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"We Completed You, Eviction is Forcing Out Yourself. Your W
Sat Feb 11, 2017 13:08

"We Completed You, Eviction is Forcing Out Yourself. Your Whole Life is Fished Completed."

Those are some Tele receives from Judah early today.

"We completed you, eviction is forcing out yourself. Your whole life is fished completed."

Enough nuclear radioactive waste in our environment that the million excess deaths a month are beginning.

They will increase as time goes forward into several million deaths a month due to Hitachi-GE nuclear artillery shooting us.

While God our Father wants to save us, for that to happen do we see that we will have to listen to Him and take His angels advice to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Judee using the cruelly manipulated poor and putting them into free fire war zones and conditioning them to take innocents lives.

Then returning them home as fully seasoned killers and employing them as sparrow bots.

Will American Labor not hear the divine appeal to reason and sanity and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Here are a couple of new videos of nuclear warheads in controlled burn offs over las vegas
Two new UFO videos from Las Vegas, Nevada – February 2017;article=157254;

"I gave you the peace must you fail?" God our Father asked us.

After letting Judah show us his hand in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 by attacking us with a thousand nuclear missiles armed with 3,200 nuclear warheads and then on June 14th, 2014 using his British submarines to attack us with 32 Trident missiles armed with 960 one hundred kiloton nuclear warheads is there any doubt that God Almighty has given us the peace?

After Judah attacked us with his heavy metal nuclear blast force and losing all of it to the angels our good God sent in, much chance anyone will be funding any more sports war for Judah cult?

As our good God gave us the peace will American Labor not make the peace by taking the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and STOP THE WAR?

The brimstone nuclear waste war that we are dying ourselves off in. Will Labor not pick up the spirit of the love of God for His long suffering simian children on earth and bring us to peace?

"I held out contact with my dubious wrench. My complete criminal failed. Jew future is in the New Hebrides. My best wrench is when I do my boom inside you.

I just race war, I Judas. It divines me to score you up. I'm just going to die white people with Jew death rays. I'm boomin sports offism. We pulled the constable off so we could make you.

Russia I want to come but they over failed also. I charge you with federal child chase rights. I died rude. It was a blind fortress, we just couldn't see, H----- rolled us dopey.

We're just screwing you fail-able. I made you die. We score fail-able stupid. I suckered real basic. Real dud density mashes you. 5-year-old kids give us your life story.

I'm with the fist bureau. My capturing you tossed you out, you know I'm unreasonable. I set it for the big event. I'm dying you fisty now. I'll drag you on cue.

Go offend usury. In a day you fall me. I put you in so I'm enabled big. You lost my big sale honestly, my officials total wit. You're still for saleable for justing.

The jail's our forces. We've completed your eviction, you're forcing out yourself. Your whole life is fished completed. I'm closed.

You fell beautiful. We always set you right, the racist way. Smoke soft is how I set you. I'm British with my fair post office opp.

I taught you fantasy, you're still corrupt. You're just a lunch pail. You got out our police force. Hysterical you're dying usually. I embarrass your white face and take you out great.

Our emotion is in puppy that's why we fight you. Our deceit is falling for Bosch here. A sucker fall pitch here.

Tele receives:

"Father will save us. 6.38 PM

God saved us and Juju faded us. 7.02 PM

The hybrids rice is off. 7.16PM

They just wanted to get us. 7.18 PM

Eventually, your life forms are dying off from corrosives. 7.19 PM

Realtors die frequently. 7.20PM

They're selfish, brutal. 7.21 PM

Your ovary is wiped. 7.22 PM

They goose right to make a sale. 7.23 PM

They passed us. 7.59 PM

You failed this committee with wild feuds. 8.35 PM

If our spirit won't help you in all this time then your function is about to end. 8.36 PM

I'll help you, I trust you, I'll save your life. 8.40 PM

The dangerous deal is dead for burning you, burning us dead. 8.50 PM

They perp you gum, shoot it hypnotically. 9.24 PM


Too disabled to conquer them, they raped you out of a sale. 10.30 PM

Death mission. 10.32 PM

Jew be out for no honesty. 11.10 PM

They're shooting people all over the place, STRIKE THEM OUT! 12.52 AM

Father is still with us. 12.53 AM

They waste us terribly. 1.21 AM

Notify yourself you're busted right. 1.22 AM

They've shot us vicious. 1.23 AM

Patrick cipher us. 1.40 AM

Poe diatrist. 1.42 AM

The West failed historically. 1.44 AM

Throw them out completely. 1.46 AM

Prepare to die fisty. 1.48 AM


STRIKE THEM OUT and their legion falls. 1.52 AM

Horse bury died you. 1.53 AM

They're spoofing us, our family. 1.53 AM

We perish and go under. 1.55 AM

Person-is views are taking you off rude. 1.56 AM

You failed to save your own lives. 1.58 AM

Possession abduct you. 2.06 AM

Genius made for sin. 2.07 AM

Scorily fairs us. 2.08 AM

Evil reserve. 2.09 AM

They took the states to accomplish us. 2.14 AM

The Kansas City pest is not useful.

It's finished, it's the end of their rude world. 2.28 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT, sweet surrender.

