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God Bless you too Pat 😊 9:07AM Laura Therese Levin
Sat Feb 18, 2017 23:39

God Bless you too Pat 😊

Laura Therese Levin
Sis, try to read and transfer, it is a true life story.

A lady dreamt that Jesus gave her water to drink and when she got up in the morning, she was healed.

She saw a written note beside her saying Jesus is the living and true God.

She told everybody what happened to her.

A police officer heard about it and sent it to 13 persons by sms (short message service).

After 13 days, he was promoted at work.

Another man received this message and deleted and he had great loss for 13 days.

Please try to send this message to 13 or more people and something will happen.

"Sorry for disturbing you, I am the Lord, I really have time for you, I love you and will always bless you.

Give me 30 mins of your time, don't pray but just glorify Me.

Please send this message through the whole world before midnight. Don't cut this message and I will help with something you need. A blessing is on your way.

Don't ignore this message. You are being put to a test and He is preparing 2 great things for you in your life.

If you trust in God, send this message and tomorrow will be a nice day for you. Don't cut the chain, send it to 13 friends in 10 mins."
Will we not pray that over 13 friends read this on APFN? Has American Patriot FRIENDS Network not already shared with our world the good news, that Papa loves us all? Yes APFN has.

That message from a friend was found in Bitch's facebook email.

Will Labor in specific please give 30 minutes to glorify our sweet Lord who has spared us from being died out in a Judah sport nuclear war?

The 30-minute break through. Will Labor not glorify our precious sweet Father and ask Him to save our lives now?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us the peace our war-torn world needs? Thank you.

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