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"We're Dying Instruments. The State Failed You." Those are
Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:07

"We're Dying Instruments. The State Failed You."

Those are two Tele receives from overnight. The instruments that Judah uses to die. Rifles, daggers. Vials of poisons. B-52 bombers. Flamethrowers. Hand grenades. Killer satellites. Nuclear waste toxins. The list goes on and on.

He has tried to die us nuclear blast with his continentals that are equipped with his great balls of fire.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for sending His angels into spare us from that?

The instruments that he is using now to die a third of the human race off. His nuclear artillery piece at Hitachi-GE that shoots invisible particles that kill without leaving a mark on us. How cunning and sinister of an instrument is that?

A Jewish nuclear waste artillery cannon disguised as a nuclear power plant.

Only one at Hitachi-GE that has been burning now for nearly 6 years, is it believable that it is deadly enough to destroy the entire surface of planet earth if not stopped?

5600 tons of nuclear waste rods stored 70 meters away from the nuclear bonfire that keeps getting hotter and larger every day.

As with nuclear blast technology, might we not have understood what we were getting ourselves into when the nuclear electricity age began?

Over 40 nuclear waste artillery pieces disguised as Jewish electricity power plants safely dropped off of line by the angels that Father sent into spare us from a complete nuclear reactor waste die off.

Did Judee not lay quite some trap to die us right?

Judah had his B-52 bombers turned around in one way or the other each and every time he tried to trigger a general nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

And each and every time a general nuclear war was set to begin the angels stepped in to prevent it.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for sending in His angels and affording us the opportunity to stay alive?

"This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more, put them out they're criminals."

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and start our new United States of America?

The fascist dictatorship of merchant rights power. Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end it?

"A strike is your best challenge to me; our crunch," Judee say.

Must American Labor not give Judah his best challenge to him and STRIKE THEM OUT and crunch his war out?

"My prayer is it ends with a race war and you wet," Judee say.

Must Labor not step in to management and end Judah race wars that they are using the cruelly manipulated poor to wage?

After mining our planet with enough nuclear bombs to die trillions of us off and wipe out the entire planet do we not have the evidence that their rule is not OK?

As they continue to order worldwide war from Washington-Wall Street, London and Berlin will we not take away their power to do it to us?

Will Labor not bring us to peace? Will American Labor not end these horrible terrorist activities by taking our Labor money away from them?

Instead of letting Judah hold himself in based on real or fictional shortcomings in Bitch's life will Labor not focus on what is right?

"Ultimately dog phase you out," Judee say.

Might we not see Judee's childish sale for what it is and STRIKE THEM OUT?

When Labor gets close to STRIKING THEM OUT might Judah have a heart tugging emotional story in the news about a few more lame puppies that some cut body their noses and ears off?

Will Labor not recognize and reject their emotional contrived stories that they are using to keep Labor from braving STRIKING THEM OUT?

Must Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from them and end their fist in our nation and world?

"It is no more, put them out, they're criminals."

Has Judah not shot us with everything they have? Has he not attacked us with his intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles time and time again? Yes, he has.

"When they kill you and you ignore it, you lose." 7.04 PM

That Tele receive from yesterday's post. Besides us can we only wonder how many others have been fooled by weap Judah?

With his eternal world war do we not see it is Judah slummin?

What he has done to our cities in America using his fist for slummin. Do we see he sends his fist to our family around the world to do his worldwide slumming using the cruelly manipulated poor?

Must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and divorce us from the errant life form?

"Most Jews will be dead because now you know we're a real threat," Judee say.

How much more of a real threat than first attacking us with a nuclear blast and then using their backup shot with brimstone waste to get us dead do we need to see to understand just how much of a real threat they are to us?

Tele receives:

"You're in trouble, the white guy has exhausted his state. 5.24 PM

These guys close us official. 5.52 PM

They dash us racial. 6.31 PM

Totally apped you. 6.39 PM

Must you die in a panic? 6.38 PM

You lost your campus, they're exhausting you. 6.40 PM

Be dutiful; STRIKE THEM OUT! 6.55 PM

You lost your way compin selfish. 7.00 PM

It's their final attempt to ouch you. 7.01 PM

Get them out of fist. 7.03 PM

I cautioned you. You didn't take advice and now you're dying fierce here. 7.07 PM

Father will protect our food supply. 7.10 PM

Sportsmen are dying us Heil fist. 7.13 PM

They're going for a Heisman hush festival. 7.15 PM

It's a hike. 7.16 PM

Get them out!

