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Patrick Sullivan 399
"Virtually I Scored You Out and Your Kid. We Organized and C
Thu Feb 16, 2017 09:21

"Virtually I Scored You Out and Your Kid. We Organized and Cycled You Bad."

Might we recognize Judee when he is speaking to us?

Might we see where he has got the rest of us beat hands down, in the organization?

While Judah tells us that the Druid has ever failed to save himself, the Druid is not dutiful. Might we look again at the description that Solzhenitsyn gives us of the Jew in his book, "200 Years Together?"

"Observers found Russian Jewry characterized by “constant vigilance to his fate and identity, to his struggle and self-defense.”

"Constant vigilance to his fate."

And just yesterday Father said to us: "I warned you to STRIKE their technocracy. I'm going to leave it to you boys to figure it out."

Do we recall that previously Father said, "I won't save your lives because 2+2=4?"

As we are being perished out of life form showing no resistance to our status as rightless persons is there not some sense that we missed something here?

Bitch mis-set you's and bungled it early on. Father explained it and Bitch apologized again and again.

Is there not some way that the ordinary people will recognize we are now perishing out of life form and reject Judah's Israeli psychologist who shows genital pictures to make people distraught as a method of holding us here?

Is it not seen they're taking our food supply away from us? Contaminating our fields with a permanent lethal corrosive chemical, nuclear waste.

Is it not through the stomach how Judah gets a hold of us?

The tickets to eat. Our "Abstract Receipts of Labor," MONEY. Has Judah not privatized the issue of them? Yes, he has and has held the concession to issue our tickets to eat since 1913.

Might that in itself not explain why there is so much poverty in America and war in our world?

He lost his blast attack when he tried to wipe America out in few hours of sports shooting. What is it that is holding Labor to let him hold the tickets to eat in his hands, that he is using to destroy our food sources?

What have the Ivy League charlatans learned that has allowed them to hold the entire United States of America into a permanent war to extinction?

Not once but repeatedly as our elders from outer space keep sparing our lives.

"It helps to just let them see the pup." (One weap Judah said to another weap Judah)

Vast high technical armed forces sweeping around the world shooting and bombing our family. Will American Labor not awaken to our higher purpose and end funding Judah sport genocide war?

"This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more, put them out, they're criminals!" Our good God Almighty and Sovereign Lord of Planet Earth said.

"Ethically, they're criminals. They have no defensible rights." Our good God said.

After attempting to perish us with thousands of nuclear bombs is there not some sense that criminals should not be privately holding Labors purse?

"We just came to fornicate you and die you out," Judee say.

Might we note the simple life form that Judah has truly displayed?

The superior knowledge that Judah has had concerning our extraterrestrial family. That Judah and the other centers of power of planet earth rejected communications with our extraterrestrial family in 1350 AD and ever since, have we given any though to just what sort of evil feelings that they must harbor towards us?

Might we see how the love of our precious sweet Father for us has left Judah to give themselves the breeze right?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty our Father in heaven said.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father asked us.

As Judah cycled and organized to finish us off, and after 5 years of warnings to STOP the war from God Almighty what say you Labor? Must you fail?

"We are your vehicle, you failed your Saviors," Judee say.

Our Saviors sent to us from our good God above in Heaven, the Galactic Federation of light. 38 light-years away in the direction of the North Star.

Will Labor not snap out of it, ORGANIZE and STRIKE THEM OUT right now? Will Labor not listen to our Saviors sent to us from our good God above and STRIKE THEM OUT?

The Organizing Principle of Society. How do we organize ourselves? Do we organize to build housing for ourselves or to build bombs to drop on each other? Are we understanding it depends on who it is that has the authority to issue our money in their hands?

Judah placed his bet on having the ability to kill whoever showed up that wanted to build housing instead of bombs.

The angels informed Judah in 1930 that they were going to send supermen in to get the weap Jews out in the end times.

Bitch, unaware he was Bitch, amazed at how many times he survived nearly losing his life. The numerous fists that tried to shoot him over the years.

With the better part of a thousand people shot down on the streets of Chicago, who would ever even notice one more?

Might ordinary working people understand why we have little true legal representation while Judah private hand is issuing our money? Might we understand Judah hires neutralizing those effective lawyers that represent the interests of ordinary working folks?

Kidnapped off of the street, put in a cage so that Judah Replicons can paste.

