largely missed connecting the dots as to angels and God and an advanced extraterrestrial civilization that created us?

Though might we consider the words of famed astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle who in 1975 shared his opinion that "we are somebody's property?"

From that statement might we derive that Sir Fred knew of the numerous attempts before 1975 to wipe us out with surprise nuclear attacks?

Over 150,000 atomic bombs built since the first in 1947. Might we see how Sir Fred considered it was a property dispute as to why weap Judah was not allowed to exterminate us?

"Thank you." Tele receive. 8.51 AM

Judah building of atomic weapons and his realization that he finally had the technical blast, heat and shock force to kill us all.

The permanent poisons that remained after an atomic war that dies off vast numbers of survivors. Will American Labor not awaken to what has been done to us by weap Judah and close them out right?

The Federation has pulled all of Judah attempts to die us with a blast. Will Labor not involve ourselves and close them out of their waste war they are waging against us?

Will Labor not recognize that Bitch is also a humble, simple working man that is delivering a message from the Federation that will allow you to survive this nuclear waste war if only you will act and save yourselves?

To save yourselves is it not clear that American Labor must STOP THE WAR?

Is it not clear that if we do not organize to help ourselves then weap Judah will have the last laugh?

The brimstone waste dies that is on upon us now, is it not seen it may take us in the hundreds of millions out of life form?

If only we will imagine what horror Judah is putting on us in February will we not act and take away our dough?

Continues at:

By attacking our family worldwide with his Whiteman force are we not perceiving how Judah is setting us up for a great fall?

The God we have that some may consider imaginary, might we not now perceive that Father is the highest level

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