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"They Shamed Us to Die us. Fist Will Die Us All." Those are
Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:04

"They Shamed Us to Die us. Fist Will Die Us All."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

"They shamed us to die us. Fist will die us all."

Did Judah not come up with a real cunning way to die us in the billions by hitching our need for electricity to his nuclear artillery cannons that he so cunningly disguised as Jewish electricity power power plants?

Who could ever possibly imagine that only one Jewish electricity brimstone nuclear waste artillery piece in full melt down might produce enough radioactive waste that it could kill the entire surface of planet earth along with poisoning all of our water?

In only 6 years a third of our water on planet earth now poisoned. The sea animals dying massively. Insects that we need, the bees to pollinate our food crops. Dying. Is there anyone that stills thinks Hitachi-GE at Fukushima was an accident?

Numerous countries have offered to help shut the Jewish waste dirty bomb down. All rejected. Is it not clear that our environment is being shot out from under us?

Did Americans think that we would be spared being put to genocide? That Judah has unlimited authority to print up all he cash he wants, and give as much as he wants to whoever he wants, to do what he wants, might we just not understand the hazard that Judah cipher presents to the rest of the children of God on earth?

"We want to force you off this country rightfully," Judee say.

Judah involving us with his white Replicons who direct the weap groups in Europe. NATO, now doing all it can to bring on a war with Russia.

Americans, we are all survivors of two all out nuclear blast holocausts. And still no response to our perfected die at the hands of weap Judah.

"What happened here?" Our good God Almighty said after Bitch had his stupid mistake and outraged his fellow whites by what he said that insulted them so.

Now we face sterility. Birth defects. Cancer. Radiation sickness and early death. What are we think that we can stop it if only we will stop paying Judah to do it to us?

Who really thinks the Golden State Warriors will take the Lakers by 10 points in the big game next time?

Whatever the outcome much chance it will stop the brimstone waste from washing us out?

"This is sterile abuse." Tele receive. 2.50 AM

Our life form being pulled out while we fund the guys that pulled our civil rights out.

The civil rights that our ancestors challenged king John with a sword for us to have for ourselves and our posterity. Our Great Charter of liberties signed on the field at Runnymede, England and made the law of the land in 1215 AD.

Now 8 centuries later we so far have accepted Judah as master rather than our good God above that gave us our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Will Labor not RISE up and take our God given rights and put them in once again to make them the law of our land?

Our now poisoned land that is being poisoned more each day with radioactive waste. Is there no understanding our genome is being washed away?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the angels said.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4,"our good God Almighty said.

Americans, might we not see that we're now the greatest war sinners of all time?

How many might we only guess have considered that nuclear waste is deadly enough to die the majority of us off in only the next few years from now?

The hot radioactive particles we are breathing in and have been for many years now. Is that Judee not a cunning die guy?

"Bitch has taken some fistage but he'll save us." Tele receive. 11.21 PM

Might Labor not want to consider that a simple working man as God described this boy, has finished off the Jewish tyranny in the new world now?

When the simple working people understand just what Judah has done with our purse that was given to him in 1913 by congress, much chance it will ever again be used to build nuclear weapons, blast or waste? For those 'in the know,' seems unlikely doesn't it? Certainly.

How many will be willing to pay to poison our fields, water, and air while simultaneously sickening us and our kids?

Might we only wonder how much longer Judah will be able to hold us here once it is understood absolutely clear that we're going no further in life because we are being died right?

With all the free money available to Judah he now is pushing his white on white war with Russia.

Russian leadership does not want war, but Judah does not care, as long as he has the American purse full of all the money he needs for bribes to buy a war, is it likely that we will get anything other than war?

"The Druid is not dutiful, he ever has failed to save himself," Judee say.

Druid, in contact now with our creator force, the Galactic Federation of Light. Must we not STRIKE THEM OUT NICE?

Will we not pray that Labor will RISE up right, STRIKE THEM OUT, take into Labors hands our purse and close the menace of the errant life form out of our world?

The sale that Judah used to sell us first his nuclear blast force weaps and them his nuclear waste force weaps.

Have both sales not now been proven to be big lies? That Judah attacked us with his blast force in the middle of the night to exterminate us, has that not shown who the guy really is yet?

