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More Arrests As Spy Rings Exposed
Tue Feb 14, 2017 05:55


Since President Bush took office in 1989 the CIA has been running full steam without any controls on it. The amount of damage they have done to Planet Earth is incalculable. Thank GOD many of these agents are patriots and under President Trump are coming forward in a attempt to stop the annihilation of both the United States and Planet Earth.

First - There were 474 people arrested in response to Human Trafficking in California two weeks ago.

Second - If you follow the Foreign Supported Black Lives Matters Facebook Pages they plan to start nation wide riots 15 April - in about 2 month. CIA paid protesters will lead these riots nationwide.

What will happen during these riots will be mass arrests of Paid Protesters - commonly referred to as Terrorists.

The Penalty for Terrorism under USC 18 is 20 years to life. This means that those Paid Protesters are preparing to enter a Life Time of Prison - and to pay for these prisons companies are lining up to have products made in these prisons - like shirts, car parts, etc.

These Paid Protesters are preparing to lead a life of Slavery and will make products for the Super Wealthy. They will work 40 hours a week and earn around $.16 cents an hour after taxes.

This means that if they are allowed to leave prison in 20 years they will walk away with around $6,400 dollars if they buy no candy bars, tooth brushes, clothes, etc.

By then welfare to Convicted Felons - GAU and AUX Welfare - will be eliminated.

3) As for the Spy rings being uncovered - General Michael Flynn, current director of the Bureau Of Intelligence Research, has announced he will leave the agency and assist President Trump in locating, and neutralizing the huge spy rings across the nation in reference to the Drug Cartels in Central and South America.

…..a) First they are being identified as can be seen in this story from the sisters of Sorcha. These rings have been known for decades but we finally have a Real Man n the Presidency who wants to put America First - not these Drug Dealing Nutcases.

…..b) Next - they will be verified. Names, addresses, Telephone Numbers, Locations…

…..c) Then they will be arrested or eliminated.


Avoid the Doctor

We have noticed ever since drinking our Anti-Aging mix not only are wrinkles going away and hair is returning but our Finger Nails and Toe Nails are growing like mad - like we were 40 again.

Finally - men - today is Valentine’s Day. Flowers, chocolate and other presents must abound. Do not forget or you will be in the Dog House for months.

For you Intel Geeks:

The leaks from the White House will continue until the Elites do as GOD has directed them to do. Not sure - watch all 670 videos and you will know.

You also need to do a sweep of the White House using a simple Compass…I will show you. Using a Simple Silva Ranger Compass all hidden listening devices may be identified.

Try it yourself and you will fail and the leaks will continue, so GOD has said it, so it shall be.

Again - no Boat Trips for the President this month and he need to be shown the High Speed Magnetic Rail from the White House to New York City and given access to it.

Elites - the replacements of the Top Council of 50 will begin in late March. There are already 3 “Doubles” in your midst - Spy’s if you wish.

As for the Leaders and Programmers of Google and You Tube and the NSA stealing my Hits and Subscribers - you do not have the guts to pay me back to stay alive. Within 2 years all of you will be replaced with some type of Double or Clone. What happens to you - you will more than likely be turned into Dog Food. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

Doubt GOD - Look what they just did to the Original CEO of the Italian Deutsche Bank wing???


Again - please pray with me that your family is ready for what is coming. Keep your pantry full and your powder dry - not kidding.

The Bear Spray for $50 from Cabalas is a great defensive weapon.

Also please pray that President Trump succeeds in every thing he does and that the 6 March attempt on his life is thwarted. My current location prohibits me from assisting him any more than that.

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Dr William B. Mount

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