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"A Peaceful Way You Folded Them. Shanty Won." Those are a c
Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:09

"A Peaceful Way You Folded Them. Shanty Won."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "A peaceful way you folded them. Shanty won."

After giving our world the Mercury report of weap Judah attacking us with a thousand missiles with 3,200 nuclear warheads and getting them pulled out of the sky by our Martian neighbor and friend Sir Casper, much doubt a peaceful way folded them?

Yet might we not ask, "did Shanty win?"

If he did would our world not be at peace instead of war? Would our Jewish gulag state not be closed down? Would the sniper teams not be off of our streets? Would the dirty bomb shot from Hitachi-GE not be in shutdown instead of poisoning out our environment complete?

By just reporting that Judah tried to get around the angels that our good God sent in to spare us from the nuclear holocaust that Judah planned to give us, did a peaceful way not truly fold weap Judah?

Would most people that have spent the forty minutes to think it through not consider that nuclear war fighting Judah on Fritz is peacefully folded?

Certainly. If they have attacked us with nuclear weapons, as they have, much chance Labor will be funding any more weapons of genocide that they will try to use on us the first chance they get?

And yet shanty has not been able to bring Labor into giving us a hand to close them outright.

Will Labor not give shanty a hand and STRIKE THEM OUT for goodness sakes?

"Spiritually, your spirit's a cataster." Tele receive. 4.06 PM

Bitch posted at the daily test page a couple of hours before hearing that Tele receive.

"Spiritually, your spirit's a cataster." Tele receive. 4.06 PM

So Bitch is taking everything out of the post that he prepared earlier if it appears to be any part of cataster.

Just counted the words and there were 6173 words in the original post and Bitch took out 2843 words leaving this post with 3330 words. Sure hope that got the spirit cataster out.

Bitch was a regular at Mufon meetings. Mutual UFO Network.

He met many real interesting people at these meetings. One fellow had been real close to a landed UFO right here in Iowa. Told Bitch of how the electricity from the landed craft made his hair stand on end like static electricity.

Another fellow that lived in the country outside of Des Moines told Bitch of how he had met extraterrestrials on his farm and spent time talking to them.

Another fellow lived near Burlington Iowa and told of meeting small extraterrestrials on his farm when they had a large craft landed there for an extended period of time.

When he first came upon the landed craft on his family's farm it was in a tent sort of structure that you could walk through the side walls without opening a door.

Once inside he saw a panel of extraterrestrials sitting in their chairs up high as if it was a council meeting.

He had a rifle with him and began to aim it at the small extraterrestrials when one of the extraterrestrials said to him: "Don't do that."

So he put his rifle down.

He met with them many times on his farm where they were landed for several months.

Bitch interviewed him and journaled what he said. He had strange occurrences on the farm since he was a teenager. He was over 80 years old when Bitch talked with him over a decade ago.

He came to the Des Moines area Mufon meetings all the way from near Burlington Iowa, about 170 miles away, because he wanted to tell us what he knew about extraterrestrials before he passed out of this life. He was a real nice friendly guy, and so was his wife.

He told Bitch about the night his mother died in their house on the farm.

When she had just passed, he took some time and went outside. There is the darkness of the night he saw a large herd of deer right up close in the front yard.

Never in all his years had he seen the deer come up so close to the house, and here they were a herd of them silently standing in the front yard as his mother passed from this life.

He told Bitch of how happy and joyful his mother was when she saw the deer prancing through their farm fields on their regular journeys.

Might they have somehow known that mother was leaving and came by to say goodbye that night?

Might that simple farm wife and mother have loved God and so Father had His angels tell the deer so that they could come by and pay their last respects to a mother that loved them and brought delight to her simple farm life?

So might we wonder, why did extraterrestrials land on an Iowa farm near Burlington and stay there for several months shortly after Judah's second world war?

Bitch looked at Burlington industries and found out that Burlington was involved in the building of atomic bombs for the Manhattan project.

After the second Judah world war, Burlington manufactured casings for the new and improved Jewish invention, thermonuclear bombs.

The elderly gentlemen that had met extraterrestrials on his farm as a young man did not make a connection between the atomic war fighting industries in the area and the landed UFO with the 4-foot tall extraterrestrials.

"We're not missionaries," our elder said to Bitch some years ago.

Might we perceive that elders let us figure it out on our own?

