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"Let's Do Some Honorable Procedures" "Thank you, Sir, " Bit
Fri Feb 3, 2017 10:15

"Let's Do Some Honorable Procedures"

"Thank you, Sir, " Bitch said to an elder for sending that message to him at 2.30 AM.

"Let's do some honorable procedures." Will Labor not help us yet?

"We're actually porting stupid. We didn't listen when Cristof said stop weaping. It is now the end of my life," Judee say.

Any doubt that it is now the end of Judee's life?

Much chance they'll be any takers to keep funding his sports war weap machine? After trying to die us with a 3 hour shot in the middle of the night, might he just have to do the drill now and go and do his tunnel death?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." Father said.

"You're involved with sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." The angels said.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4. If you fail me now I will leave you." God Almighty said.

The consequences of tyranny. Have Americans not lived them since we have let weap Judah run his tyranny racket on us in America since 1913?

His viewing us as a commodity to be exploited by him. Will Americans not get smart and clear them off of us?

The authority to issue our money. Do we see that by leaving it in the hands of weap Judah he installed his criminal autocracy on us?

How criminal is his autocracy? Did it not prove criminal enough to hold us into sports war long enough to built the infernal machines to die us all out of life and then try to use them on us? Yes, it did.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sparing us from being destroyed in an all out nuclear blast war?

We have survived Judah's nuclear blast war due only to the love of God for us. Now we are going out of life form in Judah's last nuclear war, using his brimstone waste weap disease.

Have elders from outer space not informed us that "occasionally" when transitioning a planet out of war and into peace they have a failure? Yes, they have informed us of this fact.

Are we aware that we are set to be the "occasional failure" as we keep funding all of the war in our world including the waste weap that Judah has been attacking us for going on 6 years now?

Judah, putting his Jewish electricity dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE into a perfect meltdown on March 11th, 2011, has kept it burning all these years now. Refusing to stop it from polluting our world.

Now a third of the water on the surface of planet earth is poisoned. Is that not just what the bible told us would happen in the end times? Yes, it did tell us that and that was 2,000 years ago.

Are we not aware the bible also tells us that when that happens then a third of the human race will die out also? Yes, it does tell us that.

Might we see how our elders from the Federation knew exactly what Judah would do to us when it was his time to go away from us?

Will Labor not get smart, take our purse away from dorsal fin and make them go?

We now are being perished in MEGADEATH. Are there any American people that have not heard what is happening to us?

We didn't have abundance. We didn't have Buddha. We didn't have Quetzalcoatl. But we did have Jesus to guide us right.

Though Buddha arrived in the 5th century BC. Quetzalcoatl some time before 900 BC. Jesus arrived 500 years after Buddha.

May it be that we just didn't have enough time to figure it out? Over 400 Jewish electricity dirty bombs poisoning out the surface of planet earth.

Over 40 of them shut down by our elders from outer space in the last few years, sparing us from Judah lighting any more Jewish nuclear waste bonfires off on us.

Reverse speech is indicating they will clear from the surface of planet earth in 4 more months. Into their well prepared underground shelters to sit out the die off of Americans and many others.

"The majority won't be around." Is how elder described what will happen now over the next few years in America. Set to die out 200 million of us.

Is it not amazing to get such a large catch and with only one Jewish electricity nuclear artillery dirty bomb power plant?

If Judah had not been stopped from shooting off his other 40 wired up Jewish electricity artillery pieces disguised as power plants, might he not have poisoned out the entire surface of planet earth permanently?

Do we see how our good God has limited Judah catch to no more than a third of the human race?

As we are the only members of the human race that will consent to fund and fight a war for Judah sport, do we not yet see the consequences of our decisions?

"Surge wales."

Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today.

Will Labor not step in, STRIKE THEM OUT and end their surge of war here?

"Muscle in true fall."

Thank you, Sir Morris for that message today.

Will American Labor not get us detached from muscle so that we do not have to take the brunt of the true fall it is experiencing?

