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"They're Accomplishing Hit. You're Fighting For Their Lies"
Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:53

"They're Accomplishing Hit. You're Fighting For Their Lies"

Those are a couple of Tele receives from overnight. "They're accomplishing hit. You're fighting for their lies."

Americans funding and fighting all for the war sport of weap Judah.

The guy that rejected the love of God. Chose to not obey the rules in God's village. Now a dead fish for getting caught red-handed attacking us with nuclear blast weapons.

Backing up his blast weapons he lost to our elders from outer space Judah accomplishing hit with his brimstone nuclear waste.

"Creatures of habit."

Have we heard that as a description of ourselves, "creatures of habit? "I gave you orchids," Judee say.

Does Judee not tell us that we have habitually let him accomplish his hit on us? Yes, he does.

"Druid has ever failed to save himself, Druid is not dutiful," Judee say.

Judah informs us that he took over the management of the north-lands in 700 AD. Shortly thereafter began his wars in the north that are still going on even today.

Bitch, desiring to finish their sports war out, just not able to find the words to bring American Labor in to help us so far.

Bitch asked elders if they would do a spectacular post and drop it into Bitch's computer so that he could cut and paste it so that Labor would read it, be dazzled and immediately STRIKE THEM OUT.

Things don't work that way, though. Bitch appreciates the Tele receives. Clues him on what is missing or wrong in a post.

Overnight Tele receives tell him he still does not have the right words to get Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT.

Perishing ourselves and our families out, has Judah plex not shown some incredible holding power over American Labor?

Might we just need to say a prayer to boost our confidence that all Labor will go out on STRIKE and a Labor Committee of the Whole will take into its hands the concession to issue our money?

If only American workers will telecommunicate with the Galactic Federation of Light, say a prayer to our good God above, might Labor not have the confidence to go out on STRIKE until it has stopped the war?

Saudi uses Scottish smart bombs in Yemen by UK-trained air force: Report
Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:53PM
HomeMiddle EastYemen
The file photo shows a UK-made Paveway IV laser-guided smart bomb.
Evidence submitted during a legal case into the United Kingdom's arms sales to Saudi Arabia reveals that the Royal Air Force (RAF) trained the Saudi air force how to use Paveway IV bombs, the English-language Scottish Daily Record newspaper reported on Sunday.

The bomb, manufactured at a factory in Fife council area of Scotland that is owned by arms giant, Raytheon UK, is a guidance kit based on the existing Enhanced Paveway II Enhanced Computer Control Group (ECCG). It incorporates a modified Mk 82 general-purpose bomb with increased penetration performance.

"Mk 82 general-purpose bomb with increased penetration performance."

"Penetration performance?"

Who does that sound like? Does it not have the sound of a rapist?

"Paveway II Enhanced Computer Control Group"

Our modern high tech computers giving us the ability to feed, house and clothe all of God's kids on earth.

Will we not select a strategy of peace and use our computers to fulfill the dream of peace and take our purse away from the strangelove of Judah?

Will we not choose to give our efforts to life rather than death?

Judah, playing and toying around with us. Judah, violating the Federation's prime directive, thou shalt not kill and thumbing his nose at the universe of love.

Harsh us to mock man. Will we not say a prayer of thanks, this day and every day to God Almighty for affording Judah the opportunity to throw himself right on out of our world and dash his errant cipher upon the rocks?

Will we not glorify our sweet Lord for letting Judah waste his own disgrace away?

The 'deuce' that is still calling the shots. The 2% of the human race that has shot us a lot. Will Druid survive him or not?

Might we say, "the jury is still out on that one?"

Are Judah's schools not out for summer? Is it not seen that Judah school is out forever? Has Judah by attacking us with thousands of nuclear blast weapons not thrown Judah school of wits right out?

Will we not pray that mild man will overcome the rare strength of Judah plex and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Must mild man not end funding Judah enhanced penetration?

America, England, Germany, and many more. Funding Judah sport war. Are we perceiving that once Judah loses his American Labor purse, all the others will rapidly go into peaceful mode too?

Will mild man not claim our God-given right to life before weap Judah steals it away totally?

Will mild man not claim his right to liberty before Belsen becomes a household word again?

"Your attitude is disappointing them," Father said to Bitch at 5.25 AM

Is that what is holding Labor back from conducting a proper STRIKE to save us? Is it Bitch attitude?

If so might Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and bring the collective attitude of Labor in to manage our disintegrating, dissolving nation?

