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"Patrick Failed Even Though He Cited Them Truth" Patrick ha
Wed Feb 8, 2017 09:28

"Patrick Failed Even Though He Cited Them Truth"

Patrick has cited truth and yet has failed. That was a Tele receive from overnight.

"You failed me useful." God our Father said to Patrick of his over 5 years of attempts to have Labor STRIKE THEM OUT!

Could it be that the majority of Americans have not yet perceived what some of the lights in the sky actually are? The green blob that was described as a comet that was captured on video the other night over Wisconsin by a Lisle, Illinois policeman.

Can we only wonder how many have figured out that kosher comet was a nuclear warhead that was burst off prematurely by our Martian good friend and neighbor Sir Casper?

Here is a picture with a link to a video of warheads in a controlled burn off over Canada:

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end their shooting their great balls of fire at us?

With the thousands of nuclear weapons that weap Judah has shot at us is it not amazing that not one has gotten past Sir Casper and His diligent team?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for sending His angels into spare us loss of life form in a well-planned weap Judah nuclear holocaust?

Will we not pray thanks to God almighty for sparing us from being genocided out of life form by weap Judah brand?

The uranium sale that Judah is putting on us. Might that not be a HUGE fail to us?

Will Labor not act collectively to pull that sale off of us? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

"We just have an image of you as a child so we rape you off and put you in. Because we fist wrong now you see our arrowhead," Judee say.

The attack on Poland by NATO nuclear missiles that caused the Polish government to ghost out en masse.

The coffins returned to Poland that were welded shut. The videos of the plane crash site with a couple of shooters killing the pilot and co-pilot on the ground.

The absence of bodies except for the pilot and co-pilot at the crash scene. The fellow that made the video shot to death shortly after he posted it.

And yet no grand jury to investigate it. Weap Judah still holding the reigns of power in Poland.

Might we not consider just how powerful is the authority to issue money?

How powerful is it? Has cash not kept the truth about the Judah government ghosting out in a staged plane crash from the people of Poland for years now?

"We keep them lush," Judee say.

That staged plane crash letting the Polish government ghost out and slip away was in 2010. 7 years now and it is still holding.

And Judah still shooting nuclear missiles at us to die us wholesale. Will we not pray that Labor will act and end Judah reign of terror on earth?

"We bring pie deaths to your refrigerator. Dutiful precious has seen our wits so I'm going away. We just try to screw people, that's how we got our fortune. Bonjour. I'm completely out for fiction," Judee say.

Might we think of the one thing that is holding us into a permanent eternal war on earth is Judah decision that he made thousands of years ago to hold the human race in a war until he finally could die us all off?

The decision Judah made to war the other human Beings in God's village on earth. For thousands of years he has not changed his mind, still dying as many of us as he himself is now being died out of life form.

"They're no friends of mine. I died them truthful." God Almighty said of Judah brand.

All the lands of the mild man of the north still held by Judah brand. 1300 years ago they took over the lands of the mild man. And still, they hold all of the lands of the mild man of the north. And this after attacking the mild man with nuclear missiles to exterminate us all.

Does that bring to mind the weap Judah that said, "I can see why they don't like us but I'm surprised they're not amazed at us?"

An unremitting series of wars they have used to wipe as much of the world out as they could, using the mild man of the north's purse to do it to us.

Going from conventional war into the final solution for us, nuclear missiles and dirty bombs.

Judah, comprehending the messages found in the bible and perceiving them much better than the rest of us.

Judah, of course, knowing his own mind that has directed him to extinct us. Knew the truth that the good book revealed, that a third of the human race would die when the Federation died Judah out of life form.

Are we perceiving that our good God is from the Galactic Federation of Light?

Might we understand that Judah understood that fact over 2 thousand years ago?

The many miracles that have happened in our world. Might we understand now those were gifted to us by our good God above who sent His angels in to care for us?

Might we see God's angels today as extraterrestrials that have been here helping us throughout all of our days?

Might we understand that our immortal "GOD" is an office of sorts where our Father in heaven reigns from?

While Judah is surprised that we are not amazed at what he has done, might we only try to figure how amazed we might be when we figure the magnificence and glory of our Father's love for us?

"What I sold you is a rat force I put in, Harold refused it. My best force was Stasi right," Judee say.