His nuclear waste force now closing us out right. Americans caught in the sin of funding his wars.

Will we not help ourselves here? Will we not try to survive Judah's last war on earth?

After thousands of years of claiming his right to abuse the rest of God's children on earth, how can we be so sure this brimstone nuclear waste war he is waging from Hitachi-GE will be Judah's last war on the children of God living on the surface of earth?

Might it be the loss of a third of the human race that Judah has sealed in to die off now, that the survivors will understand that we must not harm our fellow man, in any way whatsoever?

Could it be that we have lived with Jewish terrorism and tyranny in America for such a long time that it has grown acceptable in a strange way, not unlike the frog sitting in the boiling water because it heated up so gradually?

Might we like the frog not clearly recognize just what Judah has done to us with our dough?

Might we have been fooled somehow into believing that only our highly educated college and university graduates should handle such a complex thing as issuing our money?

"It's basic." The angel said concerning the issue of our money.

If it is basic, and anyone doubts it is? Then might we not ask, "why is Labor not at the table where our money is issued for us?"

Did Labor leader William Sylvis not clue us that Labor needed to be where our money is issued for us before he left us at the tender age of 41 in 1869 due to what his doctor described as "Burning bowels?"

Might it have been boric acid, roach powder, that was mixed in his sauce that gave William his burning bowels that stole William away?

Will Labor not buy us some boric acid, and feed it into the bowels of Judah's infernal death machine at Hitachi-GE?

Will Labor not take the boron out of our cakes and pies and send it to Hitachi-GE to make that Jewish electricity war machine die?

How much radioactive waste is in our milk now? Who knows? Do we recall funding to test our milk was ended in 2014?

Are we not perceiving that the funding mechanism is the be all and end all of our economic, material and political existence?

A guy with a proven track record of genocide to all that fall into his hands. The bloody hands of the errant life form Judah. Will we not listen to that little voice in our heads that says "do something?"

"Phew, Phew, I can't do anything about it so why even think about it?" Might this be what some think about the difficult corner we have gotten ourselves into now?

The world full of Jewish nuclear weapons designed and intended to die us all off.

God Almighty of heaven and earth is dying them off due to their weakness, an inability to accommodate others. Must we not ORGANIZE and do something to help ourselves?

Must Labor not get them in to humane institutional settings where the errant lifeforms can be died off in Godly ways now?

While Bitchie is a nice boy, he is limited. "You have a limited range, operate within it. Elder said.

"You're not to rule, enrich them," Father said.

The piddly $17 trillion dollars Jewish genocide nuclear war economy that has millions of Americans living out on our streets.

The cruelly manipulated poor shopped from the broken Jewish assault and battery economy, bombing and shooting our world out every day.

Tens of millions made homeless by Druid fist as he goes about his daily chores of creating wreckage for Judah sport. For the love of God will Labor not help us?

The bomb that went off in a Pakistan shrine yesterday. Have we not seem enough of Judah to know his way?

Might a phone call now come in claiming it was "this Muslim group or that Muslim group that did it again?"

Bitch still working on enhancing and repairing his neurons. And as of yesterday, proven once again, they're still not working as good as they should. With that said is half a loaf not better than nothing at all?

The efficiency of Labor. The one carpenter drops every other nail he tries to put in. The other carpenter, every nail goes right in.

Even though it may take twice as long for the 50% carpenter, by staying at it will that shed not get built yet?

While Judah built his shed quick, might we see he only filled it with grief? Will Labor not close the grief ball out right?

Will Labor not join with us 50% guys and help us build our own shed this time? The place to store the things we build. Will we not fill it only with the tools of peace?

As to weap sheds, will Labor not just say NO?

As cracked as a drunk man shouting at his shadow as he poisons us out for what it is that we have done wrong to him.

Travels to the other side of the planet from where he arose in the harsh resource constrained desert environment, then spends 16 centuries of extension work to finally win by putting Pol Pot in. Will Labor not let them off right?

After what they have done is there not some sense just how DANGEROUS they are?

As they are rightly and fairly dying us off while we are involved in sin, will we not accept the good advice from our elders, Get Smart, STRIKE THEM OUT and bring our good God in?

Will Labor not help us build the sheds where we will have all the things we need to build PLWS, Papa's Love Water Systems?

