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"Abusive Transporting. He's Almost Fisted You's Lifeless."
Mon Feb 13, 2017 08:10

"Abusive Transporting. He's Almost Fisted You's Lifeless."

The insurance rackets funding most of the killings in our nation and world. The Financialization of the most profound criminality possible, that Judah calls "sport."

Of their own free will they have carried on a strategy designed to die the mass of the human race off. Still at even now.

Judah now succeeding in dying the United States of America off and simultaneously poisoning us, our fields, our air, to die the majority of us out of life form in only the next few years.

Did the overnight Tele receive not get it right, "he's almost fisted you lifeless?"

As most people that have taken the time to see what Judah has done understand that for his genocide he is now done.

His ability to terrorize so many that most are just not willing to challenge Judah man. This even after the ultimate, they pushed the button on us.

Two thousand years of warnings found in our bibles. The Galactic Federation of Light that saved us.

Our precious sweet Father, God Almighty. Sent His angels in to save us. Will Labor not help us right?

The millions of years of evolution that shaped the bodies of man. The 200,000 years with our high-level intelligence inside.

Now being washed out at the genetic level from Jewish death rays that are taking us away.

How sinister of a plan to die off the human race. The greatest enemy ever, weap Judah, selling us a protection package from others, such as our Russian family, that are as victimized as we are.

Can we only wonder how cunning of a mind does Judah have that is still able to do it to us after so many warnings to us?

"The sight of a doggie is distraught. It errors you to missiles. Our course, to stay corrupt. You see how we stupid you truly awesome offense. Mercury can't bare dumb, I'm Judee, we even close you Contact. Because of my wit Bitch has fallen. We're just going to finish out and push you dead," Judee say.

Might we see in that short paragraph the final strategy of Judah and how he is just going to go ahead with his basic and finish us out until we are dead?

"The sight of a doggie is distraught."

Might we wonder why elders from outer space did not delete those videos of Bitch 35 years ago?

Do we understand they have the technical ability to do that? Sure they do.

They could have also dropped Bitch's stupid fault of insulting you's 5 years ago also, but they didn't do that either.

And yet they want us to survive and not let Judah die us off. So why did they not blot the pictures and drop the file where Bitch had his insult moment if they truly want us to live?

Might it be as Father said about Judah, "I died them truthful?"

So while a doggie picture may make distraught, if it is distraught enough to allow us to continue to missile ourselves and die us off, might that be our error that needs to be corrected and not Bitch's?

Judah horror opps that he uses to sell us his Auschwitz coast to coast. Might it be by making us distraught that it works to his advantage?

"Always opp racial," Judee say. His getting hold of people and in his prison houses and mental facilities putting in the chips and chemicals and words to direct his opps that he sells to us.

Might we not recognize this as a Judah opp right away?
Brian Golsby 29, was arrested Saturday on charges of aggravated murder, kidnapping and aggravated robbery, Grove City, Ohio police said

Might we not recognize Judee opps in the slaying of this young woman? This happened in Ohio. Have we not learned that Ohio is a large opper state both within their territory and with other oppers in others states?

Will Labor not put our grand juries in so that 911 can explain to us what knowledge they had of this tragedy?

Might this slaying not produce a distraught feeling in us?

Might it help Judee sell his Auschwitz brand?

Do we recall in the Tinley Park Lane Bryant massacre one of the victims was hiding in the back room and she called 911 and they told her to try another number?

Her cell phone rang the Will county 911 and she was a few hundred feet away from Will county in Cook county.

Is there not some way that Labor will put our grand juries in so that we can clean this old Jewish police state criminal organization out?

The fellow that did this slaying was released last year from jail. There is a link to the article below. If you read the 271 comments, might it not be smart to consider that a large number of them are Judee guys and gals that want to misdirect who the true perpetrators behind the death of that young woman are?

Might we consider just how many hands had to have had cash put into them to let this happen?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and retire them? Have they not failed us enough yet that we will not let ourselves move on to peace now?

And might we want to keep in mind what Judah says all the time, "Always opp racial?"

And in the international scene, we have the Hybrid transplant Replicon weap Judah launch an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Might we consider how Judah uses a menace to control the dialog here?

One Judah Replicon launches a missile and in other countries, the Judah Replicons hoot and holler and use the event to terrorize the populations into remaining frozen and submissive.

Will Labor not end funding the missile sport of weap Judah?

