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"Genius Fizzed. Their Thoughts Are All Over." Judah genius
Sun Feb 12, 2017 08:50

"Genius Fizzed. Their Thoughts Are All Over."

Judah genius of fooling people and taking over their governments, playing and toying with the people and finally smashing them out of life.

Is that not a strange life cycle? Strange as it is are we not recognizing that is precisely the life cycle that Judah has demonstrated here in America?

Did he not fairly take over the United States of America and conquer us stealthily generation after generation?

As he is the only one holding the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue our money, has he not shown extraordinary ability to dominate ordinary people?

Even with the full knowledge that he attacked us out of the blue in the middle of the night with nuclear ballistic missiles to wipe Americans out, he is still able to hold us to not challenging him for the authority to issue our money be removed from his hands.

What kind of mental control is Judah able to demonstrate to hold us to not challenge him yet for Labor to be the party to hold the concession to issue our money for our state?

Have we noticed how Judah newspapers have a continual stream of stories of people that are arrested in prostitution stings?

Then the folks get their pictures put in the paper because they agreed to pay money to have sex with an undercover cop?

Have some of us wondered is that the sort of behavior that the state should be involved in, setting people up for sexual stings?

Might that neutralize a guy from actively getting involved in politics for the rest of his life?

Might we consider it is shame and embarrassment that Judah is using to play his political sports with us?

Have we been keeping tabs on the homeless dog in Michigan that was found with his nose and ears cut off?

He just had reconstructive surgery done. A day-long session with
Dr. Bryden Stanley to reconstruct his nose and touch up his tail.

What might we guess it cost to have a renowned veterinarian spend a full day doing reconstructive surgery to a dog they named "Baron?"

Operating theater. Surgical assistant and all the services involved. A pretty big dollar might we guess for that?

But then again did we not see the new pretty nose and how it looks now?

Wasn't it all worth it to try and make up to Baron what had been done wrong to him by those bad, mean people that cut his nose and ears off?

Bitch watched a video of Dr. Bryden Stanley. What might we think of this reverse speech found in it:
"We sit on a perch to say 'embezzle' to get you out of here."

Can we only wonder who would be able to afford a day of reconstructive surgery for a stray dog found on the streets of Detroit city?

"I suckered you real basic," Judee say.

Tele receives:

You just need to close them.

They're absolute fouls. 1.54 PM

Leave politicians. 2.18 AM

They've totally displaced us. 2.27 PM

That baby fails bad. 2.35 PM

Exhaustion failed us. 2.38 PM

A loss of life failed you. 3.43 PM

They scared you big hit. 3.45 PM

Freedom sapped. 3.47 PM

You're falling sewerage. 3.50 PM

Terrorists took the whole state off.

There's plenty of horrible jokes, he sees right through it. 6.24 PM

Filthy raids us. 6.25 PM

Super raises us. 6.26 PM

Congress yields molesting. 6.27 PM

Nice guy has shown us all their blister side. 6.28 PM

ORGANIZE, you're dying threw out. 6.31 PM

It's sad. 9.31 PM

It's ridiculous. 9.37 PM

You lost your life abusive. 9.38 PM

You're out of state. 9.44 PM

They are falsing us. 9.45 PM

Save your rising up. 12.45 AM

Pat scored him out, he abolished his face. 1.08 AM

Patrick has found the joke is warfare. 1.28 PAM

Their days are all fall. 1.29 AM

You've been saved by the real Marsh man.

We've been abandoned so much. 2.47 AM

He battlelize us gorgeous. 2.51 AM

This white freed us and we ignore him. 2.57 AM

Their thoughts are all over. 3.09 AM

Genius fizzed. 3.12 AM

Police are closed down. 3.55 AM

Stupid war while they hide underground." 4.00 AM

"We had a stupid good time," Judee say.

"Our breeders." Is what Judah calls our Galactican family that gifted us with their very own 223 high-level intelligence psychiatric genetics 200,000 years ago.

We would have developed the intelligence level we have now naturally given another 2 million years or so.

Our body form may exist for 21 million years.

We are a 12 million year species now. Another 9 million years to go before our body form passes out of existence.

The original 223 Galacticans have already passed out of existence. The second edition is passing out of life form now. The third edition of Galacticans is now on the bridge of the Federation.

