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willpwilson 908
Directed Energy and Psychotronic Weapons Being Used On Us.
Sat Feb 11, 2017 07:13

Directed Energy and Psychotronic Weapons Being Used On Us.

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I had only a few minutes to type the following and I will edit this for providing a news report.   In part some of this is not what I can remember concerning the military since my memory had been fully erased.

January 23, 2017  I had enlisted under delayed entry in the Fall (September 1967.) into the U.S. Marine Corp after I had completed a twelve week Naval Officer Candidate program a Culver Military Academy and after having played as an All American Defensive Tackle on the Judson School of Phoenix Arizona, with 28 other hand picked All American football players who were scheduled to comprise the Arizona State Football Team the next season as ASU was going to be making it's debut into the PAC Ten the following years.  I had played two season on this Judson Football Team which took the Arizona State Public School Class A football championship.  

I played both seasons as a two hundred and twenty pound starting defensive tackle and offensive tackle and I had scrimmaged the ASU Varsity offensive and defensive football squads, three times in 1969.  Whereas, I remember literally driving the two (Three tour.) 27 year old Marine Corp Offensive Tackle and Guard, backward in all three scrimmages and that I had been one of the only defensive tackles (At age sixteen years of age.) at that time that could literally destroy the ASU Offensive line.   

At the end of the last scrimmage at the age of sixteen years of age the head coach of the ASU Football team Frank Kush personally handed to me a four year full ride scholarship to the University of Arizona State.  That I never had a chance to take head coach Frank Kush up on this football scholarship.  

I played the first season with the grandson of General Abrams who was the head of U.S. Command of all ground troops in Vietnam at that time and who i had the chance to meat General Abrams when he had attended our Judson School Home Coming Football game in 1969 of which his grandson Joel Abrams, who at that time was a very good friend of mine and who was my second string back-up on the offensive and defensive line that first season at the Judson School that is located in Scottsdale Arizona.  

 I was also informed by my football coach, coach Merrill and the assistant head coach Heinlein the assisting head coach, (And, who had been the 1963 to 1966, former Redskin back up quarterback.) of our team that I had been inquired for being drafted into the Canadian Pro Football League by three teams at that time in the CFL, thereof, until they were informed that I was only sixteen years old.    

The next football season I has once again helped the Judson School football team to become the Arizona State Class A football championship.  I had played this next season with the son of the lead general of all U.S. ground operations in the Vietnam War, General Jordan, whose son David Jordan who had also become a very good friend to me, thereof, General Jordan had appeared at our Judson School Bagdad City Home Coming game in 1970 at the Judson School in Scottsdale Arizona that fall day.   

I remember that I had done some things in this game that apparently are not of normal human capability, like moving at hyper speed and taking out more then seven people in less the three seconds and that I was not aware that I had above normal human capabilities at that time.  Thus, after the game General Jordan took myself, and his son David Jordan out to the then highly well known Rietta Pass Steak House where I had mentioned to him during this dinner that I had finished the first year of Officer Candidacy School at Culver Military Academy, and that I had enlisted under delayed entry in September of 1967.  

 Apparently General Jordan, now knowing about me, and about my apparent above normal human hyper speed capability, and that thereof, apparently two months before the legal time schedule (And, due to the fact the U.S. Military was highly understaffed at the time due to no and or very low recruiting rates.).   Thereof, they came and got me one night in November of 1970 and took me apparently to Alamogordo, New Mexico to the Top Secret Underground Facility where the U.S. Department of Defense had it's located experimental time tunnel and tella transporter technology located.   
As in regard to my actual and thereof, as to what was supposed to have been my proper U.S. Marine Corp military induction was cut very short by two months.  Thereof, I had already been sworn into the military that day that I had enlisted and signed my delayed entry forms at the Evanston Illinois Recruiting Center, in September of 1967.     

So, they needed to have military personnel at the Khe Sanh fire base right away to help to fill the ranks of this defensive position due to the fact that U.S. Military Recognizance knew that more then eighty thousand (Eight Chinese North Vietnamese Divisions consisting of more then eight thousand soldiers in each division.) North Vietnamese and Chinese military were about to sweep the entire South Vietnam Demilitarized Zone and take out all strategically placed fire bases and the U.S. Military at that time urgently needed personnel there immediately, and so I became the first combat Marine to be tele-transported into combat.  

Thereof, the question as to why are my U.S. Marine Corp  Military Records considered to be held by MI-6 as being Above Top Secret?  Thereof, as I was informed, is because, I, (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, apparently was the first combat U.S. Marine to be tele transported (Tele-ported.) into Khe Sanh in late 1970 two days before eight North Vietnamese (Chinese Combat Divisions consisting of more the eighty thousand military personnel.) were on the way.  Thereof, I have been informed of all of this circumstance by several high ranking military command officers over the many years.   
Concerning my memory having been erased due to this entire matter being considered to Above Top Secret.  (Due to my memory having been erased due to this entire ordeal of my life thus being classified as being above Top Secret.)   I was allegedly transported instantly to Hill 64, instantly from Alamagordo new Mexico within one and half days of the arrival of the first Chinese North Vietnamese Division was to arrive at this fire base.  