Is Labor not hearing the call to close this Jewish tyranny out of here once and for all?

To spare your own lives and the lives of your kids will you not get Jewish war and their electricity off of us right?

Their starving Americans to create privation induced aggression. The creation of their fist to weap us good. Will Labor not give us a new life? Must Labor not STOP THE WAR right? Will American Labor not give us a world of peace? Must you fail? Did God not ask us that Labor?

And what about our unions. Will it surprise any that they themselves have been sporting workers?

Might it surprise workers that our union leadership is largely made up of Replicon hybrid transplant shell Judah that pretend they're Irish, German, English, Swedes and the like? While all of the time they are Judah's fooling us.

The reports are now coming in of the union bosses that have been sporting us. Will Labor not give us a STRIKE and let our grand juries sort it out?

Will Labor not put our grand juries in?

Will Labor not put our grand juries in and answer what inquiring minds want to know?

Past employers still have $440,000 dollars combined insurance on Bitch's life. Will Labor not help me and get their pitch off of me?

They die us off like a dog in a cage. Will Labor not take their cages off of us?

Will the white man not awaken to just how terribly his marrow is set to be baked now?

Generations of us eating Jewish margarine. The diagnosis was dyslexia. Might it have actually have been the cakes and pies with Bon Ami in them?

Holding us hostage with their great balls of fire. Does Labor not yet see that our good God had His angels set us free from Jewish guys and their atomic blast disease?

His fornicated into existence hybrid transplant shells. Their ability to give us hell by holding our purse in their hands. Will Labor not let them off right?

Is there not some understanding that this is God's world here?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." Precious sweet Father said.

Will Labor not let them off and get their poison off of us?

The 60 million mild men of the north that Judah died off in the last century. Did Solzhenitsyn not reveal to us the truth, it was weap Judah behind most of it?

Now for Judah's last sport, mild men of the north facing off against each other using extraterrestrial level technology. Is there not some sense it is now the end of life for us? Do we not see their plan is to leave us nudey?

"I warned you to STRIKE their technocracy. I'm going to leave it to you boys to figure it out."

An extraterrestrial level technocracy. Will Labor not mature and get their war hazard off of us?

"We are your vehicle, you failed your Saviors," Judee say.

Holding us with his tight fist. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and get rid of it?

Is there not some sense of how much effort the angels have gone to to keep Bitch in from the many times that Judah has tried to fist him in?

Might Labor understand that was so there would be someone here to share the truth with you all?

And what is the truth? The truth is that Father loves us and wants us to come on up and join in the universe at peace with the rest of His kids.

Our Saviors, the angels that Father sent in to help us get ourselves to peace. Will Labor not close Judah fist rule out?

Asians, Africans, South Americans will not fight for the Judah guy. Will mild man not join the rest of our family and let Judah off right?

"When I lose my white fist I'm done. We've had the white fist for so long its nearly part of our biology. We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.

Will white not close them out OK? Will mild man not let them off right?

"The Jew plex, you won't believe the power they have over Druid." An interested observer said in reverse speech.

Will Druid not break Jewish mental power over the mild man of the north?

Mild man of England that gave us two out of three of the best things we ever have had. Trial by jury and no cruel or inhumane treatment.

The other best thing we have ever had, came from Poland, grand jury before anyone was charged with anything.

All three of the best laws ever made. They became the original law of the land of the free in 1791, the provisional contingent acceptance agreement to put a Bill of rights in, that allowed for the creation of the United States of America.

Our God given rights whittled down century after century by the cunning words of the supremes in concert, the clerks on the bench.

Only to find ourselves now as we were in the old country, all the rights of serfs, set easily to be fisted by master on the streets of America, or in his cages that he put in.

The most vicious of them all, still running our financial vehicle as they smoothly perish us out of life form.

"I'll leave it to you boys to figure it out." God Almighty said to us.

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked about the Labor STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and put it into the hands of a Labor committee of the Whole.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father said.

Thousands of years of weap Judah seeking to destroy those that he came to live among. Bringing into existence his Replicon shells to be used to make war upon us and die us off.

Will Labor not let the hopeless sinner off right?