Will Labor not take the authority to make war away from them before they ruin our nation completely?

Will Labor not take our hands away from supporting the war works of Lucifer?

"My government welfare check's still clearing so I'm going to cite you some more mumps," Judee say.

Swollen glands from cancer that Judah is pouring in on us. Will American Labor not have mercy on the children of God on earth and end funding our demise?

"We'll resight you." The angel said.

The offers of help from our extraterrestrial family that will allow us to survive the nuclear waste war that Judah is succeeding in dying us off with. Will Labor not take the good advice of our extraterrestrial family and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"Get out of weapatory, they're shooting will close you diesel.

Oh, my god, they're wasting us obviously. 6.10 PM

They scorched this house. 7.59 PM

Sad. 8.02 PM

Incinerate. 8.03 PM

STRIKEFORCE is obviously Jewish fail. 8.08 PM

I love you, that's it.

Sites going in. 12.20 AM

They rate us police ditch. 12.22 AM

This field they're frosting. 12.23 AM

Make all wrench done. 12.25 AM


They tossed us out valve-less. 12.26 AM

They're great state tossers.

We urge you to let their boys go. 12.30 AM

Patrick is not perfect but he is real and truthful. 12.33 AM

They race us to batter us right. 12.35 AM

They forged us rifle. 12.36 AM

Merchants attacked us, enemy, STRIKE THEM OUT! 12.37 AM

Your budget is closing Thompson. 12.38 AM

You're falsing out your spirited day. 12.40 AM

You're going to fail if you don't get your relation right.

They fail the peaceful here by scrimmaging them out. 12.48 AM

You're accomplished here, it's lethal. 12.52 AM

Ream-a-tics. 12.55 AM

Molest close you right up. 12.58 AM

Shacking many refused.

When you get your oxygen canceled eventually you die off. 1.04 AM

You accomplished fail here.

They falsed your life away degraded. 1.06 AM

Thoroughly failed yourself. 1.06 AM

Their theory was ever abusive. 1.12 AM

You're pet offended. 1.13 AM

They're mapping us to cease life.

Poisoned lethal to ditch. 1.24 AM

Continue right. 1.25 AM

They're dying you filthy. 1.27 AM

An error failed to save us. 1.28 AM

Judee's lies fell. 1.30 AM

Space blankets failed because genocide falsed you out. 1.36 AM

A fall insuring mentals. 1.43 AM

You lost your life, they're storming this field.

Set them right. 1.52 AM

A right less field and a nice man telling you how to fix it. 1.54 AM

Uniforms have deceased us. 1.59 AM

Let's do some honorable procedures. 2.30 AM

It's a toasted field." 3.14 AM

The best deal ever for the human race, America on our Bill of Rights. Taken away by weap Judah to sport us right. Will American Labor not take the advice of our kind elders from outer space, "GET SMART and STRIKE THEM OUT?"

"They're marginal thief's." Tele receive. 3.54 AM

"I had a baby a bedroom and flapped you off de jure. Jew addiction is to roll man. We failed you with Jew authority. I'm a shimist tossed. Until we lost Rome it was an awesome way.

Our deal was wreckage with police. We were rice-a-mental in your face. They rolled our fiendish wolf school. Because of our West German great, we fall. Our odor's fash.

We're thoroughly daft; since I met you I had a good time. I stupid failed with all Federal men. I just use you as a eunuch. We've got the British set to give you your fall.

Our cash margins were ever free. We just finance you commodity and close you fist. We want to switch you right with an animal to get your mind off of us launching on you," Judee say.

That last reverse speech is from a news broadcast that had a story of animal cruelty.

"We want to switch you right with an animal to get your mind off of us launching on you."

As we are being poisoned in a way that will die the majority of us out of here in only a few years, is it not interesting that there is not a story on the mainstream news about the continuing shooting of us with nuclear waste from Hitachi-GE?