They're a merciless blast force.

They're weird to base us injury. 7.20 PM

Cage lost big. 7.21 PM

Celebrate great pulling out. 7.44 PM

Failed you all scored. 7.45 PM

You'll have great wolf enemies. 7.47 PM

He arrests you parasite child.

Perishing out is fair. 8.32 PM

Hoping failed.

Stole your life forms.

They stole you investing.

It's over fail damage. 9.04 PM

The bad boy sold you, Jewel.

He's taken some life, he's refused. 9.07 PM

X-raying is refused. 9.48 PM

He's robbing you official great. 11.01 PM

Not too bright.

Patrick recognizes they've been forcing us evil. 11.09 PM

We're dying suffering force of cat failed. 11.14 PM

They're canceling your chance to survive. 11.15 PM

With their cash bar, they spurned your life. 12.04 AM

You're totally died here for scrunge.

They're throwing us fatal still. 12.13 AM

We're canceled for much too stupid completely. 12.15 AM

They're killing your little kids away.

Patrick, we're still going down here. 12.19 AM

He's slowly nebulizing us.

Suitable abode got a Bush hike.

You lost it all because Patrick canceled us. 12.25 AM

Beautiful rising boursed fiend.

Patrick qualifies us happily. 12.33 AM

He's pretty truly soothing without war.

They snatch you off the street all the time.

To prevent a rising he gets around false.

Patrick gave us the certiplex.

Pat, they're scoring us. 2.00 AM

You're serviceable. 2.01 AM


Whites have fallen yourselves. 2.53 AM

We're dying instruments.

The state failed you.

You busted yourself by April 1st.

Stupid luxuries make life amuse-able. 2.55 AM

Contact through vegive was held. 2.56 AM

You failed to save your lives falsive. 3.07 AM

They bore a state.

Our lives are over for jest us. 3.08 AM

Good luck to thee. 3.11 AM

They tossed us, lifer. 3.13 AM

Your store is wrenched." 3.15 AM

We have such a kind, loving, compassionate Father. Might it be that we just have failed to perceive the truth that Father loves all of His Simian children on earth?

That Father gave us our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And now the right to an existence stipend with something in it for everyone.

How does that contrast with Judah homelessness sport? Or how about Judah burn down of slums to give the oppressed children of God, even more, misery in the time that we are alive here in God's village on earth?

15,000 homeless after Philippines slum devastated by fire (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Published time: 8 Feb 2017 12:00
Residents look on as a fire destroys hundreds of houses at an informal settlers community in Delpan, Tondo, Manila on February 7, 2017. © Noel Celis / AFP

Tommo 39

Looks like Duterte found another way to clean out the druggie's from Manila after he had to stand down his 'Killer Police Squad' recently..........

Red Bowtietommo391d

CIA did a good job!

Red Pizza Red Bowtie1d

my first thought exactly.

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Cyan Cupcaketommo391d

No, its not Duterte, these fires happen frequently, its common for these slums to catch fire, go watch the Philipines Documentries on YouTube

Green Tooth1d

Oh, look, just like the Great fire of London in 1665. It's a good way to clear slum areas and for the developers to rebuild it

Green Dog Green Tooth1d

2nd September 1666.

Green Tooth Green Dog1d

Sorry yes. The Plague in 65, then the fire killed the plague the following year. Or that is at least what I was taught in school. I wonder these days if it wasn't a very calculated thing to happen. Thanks for the correction


sadly this is going to be a more common thing in the world's poor regions and coming to first world countries soon.

From reading those comments does it look that we have seen so many Judee opps that we detect them now as soon as we see them?
Cromwell and the Jews

2006 marks the 350th anniversary of the re-admission of the Jews into England. They were expelled in 1290 in the reign of King Edward Ist. Their re-admission in 1656 under the Cromwellian Protectorate is interpreted by some as evidence of Cromwell’s toleration and compassion. This is open to challenge on several points.

After Judah returned openly to England, in less than a decade England suffers a plague and then the great Fire of London in 1666.

After surviving Judah arsonist's great balls of fire being shot at us are we getting some idea that their crystal is largely unchangeable?

Will Labor not take the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money, away from them?

