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Criminal Elitists Take Advantage of Our Ignorance of Them.
Sat Feb 11, 2017 06:46

Criminal Elitists Take Advantage of Our Ignorance of Them.

I have moved from the Northwest this last September as that I was overdue for leaving their after all of the many years that I had stayed there not realizing soon enough as to what really comprises that part of our country, and or our entire nation.

what I had to endure there was way undue to my life and for what I had been forced to endure there. What I had to endure there cannot be comprehended and concerning the parameters of what can only be considered to be the criminal infrastructure that literally owns and controls that entire region of our country and thereof, as how I was even able to survive living through what I had to endure there and what these organized criminal elements did to destroy my life and my forty years of research and destroy many of the great scientists and people whom I had known and had worked with. I am in process of authoring a book on my life there and will be exposing these criminal elements. I have already written many thousands of news reports on this ordeal.

I co produced and or produced and thereof, co hosted and or hosted more then two thousand one hour documentary televised educational broadcast programs since the year of 2003.

I have been changing the world as usual and was thanked by the U.S. Congress for having produced approximately two hundred one hour documentary TV programs four the last sex years on the subject of Medical and Commercial Cannabis in the spectrum of the what this industry is really all about at .

Thus, pertaining to the transcendence of the Medical and Commercial Cannabis Industry there (That I produced on literally no financial funding or assistance and living on Vietnam Veterans Pension.) that are considered to be Federally Copyrighted as indexed legislative reference media - Reference - - - What I had done was provide the U.S. Congress the media supported means on what this industry was really all about and that the Congress would have otherwise not have had a chance to understand anything about what this whole Cannabis Industry is really all about.

I unraveled this whole puzzle for them and provided them with a window in order for this reigning legislative infrastructure with the insight by which they then could better understand what this industry is all about and how it applies to the healing of many human diseases, as for example cancer, and or the removal of nuclear contamination like that of what the current Fukushima worldwide nuclear extinction event that is now occurring that is now literally destroying all of the life in the oceans, and on our planet and contaminating the worlds aquifers -

(What I did helped the State of Washington net more then two hundred million dollars in state tax revenue this year already.) you can go to one of my Twitter sites and scroll down to the more then several hundred news reports that I have posted there. I am now living in the Fort Smith Van Buren area of Arkansas and am in the pursuance of working with some other colleagues and scientists to develop a Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Technology here at this time. I am also enrolled at the local university to complete my second Ph.d, etc.

Years ago I personally coached the founder of Zuckerburg when he was a teanager, as that my staff and I had also architected a company named for an ungrateful party named Jeff Bezos who still owes me for what I did for him.

This is only a small part of what the elements in the Northwest did to me and taking advantage of my ignorance of how organze they are and they all worship their Satanic gods.

Everything they did there to me was not never in my best interests. I have a nineteen year old daughter whom they made sure that I could not be allowed to be there to raise her as her daddy. The Northwest Infrastructure and the wealthy criminally protected crime families there will have their day of serious judgement coming their way soon

When I knew Jeff Bezos, back in the early 1990s when I had the first Internet license with the Internic to create the first GTE and US West Internet Yellow page indexes of which my company Intervend was the first listed company from 1991 until 1994 whereas, the Northwest crime families then began their final targeting of me for my final destruction. Jeff Bezos was very strange even back then.

And, ungrateful for what I and my employees Mike Mandeville and Gary Hawkins did for him. His day and his Amazonic Cabal of Globalist Rip offs and who I am sure are also Satan worshipers human trafficking Pedophiles, money launderers and Psychotronic Weapons Users will of certain soon have their day coming for universal judgement soon. They just merely showed the Universe who they really are. They cannot do anything except steal from everyone and use other people to step on. A law suit against these Crime Families and these scum is way over due and the license with me from the Internic I am sure is still on file with telephone companies and in Switzerland with Dr. Alexas. It should be around a trillion dollar filed case against these scum.
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January 22, 2017  To Patricia (JHS) Shupe, and to Lorna Cutshall Kim, from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson. Thank you Lorna, for sending this linked information.  Truly.  Patricia can you reply to us as to the real meaning of this part of our world history and as well, please post this on the Message News Board -  We will look forward to your reply.  -  James Francis Edward Stuart Page issues British prince This article is about the former Prince of Wales and Jacobite Pretender. For his half-brother, see James Stuart, Duke of Cambridge. James Francis Edward Prince of Wales Prince James Francis Edward Stuart by Alexis Simon Belle.jpg James Francis Edward Stuart, "The Old Pretender" Jacobite pretender Pretence 16 September 1701 – 1 January 1766 Predecessor James II and VII Successor Charles "III" Born 10 June 1688 St. James's Palace, London, Kingdom of England Died 1 January 1766 (aged 77) Palazzo Muti, Rome, Papal States Burial St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City Spouse Maria Klementyna Sobieska Issue Charles Edward Stuart Henry Benedict Stuart Full name James Francis Edward Stuart House Stuart Father James II and VII Mother Mary of Modena Religion Roman Catholicism James Francis Edward, Prince of Wales (10 June 1688 – 1 January 1766), nicknamed the Old Pretender, was the son of the deposed James II of England and Ireland, VII of Scotland. As such, he claimed the English, Scottish and Irish thrones (as James III of England and Ireland and James VIII of Scotland) from the death of his father in 1701, when he was recognised as king of England, Scotland and Ireland by his cousin Louis XIV of France. Following his death in 1766, he was succeeded by his son Charles Edward Stuart in the Jacobite Succession. Had his father not been deposed, Great Britain might have had only two monarchs during his lifetime, his father and himself. Instead there were seven: his father, William III, Mary II, Anne, George I, George II and George III. Although the ruling Protestant Stuarts died out with his half-sister, Queen Anne, the last remaining Stuarts were James and his sons, and their endeavours to reclaim the throne while remaining devoted to their Catholic faith made the political situation in England precarious. Their attempts are remembered in history as Jacobitism. Contents

 Re: Bonnie Prince Charlie very interesting story; in the meantime, the U.S. DO

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    • Criminal Elitists Take Advantage of Our Ignorance of Them. — willpwilson 908, Sat Feb 11 06:46
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