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"You Lost Your Life Forces Completely. They Lost Eviction Ri
Sun Jan 22, 2017 08:49

"You Lost Your Life Forces Completely. They Lost Eviction Rights."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "You lost your life forces completely. They lost eviction rights."

Might that be the truth, because we have not demanded our God given American Bill of Rights, we have lost our life forces completely?

Now being put to an extermination phase dying us off using nuclear brimstone waste war to accomplish us right. Is it not clear that we have accepted Judah right to perish us out of life form?

The other Tele receive, "They lost eviction rights."

For attacking us with nuclear missiles to wipe out America and kill us in MEGADEATH numbers has Judah not lost their eviction rights? certainly.

Then might we not ask, "Why are they still holding the most important table in our nation and world, the authority to issue our money?"

"They have no defensible rights." Our good God informed us.

For attacking us first with nuclear blast weapons and now with nuclear waste weapons, is it not clear that Judah has no defensible rights?

So if as the Tele receive said, "They lost eviction rights." Might we wonder why American Labor is allowing them to continue to use free money from American Labor?

The weap Jews forced Americans into becoming a militarist dictatorship for their sports operations inside America and throughout the world. Or would it be better said that Americans let the weap Jews force them into becoming a militarist dictatorship for Jewish sport?

"I'm here to see that management stays bum." A former official said.

Will Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and let American management transition into gentlemen?

Will Labor not get our management out of the animal and into civil rights? Will Labor not give us our basic procedures?

"We encourage you to clear out useless." An elder from outer space said at 2.27 AM.

Have we not noticed that Judah spend their time assaulting other people? Work for them for years producing great wealth and then instead of a nice retirement they mouse us out for an insurance collection. Will Labor not get the worker's insurance packages off of us?

"You're ricing out yourselves." Tele receive. 2.05 AM

"I ruse you out of dignity," Judee say.

Will Labor not end funding Judah rusing us out of dignity?

By his constant terror bombings using our dollar to do them, has Judah not truly rused Americans out of dignity?

Honor and respect to dignity. Might we understand those are the keys to joining our family from the Federation?

The way Judah forced Americans to go back to the old world to join with the royals and wage sports war against Germany.

Do we recall the Hofer brothers who were Christians and would not wage war against their fellow man and what happened to them?

Sent to Alcatraz and hung with cuffs to the ceiling of their cells for days on end. After a year of torture, they died and were sent home to be buried.

Might we see in the Hofer brothers the real heroes of American civilization?

We don't have a civilization now, we don't even have a legitimate operating system. Is "racket" not the word to describe what America is at this moment?

Yet when Labor acts and takes the Organizing Principle of Society into its hands will we not put ourselves on the right path once again? Sure.

The big question then, "When will Labor act to put us on the right path again?"

Judah tells us that his analysis has revealed it was whiskey that let him destroy us so easily. Might we consider that alcohol is a legal drug whereas Judah has built a prison system on putting people in that choose to consume other varieties of drugs?

Hemp that was made illegal in 1937 The food, medicine, fiber plant that puts income into ordinary people's pockets.

Have we not noticed it is income that Judah wars us all the time? Do we see how he has hired his legislatures to pass laws that have let him build his vast gulag state in America while blocking income from reaching ours?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death."

"We do have a God above," Bitch said to himself when he heard those words in 2009.

And only 2 years later, in 2011, Judah attacked us all out with his nuclear weapons. Are we not understanding that Judah has put himself outside for all time?

Is it Bitch inability to bring Labor to help us that is at fault for the mass die-off of Americans or is it whiskey that has taken away our ability to survive the assaults of weap Judah?

Or might it be what Judah revealed to us in reverse speech, that it is the war that has busted our mental?

"Warring bust your mental, it made me," Judee say.

While Judah likes to boast that his mental is so strong and that is why he holds the people he captures so well.

If not for the fear and terror of Judah strategy, might his mental not be quite ordinary?

The next is a Judee opp where they cut the dog's ears and nose off and now they have their humane society offering a reward for the perps that did such a vicious thing to "Barron."

With the pictures is some of what they said in reverse speech.


