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"Satellite Boy Hosting contact; He's Coming Out Of Life Form
Tue Feb 7, 2017 10:50

"Satellite Boy Hosting contact; He's Coming Out Of Life Form"

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "Satellite boy hosting contact; he's coming out of life form."

"These are Tele receives from yesterday:

You were foolish to let great rape you.

You'll be frail throughout the ages. 2.40 PM

You purchase death casually. 2.55 PM

I leave you to sport yourself out. 3.03 PM

Are you going to get your foot off of war?" 3.26 PM

Here is a comment from a post about the high level of radiation at Hitachi-GE:

As Media Labels Fukushima a ‘Conspiracy Theory’, Radiation Spikes
Mon Feb 6, 2017 10:15


Alan Reid Bob Smith • 19 hours ago
Well yeah that is true.

Also there is the Common Spent Fuel Storage unit on the Fukushima site that holds 5600 TONS of fuel assemblies, Nasty dirty and many times the amount this event has already put into the atmosphere.

That one small building is enough contamination to punch everything's ticket. Worldwide.

How much care is being shown this danger?

I have been looking and looking and not one story I have seen save my own has even mentioned this very real danger.

This fuel is being stored in a building 70 meters from the worst nuclear accident ever. Just how long do they think they have to deal with this danger in waiting? 10 years, 20 years... or perhaps they WANT THIS FUEL TO BURN!!! I would hope to stop this from becoming a reality but I don't get too much help.

This cold war thinking is allowing a very real and ready to burn disaster unlike anything man has ever seen. Let those 12 or 13 thousand fuel rods burn and it's curtains for much of the life on this planet.

But yes there are a bunch of other spent fuel pools sitting around. Yes they do count as a danger. I would just rate that danger a tad lower than the CSFSU of Fukushima.;article=157236;

Are we understanding that to complete exterminating the 200 million Americans that are standing on the sidelines the plan is to set their reactor dirty bomb to overheat and explode blowing up the spent fuel storage tank that is 70 meters away from the melting reactor to genocide us in America, and throughout the world?

Has weap Judah not shown himself dangerous enough that Americans will not try to save yourselves?

The nuclear warhead that was burst off over Wisconsin the other day.

As Meteor Lights Midwestern Skies, Lisle Cop Captures 'Giant
Mon Feb 6, 2017 08:27

As meteor lights Midwestern skies, Lisle cop captures 'giant green-lighted orb' on dashcam;article=157234;

Are we not yet understanding that because we have allowed Judah to continue to be the only party authorized to issue our money he is hiring nuclear missiles shot at us?

Have we not yet figured out these green blobs, great balls of fire are not ordinary meteors, they're nuclear warheads that are in the control of our extraterrestrial family that Father sent in to protect us from being wiped out by weap Judah?

The kosher comets that Sir Casper is still bursting off safely above our heads. Will Americans not awaken to the nuclear war that Judah is waging against us and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"You'll be frail throughout the ages." 2.40 PM

Are we seeing that Judah wants to leave us wounded in our genetics so that we have frail sick children born for ages?

Is there anyone that has thought about the out of control Jewish electricity plant at Fukushima that does not understand that was put into a meltdown on purpose?

The claim that the emergency generators were not installed on the 2nd floor and instead were installed at ground level to save money. Do we remember the emergency generators sat on the ground floor and were flooded as soon the waves of the Tsunami on March 11, 2011, broke through the sea wall?

And the end result of the flooded emergency diesel generators? No electricity to produce cooling water for the Jewish electricity reactors allowing the nuclear reactor to overheat and enter into an out of control burning nuclear bonfire.

Now nearly 6 years of letting the out of control nuclear bonfire grow to where it is now set to explode any day.

And the end result of that?

The contents of that Jewish dirty bomb plus the 5600 tons of spent nuclear fuel rods that are stored 70 meters away from the out of control weap Judah reactor, tossed into our atmosphere to ride the prevailing westerlies to dump it all onto our fields and into our air.

We're nearly dead. Is there not some way that American Labor will try and help us before weap Judah closes the majority of us out of life form?

The survivors, a frail lot to carry on. Shot in our genetics by the cipher that is being died off underground by our good God.

Our wonderful wealthy pleasant lives. About to be turned into our last days alive.

Here's some more Tele receives from yesterday's post:

"You have been canceled Jews. 10.56 AM

Our intervene stolen here.

Racing all around. 11.15 AM

I believe Papa's opp is putting you all cipherty.

