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Now if that is not enough take a look at = = =
Sat Feb 4, 2017 11:56

Now let's take a look at this 'SO CALLED JUDGE:'
If these points brought out by William Mount are not enough for you, KEEP READING - --

ruled that the Executive Order banning terrorists from entering the nation was illegal.

selling Active Duty military records

Intel Agents, now working with the BLUE Army in China - broke into almost every major Corporation, the CIA and Federal Computers, and acquired our Nuclear Launch Codes. All Launch Code Updates are now sent to China.

VA may now NOT treat cancer- - -foreign contracts and conduct studies using our Active Duty Troops as Guinea Pigs

Ruled the US Post Office Corporation is not obligated to investigate Mail Fraud-

Take a good close look at his connections to the Pedophile situation and his contacts with Tom Carr, Doerty, the Juvenile department of so called justice for Children, The Children's Society, the connection to Maple Leaf supposely intership agenda, and the list goes ON and ON

  • Suicidal Seattle Judge Rules Against Travel BanWilliam Mount, Sat Feb 4 05:24
    SUICIDAL SEATTLE JUDGE RULES AGAINST TRAVEL BAN - GOES INSANE Suicidal Seattle Judge Rules Against Travel Ban - YouTube A Federal Judge in Seattle (Tacoma) - Judge Robart - has ruled that the... more
    • Now if that is not enough take a look at = = = — scantv77, Sat Feb 4 11:56
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