"We want to place you in jail, it's a major part of our citizen's rights. The white got us here. A hammer will ouch you well. We're a fiend that's fully dead. We always caress you with our alge-jujitsu. We race you for purity. We hold you well with a bakery, it's a grudge. Once you believe you give us consent to force you. "


"Fido is my big pull down today. I'm going to strike you Muslim real hostootle. We just savage you up freely. I've got some chewing gum for you. I'm serving Jew Draculous. I bore your wit with a sight that's reasonable.
Hi, I'm a bourse sales to die. This is part of our plan of our wolf rice club. We're playing, but we're out of time true. I be awesome at tumbling buffo head. My choice is to do criminal time. A thousand muiminals roll sport. I want you to buy some of this white sale hammer. This is part of my rifle for keeping you. Once you know of my Annapolis sports power you'll fire my roots. Our bourse lets us take your life's right away.

"If I have a shot that's usable it's all fries. His mother left us out for our insane war. I'm a fabulous opp weap. We boom boom blast your lives, that's how we set you to cow right. There was a weakness in our weap, it's given us some core problems, my rights are screwed out.


Video 2.20 at

Might we only try to guess how much they paid of our American Labor money to get someone to cut that dog's ears and nose off so they could stage up that video as a news report?

Can we only wonder why they chose the name "Barron" to give the stray dog? Did we notice the costume of the woman in her medical garb with a stethoscope around her neck?

What is that on Beard's shirt?

Looks like some sort of badge, doesn't it? Might there be some intent to bring authority to the picture of these three Judee sports?

Does Judah not know how to work the optiment?

How much might we guess were television news executives paid to promote that staged story?

Can we only wonder what type of dollars it cost to put that opp all together?

Acquiring the dog and cutting his ears and nose off to the scriptwriters and actors and broadcast personnel to put it on to the bribes that would have had to have been paid to let it all go forward.

$60,000? $100,000? A quarter million dollars after all the bribes are paid?

Whatever the dollars, are we not aware that it cost Judah ZERO?

Are we understanding that Judah has been fooling us using our own money to do it?

Will Labor not help us and close the pentagon sports out?

Have they not taken their best shot and failed already?

Precious sweet Father loves us Labor. Father wants us to join with our big brothers and sisters in peace in the universe.

Will we not let go of the past? Will Labor not awaken to the level to understand that we are being scientifically perished now?

Will Labor not clear our benches of Judah and let the people hear what is going on out here?

Will mild man not put in his rule of the jury, grand jury and no cruel mistreatment of God's children?

Will Labor not accept that God Almighty had His angels keep Bitch in to help you save yourselves from being died out by weap Judah?

Has the mild man not yet figured out just how easy our seed has been to destroy?

"He remained true to me," God said of Bitch.

"You're a nice boy." Father also said.

Bitch has not murdered anyone. Is Labor not yet figuring that Judah has been falsing you about Bitch?

Does the white man not yet figure that Judah has the world angry at white fish and is now going to turn loose his Mohamed force, well armed by Judah, using the American Labor dollar to do it?

Might we put it simply to American Labor, is there not some way to convince you to end funding shooting us all?

The majority of Americans that are now set to die out of life form over the next few years from brimstone waste. Will American Labor not think about the magnitude of failure here, act and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Judee shouting at Bitch because Bitch closed out his wood permanently. Will Labor not let them off right?

Judah sees us as wood to chop up and burn up. Will Labor not let them off of God's village right?

Of all of God's children that Judah wanted to destroy, have we not yet figured out it is the white fish he wants to destroy most of all?

Will white not get true wits and end funding the assault against the rest of God's kids? Will we not end funding the assault against ourselves too? Before we are destroyed will we not act for peace?

The third of the human race set to be died off in the end times now. Have we not figured it is our turn now?

Are we understanding that Judah force is nothing more complicated than a cage and a fist?

Are we understanding that our good God almighty has given us a chance to survive Judah assault nuclear die?

Judah, so certain he could kill us all with his great balls of fire. Will we not say a pray of thanks to our precious sweet Father for keeping us alive throughout all Judah's nuclear wars that he has waged against us?

Will mild man not toss the fiend off of us? Will Labor not let us join our family in this universe in peace?

Even with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Mars helping us, the Jew succeeded in killing us and our kids. Has mild man not figured that out yet?

The story and video of the dog "Barron" with his nose and ears cut off. Who would ever be so mean to do such a thing to a nice doggy like "Barron?" Might we wonder how Judah came up with that name for a stray they found with his nose and ears cut off? Are we getting any sense of Judah comedic thinking?

