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"We've Been Saved But We Won't Accept Being Saved" Just loo
Thu Feb 9, 2017 09:57

"We've Been Saved But We Won't Accept Being Saved"

Just looked into my notes and found that from an overnight Tele receive. Don't remember writing it down. 12.09 AM

Judah attacked us with nuclear missiles to die us off right. Over 5 years of being aware if it and we still go on assaulting our family around the world.

Bitch had a dream last night. He was in like a bus station or train station. He was in a large room with many people and a boy about 20 in a uniform wearing a beret was walking around with an M-16 rifle and aiming it at us.

So Bitch walked into another room that had many people in it and this boy came in to this room and his M-16 was aimed at Bitch as he was walking and Bitch said," son, you're of our class. Will you not stop aiming that rifle at us?" Whereupon the boy answered, "it's not about class. I'm boursed, I get paid to aim this rifle at you."

Then Bitch woke up and out of bed before 3 AM.

Went up to Moravian Daily text to put it into today's post. Found this great message there:

Welcoming God, you open your door before we knock. You welcome us though we hesitate. May we approach your open door and be healed by your love. Amen.

Bitch never knocked on God's door because he thought the whole concept of God was a made up story. That we actually have a Father in heaven went too far over Bitch's head.

He believed as Father said, God was only "a mythological construct."

Even though Bitch never knocked on God's door, Father opened His door and welcomed Bitch in.

Father has opened His door and welcomed all of His children in His village on planet earth. What might explain why we hesitate to go through Father's door into the life that has been promised to us? The good life of peace.

What is it that is holding us to continue funding this world of Judah war?

Then Bitch went up to Latest UFO Sightings to see what was there. Read the story about the strange ball found in Jacksonville, Florida in 1974. The "Betz Sphere."

Here's a link to the article and video 7.42

After reading the article and watching the video Bitch did a little research about the specific location in Florida where the Betz Sphere was found.

It was found on Fort George Island. There was a slave owner that lived for 25 years on his 1,000-acre plantation in the 18th century on George Island when Spain owned Florida.

He was an Englishman named Zephaniah Kingsley, Jr. (17651843)

His first wife, Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley, was a 13-year-old slave when Kingsley purchased her. He took her as his common-law wife and later trusted her with running his plantation when he was away on business. He had a total of nine mixed-race children with his wives. He educated his children and worked to settle his estate on them and his wives.

Much later, Kingsley described his wife as very capable and could carry on all the affairs of the plantation in my absence as well as I could myself. She was affectionate and faithful, and I could trust her."

Might we consider that the extraterrestrial "Betz Sphere" that was found in 1974 on George Island was a "MARKING?"

It was found in Jacksonville, Florida which is the home of the Jacksonville Naval Air station.

As we have survived many nuclear missile attacks might Naval Air station not be a place we might want to look into to see exactly what sort of industrial activities they have been involved in?

As we have a totally corrupted government north to south, east to west, might we not STRIKE THEM OUT to get at the root of corruption, the authority to issue our money in the private hands of weap Judah?

Will Labor not help us to get the corruption out?

The young boy in uniform wearing a beret aiming his M-16 my way had nothing to do with social class, he was boursed and paid for that.

Will Labor not end boursing a gun this way?

"The great smart you failed. They'll now wrench your incomes down."

Might that have been from elder? Sounds like it doesn't it?

With tens of millions of refugees seeking shelter from American uniforms and the vast numbers showing up in Europe and America might Judee not now have a real pliable labor resource to help lower wages?

That combined with robots coming in big, might the wage labor rate not be heading downwards for good?

Are we seeing some of the many uses that Judah has for making war?

It gives him his lower cost of labor while at the same time war harms the spirit of those who shoot it and gives him his fist so he can carry on generation after generation molesting the children of God.

Is it not ironic that war, the worst thing for labor overall, is funded solely by labor?

"I don't need my British opp, a tumor will get you off great. My British opps are through so I'll nebulize you to cancer. I leave you right with my true conspiracy, true death. I sold you purge. We united in a hearse way for sin.

I turned you into mulch with residuals. Twenty-first century has now been raped off by Jews, you lost. Nukish is a problem for me. The white guy I bust you well with a war I made for you.

I lost my summons with Jew police because Bitch cabled my source. We perish you defensive. We have uniforms to give us our body rudeness. I'm usually foul on the off ramp.

I'll use police as the fall now. United States is a race I see camel pulled out great. Jew poison origin is our true objective. I'm taking you out right.

Our rights home run put you in, basically, I've taken you out complete. The white man is going to fold big time here. Soon we are going to bus you in," Judee say.