As Mercury has served with Mars and Sir Casper has pulled every nuclear missile off of us that weap Judah has attacked us with, might we not consider that Judah just will not be able to get us with his continentals?

The bright young American girl that was slain in Panama last week. Might we not see Judah jealousy at work there?

"This is ultimately how we make our chapel rules. You have just enough civil rights for me to bat you off of here. I always set you fool by racing you out.

I fight you animal by basing you sep without rights. We arm you always with our suspect. This was a sport time we just set well. This was a great fell, great sport fun.

Our algebra mortimus obviously outs the people. I opp it so you don't perceive our ruse here. We bourse them dead. When we're doing funerals we're real molestive."

Those reverse speech from videos of both women's slayings.

Might Labor please take note what Judah said here?

"We bourse them dead."

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and try to protect us and our kids?

"I opp it so you don't perceive our ruse here."

Might we understand they do it as if others are the driving force of murder that we have going on in our communities?

While reading the reverse speech in these videos one honest municipal in Panama said this in reverse speech:

"They error us weak."

Might we see in the many ways Judah errors our family in Panama by committing their sports murder on an American tourist there?

The two scientists that were found dead in their Berkeley home last week.

Berkeley police spokesman Officer Byron White said 35-year-old Roger Morash and his wife, 32-year-old Valerie Morash, were found dead together in their apartment in the 3000 block of Deakin Street. The couple’s two cats were dead as well.

Now we are being told that they died of carbon monoxide poisoning. They just don't know the source of it yet.

Might Judee be trying to fool us again? Can we only wonder, might these extra bright young people be victims of a killer satellite attack?

While looking for the article of these Berkeley, California residents deaths, came upon a teacher that was stabbed to death in her home.

Might we not see Judah as the motivating force that does these attacks upon our useful?

If so are we making the connection with all the free bourse that American Labor gives Judah as the source of the force that allows us to be continually attacked and killed so easily?

Is Labor understanding that with civil rights in our grand juries then will be able to get to the bottom of things and end these assaults on ourselves that Judah is doing in his last days with us?

Are we understanding it is Judah privately holding the desk to issue our money that is allowing him to harm us so?

As the American version of the mild man of the north is faced off with the other mild man of the north, our brothers and sisters in Russia, will AMERICAN LABOR not try to STOP THE WAR?

The success of the pyramid guys and gals that came up into the north lands and how they slaughtered us so.

Will American Labor not overcome the distraught that Judah puts on the mental and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"I'm a Judee, we even close your contact."

For the love of God and our families will American Labor not awaken to the imminent perfected die of the mild man of the north that Judah has laid upon us here?
Solzhenitsyn shares with us what the ordinary Jew faced from his Jewish betters in Russia in his book "200 Years together."

As a result, their poor masses find themselves in the condition of severe emaciation and great poverty, and there are many of them… In contrast, the members of the kahal are rich, and live in superfluity; by ruling over both levers of power, the spiritual and secular,… they have a great power over the people. In this way they hold.them … in great poverty and fear.” The Kehilot “issues to the people every possible command…

Might we think of what elders shared that the root strategy that Judah employs was developed in the harsh resource constrained desert terrain and it is termed "Individual biological opportunity?"

The Kahal are the local governing body of the Jews.

Might we understand the strategy is such that it hires Hitler who has a policy against Jews?

Do we recall when the big Jews hired Hitler who stomped on the little Jews, the reasoning was, "They wouldn't allow a sentimental notion to interfere with making a buck?"

While Judah strategy sets nations up to take big hard falls, might we understand he will let other Jews take a real hard fall too?

Might we perceive how weap Judah has set Americans, Russians, Germans and English up to take the hardest falls that he has ever given any nations?

The entire lot of mild man of the north both in the old world and in the new land of America hazarded by sports war. Are we not yet perceiving just how hard of a fall we are set to take now?

As our genetic heritage is being washed away with Jewish death rays is there not some way to convince Labor to help us?

"Judee locks stole our crystal." Tele receive. 9.15 AM

Are we understanding Labor the nuclear waste will make us as dead as a nuclear blast, the difference between them is it will take a few years longer to get it done?