You know, the water systems that will use velocity power to produce all of the ozone we need to die off water born diseases?

Isaiah 41:18 I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.

Will American Labor not end funding the sin of war and join with our good God and do his will right?

The water projects that were ongoing in the dry and parched Middle East. American planes bombed it all out. Will we not make amends and let Judah sport off of here?
That statement came from a video of a fellow in Africa that was talking to his group.

While thinking of our extraterrestrial brother Martin, who clued Bitch to help him write better, came up with this:

Four pennies, two nickels, and a dime. Found that in my pockets before going to the store. Just made a run to the food store before 8 AM to miss the Saturday rush.

Walked in and got my cart at the front door. Reached into my left shirt pocket and pulled out my pen and paper and put it into my hat that was sitting in the basket in the shopping cart.

Did it at the front door as did not want to hear a Tele receive and then dig into my pockets looking for my pen and paper. Who wants the store dick following them around?

Went first and shopped bananas and tomatoes. Then over to the soy milk shelf in the refrigerated section. Then jumped across the aisle to get some margarine.

Put the margarine in the cart and walked past the meat counter. Then remembered I didn't zip my sweater up.

Took my left hand and grabbed the zipper, and began to zip it up with just my left hand. Looked over and saw the butcher, and he suspected a "thief!"

Then finished shopping for a few more items. The cashier rang everything up and I began to put the things in my shopping cart to wheel to my car.

Then noticed standing a few feet away was the store dick looking at me.

I walked out to my car and while loading things in a Des Moines black and white rolled by with the cameras rolling capturing Bitch loading his car.

Is that not some coordination the merchants have?

The sweater shirt is a pull over that has a 9-inch zipper that tightens up to the neck. Is it not something to think about, just one false move, zipping up a zipper in a store and a camera equipped municipal car rolls to the location before I left?

With such technical abilities should we not be able to coordinate ourselves to STOP THEIR WAR?

With such incredible technical abilities should we not be able to house the millions that are living on our streets?

"Basically we wanted to homeless this world," Judee say.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for affording Judah the opportunity to get himself out of here?

"They're throwing us racial." That Tele receive from yesterday.

Is Labor not seeing how Judah is doing all that he can to smear and deface us good?

"I always take you out with police, now I'm using a dog. I push you with a racist bible to a bus stand. I just deceive you statute. We had all these years to perish you off judicial with bears and Pittsburgh took me out in a night," Judee say.

OK Labor, have you not had many chances to see how stupid Bitch can be? Sure you have.

Yet what might we consider now that the best and brightest, the wealthiest and best educated have attempted to do to us in the face of the love of our good God above?

To remain dumb to the love of God for His beautiful little simian children in the Federation's nursery on planet earth. Might Judah not out do Bitch in some stupid ways?

Bitch, too stupid to perceive that we had a good God above, whereas Judee with his high neuron count knew for certain that we did have a good God above.

And how did he know that for sure? Might it have been because God continually had His angels holding Judah back from killing you and me?

Bitch associated socially with many Jews over the years. He recalls one time having a conversation with one and telling him that he, Bitch, was convinced that there was no God above.

I recall distinctly how he broke into a knowing smile, sat back as if he had just check mated me in a game of chess.

Even at the time, Bitch drank alcohol then, it did occur to Bitch that Judee knew something that he did not reveal to me. Why did he indicate with body language that there is a God above? Why did he not explain it to me then?

In the early 1970s Bitch was studying computer science at the university and in his research learned that there were groups working beyond the electronic computing level and were in to optical systems.

At that early time, it seemed strange to him that some researchers were so far ahead of what we were looking at then.

Might we guess now they were Judee guys and gals that had access to the Roswell crash material?

Might we see how our kind big brothers and sisters introduced some of their high technology to us by gifting us with it at Roswell in 1947?

Might the smart Judee that smiled when Bitch gave his opinion that there was no God above, knew exactly that it was the love of Father's warm gentle hand that directed His angels to drop the advanced spacecraft at Roswell?

Might Labor keep in mind that Bitchie boy is no boss of any kind here?

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Might we consider that Bitchie is a bit of a blabbermouth? That is if he discovers something, he shouts it out.

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