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"They Breeze Us Cage. Psychic Made Them Go In." Voltaire an
Wed Feb 15, 2017 09:40

"They Breeze Us Cage. Psychic Made Them Go In."

Voltaire and the Jews
Published: September 30, 1990

In a book published more than 20 years ago, in 1968, entitled ''The French Enlightenment and the Jews,'' I argued against this construction. An anti-Semite of the most damaging kind is one who asserts that, no matter what Jews might believe, their inherent character is fixed - and nasty.

In his ''Letter of Memmius to Cicero'' (1771), Voltaire, in the pose of an ancient Roman reporting on the Jews, wrote: ''They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.''

In the next year, writing the essay ''One Must Take Sides'' - introduced as ''the last word by Voltaire on metaphysics'' - he ridiculed each of the major religions, but he was meanest to the Jews: ''You have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables, in bad conduct and in barbarism. You deserve to be punished, for this is your destiny.'' This is hardly the rhetoric of a man who thinks that Jews are just another people waiting to be enlightened.

"I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.''

The best hope for the human race, America, land of liberty and justice for all turned into a nightmare of eternal sports Judah war.

Under cover of war, using the financial prowess of the United States of America Judah built the blast and waste arsenal to be the final solution to the children of God on planet earth, extinction via nuclear technology in Judah's hands.

"An anti-Semite of the most damaging kind is one who asserts that, no matter what Jews might believe, their inherent character is fixed - and nasty."

That God Almighty informed us in the bible 2 thousand years ago of what Judah would do in the end times. Get us out with fire, smoke, and brimstone.

Americans so far accepting what Judah told them, "you have no rights because Muslims are bad people and I Judah need to protect you."

Now that Judah has gotten caught red-handed attacking us with his great balls of nuclear fire, much chance Judah's last fiction, that we need to have no rights so he can protect is against Muslims, will ever be accepted again?

Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

So what are we supposed to do now?

Might we not actually try to protect ourselves from the mass die off that Judah is holding us in to give ourselves now?

While Voltaire called for punishing the Jews, "You deserve to be punished, for this is your destiny," might we note that Father's house has no punishment in it?

Voltaire, an undisputed leading intellect, had no use for either Judaism or Christianity. He saw them both as not useful to us.

Might we consider that it was the uses to which Christianity has been put that is the error?

That is the message of Jesus is uplifting and redemptive, yet the churches, priests, and preachers. Might some have succumbed to bribes to use the cover of Christianity to send us in the incorrect direction?

Have they all not failed to warn us about the threat from Judah on nuclear technology and free American bourse?

Again, a thought about Voltaire (1694-1778), even with his high intellect, is it not interesting that he did not make the connection with Christianity as part of an extraterrestrial intervention?

Bitch, detecting extraterrestrial wire tappers early on in 1989 after getting a modern computer and connecting it to the phone lines and recording signals, did not make the connection with extraterrestrials, Christianity and God until 2009.

The voices that spoke to Buddha. Might we now understand those were our extraterrestrial family that was helping Buddha find the answers to the difficult questions of life that he was seeking knowledge of?

Might we understand that our extraterrestrial family has been by our side helping us throughout all the time we have been in the nursery on earth?

"We're apes," Judee say.

"Simians," as to the specific branch of apes we are. The high-level intelligence genetics that we have been gifted with by our family from the universe.

Will we not use our high intelligence to get us out of sports war?

Will we not unravel the deadly trickery that Judah has put on us all? Will we not recognize what Voltaire predicted would happen and accept that they have proven deadly to us?

From Solzhenityn's "200 Years Together"

The common feature of Jewish life was satisfaction, although not universally. From a psychological and domestic point of view, observers found Russian Jewry characterized by “constant vigilance to his fate and identity, to his struggle and self-defense.”

The “domineering and authoritative social forms for the preservation of life” were prominent in them. Adaptation to the new conditions of life was largely a collective adaptation and not individual.

"Observers found Russian Jewry characterized by “constant vigilance to his fate and identity, to his struggle and self-defense.”

Might we not serve ourselves right by constant vigilance to our fate, our identity as Americans and act in self-defense as we are being massively slain by the highly organized and lavishly financed weap Judah? Must American labor not end funding this mass destruction that is coming in on us?

"We're near to scoring you back to nudey," Judee say.

Might we note our extraterrestrial family does not act against Judah?