Tele receives:

"You've lost this state with Judee alge-trick. 6.50 PM

They got some MOX in. 7.02 PM

Animal embarrasses us. 7.06 PM

It's his turn to grief us. 7.24 PM

War has failed your life forces. 7.27 PM

Business strikes. 7.33 PM

This rapist fault will break us. 7.34 PM

They're re-sighting us. 12.04 AM

Criminals scored us. 12.41 AM

Take fist out!

They'll be out in a day.

Sheenish party ails. 12.42 AM

Insurance field wounded this field. 2.40 AM

Lethal hinge. 2.41 AM

Abusive transporting. 2.45 AM

Their murder is done. 2.53 AM

He's almost fisted you life less. 2.57 AM

Rip them out! 3.32 AM

Come on over. 4.38 AM

Your master died. 4.43 AM

You're a sappy goof. 5.00 AM (Judee speaking to Bitch?)

These are really strong people that are done.

Judah thief is revealed. 5.28 AM

They just know some old tricks. 5.39 AM

Faults minus.

You are pretty special, you made the wizards fallen. 8.18 AM

If we fail to awaken to the fact we are being destroyed we will be.

They're icing the field. 8.23 AM

They're dying us. 8.30 AM

Goose step company is coming in here. 8.55 AM

Judee locks stole our crystal. 9.15 AM

Moisture fails completely." 9.21 AM

Our crystal, the DNA that we pass on to our children. Might we give some thought to the millions of homeless in America, we have been together for 12 million years?

Might our crystals not be quite similar after being together for such a long time? Certainly. Will Labor not take care of our family right and end Judah homelessness sports?

Our 200,000-year crystal with our high-level intelligence in it. Will we not ORGANIZE and put that to work and take the STRIKE day to let Judah off right?

"I want to use Russia to make you fall right. With our budget dredge, we're going to do some fisting. Our documents fall for weap great. I want your famous white out.

Today Jewish ment truly hit the bullseye. We dribble around a lot to mosh you. We're still foolishing you. While you want a new theory, my theory of fist is still in," Judee say.

Will Labor not accept that master died himself off when he attacked us with his great balls of fire?

They got some MOX in on us one Tele sender revealed. Still, have their Bon Ami in some of the sweets we love so well. Will Labor not close it all out this time?

"The chosen life has failed, my life is smashed. Because I'm envious I always cheat. The Bitch is a real professor so I say so long," Judee say.

While Judah has to say, "so long." Will Labor not say "Hello" and come on in?

We're mere mortals here Labor. We have a time and place then we are over, dead and gone. In our time and place will Labor not demand a world of peace?

Must Labor not end the disgrace of weap Judah sporting in our place?

Are we understanding Labor that if we let Judah with his alliance partners in Germany's nuclear war fighting industries melt our crystal with his corrosive brimstone waste, we will be gone along with our kids to?

Did Bitch tattle tale not get Judee out real right? The stab in the back that Judah planned nicely. Did Bitch not deliver Mercury report to you all about the thousand nuclear missiles that Judah tried to wipe us out with? Yes, he did.

So can we only wonder why Labor has not done a thing about it yet?

Judah in reverse speech tells us he is certain that Bitch will get him out yet. Are we understanding the way to do it is for Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and come on in?

Will Labor not put our Bill of Rights in and make America truly great once again?

See, you shall call nations that you do not know and nations that do not know you shall run to you, because of the Lord your God. Isaiah 55:5
Jesus said, “Then people will come from east and west, from north and south, and will eat in the kingdom of God.” Luke 13:29

Might we see in that scripture that our good God Almighty has great plans for the land of life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Our God given rights Labor. That God made it a point to give us rights. Should that not clue us as to just how important they are to us?

"We can only reach with determination for the warm hand of God, which we have so rashly and self-confidently pushed away." Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Is it not clear that our only hope to survive the Jewish nuclear brimstone waste war that is melting our crystals out of life form is to reach out for the warm hand of our good God above in heaven?

Will Labor not put our hands in the hand of the man from Galilee to save us?

The rabid animal that bites us in our sleep giving us little sign upon awakening that we have been harmed.

Not aware that we have a radioactive time bomb ticking inside of us now that if not detected and cured will carry us out of life form like a rabid bite not felt in our sleep. Must Labor not come out of its sleep and help us to survive this rabid brimstone waste bite of Judah that is now making us die?

From Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together."

Thus the Complaint of the Jews of Berdychiv [Ukraine] against the princes of Radziwill stated: “in order to hold our religious services, we must first pay gold to

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