"The Republicans threw out the white man. The fight we had with the white guy is over, my sore world went away. My surrender to you failed so we're shooting overtime," Judee say.

Are we understanding that Judee fight with the white guy is over because he was caught red-handed attacking us with 1,000 intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles equipped with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads?

Then Judah surrendered but because we did not act he now is shooting us in over time.

"We failed you off of here, a useful peace we failed through right falsing," Judee say.

A useful peace that would allow us to shut down their nuclear artillery at Hitachi-GE. Instead, we are now being perished out of life form from the brimstone waste disease.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and accept their surrender and try to save us here?


God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Friday, February 3 — Psalm 18:46–50
2 Chronicles 5:2–6:23; Acts 18:22–19:5

I will glory in the Lord; let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Psalm 34:2 (NIV)
Paul wrote: Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let your gentleness be known to everyone. The Lord is near. Philippians 4:4–5
God, thank you for caring for each of us by name. May we respond by sharing your love quietly but firmly with those we meet each day. In gratitude, we say, Amen.
1.46 PM

Some Tele receives since posting earlier:

"They have squashed America. 7.18 AM

They've thrown us out, that's what it is.

They've rustled you away from getting the people to save themselves, it's fiendish. 7.40 AM

They dorsal white fish. 7.48 AM

They purpled your rightness, Patrick. 7.50 AM

Because of Judee aggressive, we now have to go.

Their cable is forming our field. 8.09 AM

To save our forces STRIKE THEM OUT! 8.10 AM

They're out for the crazy hit. 8.18 AM

State mental abusive. 8.19 AM

They're doing war drano. 8.27 AM

You're boursing out yourselves. 8.28 AM

They're scoring us opoly. 8.30


It's hunger threat. 10.40 AM

He's got bedroom life for life and he terrorizes.

He Roman state you.

Viciously reverses you all the time.

He rolled your life missile right and he got himself kicked out.

Drugs are how he likes to war you.

He's got a heavy house that sqoosh ya.

Boursal is how he does a threat nice.

Fooling you with Khrushchev was so fun.

His copy words you failed.

They're wiping you off the church way.

With gossip he foolish your rights.

He holds us horse meat, keeps em dumb to fash them.

He's a permanently out rude devil.

Take them all off.

I appreciate that you bored them. 11.17 AM

Beast, you failed to right sin. 12.05 PM

Get hope. 12.12 PM

He threw the jail. 12.16 PM

How stupid. 12.25 PM

White are being extincted. 12.32 PM

You lost yourself bracing them. 12.37 PM

They collect us awful mutual." 2.04 PM

Was reading some more of Plutopia, the story of the communities built in America and Russia to refine uranium to produce plutonium.

Found a real interesting quote in Plutopia that revealed a bit how the industrial war fighting genocide investors think and went to copy it, and the pdf dropped out of the browser.

Went to get another copy and discovered it had been taken down. NO more reading Plutopia for free.

It is such an interesting and informative read that I sent a copy of Plutopia as a gift.

Didn't find any other sites that had it for free. That was the only one. There was a warning in the beginning of the book to not copy any part of the book, which ordinarily Bitch follows.

Yet due to the late time we are in Bitch decided the information might help save us if read by the people that are being poisoned with the toxins from nuclear waste, us.

Will get a copy of an e-book to get the information to the people.

It is 5.30 PM now and Bitch purchased a kindle edition of Kate Brown's book Plutopia and has been reading it for the last few hours to absorb what she is reporting to us.

Here is something that may help us understand an aspect of what it is about radiation that presents a possibility of such great harm to us and our descendants if any. The clinging nature of radiation.

The radiation once combined becomes part of our environment and our biology. Radiation is part of our evolution once absorbed into our bodies.

Will keep reading and discuss more in the next post about why we must STRIKE THEM OUT if we want to have any chance of surviving this nuclear waste war that Judah is waging upon us. Thank you.

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