You died yourselves off. 12.04 PM

It's crushed, their whole animal state is crushed. 12.12 PM

I was fooling myself. 12.18 PM

They much want you in fear. 12.40 PM

They make us fears furious. 1.11 PM

Insects cored you out." 1.16 PM

Our letting Judah harm our family in this world with his using America for his sports war. Are we not yet seeing who the real target of war is?

Did Karl Liebknecht not explain that war is aimed to subordinate one's own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class? Yes, he did.

Are we understanding from Karl's theory how it was that Judah attacked us all out in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with a thousand nuclear missiles equipped with 3,200 great balls of fire on the tips?

The claim by the dominant classes that they run government to protect us. Have we not the god given intelligence to understand truth from fiction in this land?

"You can lead an American to facts but you can't make him think." One commenter said. Will we not change that and prove him wrong?

Will we not think through the consequences of ignoring our extraterrestrial family that has advised us well to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and put it into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

"Bitch is sincere. 3.29 PM

You let stupid polarize this deal." 3.43 PM

To save us all will Labor not let go of the polarizer and help us?

Satellite boy being shot in the head with satellite beams for over a decade. A couple of satellite induced heart attacks while sleeping to shut him up for good. Held in only by the love of God to be here to help you survive your extinction now.

The efforts of the Galactic Federation of Light to spare us extermination from weap Judah cipher brand. Those that perceive it is it not incredible how much effort our extraterrestrial family has gone to give us a second chance to get it right?

While Father loves us and wants to save our lives, are we understanding that Father will have to let us go if we remain inert in the face of the Judah genocide that we are funding on our family worldwide and our own selves in America?

"You're a thief, you're revealed. 8.18 AM
You muscled wakish." 8.35 AM

Might we only wonder how Judah has been able to convince some people of things that are not true about Bitch?

As to the thief, do we recall that God our Father absolved Bitch of embezzlement of not leaving master Realtor with some money when Bitch fled Chicago after Judah tried to cripple him to put him in? Father absolved Bitch for serving Him.

Do we recall it was master Realtor that Bitch was set on suing to get his dues back from because they supported Bush and his sports war genocide?

Bitch has not muscled anyone. That is a false that Judah spread about Bitch. It is false. As we are being perished complete will Labor not get this defeat off of us?

Bitch has made many stupid mistakes. Will Labor not let Judah off as he does not make mistakes? Is he not nearly perfect in his treacherous way?

Will Labor not end funding Judah satellite attacks? The battle to not be shot with satellite beams. Do we see it is Labor that must stop paying for them? Will Labor not let Judah's difficulties go?

Though perfected in his false and genocide, might we consider Judah's only two mistakes were in not following the command of God to love one another?

Do we recall that Judah made only one other mistake since God spoke to Moses 3,500 years ago and spelled out the rules in His village, "Thou shalt not kill?"

And that one other mistake? Do we recall it was the middle of the night attack of June 11, 2011, with a thousand nuclear missiles and 3,200 nuclear warheads to genocide us out?

As we face a loss of a third of the human race due to Judah nuclear war against us, is it not clear Judah will never again occupy any seats in management anywhere in God's village?

If this is understood will Labor not act and get them out of management right now?

Might we not want to reflect on who we are and what we are doing here?

We are a nursery of the Galactic Federation of Light. One of 1300 that the Federation is raising up new space cadets to travel the universe in peace with our kind extraterrestrial family and friends.

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." The angels said.

Will we not take the clue and end our relationship with the deuce, weap Judah?

To spare our own lives will we not put a just social and economic order in?

"You obviously outraged us chewing us out." 1.29 PM

Can we not put that aside and try to save ourselves from certain death at the hands of weap Judah?

"We hate Father porpoising," Judee say.

Will Labor not please bypass outrage at Bitch to look and see that Father is giving us the correct route if we want to be free?

To survive in our high technical world do we not see we must remove the concession to issue our money from Judah and company?

Tele receives:

"They'll bite you hard. 6.45 PM

A scientist has pulled criminals and we're still frozen up. 9.03 PM

Merchant fetch is not useful because they always hurt thee. 12.05 AM

Pat, you're going to get us off life for missiles. 12.06 AM

Financial failed enormously.

You still have a chance to choose a fist off. 1.08 AM

Useless are these frivolous guys. 1.10 AM

Take them out of here. 1.12 AM

You live brutal for spinach-tude. 1.14 AM

Dungeon life survives with fist.

