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Suicidal Seattle Judge Rules Against Travel Ban
Sat Feb 4, 2017 05:24


Suicidal Seattle Judge Rules Against Travel Ban - YouTube

A Federal Judge in Seattle (Tacoma) - Judge Robart - has ruled that the Executive Order banning terrorists from entering the nation was illegal.

A Boston “Federal Judge” then ruled that this Seattle Judge did this illegally.

We have had our own encounter with this “Seattle Federal Judge” when we tried to stop the Veteran’s Administration from selling Active Duty military records worldwide for Grant Money. In late 2006 his judge ruled and ruled:

1) The VA can sell military records worldwide for money - thus completely compromising National Security. This created a situation where many US Intel Agents went to China taking their Computer Codes with them.

Thanks to this judge - these Intel Agents, now working with the BLUE Army in China - broke into almost every major Corporation, the CIA and Federal Computers, and acquired our Nuclear Launch Codes. All Launch Code Updates are now sent to China.

The US can not launch a Nuke today if it tried - all thanks to this “Seattle Federal Judge.”

2) The VA may now NOT treat cancer and watch Tumors Grow in order to fulfill these foreign contracts and conduct studies using our Active Duty Troops as Guinea Pigs

3) Tried to stop Federal Agents from saving President’s Bush’s life from an assassins bullet 4 April 2007 and tried to stop the US Marshals from notifying White House Security of the location of a Nuclear Weapon several blocks from the Main Mormon Temple in Salt Lake set to be detonated detonate 6 April 2007

Funny - he was appointed by President Bush and then turned around and tried to have him killed.

4) Ruled the US Post Office Corporation is not obligated to investigate Mail Fraud- and they have literally stopped all investigations in this area for a decade.

It may not be legal - but neither the police nor the US Post Office will react to films of those driving down the street stealing mail. They do not have to.

5) This judge further worked with local FBI Agents to occupy my house with a family and tried to block me from flying to Russia to stop the Nuclear War set between the US and Iran in late 2007.

6) This judge is not only Treasonous he is very dirty. He also ordered the FBI to speak with every neighbor of mine while my house was occupied by a family he kept in there and every group I was part of to inform them that if they spoke with me they risked arrest.

This judge then worked with local FBI Agents and tried stop me from notifying the Russians that:

1) The FBI in Foster City California was about to sell the Russian Church $750 million in Fake Bonds which then would be purchased by President Putin, thus creating a War Footing and initiating a Nuclear War with Russia

My Money was seized to print up these bonds again in Foster City, California

2) The FBI set up a guy in Moscow to seize $100/Yr Million in oil revenue from President Putin

3) The FBI and this judge further tried to stop the Russians from knowing Iran had 357 Nuclear Weapons built under the UN Atoms for Peace Program by the US in Iran that were about to be launched on Israel.

If any of these Nuclear Weapons hit 6 miles South and East of Tel Aviv the Planet Earth would cease to exist. We would be cosmic dust.

4) Worked with the FBI to handcuff this Active Ambassador for 45 minutes 9 October 2007. Two days later President Putin pulled the bottom out of the Oil Market, the price off Crude Oil hit $200 a Barrel, President Bush went to Saudi Arabia on an Emergency Trip to stop this madness, and our Dow Jones Industrial Average went from $14,200 to $6,900 in value - all due to this Judge Robart.

On 19 November 2007 President Putin read the letter I gave his staff while I was in St Petersburg Russia, went to Iran to seize all these US nukes, and personally stopped the war this idiot Judge tried to start.

When Judges play in politics they create some very, very bad situations.

President Bush was saved because the US Marshals came to arrest me because fo Judge Robart’s Orders and since I had been appointed as an Ambassador several days earlier they were forced to notify the secret Service of the Threat to both President Bush and Salt Lake.

President Putin and President Trump - you need to deal with this “Federal Judge” immediately before he des any more damage. He is “Judge” in a private corporation that is illegal in both our 1796 and 1871 Constitutions before he commits any more Treason and tried to blow this planet apart.

You both know I do not joke about Satanic Judges like this suicidal nut case.

Please pray that this judge either repents or faces his judgment for treason immediately. It is not nice to try and kill Presidents or Nuke major cities like Salt Lake, DC and New York City.

Please also pray that your families are ready for what is coming. We are seeing substantial Price Increases on food in the companies we sponsor.


Do not buy cat toys. They are happy with Crow Feathers, Sticks, Tennis Balls, Crumpled Up Paper, and Plastic Bottle Caps, and the Plastic Tops on top of the bolts that hold your Toilet to the floor.

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Dr William B. Mount


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