Are we understanding that Judah cut that dog's nose and ears off to stage that event? If understood will we not take our cash away from them?

Might Labor not watch the "Barron" video a few times to help perceive just what Judee has put upon us here?

Will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah so that we can have a right to exist?

Tele receives:

"Their blasting here has been refused. 6.02 PM

Life is seized. 6.45 PM

Brutal mentals.

Celtic is fully itchie. 6.46 PM

More targeted hits. 7.41 PM

He falsinates.

We're dying out, STRIKE THEM OUT!

We're cotly felled.

You're through with fields, you're wasting out yourself. 11.31 PM

Cats pacify helplessly. 12.32 AM

You're failing monster because you lost, finish it. 12.34 AM

Bitch won't be failed fascist. 12.41 AM

Sinking life. 12.43 AM

Sepp your lives in. 12.44 AM

You lost your life forces complete. 12.46 AM

They lost eviction rights. 12.51 AM

We're just rused. 12.55 AM

You're leading yourself to death through debt, they're Mormons rules.

This is fail, they lost, toss their force away.

Super great wants free. 1.13 AM

They pull all our freedoms paper. 1.20 AM

It's over true. 1.28 AM

Philadelf-key. 1.32 AM

You're ricing out yourself. 2.05 AM

We encourage you to clear out useless. 2.27 AM

Patrick nail a wit." 4.58 AM

While Judah pretends that his wit is so great, might we consider it is his fisting those of us that have clear thoughts about what it is we are dealing with here, that is his real great?

By making contact with our extraterrestrial family and receiving Mercury report of what Judah did in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, has Patrick not nailed Judah's wits right?

Has Judas face not been properly revealed to the world?

Their plan was to play with us and then when they got tired of playing with us, throw us away.

Has our good God not let us get a proper view of this false cipher of Judah in such a way that we will not now act to help ourselves?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4" Our good God said.

Might that be another way of saying that if we won't open our eyes up to the ditch we are walking ourselves into then we will have to die out of life form soon?

Tele receives:

"We're rifled. 7.15 AM

You're a fail. 7.27 AM

You rustled some truths. 7.36 AM

It's ended it fair. 7.43 AM

Their leadership dies us. 7.45 AM

Taking out your income falls you nice. 7.46 AM

Tumored to die. 8.10 AM

You just lost your patch, you lost your catch. 8.13 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT or you'll be goose weaped." 8.15 AM

"You're a fail." 7.27 AM

Did Bitch not inform everyone of that years ago? Yes, he did.

Did Father not say to Bitch, "You failed me useful?" Yes, Father did say that to Bitch.

Have the ordinary people not yet figured out that we have lost our life forms to Judah state of perpetual war?

"Their leadership dies us." 7.45 AM

Is that not an obvious fact of life?

Might Judah constant war have busted our mental in such ways that we just have not been able to get ourselves together from it?

"STRIKE THEM OUT or you'll be goose weaped." 8.15 AM

It looks as if the goose weaping is about ready to begin internal in February. All sorts of modern high-tech equipment to take us and our economy out.

Plenty of depleted uranium ammunition to linger afterward. Might that be to ensure that we will get progressively sicker?

So easy to end the menace and threat of Judah, take away our checkbook and credit card, yet do we see, Labor will have to do it for us?

While Bitch failed, is that any indication that Labor must fail too?

Informed by our good God Almighty of what is happening in our world. Should that not be enough for Labor to activate yourselves to follow the love of God and do His will?

God Almighty wills that Labor issues our money. Will Labor not remove Bitch from your decision-making process and listen to our good God Almighty and take over the authority to issue our money?

"Druid has ever failed to save himself. Druid is not dutiful," Judee say.

Will we not pray for an exception this time and hope that Druid will try to save himself from the fate of certain death at the hands of weap Judah brimstone waste and goose thrill?

What we call atrocity, war crimes, crimes against humanity. Have we noticed that Judah calls them sport?

We are being weaped massively with our children. Our seed is being poisoned out by the nuclear waste weap. Judah still fisting us all. Must we not end Judah using our purse to shoot us?

Continues at:

We are being put to a carefully constructed genocide. Put on us in such a way as to not alert us until we are past death's door.

"I want to pen-a-state you all. My gen holds you all with George completely custody. I Schmidt you all

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