They're falling us insects. 2.35 AM

You're dying yourselves off Winchell. 2.37 AM

They've pushed the button and you've saved us, oh right score dratful. 2.39 AM

Jails sweep us. 2.40 AM

Jew make us suffer wars and race us here. 2.42 AM

They falsed him out. 2.46 AM

State conductors will put us in. 2.53 AM

Permanent sparrow bot. 2.55 AM

Take over and close their gym out. 2.57 AM

It's ended toasted. 3.02 AM

You're welcome here, they're out of here. 3.03 AM

Our rights they took out with a heart attack. 3.15 AM

Retire them off for real. 4.04 AM

The great professor changed all of us. 4.06 AM

We're behind ya. 4.12 AM

They're dying us hostage. 4.24 AM

Phasorous right score. 4.25 AM

I can't believe this, you wiped yourselves out. 4.33 AM

Closing jest miracle. 4.38 AM

Take them off, Germany's struck. 4.39 AM

They fail state us. 4.49 AM

I put you well and they've destroyed your university with their strategy. An erection will force them out! 4.53 AM

They've been dope falsing. 5.05 AM

Drew opps, you're going to your grave. 5.17 AM

Patrick got the pollution right, they're making war.

STRIKE THEM OUT, release their sore head.

You rape yourselves financial always." 6.36 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT! End their making their war investments with our Labor dollars.

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love god

Have mercy

Saturday, February 11 — Psalm 22:22–28
2 Chronicles 16,17; Acts 21:5–16

My dwelling place shall be with them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Ezekiel 37:27
The Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son, full of grace and truth. John 1:14
O God, who deserves our finest gifts, you choose to ask for our heart, the center of our being. O God, who could dwell in high places, you choose to be among us. May we respond to your ever present love. Amen.

Went AM morning food shopping and have some more Judee say and some more Tele receives.

"With a goose baby set, I always win sport. I stick em in the ground great. I stuck embarrassment. We punish you with true images to app you right. We sit on a perch to say 'embezzle' to get you out of here.

My ballistic state is fiberoid. We use pictures to assert pressure to set you back in the field. We have to destroy your movement, that's why we shoot. Your cosmic we failed through professor.

His mother got us all out of here, we're too muff dead. I have buzzard vouchers. We punish you transporting. With the bread, we seize them away. You're nailable.

I'm leaving my deduction, your affair. We falsed thee out great," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"Score. 7.13 AM

They're dying us fish. 7.14 AM

They're completely dying us witty genital. 7.16 AM

They're zooming our field trip, they're burning us away. 7.17 AM

You Jewish waste well. 7.28 AM

Terrible. 7.24 AM

Oh my god, they're dying us all off. 7.28 AM

Minimum rights support stupid fisty sport. 7.33 AM

Score. 7.36 AM

It was fair they fold the triangle. 7.42 AM

Their rock and roll failed. 7.52 AM

Let's double up here. 8.01 AM

They're approve-less. 8.05 AM

Shanty shot the truth. 8.12 AM

The lawyers failed completely. 8.24 AM

The police war is over here. 8.28 AM

They just install war to roll. 8.33 AM

They're just lunatics. 8.40 AM

Maintenance. 8.50 AM

Tug them out! 8.54 AM

Jew is a permanent boxing offense.

MOX Gerry. 10.40 AM
Crazy, they're still boring at you. 11.14 AM

It's all Jew pillage. 11.27 AM

Thank you so much for seeing over us. 11.33 AM

This is a HUGE country, the bank has failed. 11.43 AM

Atropia. 11.45 AM

You're nail-able, it's just. 11.50 AM

Do well. 11.51 AM

Imagine boursing them out peacefully. 11.52 AM

Venus will fair us. 11.59 AM

It's quite stupid to be closed up this way. 12.18 PM

Wall Street has been closed and you're still stalking yourself. 12.22 PM

They boom us great. 12.23 PM

They die us subtle. 12.28 PM


The officials have died with their corporal rule. 12.38 PM

You guys are porpoisen out yourselves. 12.42 PM

You're into real devolution. 12.45 PM

Turkey holds your error. 12.50 PM

Sport is bored out. 1.02 PM

You just need to close them." 1.25 PM

That last sounded as if it was from elder above. "You just need to close them."

Also, did we notice from Father, "STRUGGLE, MY PACKAGE BE SUITABLE?"

Will Labor not struggle to give birth to a new nation founded on the belief that all men are created equal?

Will Labor not take the issue of American money out of Israel's hands and put in a new nation dedicated to preserving, protecting, and promoting our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Will Labor not give us the real deal, a nation with liberty and justice for all?

"You're into real devolution."

That may have been Papa that said that. Are we understanding that we are losing our genetic heritage that has taken millions of years to develop while living on the surface of planet earth?

"You just need to close them." Elder said.

"They die us subtle."

How subtle is Judah die of us when we feel, smell or hear nothing and begin to fall over like insects that don't detect the cloud of pesticide in the air?

"Thank you so much for seeing over us."

You're welcome. Bitch just wish, hope and pray to do better and bring Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT. Pray thanks to Father for it is all His angels that have kept Bitch in individually and all of us collectively.

The mass die is now taking numbers of us out in MEGADEATH.

30,000 of us in America are set to die out every day due to the effects of the high levels of radiation that Judah has put in.

Strokes and heart attacks will be the first fatalities in this ongoing nuclear war that Judah is waging against us.

Will we not keep praying that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from bad Judah and give it to a good Committee of the Whole from Labor?

Thank you.

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