"We chose peace with no regrets," elder also said.

Bitch met a woman through Mufon that had met extraterrestrials who helped her get her car started when it stalled alongside the road where her husband worked at a Nike missile installation.

The car, a newer vehicle just turned its engine off and stopped running as she was driving outside of the Nike base where she had just left her husband off.

As she sat on the side of the road a car pulled up with three men in it that came up and talked to her.

After she told them about how her car just stopped running, they opened the hood and looked at the engine compartment.

They were humanoid beings that were not of our earth as she described them. They looked exactly alike.

After the three of them looked at the engine they walked to her and said, "There is nothing wrong with your car."

Then she queried them a little further and again the same refrain came from the three look alike extraterrestrials," There is nothing wrong with your car."

They then left and she got into her car which started right up and she drove away.


Might we see in that staged event by our elders from outer space a "MARKING?"

Might we guess it was the Nike missile installation that they wanted to put into the extraterrestrial literature? That is what Bitch surmises.

And what about the message the extraterrestrials repeated several times, "there is nothing wrong with your car?"

Can we only guess is the message is there?

Might Labor not try to convince yourselves that God's kids never ever fight with each other? Are we understanding that fighting as a way of life is something that tricky false Judah put in to fool us?

From our daily experience with each other have many of us not concluded that we are not violent people at all? Certainly, we're not violent.

Bitch determined from observation over a half century ago, just from meeting our family in 53 different countries, that we are absolutely not violent towards each other. Not only are we not harsh to one another, we naturally look to see if we can help someone while on our way.

So how then might we explain the violence that is out on our streets?

Might it be that we have not looked closely at those that occupy our suites?

With a burlesque and a simple farce, plus a free fist that is backed by the purse of American Labor. Might those few ingredients be what is behind all of the violence in our world?

Are we understanding that the deuce has a strategy to ever keep the children of God in war and not peace?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for letting Judah get rid of himself and his weap police states?

Will Labor not get smart and help us close Judah violent criminal forces out right? Will Labor not help us to end this financial crime wave that Judah is strangling us out of life with?

Will Labor not buy us some boron to inject into the feed water at Hitachi-GE so that we and our children can have a chance to live for more than just the next few years now?

Our top scientists who spent their time trying to find some good for you and me. Turned into life span impaired individuals at Judah touch.

Professor Henry Rowland who searched out the elements of free energy in his laboratory in the late 19th century. Left us in 1901 at the relatively young age of 51.

His student, Henry Bumstead, died in his sleep on a train in 1920 after attending a scientific conference in Chicago.

His last night in Chicago, Henry spent at the home of the founder of Cal Tech, Robert Millikan.

Cal tech is the home of the JPL, Jet Propulsion Laboratories. If only we should think for a moment of the legacy Robert Robert Millikan left us, what might we think of Jet propelled long range cruise missiles tipped with thermonuclear bombs?

Another one of our top scientists, Salt Lake city's Dr. Henry Moray. In 1928 he actually had a 65-pound table top radiant energy device that could produce in today's electricity market, nearly $250 dollars of clean, free electricity each and every day.

Though was Dr. Moray not lucky that bulletproof glass had already been invented so that he could drive his car without getting shot?

"We're only a few months away from unlimited clean free heat and electricity." Dr. Eugene Mallove said shortly before he was shot away.

Might we not want to think about the costs there are for those who have spent their time looking for some good things for you and me?

Our scientist of love, the good Dr. King. Did he not explain that we must love one another if want to survive?

Didn't he try to find some good for you and me?

Any body here seen my old friend Bobby. Can you tell me where he's gone?

I thought I saw him walking up over the hill with Abraham, Martin, and John.

Abraham gave Judah his American civil war. Then double crossed him and short changed him by bringing the highly successful sovereign greenback dollar in.

A night at the opera, Abraham's bodyguard took a break, and boom they shot president Lincoln away.

Have there not been many others that have tried to find some good for you and me?

What about Senator Frank Church and his Senate investigating Church committee that uncovered the "Family Jewels?"

Might we call those today, "domestic mouse operations?" Might we wonder may Frank have not left for a couple decades more if only he had not informed us of the "family Jewels?'

"We defeated you with duds," Judee say.

Will American Labor not end funding Judah dud ways?