There ain't no room
For the hopeless sinner
Who would hurt all mankind just
To save his own

Have pity on those
Whose chances are thinner
Cause there's no hiding place
From the Kingdom's Throne

Tele receives:

"You got enough courage. 5.32 PM

Arrests fall. 6.16 PM

A tumorous voy they'll adjust us. 6.18 PM

Patrick still crafting a feat. 6.23 PM

Fish form died. 6.24 PM

They'll waste us. 6.25 PM

You're fatal. 6.26 PM

He'll furnish off the Greeks dead. 6.35 PM

They threw everything away. 6.36 PM

The crap smear. 6.38 PM

The cats failed.

Spiritual people have been let go for failure to be harmed.

The mouse failed us. 9.51 PM

Individual retirement account crisis.

For excitement, Judah failed his cipher. 9.57 PM

Spirited New Hampshirous. 11.05 PM

Wiped out. 12.05 PM

Mental disease, stupid memories.

Fiction falsed us much. 12.19 AM

An hour with action tossed you out, ORGANIZE here. 1.09 AM

Bump-us fell. 1.15 AM

We failed this life here. 1.19 AM

My faith is with you. 1.51 AM

A Teamster right fault. 1.52 AM

Unions have been sporting.

Think you have a lucid load. 2.25 AM

They have failed you lifeless. 2.29 AM

Zoom has bust your field.

An industry league. 2.47 AM

Scoop them out. 2.49 AM

ORGANIZE, contact's right for us. 3.21 AM

Druid's failed. 6.11 AM

He threw them off." 7.44 AM
Might it be more accurate to say that "Judah threw themselves off?"

Judah repeatedly attacking us with nuclear missiles to wipe us out massively. Did Mercury report about what Judah attempted on June 11, 2011, and again on June 11, 2014, not let Judah throw themselves off right?

The Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money, worldwide held in the private hands of weap Judah.

Will American Labor not take Judah out of the human equation for his genocide of us?

"Because we are effective we feel we have a right to fist you's. I think his mother found Jew with Fritz so I'm out now. Berlin I believe will fire your face. War breeds a foul attitude.

Jew fells with every noise he makes. With a muffin, I sport your heart. Our homeless effort we learned at university. We fool them with fabulous coffee. We dumb you with chocolate true.

I'm basically out for Marshious. We're scoring you because we're a bunch of misfits. Jew always gives you the best blues so I can candidate you. We wash all families Brutus.

Our science trajectory is s*** house. I wanted to put you into history to leave my right sight. My true relations course is truly abusive. I rice you dog. Foxing is how I hold my arrow in.

With our complete fire we failed, we still believe we can roll you right," Judee say.

So even though Judah attacked us with thousands of nuclear warheads and failed because our elders from outer space pulled Judah genocide shot off of us, because we have failed to protect ourselves, are we seeing that Judah believes that he can still roll us right?

Is that not what he tells us in reverse speech? Yes, it is.

"A dog has let me get a complete hold great. With our amorous day, I held the circuit out fine," Judee say.

Might we wonder what kind of amorous day there is involved with making war?

"I harsh you to mock man. I'm using pollution here to push you off," Judee say.

Are we the ordinary people ready to be breathing the deadliest toxins that have ever been created?

That we have funded all of the war in our world including the brimstone nuclear waste pollution war against ourselves. Will we not pray for the courage to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Will we not have faith that our good God above will then save our lives from the perfected die that Judah has put in on us?

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives." God Almighty of heaven and earth said to His simian children on earth.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father also said.

Might we only wonder how many Americans understand that at this moment we are being physically assaulted out of life form with an intentionally created lethal pollutant?

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah so that we can turn Fritz and Judee's brimstone waste burner off? Will American Labor not let Fritz and Judee off right?

"The innocent we fight with a dungeon. In the cradle I had a choice so I death you. I suffered you from the gold coast. Our theory is Oswald fist you right.

Bitch has got some more shots to get me thrown here. The Martian fiend me enemy. I had the police in this country hold you right with a rare shoot. It worked with enormous bribes," Judee say.

Might Labor see in that last reverse speech how we have failed each other by letting Judah issue all of the free money he wants for bribes?

The enormous bribes that Judah has used. Have we not seen how they have sewered so many millions of Americans for free?

Might we not hope that Labor will gain a "legal consciousness" as Alexander Solzhenitsyn suggested was a necessity to survive the financial-political weap of Judee?

Must Labor not now act for peace if we are to have any chance whatsoever to survive this nuclear war that Judah is waging against the children of God on planet earth?

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Did old England not try real hard to set a course that was bearable for man? No cruel or unusual punishment. Trial by jury of one'

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