Though they pulled all of the nuclear missiles out of the sky that Judah attacked us with, might we note, they never laid a hand on Judah?

"I gave you my boomin performance and I'm still taking you away in spite of contact. With my joke I took out contact," Judee say.

As we are being died off due to the deadly effects of Jewish death rays will we not try to be diligent and save ourselves?

"Because of our shot, now I'm a junior fellow," Judee say.

Might we think of how our good God Almighty has set it for the mass of His children on earth to step around Judah hold and put ourselves onto a track that will lead us into the universe at peace?

Are we understanding Labor that along with our good God letting Judah throw himself out forever, might we understand that God our Father wills that Labor is to be the issuer of our money?

That is are we understanding the gigantic change in human relations that is set to come about when masters from any nations are no longer holding the reigns of power over the rest of the children of God?

The reigns of power. Are we understanding they are to be found in whoever it is that has the control of the Organizing Principle of Society in their hands?

The Organizing Principle of Society, have our kind extraterrestrial family not given us the knowledge that the organizing principle of society is the issue of money? The issue of money. Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and get it to prevent us from being returned to nudey?

That one of the simians in the nursery of the Federation, Judah, figures out that to get a hold of the rest of the simians in the nursery on planet earth he needs to get hold of the tickets to eat and sets about over long periods of time to disguise what he is doing and why.

Largely unknown to the majority of Simians rising up in the nursery, the 'deuce' has plans to put the 98% of the rest of us in. To take our lives away from us, suddenly and unexpectedly. A shot out of the blue in the middle of the night.

Who could ever guess that there could be such an evil plan?

While the entire time Judah fully aware that our creators from the Federation want us to live to raise up to become extraterrestrials ourselves.

Judah, aware that the Federation is standing watch holding Judah from finishing us off with nuclear blast weapons, sets up his backup shot of nuclear waste to die us all off.

Judah again understanding the deadliness of nuclear technology in its blast and waste forms uses the power of the purse to force in hundreds of Jewish electricity dirty bombs to die us all off and kill the surface of planet earth.

Might Judah problem be how to keep us from figuring out just what an evil plan he has for us?

"Core sight them like a baby then wrench," Judee say.

Judah, putting his Jewish artillery into action from Hitachi-GE on March 11, 2011, still shooting us with it now.

Are we aware that there have been no attempts to shut that out of control nuclear bonfire down yet?

Easily shut down by adding boron to the cooling feed water. And why has that not happened yet? Are we understanding boron has not been added because it would end the menace that Judah has put on to us?

Is it not nearly unbelievable that just that one nuclear brimstone waste Jewish artillery piece at Hitachi-GE can take out not only the north American continent but Europe too?

All this while Judah has Americans funding and fighting made up wars for the sport of Judah.

Even with contact from the extraterrestrial civilization that genetically engineered us into our high intelligence form, Judah the "Rare" has been able to hold us to fund dying ourselves off.

American people sitting on a powder keg standing by doing nothing as Judah uses the American Labor purse to put the cruelly manipulated poor on the doorsteps of the Soviet Union to begin more of Judah sports war fun.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Precious sweet Father said.

Judah, having lost his great balls of fire to the angels that Father sent into spare us immolation at the hands of weap Judah, planned to finish off planet earth by putting a bunch of his nuclear waste artillery, disguised as Jewish electricity plants, into meltdowns as he has accomplished at Hitachi-GE.

Have we not noted the over 40 Jewish electricity plants that have gone into emergency or unscheduled shutdowns in only the last few years now?

Might we perceive that our elders from outer space safely shut them down to prevent Judah from using his Stuxnet controllers to turn them into nuclear bonfires such as he has done at Hitachi-GE?

Could it be that Americans just do not perceive that we are being put to a nuclear brimstone waste genocide now?

The farce, the mockery of intelligence that Judah has sold to Americans that let him continue to shoot world wars.

That we have failed to STOP THE WAR with thousands of warnings for over 5 years now. Might Judah not step in and take us out?

Will American Labor not take the good advice that our elders from outer space give us, "Get Smart," and "STRIKE THEM OUT?"

Solzhenitsyn gives us some idea why Russian people were hampered in acting to help themselves:

"The best Russia could expect was an inept, feeble, and disorderly pseudo-democracy, unable to rely on enough citizens with developed legal consciousness and economic independence."

Might Solzhenitsyn have identified a facet of what may be keeping American workers from acting now to take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews?

