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Mass Arrests Of Illegals Has Begun
Sat Feb 11, 2017 07:30


Mass Arrests Of Illegals Began Yesterday - YouTube

As you recall - On 11 November President Obama gave President Trump all of the Addresses of Illegal Aliens in America collecting Welfare. So, in essence the Left sold out the Illegals, not the right.

Yesterday President Trump ordered the arrests of all of these Illegal Aliens and in accordance with Federal Law they must be returned to the country of their Origin.

In cities across the nation not only are the homes of these Illegal Aliens being raided but there are Police Road Blocks checking ID, Raids on School Busses, Trains, etc.

About 61% of the 11 million illegal aliens live just 20 cities. These are the same cities that have declared themselves as “Sanctuary Cities.”

These cities include:

The arrests will continue until the Federal Law is fully enforced and all Illegal Aliens are sent home.

Along with those deportations will come the arrests (Or Replacements with clones) of Mayors, Governors and Congressman who support these illegal Aliens in violation of Federal Law. What happens to the Original Mayors, Governors and Congressman after they are replaced by doubles is of no consequence.

As for the Judge who filed a Brief to block President Trump’s Executive Order to keep Cop Killing Aliens out of the United States - why was Judge Robart not arrested by the US Marshals 2 January 2007 when he ordered the arrest of an Active Foreign Ambassador?

When he went to Russia, Ukraine, Austria and Canada to meet with Presidential Staffs do you not how many people he has talked to in a decade and how many people now know that a Low Level Federal Judge can order the arrest of an Active Ambassador because this 9th Circuit judge did not like him?

Do you have any idea how much trade the US Corporations have lost because this Moronic Judge ordered the arrest of a Foreign Ambassador in Tacoma Washington?

How much profit have US Corporations given up to Canada, Ukraine, Austria, Iran, Iraq and Russia due to this judges involvement in International Politics?

Does anyone in the State Department or White House have any idea - any perception - what the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations actually says???

Can we say $Trillions upon $Trillions of Dollars over the last decade was lost to US Companies because of this Judge`?

Why have the US Marshals and US State Department and the Secret Service not arrested this Judge for violations of all sorts of Diplomatic Treaties with Russia, Austria, Ukraine, Germany, etc and for effecting International Trade in a very negative way?

If you own a major corporation in America consider your losses over the last 10 years. Maybe you need to grow some stones below the belt and ask President Trump to deal with this judge and all the judges surrounding him that support him, in a fashion consistent with the Active US Treaty Obligations contained in the US, in the UN, in the Austrian, and in the Russian Treaty Vaults.

Maybe - Just Maybe then, and only then, will these nations trade with US Companies.

President Trump:

Look at Deutsche Bank - they have simply refused to pay on one simple small bond in violation of international treaties and look at what has done to them since November 2014?

Look at the US Treasury Department over the last 3 years and what has happened to the US Dollar since they have denied only ONE Form 5444E and Fifteen 211 Forms amounting to les that $20 Million - in violation of International Treaties.

Now look at US Trade over the last 10 years since Judge Robart ORDERED the arrest, and the Pummeling of, an Active Foreign Ambassador because “He did not like his attitude.”

Do what you will President Trump, and take as much time as you wish, but $ Trillions and $ Trillions and $ Trillions of Dollars in Foreign Trade are at stake.

Perhaps the Weenies in the US State Department need to stop trying to take Reloaders and Rifles away form the American Public (New Letters now being sent out by the State Department, more on this later) and focus instead on dealing with Judges openly and purposely violating International Treaties???

These treaties clearly state these judges should be arrested immediately, not impeached.

This Judge almost started a WAR ten years ago and he and his cohorts are still not in jail?


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Please pray that GOD Himself guides President Trump’s Hand as he begins the arrest those who would destroy Planet Earth.

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Dr William B. Mount

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