Stasi was the East German secret police. It was headed for 32 years of its 40-year existence by Erich Mielke (1907-2000)

The Stasi under Mielke has been called the "most pervasive police state apparatus ever to exist on German soil.

Might we spot Erich as a Judah Replicon today?

The brutality, the criminality. Being in official state positions. As Judah holds the authority to issue our money and has held it privately since 1913 might we understand how our state has been turned into such an extreme danger to all of us?

Might we understand that by using American Labor bourse Judah was able to bring on the First World War and with it to put in his palace states?

"My best force was Stasi right," Judee say.

Might we understand that Russia's KGB as East Germany's Stasi, the Gestapo, and CIA are all Judah right?

Are we understanding that the intelligence services of all states held in Judah paper power are merely to serve his sport?

At the root level are we making the connection with the concession to issue our money as to how Judah has been able to keep America and our world in war?

"We raid you and mess you for zoo income. We died you with our wizard attack. When February is through you're all dead for our attacks truly.

Because you fight it's a good fell. With video, I scored you out with a great tard. Our complex scores a great moral right. Fiction ruined the white guy," Judee say.

The fiction that there is a fight to be fought to serve the people's interest. Has Judah not truly scored the mental of the people giving him his great moral right to make war?

The power of images, his video he claims is what has allowed him to destroy the white people with a great tard. Will Labor not see what it is that is happening here and STRIKE THEM OUT and take away the power base of weap Judah, the private issue of our paper?

Paper? The issue of our money. Our abstract receipts of Labor. Will Labor not do our good God's will and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and issue it yourself?

"Druid's never been racist, we bored you that way," Judee say.

Will mild man not help to clarify who we really are and rectify the situation in our country and world? If so will we not listen to our good God's thousands of timely warnings and STOP THE WAR?

"My Scotch image you right and make you available for big fisting merching. Our animal day fights and scores image. For you we screw you debt, screwy nut we completely put in police to box bergh ya.

Terrorist smoke gives us the property and taking liberties accomplished you's. We got stepped out with our famous for our effective core days. Mercury has set out our force for booming.

Your children die with you for my sneaky. We bat you around in a grand series. My virtual rights are about through, my burlesque is still making you dead," Judee say.

Will Labor not let the deuce off right?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God our precious sweet Father said.

2% holding our nation and with it our world into sports war. Is it not something how important is the issue of money to us here?

The unlimited amounts of money that Judah has used and is still using to hire the shooters and bombers in our world.

"I pacify with a Mormon," Judee say.

Will Labor not do our good God's will and let them off right? Must Labor not end funding their Mormon pacification?

"We like you with less semen so we take you out. Our psychology is sexual, in ... is my right," Judee say.

The first reverse speech came from a female Judah and the second from a male Judah.

Might we note this facial reverse speech is coming from the subconscious area of the mind?

Might we find in those statements where their dangerous animal primitivism is coming from?

Might we note a significant amount of their killings are sexual in nature? Have we noticed how they kill people for sexual activities?

Their bishops and viceroys that specialize in dying apples and Johns.

Yet is it not interesting that it is sexual things that Judah is holding Labor from acting to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Might all of their booming in the sexual area have something to do with how they can shut the mind down to not challenge them merely by showing some sexual images to Labor?

"I'm a predator, nice meeting you, we set you to die, I'm out-a-here. We had a great dribble passed you, missed you with our core weap," Judee say.

The core weap in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. A little over a year after Judah attacked Poland with nuclear ballistic missiles.

Will Labor not give us a Godly STRIKE?

Will Labor not bring in our truth world, our real world?

Will Labor not bring in our God given rights?

"This professor's deal has thrown our screw because we shot you right. We goal failed once," Judee say.

In their thousands of years of taking over states and they only goal failed once. Do we recall that was in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, when they attacked us with their continentals?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Papa for having His angels keep us in?

A sure kill of America and a huge number of us that live here was guaranteed to Judah if only he could get past the love of God.

Will we not praise our glorious and magnificent good God that Father had His angels who did not let even one nuclear missile or bomb explode on us?

Are American workers not yet convinced that only the love of God has allowed us to survive this long?

Has Judah so confused our thinking that we cannot see the truth that has kept us alive?

While Bitch tried for many decades to end Judah shooting and bombing out our world, did he not try to accomplish that right when he reported what Judah did in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Who hasn't heard the refrain, "You can't say he didn't try?"