"Why didn't you try it ?" God Almighty asked American Labor about the STRIKE to get Judah out.

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," Father said.

"I won't save you because 2+2=4," Father said.

"Sold the vegetables completely out. I'm into infantilism. I just had the fish falling out true for my investy. I get you faulty boxing and it's fair I pull you then," Judee say.

Might we note how Judah has had Americans faulty boxing for over a century, ever since he took private control of the authority to issue our money in 1913?

While he has us faulty boxing, letting him pull us out, does that not seem fair?

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives," God our Father in heaven said to American Labor.

"You ever remain failed even after our fairest fall," Judee say.

What could be a more fair fall than to be caught red-handed attacking Americans in the middle of the night with a thousand nuclear missiles armed with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads?

Did our good God Almighty not afford Judah the opportunity to fall himself fair?

Judah still attacking us with long-range nuclear missiles that we fund him to attack us with. Will American Labor not step out of funding sports war?

Set now to die off in a horrific death over a few years of breathing radioactive waste in.

Matthew 5:7 “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.

Will Labor not have some mercy on Bitch stupid, take some responsibility here for this terrible situation we are in and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Hundreds of Beached Whales Stranded in New Zealand

A third of the water on our planet poisoned by weap Judah with only one of his dirty bomb Jewish electricity artillery pieces.

Might the beautiful whales be trying to warn us of what is coming to us next?

Will American Labor not get smart and STOP THE WAR?

"Get them off, greatly they have stitched." Tele receive. 8.13 AM

"I perish your wits for nothing. On April I'm obviously out but you just won't let us go. I got some bourse from Julio to do all my mice. H----- worries me with a new draft to die," Judee say.

God Almighty is dying them off due to their weakness, their inability to accommodate others.

Is there not some way that American Labor will recognize the hazard of funding the devil's servants as our good God dies them off?

One nuclear war fighting crime after another that Judah has committed against the children of God on earth. Will American Labor not protect us and try to prevent any more losses from the war of genocide that they are waging against us?
Cromwell perpetrated genocide against the people of Ireland dying off 20% of the population.

Cromwell brought the Jews into England ending the time since their expulsion from England in 1290.

Now that the Jews have attacked the United States of America with their great balls of fire using Germany and England both to attack us, will we not get smart and let them off right?

The burn downs of our families slum homes in the Philippines. The thousands shot to death based on drug laws that Judah puts in to build his prison societies.

The submarine-launched ballistic missile submarines on the Indian subcontinent.

Is Judah and his Replicons not identifiable now as they are throughout history by their persistent menace, threats, and violence to humanity?

Will American Labor not serve the love of our good God and try to spare us from this high tech silent genocide that they are waging against us?

"I just seltzer you boys to make you corrupt. My porting feud is because I'm jealous. If I can give you a masculine machismo I can dust you away. I just cuff you with a cop so they can hold you true so I can be fair.

Minnow sauce always died you fair. We just rape you with a mortgage true. My post office opps were HUGE. For your kids, I'm always rolling death.

I had margarine for a Jewish invention to take all your wits. I just screw druid to make you nuts. I just developed a moment. Your futures fight. We're permanently dead. Shrimpoe's got me off of here.

Your life form is quite deceased. With Baltimore, I'm going to leave you with some more war fist. Our jail has got to go because the scientist got our boom shot.

Contact I hold back. Jew's fist has finished your time. I juicy leaving you a tumorous field. I munch ya's veterans day. To you, I jeer but you see us nice.

I smooth you with my handle to make you. Because of my century of digressing, we've been tossed away. The reason your mental is off is because I burst it," Judee say.

Might we notice how Judah is the greatest terrorist on our planet and yet he makes it look as if he is oppressed by others?

Has he not demonstrated though that he can take over people and use them to do his pest? Will Labor not end funding Judah pest terrorist routines on us?

"Tossed us an awful win."

Non-Judah municipal looking at what is following Judah win after holding us long enough to poison us out of life.

"They're bankrupts." Tele receive. 9.56 AM

Is Labor not seeing how Judah is exhausting us as he goes away from us for good this time?

If this is seen will you not STRIKE THEM OUT and end the destruction that they are leaving us with here?

"Unless you throw Jew fist my cradle is refused."

That is the reverse speech of a woman in the Philippines who was just burned out.

Continues at:

Will Labor not end the brimstone nuclear

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