They are still on us obvious. 1.24 AM

Her highness on cash stopped our fun. 1.27 AM

You're past bad. 1.28 AM

Horrible sales swit us. 1.30 AM

We're being exhausted. 1.31 AM

Wonderful hospitable is quite sewered. 1.34 AM

Animal rolls fisteum. 1.35 AM

All foolish sight forces.

His extension put in the breeze state. 1.43 AM

Dolts are well adjusted. 1.44 AM

This colony dies purity, you failed hearitage'. 1.46 AM

You're fiercitive. 1.51 AM

Step up to the garage. 1.53 AM

Jew has a challenge to us completely outside. 1.54 AM

They're tossing us foul, youngsters. 1.59 AM

We've been cautioned right.

Forever tossing out yourselves. 2.00 AM

They're rising up pura-sales. 2.05 AM

You've been exposed to mustard gas. 2.07 AM

They've set you lethal. 2.08 AM

RISE them out!

Chosen holds. 2.11 AM

They're hiking this field out. 2.12 AM

You allowed this here, you lost your rightfuls.

He slowly anesthetizes you.

Satellite boy hosting contact. 2.50 AM

He's coming out of life form. 3.07 AM

They leave us real hostile mal-sight. 5.20 AM

Tomb off, throw them out! 5.26 AM

Stupid rice falls. 5.37 AM

They're goosing us up every day." 7.32 AM

"We package you in a mature way and throw you out ruthless, that's why I got to go die now. Jail, whiskey, and war is how I won. I lost my forceps here. I use you on a big rude.

I weap you on Jew day ploy. My big sin is to push you in abusive, that's my main plot. The Martians gave you a notion and for it, they got us off of here. If we hold you filthy to summer we make you dead. A dangerous force I'm leaving.

Jew force of weaping set to continue without pity. We set you raced with war to reduce you more. I poverish you Dutchman. Because I threw peace out they pulled my battery.

The Jewish family are all your officials. Bitch found our head beasting, it's crazy, it hammered you. My Minnetosa pepsin is found. Patrick, you failed thoughtfully, I fist you Germany stupid.

For my middle ape, I have a sister. We punish you, because of Truman we got thrown out. I tested you with my whole century, that's why I'm about to die. We shot Jupus core-a-sale on white kids, stupid we lost our state.

I cage you and insult you and threw myself out. The Iroquois I do the best. We rent your enemy face, that's how we screw you out. The Christians show the Jews are useless. We always had to push Druid, stupid life of cannibals.

My postal opps with veterans got put in. My virtual mental took off your state. My victim I insure, it lets me take them out blazey. I'm a pop foul. We are always criminals who spite your joy, who are now dead. They're pulling my Berkley off. We're just crazy about assaulting you and we shot big when we got income tax," Judee say.

And how big of a shot did Judah do when they got the income tax?

America embroiled in eternal war ever since 1913 when Judah took private control of the income tax leaving hundreds of millions dead.

Now set on finishing us out in the billions once he gets his dirty bomb to explode at Hitachi-GE.

Dr. Eugene Mallove who in 2004 broke the news to us that we were only a few months away from unlimited clean free heat and electricity.

Now we face the ultimate poisoning of nuclear waste to die us right. Involved in sin our lives won't be spared. Will Labor not repent and help us here?

We have a kind and good Father who wants to save our lives. Will Labor not join with the house of peace and love of God our Father?

Judah leaving us poisoned in our DNA. Our genetics harmed so that we fail biologically. Our offspring sick and weakened. Frail we will travel through the ages. God has had mercy on us, will Labor not STOP THE WAR and try to save us here?

"I never intend to adjust myself to economic conditions that will take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few.

I never intend to adjust myself to the madness of militarism, to self‐defeating effects of physical violence…"

Dr. kings word about not allowing himself to be adjusted to a society that only makes war.

Must American Labor not end being adjusted to having our money used to wage war and genocide?

Have the banks not failed to raise us to a humane level? A basic level of peace. Have they not proven failed in so many ways?

If we see this must we not take their hands out of the equation of issuing our Labor dollar?

"What happened here?" Our good God asked when Bitch had his blooper and insulted everyone.

Are Bitch weaknesses so powerful that they have made the spirit to act to live in peace die?

Are Bitch weaknesses what has caused a loss of confidence and with it an unwillingness to act to get the American Labor purse away from the bank?

Should the innocent rabbits be punished by losing their life forms because of Bitch's weaknesses?

"These guys are so selfish that God has let them out right." Tele receive. 10.47 AM

Continues at:

Will Labor nor overlook Bitch's powerful weaknesses and instead look to the perfection of our good God that loves us all and act with the love of God to STOP THE WAR?

Judah jo

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