Will Labor not reverse Judah rights home run and put our God-given rights in?

"Soon we are going to bus you in," Judee say.

The uniformed guy with the beret pointing the M-16 that is paid to aim it at you and me. Will Labor not get hold of the bourse and end Judah hiring the cruelly manipulated poor to aim guns at us?

Will Labor not put the existence stipend in and remove poverty as the prime tool that Judah uses to recruit his fist?

"Jew race war scored out your family in a nice way. I close you out as a victor of the human race. We hold you with a rifle and so much war to accomplish you.

We polarize you with war. We embarrass your state to embarrass you. We took contact out with algebra. Bitch analysis smoog our weapon. You fell white tumor right into hell.

I failed you with my accomplishment, I truly decked you this time. We'll compromise when we see you dead. You won. I Judas shot you with pay. With a race war, I cite you. The white guy, I gave you a great loss here," Judee say.

And how great of a loss did Judee give the white guy?

Is loss of field not a pretty big loss?

Is loss of oxygen not a pretty big loss?

Is loss of health not a pretty big loss?

Is loss of life form not a pretty big loss?

"I Judas shot you with pay."

Are we seeing the success of Judah in wiping out the mild man with war and nuclear waste is to be found in his ability to make his pay packet he gives to his fists?

The fists that he flies around the world to assault our family everywhere. We didn't take the time to see that they had something to eat so Judah gave them some tickets to eat so they do what Judah wants.

From that simple description are we seeing why Father wants Labor to have the issue of money in its hands so that all of Father's children have something to eat so that they cannot be led astray by Judah war brand?

"Your future world, that's your problem. For our fiction, I scored the United States through boots here. I just ever hoof them animal rite. With my 1% I take all of your resources out, that's why I got shot," Judee say.

Are we perceiving the kindness of our precious sweet Father who wants weap Judah off because Father wants His children to have our resources so that we can live and grow?

Tele receives:

"Race fall with images. 8.54 AM

They showed you he was a fool in 1947 right. 11.10 AM

He core rates you racial, that's how he fools you.

He'll exhaust you out Saigous.

Once he penetrates, you lost.

You lost your inheritance through violence, his big performance.

Bitch perform rude and let him cash you.

Judas stolen is perfected.

They canned us great.

Fantastic. 11.57 AM

This is a real outside set. 12.42 PM

Brief contact. 1.04 PM

You ought to seek well. 1.36 PM

Get them out! 2.35 PM

Patrick tossed you out. 2.45 PM

This guy does homeless homing. 2.58 PM

Honest to god Patrick, a continuing criminal enterprise?

We're horse raped. 4.37 PM

They're raping us off of here with no lunches. 4.38 PM

You failed a great smart, your destiny is now defeated, a future of reduced income wrench. 5.50 PM

Your mother failed you. 5.52 PM

Thank you, Sir, we've been watching this dude wreck our real estate. 6.24 PM

They've canceled us to lower income. 6.26 PM

The Martian failed. 6.33 PM

I'm sorry you trapped yourself in failure. 6.36 PM

Houston will now sport the barn out. 6.37 PM

Their strategy is to harsh you dead, you're on your own, unsafe. 6.38 PM

You're the only one giving racial hell.

Patty cake cited them for smashing us. 6.40 PM

It's over failed. 6.52 PM

Pat was really trying to convince us to save ourselves.

Judas psychology with officials made graves.

Jew completely wiped the senate.

Nice fault is now going to set you back. 6.55 PM

Arrogance rolls you corrupt. 6.56 PM

A questionable tide is going to wash you away over time.

Politics is going to give you maximum fierce. 6.57 PM

Patrick just melted your field. 6.57 PM

Their fail burst them unusual, we're going devolved to die zoo.

A weap theory failed us.

Best internals pushed us. 7.02 PM

Spoil your oxygen.

Citizen makes you fail in a grand cut.

When they kill you and you ignore it, you lose. 7.04 PM

STRIKE THEM OUT, cut off your fail.

Let it start. 7.06 PM

Nice boy failed their stupage. 7.58 PM

Goose fell chasing us. 8.02 PM

Bedroom Ohio rightful destroying, close them out. 10.20 PM

HUGE you lost your lives.

Your state is almost seriously done.

Jews take you off fiction. 10.25 PM

You false your life force away. 10.26 PM

Patrick voiced us completely morality.

You're positioned lifelessly. 11.40 PM

This world has failed.

Handily they are boursing you out of existence. 11.41 PM

They're vulnerable. 11.43 PM

They boursed us out of this place.