I was sent there to help to stop the North Vietnamese and Chinese first military division that consisted (As I have been informed.) of more then eight thousand personnel, who were about to sweep the southern DMZ, Demilitarized Zone just south of this dividing sector between North and South Vietnam.  

I was informed that I was only their less then two days when the first Chinese North Vietnamese Division consisting of more then eight thousand men began their human wave (Assault.) attack on our fire base installation that at that time consisted of 259 Marines and Green Berets.    

Whereas, I had been stationed on the front line parameter position with 39 Marines.   I was informed that we not only had stood our position and that we had stopped the entire Chinese North Vietnamese Division who were apparently all destroyed and that they had never made it past our front line position.  

I was informed that I had personally killed with my hands more the seven hundred and forty three of the enemy that night in late 1970.   Apparently as I was informed by several Northcom (North American Military Command.) high ranking officers who have watched over me over this past forty years, that I had been awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor along with five other Marines that included Terence Swan, Ty Sutherland, and other, and that I, Terence Swan, and one of the Fisher Family members, had been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor that next day.  

Apparently this Fisher Family member is one of the members of the Fisher Broadcasting Family of Seattle, thereof, the oldest son who later became an actor on several of the Clint Eastwood films.   Thereof, I was informed that all six of us had been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by General Omar Bradly Jr. the next day after the battle.  

Apparently we had played a very key part in the stopping of all eight Chinese North Vietnamese Divisions of which the U.S. Navy Coastal Military Bombardment from the Navy's stationed Off Shore Arsenal had Delivered that same night, (Apparently the largest Naval Bombardment of the entire Vietnam War.) that then had finished off the rest of the Chinese North Vietnamese Divisions consisting of more then eight thousand soldiers.   
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January 22, 2017  To Patricia (JHS) Shupe, and to Lorna Cutshall Kim, from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson. Thank you Lorna, for sending this linked information.  Truly.  Patricia can you reply to us as to the real meaning of this part of our world history and as well, please post this on the Message News Board -  We will look forward to your reply.  -  James Francis Edward Stuart Page issues British prince This article is about the former Prince of Wales and Jacobite Pretender. For his half-brother, see James Stuart, Duke of Cambridge. James Francis Edward Prince of Wales Prince James Francis Edward Stuart by Alexis Simon Belle.jpg James Francis Edward Stuart, "The Old Pretender" Jacobite pretender Pretence 16 September 1701 – 1 January 1766 Predecessor James II and VII Successor Charles "III" Born 10 June 1688 St. James's Palace, London, Kingdom of England Died 1 January 1766 (aged 77) Palazzo Muti, Rome, Papal States Burial St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City Spouse Maria Klementyna Sobieska Issue Charles Edward Stuart Henry Benedict Stuart Full name James Francis Edward Stuart House Stuart Father James II and VII Mother Mary of Modena Religion Roman Catholicism James Francis Edward, Prince of Wales (10 June 1688 – 1 January 1766), nicknamed the Old Pretender, was the son of the deposed James II of England and Ireland, VII of Scotland. As such, he claimed the English, Scottish and Irish thrones (as James III of England and Ireland and James VIII of Scotland) from the death of his father in 1701, when he was recognized as king of England, Scotland and Ireland by his cousin Louis XIV of France. Following his death in 1766, he was succeeded by his son Charles Edward Stuart in the Jacobite Succession. Had his father not been deposed, Great Britain might have had only two monarchs during his lifetime, his father and himself. Instead there were seven: his father, William III, Mary II, Anne, George I, George II and George III. Although the ruling Protestant Stuarts died out with his half-sister, Queen Anne, the last remaining Stuarts were James and his sons, and their endeavours to reclaim the throne while remaining devoted to their Catholic faith made the political situation in England precarious. Their attempts are remembered in history as Jacobitism. Contents

 Re: Bonnie Prince Charlie very interesting story; in the meantime, the U.S. DOJ is Completely Over-Run by Extreme-Right Vigilantes due to Willful ignorance within, and the perpetrators many Collaborators. Domestic Terrorists of old like the Weather Underground have for years now been comprised of Faceless, Gutless Covert Technology ADS DEW & ELECTRO-MAGNETICS..WEAPONS. SEND YOU SOME PHOTOS IN A SEC. NO WALL STOPS THEM. GO RIGHT THROUGH LIKE STAR WARS. MANY PRAYERS,  Lorna Cutshall Kim  -[  From Lorna Kutshall Kim a Targeted Individual

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