They are a 15 million year canid species. Have we not heard the saying, "Mans best friend?"

The kind Being known to us as the infant Jesus of Prague is a 15-millon-year Galactican, our elder brother Sir Maximilian sent from the Federation to help us out of war and into peace.

Sir Maximilian is mentioned here with the most profound respect for his honor and dignity.

He was the director of "Project earth" from 1906 until he left earth zone in September of 2008.

He arrived in earth zone in 1910.

Our kind elder Galactican sister Juliet was Sir Maximilian's assistant from 1937 until she departed earth zone in November of 2008.

Juliet is mentioned with the most profound respect for her honor and dignity. Have we not heard of our fairy godmother?

With her magic wand. Have we read of tales of fairy godmother healing us of illnesses just by waving her magic wand over us?

The tales of fairy godmother from the early ages. Might we not now recognize fairy godmother was our extraterrestrial family that was gently affording us the opportunity to learn from them?

Might we notice the wings that fairy godmother can fly with? Do we also notice in this depiction fairy godmother is wearing a crown?

In this next image might we notice fairy godmother is depicted wearing a cape?

Have we noted in the images of the infant Jesus of Prague, our kind Galactican elder Sir Maximilian is depicted as wearing a cape?

Here is another image showing a cape that fairy godmother is wearing.

Might we note the cape and crown in this image of the infant of Prague?

Have we noticed on earth that a sign of royalty is wearing a crown?

Our Galactican elders wear a crown as body adornment and it is also an amplifier for long range telepathic communications with their computers.

Might we see the range of miracles for believers is the products of the technological prowess of our extraterrestrial family from the Federation?

Here we have fairy godmother wearing her crown with her magic wand in hand and her wings on the back.

Kind elder Sister Juliet sent Bitch telepathic pictures.

One series of pictures showed Juliet in transit to her new service location.

She was waiting for a spaceship to arrive in a neat waiting room that had what appeared to be plastic chairs, just as we might see in our bus or train waiting stations.

She was wearing a silver crown that was as flexible as soft rubber. It had pink gems embedded in it.

She had a full-length cape on. She didn't have her magic wand in her hand at that moment. She boarded a spacecraft to travel to her next service location somewhere in the universe.

She is very kind and beautiful. Jason, our technical representative to us from the Federation, is her "personal warmth companion." What we would call her "boyfriend" in earth language.

Bitch asked Jason how we might thank Juliet for coming to earth zone and assisting Sir Maximilian from 1937 until 2008.

Jason said, "raise her honor." It was a few years ago that Jason said that to me, so the exact wording may be slightly different.

Might it be a nice idea if we could have three and a half foot tall replicas of Juliet at our playgrounds that our children could give Tele hugs to Juliet to raise her honor?

Have we given much thought to the fact that Judah would have understood the visitations by fairy godmother throughout our history?

As Judah rejected contact with the Federation when Sir Maximilian invited them to join in 1350 AD, might we perceive that jester Judah has been fooling an ordinary lot of men really long?

An extraterrestrial elder from Mercury informed Bitch that each of them has in our terms an $80 million dollar a year income.

Might we understand why Judah has done all that he can to keep real advanced high technology out of our world?

How would Judah ever find any kids to sport with his war machine if we all have a pocket full of money to buy whatever it is we want?

Might we think of how Judah has forced widespread poverty into the United States and then mining the impoverished has used them to fight wars around the world to create more poverty where ever he can?

And the cure to it? Is it not to take the concession to issue our money away from him so that he cannot create privation induced aggression in our kids?

It it not certain that Labor can honestly and fairly issue tickets to eat to all of God's kids as our good God wills us to do?

Did Labor leader William Sylvis not rightly inform us that Labor must have a seat at the table where our money is issued from?

They stole our brave Labor leader William away in 1869 at only 41 years age.

If William only would have had a full life. Can we only wonder how things in America would be if William had another thirty plus years to educate us about economic things?

Might we see that Judah has been just too highly organized and effective through time working his death machine?

As highly organized and effective as is his cult, might we not see that Judah time is done?

"Be kind to the babies of the forest. Put in an existence stipend with something in it for everyone. Consider it a God given right. My kids, treat them super nice." God our precious sweet Father said.

