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"They Scare You To Make You Die. They Threw You Over Here Fi
Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:35

"They Scare You To Make You Die. They Threw You Over Here Fierce."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "They scare you to make you die. They threw you over here fierce."

Tele receives:

"Get them out of the use of force. 1.57 PM

I love you. 1.59 PM

Fort air. 2.08 PM

S*** on faces is now true. 2.23 PM

It's real good. 3.22 PM

They failed us. 4.32 PM

I urge you to roll the cannibal thief here. 7.10 PM

They're done here. 7.14 PM

Whiskey conquered me, it's fate. 8.08 PM

Jew are scoring awesome. 8.12 PM

Die dumped. 8.15 PM

We're in for a big die off. 8.16 PM

Patrick, you failed to keep us. 8.18 PM

A complete job. 8.20 PM

They're false ricing us. 8.21 PM

Your passage date fell. 8.25 PM

You die for inducted. 8.26 PM

They're still watching us. 8.28 PM

Criminals faded us. 8.27 PM

Help out yourself. 9.24 PM

He's fallen us feud. 9.30 PM

Jew failed peacefully.

Patrick here on his own. 10.45 PM

Patrick, help us out of destruction.

They're quite goofish.

Please pitch them off, come on, they're apes that are perishing-you.

They're showing you a rough day with their Paris friends.

Opp set to get you right now.

They mosh you out. 1.51 AM

The premium for the statement.

Municipals leave us full good. 2.40 AM


Sold! 2.50 AM

They score you to make you die.

They threw you over here fierce. 2.53 AM

Their geno-cipher does luxury rolls." 2.55 AM

"It's clearly hair-raising."

That is a reverse speech from a news reporter that presented a story about what the pentagon is planning. "It's clearly hair-raising."

Is there not some understanding that the deal for Russian, French and British troops to savage America is still in play?

"Eventually you'll realize we failed so that's why we want to get a Russian war on you first. I'm anxious for Morgan here, we did quite a bit of scrimmage with him," Judee say.

Might we imagine why the reporter said about what the Pentagon is planning to do to us in America, "It's clearly hair-raising?"

Are we understanding that the Pentagon served to attack us all out with nuclear missiles on the night of June 11, 2011?

Do we understand that they are now coordinating a big attack on us with Russian, French and British forces?

"Jew opps simplex to the grave. Our special is taking you out of life form good. We shot mutual to get our bastards in. I believe I'm leaving my passion.

The Irish throw me out because much possess. My room is dead. Our eyes we keep on Druid to memorize and keep miniature. In my cage we insure.

I give you a soda pop. I want an Arab on my side to make you die so I can pass you. Usually, a dog will shoot. They don't find my missile here, the white guy did," Judee say.

Might we perceive why Judee wants our Arab family to see white faces assaulting them in their homes?

"I want an Arab on my side to make you die so I can pass you."

Do we understand that Judah will bourse angry people up to attack white faces? Are we getting an idea why Judah hires white faces to assault our family around the world?

Are we figuring it is to get the energy necessary to attack white guy right?

"Our eyes we keep on Druid to memorize and keep miniature."

The many splendid peaceful societies that mild man of the north has created. Racked by war since 760 AD when Judah took over the municipal role in the north.

30,000 years of peace in the north until weap Judah showed us with his eternal war to get even with us.

The "Unique value of cooperation" that Judah observed in the north. Might we see that is one of the things that makes him most jealous about us?

"Our eyes we keep on Druid to memorize and keep miniature."

His continually stealing our brightest away from us.

Bitch looked at some news videos last night to read in reverse facial speech. Came upon a report of two young girls found dead. Read the reverse speech and determined they ghosted out.

It looks like it was a pp opp that got a guy died in a lock up.

Then saw a story of a guy standing on his porch that either a cop shot him or he shot himself.

It was a ghost. He had to get way because he had been found out and the legal process was on him.

Then Bitch watched a video of a 13-year-old girl that was killed in a high-speed police pursuit of a convenience store beer shoplifter.

When he read the reverse speech in the video, well here it is, read this for yourself:

"He was playing catch up on a resale. This was one of the brightest, the state says to mosh them and that's the way."

Must Labor not protect our brightest from being pulled away from us?

Do we understand that one way that Judah miniaturizes Druid is by dying our brightest away from us?

Not only Druid, any brightest kids he spots, he gets them out one way or the other.

The story of the man released from a jail that went home and killed his four-year-old son the same day. Might we see that Judah wired, chipped, hypnotized and drugged him before he left him out of his lock up?