Did any body here see my old friend Tesla? Can you tell where he's gone?

Didn't he try to find some good for you and me?

Didn't he demonstrate the cold electricity that is a sign of free energy in 1899? Yes, he did. He learned how to do it from Nathan Stubblefield who heated his home with free energy.

And Nathan's costs for trying to find some good for you and me? Nathan found starved to death in his little home.

Didn't Tesla give a proposal to JP Morgan in 1906 to power the lights for a sports stadium with cold electricity from free energy? Yes, he did.

And what did JP Morgan do then? Do we recall he cut the bourse off to Tesla and tore Tesla's laboratory down?

Now that JP Morgan has attacked us with nuclear missiles and bombs, might we not finally understand that there just is no love lost here at all between JP Morgan and the rest of God's kids?

"They're no friends of mine." God our Father said. "I died them truthful." Papa also said.

JP Morgan and his house of humongous mouse operations. Will Labor not help us to reveal to the world what they have done here in their time?

Will Labor not help us get the war out of here?

Might Labor not want to consider the words of our good God about some of these criminal burdens that Judah has put on Father's children on earth?

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free." Precious sweet Father said.

Will Labor not free us from these dangerous vicious thieves that have taken over our beautiful nation and with it our world?

Will America Labor not put the rules of the road in once again?

Might we not want to start with our good God's rules that were given to Moses three thousand five hundred years ago, "Thou shalt not kill?"

"With our weap sport, we passed you by. My injustice here has been refused," Judee say.

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." Our good God said.

Will Labor not listen to our good God above and let the weak and now being died off life form Judah off of here right?

Is it not clear Judah strategy of injustice has been refused by our good God?

"This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more, put them out, they're criminals!" God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

Must American Labor not help us here? Is it not best to live in a land where things are clear, open and above board?

Will Labor not get the corruption out so that we can hire the engineers to put the boron into the death trap at Hitachi-GE that Judah has sealed us and our children into to die us off right?

The multiples of menaces that Judah is sporting on us now. Will NATO get the war with Russia underway or will the Judah death bomb radioactive waste toast us first?

Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the Labor purse away to end the many menaces they have put on us?

Tele receives.

"That will work. 3.22 PM

Thank you much for bearing us up. 3.24 PM

Their rape is over. 3.25 PM

A complete fail. 4.27 PM

A hunger STRIKE they're going to show you. 5.11 PM

The cash cow is related to me, get it? 8.20 PM

Forget it, it's HUGE! 8.25 PM

Oh my god, Jew genius is leaving us.

Oh, my god, they're closing us up. 9.35 PM

They've sold us abusive. 9.38 PM

Jew got by us with his fist and that was enough for him, he decided he was going to fantast us.

Jew done, you finished him off without a gun. 9.45 PM

A peaceful way you folded them up. 9.51 PM

Shanty won. 9.55 PM

Hey, Pat, I'm really toasting. 9.57 PM

They really expose life to a cobweb here. 11.03 PM

Perceive dogs fear us. 1.28 AM

Cancer. 1.29 AM

You eventually hopeless. 2.45 AM

A heroin mouse. 3.19 AM

Meth too. 8.50 AM

You're flirting with some gills that are famous. 8.53 AM

You're tightly rolled. 9.12 AM

Bore." 9.13 AM

Our only hope to survive right. Are we making the connection that it is to go with our good God now?

Is it not clear that Judah is out of here by being refused by the universe? If we understand this will we not close them out right?

Has Bitch not closed Judah peaceful? Yes, he has. Can Labor not try to prevent us from being died off now after Judah has already thrown himself out?

"We always helpless set you. He bounced me. They're gonna pitch my diapers. We just finish your day, shoot you," Judee say.

Will Labor not help us out of this helpless set that Judah has put into America? If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Air is a void."

Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today. Will Labor not help us to prevent Judah from poisoning out all of our air and making it a void?

God may save those that want to be saved. Those that ignore God's warnings to STOP THE WAR and continue committing the sin of funding Judah sports war and genocide, while simultaneously failing to recognize that we are being destroyed in an all out brimstone waste nuclear war, might they not lose their life forms in only the next few years?

The burlesque Judah puts on that is still holding him in to control this world. Will Labor let Judah off great?

Continues at:

Our world will be free once Judah falls in America. Might we want to consider that the only thing we are really talking about now is will

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