"Tele receives:

"I'm upset. 2.29 PM

Bad health. 3.05 PM

You're rused. 3.07 PM

Perish? Oh we're perished! 3.31 PM

Spiritually, your spirit's a cataster. 4.06 PM

The cruelties are unbelievable. 4.21 PM

The catch is HUGE. 4.26 PM

Failed. 4.28 PM

You lost your fields here.

Close their whole garage. 4.36 PM

They bourse monopoly to play with us. 4.39 PM

Father wants all His kids on the team. 4.39 PM

They're psyching off our free energy. 4.43 PM

STRIKE them for lying to us. 4.53 PM

They pulled the fairest state off. 4.57 PM

His mother would like us to take management. 7.04 PM

Score. 7.05 PM

It's error. 11.50 PM

Bank robbery Jewish halt the Bitch. 11.51 PM

All bourse going down here. 1.45 AM

Pat, you failed word. 1.46 AM

Good morning punished. 1.48 AM

Pat, the true sports finish, you failed me, nice guy canceled. 1.56 AM

Fielded. 1.56 AM

Pure waste. 1.57 AM

Patrick failed to save us. 2.02 AM

Deceitful, deceitfully. 2.05 AM

It's core abuse you failed. 2.14 AM

The merchants failed to release us, they finished us. 2.16 AM

Beautiful fetch.

Communists failed to save us. 2.17 AM

Nice slummin.

Pat, you failed to save us lonesome. 2.18 AM

It's all cleared. 2.20 AM

It's amazing comfort you boys. 2.22 AM

With a false they destate you. 2.23 AM

Fold fertile. 2.28 AM

Incredible orchestra fail. 2.32 AM

You glorify your rice man, you glorify your rice view. 2.35 AM

Smoke-land. 2.36 AM

It's much more powerful when subtly learned on its own. 2.37 AM

It's really raped full Belsen. 2.38 AM

The merchant locker makes jewels. 2.39 AM

Let's integrate. 2.43 AM

Their sin tossed them, they lost. 2.45 AM

They insure grown ups leave frostily. 2.50 AM

You're fighting for their lies. 2.53 AM

Just a gorgeous sin. 2.54 AM

They're accomplishing hit. 3.14 AM

Smart. 3.16 AM

Their biscuits failed. 5.04 AM

They're viewed, they're clearly off here tumbled. 5.07 AM

False-lee is jeering us. 5.11 AM

Diagnoso got them out. 5.12 AM

Just pitch them out. 5.14 AM

Their school vision can still cage you, you leave faulty undone. 5.17 AM

They imperil life. 5.22 AM

You're falling off yourself. 5.26 AM

Your attitude is disappointing them. 5.28 AM

It's foraged HUGE. 5.35 AM

Shame-us challenged, that's how they warred thee. 5.44 AM

They've freed us from weaper rolls. 6.13 AM

Error ever take Jew off. 6.20 AM

Publish stupid, you failed to right us. 6.37 AM

Sold!" 6.39 AM

It looks from reading the reverse speech of the Judee newscasters this morning that the error in yesterday's post was putting in the story of the woman that had three extraterrestrials help her start here car next to a Nike missile base.

Might that story be a false that Judah slipped Bitch?

The woman approached me at a Mufon meeting over a decade ago and told me that tale. Up until this moment, Bitch considered it was probably true.

Now thinking about it, Bitch thinks that it was a carefully spun tale with elements of how our elders from outer space choose to communicate, planted to give Bitch a false notion of elders path.

Might we have to give Judah a "score" on that one? Did Bitch not bite and put it into a post over a decade after Bitch heard of it?

"Our errors rolled your fortune," Judee say.

Might we consider that while Judah's thinking is rooted in error, the way he uses it reaches into some of the real powerful high potential aspects of our thinking ability?

The "score" that Bitch heard at 7.05 PM about an hour after he posted yesterday. Might that have been Judee identifying the error that Bitch put in with the story of, "There is nothing wrong with your car," extraterrestrial contact report?

Here is a reverse speech from a Judee just minutes ago at about 6.20 AM that answered it:

"You put my stupid wrench in so I fault you," Judee say.

And might that connect with what Father said:

"You glorify your rice man, you glorify your rice view?" 2.35 AM

So while Judah may have his thinking rooted in error, does he not use the power available to us from our 223 high-level intelligence psychiatric package to effectively fool some of us?