Will Labor not put our rights in so that we can get our brightest out that he framed up and put into prison?

The two young girls stolen away by bullet in Chicago the other day. Might we surmise they were too bright for Judah to let live?

Is Labor not understanding that having rights or not having rights when the Jew is in our terrain can make the difference between life or death?

The foreign sniper teams that Judah has working our streets. Will Labor not get them out?

The local sniper teams. Will Labor not invite them in to the grand juries to inform us about what they have done while on the public payroll?

Can we only wonder does the ordinary working man and woman understand that all of the mayhem in our country and world is being funded on our Labor dollar bills?

The forced taking of Labor found in the income tax. Is Labor perceiving that is what is funding these deadly assaults upon you and me and our family in the world?

This next reverse speech came from a police officer that was at the scene of where the 64-year-old man supposedly shot himself or he may have been shot by police. He lived in a house that looked to cost about a half million dollars.

The officer said in reverse speech: "When this happened the department already had to leave you. This was all federal."

Might that reverse speech help us understand how Judah has built up such a deadly tyranny in America?

Do we see it is by way of the Federal government that he brings his foreign kidnapper and sniper teams in?

"The department already had to leave you."

And can we wonder why the department already had to leave us?

Are we understanding it has to do with who it is that is authorized to issue our paychecks?

The big bribes paid out. Are we understanding, no matter how much they cost, Judah gets all his money for free from Labor to hire the people that will do bad things to you and me?

With private control of our Labor dollar, to issue as many receipts of Labor to whomever he wants to, might we understand how Judah has been so successful in miniaturizing Druid?

Are we understanding that Judah has bored us racial to fight his wars to take us down in status with the rest of our family on this earth?

Will Labor not help us to re-sight ourselves in peace and let the errant life form off of here, please?

If so will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into the safe hands of a Labor Committee of the Whole?

Might we not be at the level to understand that Judah made America corrupt not merely to enrich his cult, rather it was to get us set us up to be died off right?

Might we see the corruption was put in to silence any public service workers that might explain what is going on here?

The burn down of schools and hotels. The murdering out on the streets.

Are we understanding these are events that Judah schedules so that some of his municipals can get a free check?

Are we understanding that even though we are paying their paychecks, they do not work for us because we let Judah privately handle the till?

The perfectly corrupted and criminalized Jewish state that was created in America. Shooting us and our bright kids down while simultaneously setting us up to attack us with nuclear blast weapons from space.

Now Judah has been caught red handed in the act by Mercury. Will Labor not step in and help us now?

They've got a pollution die on us here. That they have kept stoking their nuclear bonfire on us going on 6 years now. Is it not clear what they are doing to us here? Are we not aware that our fields are contaminated with radioactive waste?

Are we not figuring out they have got a MEGADEATH die in on us now?

The Mormons they use to shoot us with. Is it not easy enough to talk to the rich men to get them to stop?

And how do you talk to them? Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and let us talk together to straighten it out?

Tyrants will truly die you right. Our minimum passions, would we not wish them to be to not let our money be used to harm our family?

If they foul legitimate is it not right to take them out by their roots with their cage? Their dungeon force, will Labor not toss it out?

Is the nuclear war fighting businessman corrupt for having tried to core us dead? Must Labor not stop funding his war machine?

They waste us right with the scrimmage of war. Once it is done must we not get them away?

If it is a bad purpose, once we get through it must we not end their time?

Have the Martians not let us see the ruse? Yes, they have.

Are there any of us that do not have some understanding of what we are facing here yet?

Must Labor not take away the purse from weap Judah so that he can no longer hire the cops to spite us?

Are we thinking of just how bad it could be for us and our families when we have no rights and a FSBO passes by our way?

If only our family in Russia had rights when the Bolsheviks came in. Might there have been court proceedings there rather than clerks ordering them to be shot that night?

Is Labor understanding that as it is now a corporate state clerk may take your life and your family may have no recourse at all?

If only grand juries had been active at the time of Pol Pot. Might that genocide not have happened?

Will Labor not try to perceive the profound significance of the rights that our good God gave us?

That the Jew took our God given rights away, should that not inform us he is now going to genocide us?

Have we not seen enough evidence to convince us that Judah has a multi-thousand-year plan to put us away?

"My sexual has failed through true war, it was a boursed sex day. Our impossible investment was unacceptable. I just manage your life with a torch force if possible," Judee say.

