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Here are your answers to the Eclesiastical Corporation
Sun Jan 22, 2017 15:43

Why not go back to a Covenant that by far preceeds 1700 years ago? The Covenant between God and the House of David which still exists today. No Catholic church can predate the Truth.

Now why is the following information of interest to many is this -same information or lack there of is symptomatic of what has been used against you. If you are not aware of the integral part the Virginia Charters have been and are currently used you will lack the knowledge of how to stop these thugs. The way to stop them is by using their own tricks. Look up Virginia Charters 1606 1609 and 1612. Keep in mind it is the Direct Heir of James I and VI to see to it that the Charters are being carried out in the manner they were intended to be done.

Wikipedias so called 'official' version or should it be called reversion to ignore the facts? -

This is the official story, but unfortunately it is just a story!
First look to the evidence
James Francis Edward Stuart, "The Old Pretender"
James was the recipient of the Covenant Blessing as signifiied by the inheritance ring. This Covenant Blessing is passed on to the Line of David only. So you see he was the real. And the others placed on the throne facilitated the initiation of Usury. Since Usury is against the Biblical Principals the James II and VII along with his son James Francis Edwards Stuart would not comply. So William IIi was given full Kingship to be able to sign the Bank of England into existence with the rubber stamping of the Bank of England. Even though the mandated Wiliam was Crowned to be able to sign usury , Mary II should have been Queen and William the consort. However, since Mary being a Stuart would not sign away the rights of the people to not have to put up with usuary (in otherwords naving to pay INTEREST). so Wiliam was given the Documents to sign in 1694 and with his being made King could do so. You should note that Mary II suddenly died the end of 1694 under quite questionable curcumstances since the smallpox outbreak peeked in 1665 and died down significantly there after.

"Jacobite pretender Pretence 16 September 1701 1 January 1766 Predecessor James II and VII Successor Charles "III" Born 10 June 1688 St. James's Palace, London,

This is simply not correct James II and VII successor was James Francis Edward Stuart. Charles III was the only true son of James Francis Edward Stuart.
family information points to Henry Benedict him not being a Stuart but a product of rape by the son of or the then Pope Benedict. As evidenced by Pope Benedict XIV dropped everything and baptized Henry Benedict the day he was born. Henry Benedict just happened to be pushed through to be the VERY young Archpriest of the Basilica at 26 years old.
Further evidence of Henry not being a Stuart is the name Benedict. You see in the direct lineage, the keeper of the Covenant Blessing is indicated by inheritance ring being passed on to them after receiving the Blessing. These same, use the names given the descendents. This is how we use names to pass the knowledge on, no matter how young the parents may be when they meet their demise.
This way is how the children can piece the knowledge together by the use of the names in each generation.
Do you really think that if either James Francis Edward Stuart or Maria Sobieska held to the Catholic mandates they would marry in an Episcopal Chapel?
As for any of my family being Catholic that has been a mandate in my family to not have ANYTHING to do with the Catholic Church for way back.
"Kingdom of England Died 1 January 1766 (aged 77) Palazzo Muti, Rome, Papal States Burial St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City Spouse Maria Klementyna Sobieska Issue Charles Edward Stuart Henry Benedict Stuart Full name James Francis Edward Stuart's Father James II and VII Mother Mary of Modena Religion Roman Catholicism James Francis Edward, Prince of Wales (10 June 1688 1 January 1766), nicknamed the Old Pretender, was the son of the deposed James II of England and Ireland, VII of Scotland. "
To cause concern James Francis Edward was called a 'changling' supposedly substituted for James II and Mary of Modena's child being born not only male but also had to be called still born to save the child's life wisked off to France.

James Francis Edward, with accusations of the substitution of another baby in a warming pan following a still-birth, James II had sent letters inviting not only his daughter, Queen Mary II, to attend the birth in person,(of James II and Mary's youngest child's birth) but also a large number of other Protestant ladies. Note NOT Catholic -Of all James II and VII legitimate 33 pregnancies only three lived beyond childhood. James Francis Edward and Queen Mary II and Queen Anne.
"As such, he claimed the English, Scottish and Irish thrones (as James III of England and Ireland and James VIII of Scotland) from the death of his father in 1701, when he was recognised as king of England, Scotland and Ireland by his cousin Louis XIV of France. Following his death in 1766, he was succeeded by his son Charles Edward Stuart in the Jacobite Succession. Had his father not been deposed,
To further quote Wikipedia:
"James(II and VII) is best known for his struggles with the English Parliament and his attempts to create religious liberty for English Roman Catholics and Protestant nonconformists, against the wishes of the Anglican establishment. However, he also continued the persecution of the Presbyterian Covenanters in Scotland. Parliament," NOTE the Covenanters were the ones holding to the Covenant as the true choice of the Monarch supposedly which would be the Blessing of the House of Stuart/House of David.***

" Great Britain might have had only two monarchs during his lifetime, his father and himself. Instead there were seven: his father, William III, Mary II, Anne, George I, George II and George III. Although the ruling Protestant Stuarts died out with his half-sister, Queen Anne, the last remaining Stuarts were James and his sons, and their endeavours to reclaim the throne while remaining devoted to their Catholic faith made the political situation in England precarious."
Saying that my famiy has been devoted to the Catholic Church is BLATANTLY FALSE!!!

let's take your last line "Their attempts are remembered in history as Jacobitism."
Jacobite refers to the Covenant Blessing that dates back to Jacob the son of Issac who was given the Blessing. his Blessing has followed as : Jacob begat Judas And Judas begat Phares and Phares begat Esrom; and Esrom begat Aram; And Aram begat Aminadab; and Aminadab begat Naasson; and Naasson begat Salmon; And Salmon begat Booz of Rachab; and Booz begat Obed of Ruth; and Obed begat Jesse and Jesse begat David. Matthew Chapter 1

With David being given the Covenant Blessing and that Covenant Blessing of the House of David is to this day alive and well.

What most have glossed over is as of the fullfillment of Jeremiah 33: 20-22 the Covenant Blessing no longer went to the House of David sons it then was passed to the daughters. The Bible says repeatedly that the House of David will be forever and it has been.
Charles III or better known as Bonnie Prince Charlie had legitimate issue Flora McDonald and he had Charles Gilbert Stuart who later called himself Gilbert Stuart. A tell tale sign of Gilbert being Bonnie Prince Charlie's son is the house that Bonnie Prince charlie built was inherited by Gilbert. And Gilbert's grandson General JEB Stuart wrote of what he called 'the empty title' to his wife also called Flora. And that same Covenant Blessing was passed on to James E. Stuart my GreatGrandpa.

Patricia JHS House of Stuart
Direct Heir of the Covenant Blessing of the House of David.

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