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Trump Dumps TPP, NAFTA, Praises CIA
Sun Jan 22, 2017 08:48


Video: Trump Dumps TPP, NAFTA, Praises CIA - YouTube

This is an Exciting New Era and we should see allot of great thing beginning to happen - like reversing the aging process thanks to your prayers.

First - As President Trump Promised he has formally begun pulling the United States Corporation out of the Trans Pacific Partnership. This TPP would have made corporations like Monsanto superior to the US Inc, Japan Inc, China Inc and would have given these Elite Globalists and Bankstas Legal Control of every thing across the globe.

NAFTA - The North American Free Trade Agreement was initiated in 1994 and was designed to destroy the American Economy. It allows other nations to place Tariffs on American Made Products but prohibits the US from putting Tariffs on Foreign Made Products.

So the US could import a Chinese made car with no additional fees but a US made car would have a 100% Increase In Cost when it arrived in China - making it very, very expensive.

A Pearl Necklace sells for around $1,000 in Kiev, Ukraine yet I sent my adopted sister enough pearls and supplies to make a dozen necklaces for under $100. That’s how Tariffs work.

NAFTA is over and will be renegotiated immediately in favor of real free trade.

The Council of 50 +1 is in absolute turmoil.

Second - President Trump praised the CIA in a speech and got a resounding ovation form the agents in attendance

There are some GREAT Agents who have tirelessly worked with the FBI and KGB to stop these terrorist attacks on America.

Third - the House introduced a bill to pull the US out of the United Nations HR 193, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017. Actually - the US would maintain it’s role in the Security Council and have 1 Ambassador present in the General Council but would no longer fund 80% of the UN Activities. The UN would then have to pay it’s rent or get out of it’s current building.

Remember we stated years ago the UN is moving to Astana, Khazikhstan and the New UN Building has already been built???

This has been in the workings for decades.

Finally - we are seeing the breaking up of the Holy Catholic Church - the Church that has run the planet for Millennium.

Yesterday it was announced that the Roman Pope fired the American Free Masons that were Catholic Knights of Malta and who answered to Arch Bishop and Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Can he do that?

A Bishop in the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches are authorized to own an “Ecclesiatical Corporation.” This Special type of Corporation was created almost 1,700 years ago in Rome - before the Virginia Charter of 1706 and the formation of the America in 1717.

As the United States was formed it was formed as an Ecclesiastical Corporation and as Governors took their places and Attorney Generals offices formed most were formed under these laws.

These types of Corporations are untouchable by any type of Government or Royalty around the world and unless there is gross money laundering and murder involved corporations like the IRS are not legally allowed to interfere with the way they are run. Agents disappear who try and conduct these operations.

The IRS is a corporation owned in London and not licensed to operate in any state in the union this is why taxes are “Voluntary.”

(((Unless you have $ Ten Million sitting around in your living room - pay your taxes.)))

So the Arch Bishop Timothy Dolan - who officially President over Donald Trumps Inauguration as President of the United States Corporation - controls an Ecclesiastical Corporation and each church is a local LLC controlled by this Master Corporation.

Yes - Members of the churches are liable for crimes they commit but it means that what the church does with it’s donations is there business - as it should be.

The US Organic Constitution of 1871 cemented these laws in place.

Please keep in mind that all Bishops in the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches are Consecrated and therefore not impeachable and cannot be excommunicated or removed even by their respective leaders.

Thus - Cardinal Arch Bishop Timothy Dolan does not have to listen to the Roman Pope and may now stop sending tithes to Rome.

As other Bishops around the world learn how this can be done they will follow and we will see the breaking up of the Holy Roman Catholic Church using the laws they implemented over 1,800 years ago.

The Jesuit Hit Men were supposed to stop this kind of Legal rebellion but they too are learning they do not have to send in their tithes to their respective leaders either.

Further - in the announcement of the Roman Pope yesterday about these USA Catholic appointed Knights of Malta being fired exposes the fact that the Roman Pope apparently claims ownership and control over the Anglican Church and the Episcopal Church - which are all separate Ecclesiastical Corporations.

We encourage all Catholics, Anglicans and Episcopals to continue to Worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in a way and manner that you see fit and let those who are on top figure this one out.

Worship GOD and GOD alone and let the politicians sort it out.

Please pray that all of the Evil Deeds now coming against America are neutralized immediately.

Please pray your families are ready for what is coming.

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