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Food Shortages Begin In Europe
Mon Feb 6, 2017 07:04


Food Shortages Have Begun In Europe - YouTube

Severe vegetable shortages.

If you have every been to Europe you know that Meat Shortages - thus Price Increases - have already hit this continent.

To Further add to this the US CDC, apparently working with rogue CIA and FBI Agents, have been causing Bird Flu Epidemics all across the world.

Now - due to very odd weather - we are seeing huge shortages in Europe of Lettuce, Spinach, Broccoli, Zucchinis, Eggplant and Peppers.

This means Hyper Inflation on the vegetable arena.

As we stated earlier - the sun is creating hotter summers and colder winter - and the frequency of the sun is also changing.

The current problems of European Food Shortages stem form the Cold Blast that has now overtaken large areas of Europe and the Gulf of Mexico fills up with oil and the Gulf Stream of warm air never hits Southern Europe. This has caused massive flooding primarily in the vegetable growing country of Spain.

To top this off - the types of Pesticides they use have been clogging the Top Soil so when it rains the rain just sits on top of the dirt.

Much of this could be solved if these Commercial Growers would use the Fertilizers we designed in the video THE CURE FOR TREE DISEASES but getting this through to a Corporation where the decision makers do not know the difference between clay and sand - well - that’s a different story.

These price increases now being experienced in Europe will now begin to occur here - now.

We ask every American - and European as well - to begin to stock up on food as the sun will continue to get worse and worse until people repent and turn back to GOD.

This is why we started WILLIAM MOUNT COOKING on You tube - to show how to stock up on food.

One last note - either we come together as a world, arresting and jailing these nut cases who come against President Trump, or we will see huge food shortages and hyper inflation in the next 2 years - beginning today.

Think this is a joke - look at your heating bill this month.

For You Intel Geek:

Hits on the President Trump:

1) 6 March - shooter. Norfolk Littoral Ship Admiral has been contained and so has his Nuke.

2) 17 April - a Huge attempt to create Nuclear Strikes worldwide out of London/Geneva by those loyal to the Roman Pope. I do not live in an area where I can access any more information than that.

Huge storms in the Hudson Bay area coming and we are about to experience some shaking here in the Puget Sound and in the Central Mississippi Valley due to CIA Pumping huge amounts of Phosgene Gas into Thunder horse - the Oil Reservoir all up and down the Mississippi river and it extends into the Gulf of Mexico.

Phosgene Gas - World War 1 - Millions killed or injured - Gas Warfare - ring a bell???

Flocks of dead birds all over the south with the smell of fresh mown hay???

Please pray that the world wakes up and that your family is prepared for what is coming.


Last year the US Air Force sprayed an artificial Gibberelic Acid on Tacoma that inhibited the production of Apples. The only apples that we got were protected by Grape Plants from the spray.

Consider this on a wide scale basis and you understand that the US Air Force has contracts to “Kill Domestically Grown Foods” because the top brass is bribed by overseas growers to boost their prices going into the US.


Put Thumb Screws to the General Staff and watch them talk.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


Severe Vegetable Shortage Deprives Europeans of Spinach, Broccoli | Heat Street

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To bring most of the fields back into production please use the formula describer in these videoes:

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