Their losses bury us. 11.49 PM

Brutal they are stabbing us. 11.53 PM

Raise them. 11.57 PM

They cycled us brutal marketeer, completely savaged our day corrupt. 12.03 PM

Stay on it. 12.04 AM

Have mercy when you do roll thief.

We're being rolled with Germany. 12.07 AM

We've been saved but we won't accept being saved. 12.09 AM

You had this wonderful place, you're being tossed from paradise.

An insane practice wakes us.

They do arrest on supposed irritate.

The unspeakables are taking you out. 1.43 AM

We're just about clear out, Bitch failed his apologize.

Incredible achievement is destroying us, get them out of the bridge.

You're being chemicaled out here, the purpose of their apps is full heart attacks.

Victory real abuse will sever.

They get bourse for a day and put in racist hell. 2.50 AM

Terrible way here bopped failed stew fish. 2.57 AM

Get them out! 7.45 AM

Their locker sport has thrown them well. 8.10 AM

Circumcised kids organized this place spiteful. 9.25 AM

"Mockingbirds failed. All industry has penetrated you right."

Thank you, Sir Jason and sir Morris for those Telepathic messages.

Must Labor not take hold of the paper and get this nuclear war fighting industry penetration off of us?

Will Labor not end weap Judah's bourse for a day and let them off of here right?

"With our core-tec we just out your rights to boom. We've got a lot of standard tools for folding. Our complete fist pulled us off of our summer opps. We always get a great fall with our false.

Papa sent you so I break your face. My true despot is putting Muslim on to hide my Judee. I cowed you right with my spin. We're going to push you back with a tumor all the way to fall.

The United States is taking me out of my ownership because I'm full of shit. I have a Muslim in your face to ever false you right, when I'm through, I'm going in.

A jail was a nice place to put you in. I get a stupid empire so I can shoot. Judas disadvantage you with a nice grease pack. We fall for our right to accomplish you.

I got a chess war with Oscar and a communist attitude. We got rich with our cage but now we got thrown for our ass wit. Our Mabel let us leave you without a life.

Jew had a mission and the white was our force, now I'm completely dead leaving. PP on braille is Jewish dumb. Our arrogance has been pierced.

With our baby shot, we took you off beautiful. Our whole family died your wits.

Our whole sep opp is Freud. I'm Jew into hostiling mentals, it's our passion, it's our war state. We raped you lizard.

Mercury aid failed. Narrow wits shot failed. I'm capable to spite you off with a free wash. We false you possessive from a vipers perch. We just bust your gen. We spice noodles, that's how we core you dead.

All we understand is you pitch philosophy. I have an indecent will. We want you all insurable, fail-able, to pull you all completely. Who cares what you say, we pull you off precious every day.

About 400 is my true put away. Because of the dog, I shot you bad. I can't hold you because of our devil's rape. Because you fight it's a great fell. With video, I scored you out, with a great tard.

Our complex scores a great moral right. Fiction ruined the white guy. Fought you well. February through with our attack, you're all dead truly. White guy fist finishes himself out at the end of February. The white guy we sport you sin out of here. I scrummaged you well with my state.

I cored you here so my symbol's soon passing. They'll take me off for all my child's beliefs I sport you with. We got rid of the marsh for our all offend.

We just feudal right, I'm possessed because of my origins. My threat flosses them. I'll fist you all until I'm satisfied. Our tropicals hold our truth. His mother sport my theory.

We falsed you away with a pip shake. I'm on a cash budget through checks. With my lifer sport I ever fight you. We suffer cash humans for joy. We left for protecting you. I put you into death.

I have a way of cheating men through the state. All I have is woe. For our ptoisoning Jew losing our jail opp. Hostages ever breed stupid. Russians are waiting to give you a push.

I want to cage you with the British we've assembled. We handicapped you to set you off of good advice here. The British have failed by Virgin.

Once I got your grandchild memorized, I just throw him away. I weap you with a casino because I'm a Jew. We got your rights and we shot you. I harness you with a fear for a few bucks.

Our full option fall, but our capture of you is going great. Just surge them cheap as hell. Your stupid rights are not useful so we throw them away.

He is a peaceful manager, he will complete getting Judah out of here. He's much of a Judas anxious to see us go. We lost our fortune because of UNIX," Judee say.

Even though we are set to lose the majority of Americans in the next few years due to radiation induced diseases, are we seeing in the subconscious mind Judah is certain that the peaceful manager will complete getting him out of here?

Continues at:

Might a Tele sender not send a message with a magic word that will bring Labor to get Judah out of here right now?

Collective bargaining to get a fair wage. Going to the legislature to lobby them

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