Judee himself in reverse speech revealed that within a couple of weeks the focused people in our world knew what he did.

Bitch thought for sure Labor would STRIKE THEM OUT for attacking us with nuclear missiles. Then Bitch had his blooper and now we face dying out 5 years later from Judah's brimstone nuclear waste war.

Judah attacked us again on June 11, 2014. That time with 960 thermonuclear warheads. Each and every one of them burst off safely high in the night sky over Florida.

A nuclear missile attack launched from 2 British submarines with two Martian mothership UFOs directed by our Martian good neighbor Sir Casper bursting the 960 warheads off and with 6 videos of it on YouTube, only a little over 3,000 views since June 11, 2014.

UFO Mothership over small town in Florida June 11, 2014, part1of3
2 years ago2,539 views
2 Giant objects were spotted on radar over a small town in the SW region of Florida on June 11, 2014
Here's a link to watch one that runs for 7.47

Might our extraterrestrial family's approach to us be just too astounding for us to get grip on the significance of what we are existing in at this moment?

Might nuclear war be just too horrifyingly unimaginable so we don't even think about it?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to precious sweet Father for ending the threat of nuclear blast war that Judah has introduced into our world?

Judah having lost his big blast stick now, is there not some way to convince Labor to help us take his last dirty stick out of his hands, his Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot that it threatening to take billions of us away?

Might it be Judah's great success at taking our brightest away from us that has left us bereft of having speakers that might explain it to us?

Would it help if we used different names to describe things such as a nuclear reactor power plant being described as what it really is, a nuclear artillery piece disguised as a Jewish electricity power plant?

Are we understanding that Judah forced nuclear technology in with his usual intent, to use it to sport the men?

Tele receives:

"They're kidnapals. 9.37 AM

College abusing. 10.00 AM

Holding out contact to complete the breeze. 3.20 PM

Pat's trying to save us. 4.00 PM

They're off us. 5.20 PM

They threw the fit. 5.34 PM

It's over with, the camel won. 6.57 PM

They took us out for sports. 7.28 PM

Father wants them out of the way. 7.33 PM

They're trying to sick us. 8.16 PM

The deadly shot they got is the one that is going to take you.

Her majesty's failed you here breezing. 8.18 PM

He just made us horribly.

You've been fielded, your signal's been squashed.

The psychic boy is sharing with you the right force to be in.

Salting out your field, just sore ya's. 10.06 PM

They stepped you out greatly. 2.07 AM

You die Celtic rused. 2.08 AM

In outrage, we died. 2.12 AM

They fired the field. 2.15 AM

Closing down the field.

HUGE they will cage you.

They tossed you heck fish, they rusted your life.

Stupid you failed to get rights for us.

Hearing aids fall out. 2.49 AM

Endorse rights with gumption, STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.50 AM

They involve the boys with stupage. 2.52 AM

With West routines, they casually cored your deal. 2.53 AM

They scored your field even though their musket fell. 2.54 AM

They've cycled lethal points here.

They terror wit always faulty. 2.55 AM

Patrick failed even though he cited them truth. 2.56 AM

Pat, get out, they cannot be saved. 3.03 AM

They poison goodness out. 3.05 AM

Sir, the monsters keep blazing away.

Take them out fully. 3.16 AM

We're in exhaustion complete, they made your department battle-land.

They assure a death wish. 3.45 AM

Oh, is that what it is? 4.06 AM

They bored us out lethal. 5.19 AM

You're welcome kid, courtesy will set you up. 5.24 AM

You're all arrested by cabbage. 5.32 AM

Without a hearing aid, you're finished. 5.47 AM

Jew's raping our field. 6.41 AM

He hossed us awfully. 6.42 AM

Score. 6.44 AM

Race fall with images." 8.54 AM
Did we notice the Judee Tele send at 6.44 AM?

Can we only wonder who fell for Judah sport on that score?

If our race falls totally, might that be the reason, images? As we have not responded to the love of God to save ourselves might we only pray that there is a breakthrough and Labor acts to take our purse away from them?

Must we not act to prevent our race from falling out of life form?

Continues at:

"My puppy offsides rate gives me my error to strafe you. My goose behaviors dis-image peace. I talent you on a merchant scene to terror. Our range is m

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