How about when we're installing the new clean water systems in areas that the elephants roam that we put in a free service to where they wander by?

Did Father not say about the stipend, "with something in it for everyone?"

Might "be kind to the babies of the forest" combined with "something for everyone," not include some water for the elephants for when they pass through the area they get to drink some clean water from a pond?

Might Labor not recognize the high-level Beings we are and end the assault and battery against our kin?

The foul abrasion of Jewish on the free bourse. Will Labor not end the free funding of it?

"Ridiculous." A Tele sender said shortly after BItch put yesterday's post on Facebook.

Might that indicate that there are some of us who do not believe it true that we are being devolved and destroyed in a subtly waged nuclear waste war?

Might it be with our stellar educations, large houses and new cars that it is inconceivable to us that we are now being wasted out of life form?

Might that bring to mind the Tele receive from the other day, "I was fooling myself?"

Might our big steady incomes have fooled us in some way that we somehow have failed to see how Judah is closing us all out with brimstone nuclear waste?

"The druid is not dutiful, he has ever failed to save himself," Judee say.

Might Labor not say a prayer to our good God above for putting a canary in the coal mine with us?

The bird that is smelling the gas coming in and telling the rest of God's kids.

"You disparage my shill who is trying to convince you to save yourselves." God Almighty said to His kids about His Bitch.

The canary in the coal mine that sniffed them out in November of 1965. Didn't have the words to explain it. Yet the 17-year-old mind did the math that explained it.

Intuitively he understood that the nuclear weapons had his name on them.

Might it have been the few years sleeping with nuclear bombs overhead and under the deck that awoke a sense of just how hazarded we all are?

The 53 countries that Bitch went to, never found once an unkind attitude. What do we have these weapons of mass destruction in our world for?

Who are they to be used upon?

We've been given our lives my fellow Americans. Now we're throwing them away. Our second chance to survive a nuclear war. Is there not some way to convince Americans to try and save ourselves?

Who are the real Americans? Might we not be the kids that show up and agree to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone?

Are we not the kids who arrived because of the promise that we could live in a land with liberty and justice for all?

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

Armed robberies, kidnappings, murder for hire. Felony perjury to lie it all up. Criminal malfeasance of office and benches that perp.

And still on the public payrolls. From that might, we figure just what sort of political and legal arrangements we have in America today?

Is there not some way to convince Labor to let go of the old Jewish criminal order and let our new days come in?

They've had their moment in time, they're going no further with us. All they can do now is harm us more. Is there not some way to bring Labor to close them out right?

Will swearing on a stack of bibles that what you have read is true, not bring Labor into helping us here?

If only our fairy godmother would wave her wand might it not free our minds to ending funding Judah war sport?

They've taken their best shot, they're through with us as we are with them. If understood, will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let them off right?

Men and women, young and old. For thousands of years, all they've wanted to do is hurt us so.

"They're no friends of mine. I died them truthful." God our Father said about the cipher of weap Judah brand.

So what's the problem here? Might it be the mental pain of Baron and thinking about the bad guys that cut his nose off?

Are we not lucky that Judah Replicons are doing plastic surgery to make "Baron" look good again?

Isn't that a darling picture including his undercarriage? Can we only wonder what it is about sexual things that Judah understands that are so powerful to hold people in?

Isn't that a stylish necklace they have put on Baron?

Doesn't that Israeli psychologist think of everything?

What might we think of Judee courts that have said that a dog sitting down is probable cause to do a drug search of our person, house or cars?

Might we see Baron in court next giving testimony about the naughty guy that cut his nose off?

Might the Judah prosecutor say, "Bark once for yes and twice for no?"

Are we getting some idea of how comical Judah are as they continue dying us off in the millions?

While at some level what they do may appear comical in a burlesque farce sort of way, do we not sense the deadliness of their minds that want to exterminate us?

Might Labor not get a whiff of the unclean hands of Judah and his sports teams and get us to peace in our space and time?

Has Judah not exhausted his time with us in our world?

Is it not clear that we are through with them once and for all forever more?

First Greig squares off with the kangaroo as if he is in a boxing ring:

Then he loads up with his right fist:

The kangaroos head flies back from the fist to his nose.

Continues at:

The video of the Replicon Judah Greig Tonkins in Australia saving his dog by punching a kangaroo in the nose. What

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