"Enough citizens with developed legal consciousness and economic independence."

The threat of loss of income. Is that not about the most frightening threat of all? Once Labor has the concession to issue our money in its hands do we see that we all will become economically independent?

Have we not see how Judah seeks out our people that are climbing economically and takes many of them off of their income using his false rules?

Judah, his frames up and false arrests. Has he not used his force to sewer much of the United States of America?

"Citizens with developed legal consciousness."

That we have the best rights of any nation on earth and Judah has tossed them out with little objection at all.

And is it not something to consider, Judah wired up the World Trade Center and knocked it down and put us into permanent war to get our rights away from us?

Might that give us some idea of how valuable are our rights that Judah went to so much effort to get them away from us?

Father spoke to Bitch this afternoon. Here is what Father said:

"I warned you to STRIKE their technocracy. I'm going to leave it to you boys to figure it out."

Is there not some understanding that their technocracy is now set to put Russians in to give us a trip backward to be nudey again?

Will Labor not please overlook Bitch bungle and STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a chance to survive this high-tech war they are set to die us off in?

Tele receives:

"They forced you to be a victim 25 years ago. 6.55 PM

Nest here. 6.58 PM

Tumors will just wash you. 7.07 PM

Close them up. 7.09 PM

Silo 54 made a sale. 7.15 PM

Wash their fox theory away. 7.19PM

Murder is how they failed us. 10.07 PM

You convinced us here. 10.09 PM

Put your foot in the door. 11.45 PM

Nobody cares about beautiful scrummatage here. 11.46 PM

Wonderful rising fair they pushed us. 10.31 PM

Rightless you stumble badly. 1.17 AM

They pushed us out. 2.04 AM

They want us greatly to fail molesters. 2.13 AM

They breeze us cage. 2.14 AM

Psychic made them go in.

God spared us. 3.00 AM

We're being exterminated fatally.

You're welcome right. 3.27 AM

Thank you for prophesizing them .4.33 AM

You're taking care of us, we're passed out, STRIKE A DEAL to get fisty out. 8.28 AM

A very versatile man. 9.10 AM

We are ready to put him away. 9.36 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT, we're pushing die here." 9.48 AM

"The Muslim offered a peace pipe to me but I shot him out. I just plunge you into after days, I just got to fight you somehow. I'm a fabulous engineer to take your rights away from you and toss you.

My service strategy is out for missile. My faulty ass died you and now you see I'm zoo full fisty. I keep fisting you. I de-image you. My fish capacity was monumental.

I'm here to foolish you. Police witless for my bankruptcy. With a nice state, I just take you out William. I play you on the right side to mutt you.

With my joke, I took out contact. I gave you my boomis performance and I'm still taking you away in spite of contact. To make you suffer is just my habit.

Eagle boy, I'm gonna void. I hold you in my suspect so I can defeat you right. Because I'm Jewish all I'm going to do is hurt you. I suffered you my goon boy.

Ever since I met you I always wanted you to fear. I sold you incidents that outrage thee. I do some dirty opps with an ice cream company. Half will die fisty with my boursed air.

My bank's about ready to go. I die keen agers for my defilement. Tax dollars work wonders for our morality. I have a dream I put Europe away. He's taken out our wrench because super boy talks too much.

I'm refused for my angry dud. We fax you for a British room. We all just want to have fun with our favorite cage. With Minneapolee I hastily take you out. We want you to breathe fart, it's our full Nelson.

You had 3 (three) watch warnings, now we take you out big," Judee say.

Over 5 years of warnings to STRIKE THEM OUT! 2,000 years of warnings of the last days of Judah with us on the surface of planet earth.

Will we not pray that Labor will RISE and STRIKE THEM OUT until Labor has the concession to issue our money in your hands?

With over 400 Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot power plants to die off the entire mass of all the life forms living on the surface of planet earth. Is there not some way to convince Labor of the late hour it is and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"My 21st-century strategy is authorized because you let me fash you. My old opp first bum is through. We attach you, that's our basic. Jew image to fiend you.

His mother would like to compliment me but she threw me off. Jew got the race war here to screw you dead. I just sport you great but I've proven to be a dumb foot.

Continues at:

We deploy estimates to put you in. Boot camp is out our ment. My Jew died you off all fair. I just cage you to out your future. I just dog you Jewish people hosh. The angels don't believe in weapin s

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