And what was Judah's impossible investment? Was it not our Labor money into the creation of the instruments to die the human race off in war?

Will American Labor not hear the love of our precious sweet Father and STOP THE WAR?

The sport of war that Judah enjoys. Will Labor not let him use his own dollar to pay for it all?

"He holds the whole world to fight you in."

A non-Judah speaker said.

Are we understanding Judah holds the whole world to fight us because the people remain out of control of the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money?

"I disestablished you with my freighty die. All over the United States, we hauled your visa out. Druid was failed he didn't retire us. If I wouldn't have had an engine problem you'd of lost your life. I counsel you dull. I just play you false until I can get a chance to fold you. My imbesight plays baby for my hatch here," Judee say.

"If I wouldn't have had an engine problem you'd of lost your life."

Might Labor keep in mind that it was God Almighty that sent His angels in that gave Judah his engine problems that spared us our lives?

"A nice STRIKE is how to end our spoofing. I just shack you, that's how I got rich," Judee say.

Nuclear waste still pouring in. Our disestablished rightless United States of America still funding and shooting war for weap Judah sport.

Warned thousands of times for over 5 years now by our good God in heaven above to STOP THE WAR. Will Labor not give us our STRIKE?

"My nuclear weaps were all fizzle here," Judee say.

The trillions of dollars of American Labor money used to buy Judah all the weaps that he wanted. After attacking us with them is there any good reason that we should keep funding him and his sports wars?

Due only to the love of God they failed to beast us with their nuclear blast weapons. Will Labor not step in now and let them off right?

If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT RIGHT?

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Friday, February 17 — Psalm 25:8–22
2 Chronicles 24:1–25:4; Acts 22:30–23:11

Why do you say, O Jacob, and speak, O Israel, “My way is hidden from the Lord, and my right is disregarded by my God”? Isaiah 40:27
Do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. Hebrews 10:35 (NIV)
Lord, how can we see you in our lives if we rely only on ourselves? Help us to feel your embrace when we feel abandoned and need you the most. Your will be done, Amen.
12.45 PM

Here's some Tele receives since posting a few hours ago at the daily test page:

"Sir, we're closing them up for fashficial. 10.01 PM

How are ya? 10.17 AM

The mouse failed, we've been put away. 11.25 AM

They're clearly off. 11.20 AM

Fist fall for scoring you completely.

They've sealed in poisoning us. 11.38 AM

I love you, Patrick, you make me so scrutable. 11.44 AM

They're throwing us racial. 12.01 PM

They breeze still delightful. 12.18 PM

Delightful fails. 12.22 PM

Judee set you up fisty in structure. 12.23 PM

Super sex failed. 12.24 PM

Inexorable they're tossing us out. 12.27 PM

You sacrificed disease theft. 12.28 PM

They've trained you for a lethal phase. 12.29 PM

Bum is dying Reno. 12.30 PM

It's much their constant raging source. 12.31 PM

Their constant rage is off of us. 12.33 PM

And some more Judee speak:

"I just died you fantastic, all fraud. It's our boree way. Our attitude is to waste dead. My accuser, I eliminate you. Our boot camp is canceled dead.

They're through with me for my Germany shot here. Our military's smooth to aggress you in. We get core-a-checks to ravage you. From Hoboken, I had my best room fair.

I always make you with a brassiere. We always offend you medical. Because of my route, I have to disappear. Jew has to hide because you ever boo infidels.

I'm basing you to leave you with a capo. Take your lives constantly insured and screw you with a threat. Patrick, you fall our conscious on kill. Jew always made you hard tack.

We so fairly bourse favorites. Drumming we scrimmage you out. We shame your face and blew paradise away. Troops I fought you with.

We just want you to have foul ment, that's how we make our dough, we Judify your head, our animal close, with industry we degenerate. I'm going to put you into a Russian kingdom," Judee say.

Will Labor not act and return us our establishment, our United States of America on our fabulous, famous, first Ten Amendments to the United States Constitution, our sacred Bill of Rights?

Will American Labor not help us to be all that we can be, a land with Liberty and Justice for all? Thank you.

Continues at:

2.36 PM

Bitch has been reading more videos from the Chicago land area to get a feeling of what is the truth out here.

One video was a fellow that was released from prison after doing twenty years for a crime he did not commit.

There were a couple of speakers and here is a couple of reverse speech from that video:

"I just hope there is no problem here. Hollywood, they glorify their shot. They failed offering threat."

That last reverse

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