In the purported message from the extraterrestrials to the woman with the stalled car, "there is nothing wrong with your car," might we find in that statement an implied potential use of force?

If we do might we then perceive from our knowledge of our extraterrestrial family that they do not use force and arrive at a conclusion that it then must be a false presentation?

Might Judee be using his high intelligence 223 genetics to search out our animal primitivism to use against us?

"It's faulty." Tele receive. 7.11 AM

Might we see that readers of Bitch are spotting the faulty in yesterday's post?

When we have 160 people from Labor that are sitting on the Committee of the whole and deciding how to issue our money might those 160 working people be able to spot "faulty" when it is presented?

Will we try to keep in mind that Judah has held his dominant position with the other 98% of us for possibly as long as 5,000 years now?

And do we recall that in 5,000 years Judah only made one mistake and even that one mistake was not with humans, it was with the angels that God Himself sent in?

Bitchie, with all of his stupid mistakes, his faults and fails, and yet he is still alive. Is Labor feeling the love that our Father has for us that he had His angels keep Bitch alive so there would be someone here to inform everyone that Father loves us?

And Judee, with his precise ability, is still accomplishing us with his scores even though he is finished permanently. Could there be a message to us there? If so might it be to take the paper away from him to end him scoring us?

Here is a thought that just happened in this brain. While Bitch asked elder for a perfect write that he could cut and paste and post to bring Labor to act, and he learned they will not do that. Might it be that Bitch putting up so many stupid mistakes that the people themselves are being called upon to be figuring out the issues of peace and war for themselves?

Elders, who see Bitch's post before it goes up will not comment on it until it is posted.

Father said, "I died them truthful."

Might letting Bitch continue to make errors, faults and stupid mistakes with no comment until after he posts them be part of Father's truthful to us?

"I hit them rightful," Judee say.

We the working people of America that have quietly funded the vast worldwide wreckage that Judah has ordered. Might Judah feel that we have made ourselves rightful targets to be hit?

We have passed our die date Labor. Will you not help us here?

"You're just about busted." Tele receive. 7.50 AM

Are we understanding that we are almost finished out of life form massively here in America and Europe?

Will Labor not act up, RISE and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

"They got me out before I core failed your state. The white man has cored me. The white man true suffer Jews, it's an addiction, it's my love. I'm a veritable kike taking your range out. I just menace you rhino.

I just use the income tax to abuse you. I zoom my noodles right. Your right die I get through your nourishment dish. It's part of our Jewholic pushing them white boys.

We use brain gear to make brain dead. We toxi you. Our fibrogen has always been our stealth. We fiber you to ash you with our stealth. We moonlight you then cancel.

I'm just an animal fish that's come to throw you off right. I Judah shoot right and use the palace to take them out of here. Jew life neural women. I'm a yellow thief that skirts time.

I hold you in danger with a costume. I make you a virtual plot for excitement. Your rights I mineralize. We take all right and goodness off with a dungeon, our pura-cage.

I just come to shoot some nice rice through your bowels. I'll search you completely. I'm abusive. I'll attach you to a bed sore. My Alston fight always holds your face. I do defeat the people on my sin.

I'm in to suffer you and race you out. You suckle my palace aids head. My force on white people will breeze them out, my vitamin with a Judah bank never fails. With genocide I thump," Judee say.

Judah, might we understand that he has known for an extended period of time that genocide is illegal in the Federation?

While Judah claims to do genocide to whoever he captures as his human right, are we perceiving that he has been failed by his own actions here now?

"They have NO defensible rights." Our good God Almighty informed us.

"You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. WE came to warn you." The angels said.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God Almighty said to those that are funding the genocide on planet earth.

Are we understanding it is American Labor that is enabling our mass destruction at the hands of weap Judah by allowing him to continue issuing our money?

To be continued............

"Stupid fail rused you. 8.19 AM

Tomb us. 8.22 AM

Jellyfish false you in. 8.23 AM

Patrick, break off relation, huge fail.

Error rules, treason gnaws you. 8.42 AM

Stay. 8.43 AM

It's a grief." 8.45 AM

Might we read some of those Tele sends concerned the error in yesterday's post?

"Patrick, break off relation, huge fail."

Might that be from the Moravian Daily text?

Will we not pray that Labor will step in here and give us the people's thinking ability we need to survive what we are facing here?

The many ways that our extraterrestrial family has chosen to speak to us throughout our history. Have we not read numerous ghost stories?

Here's a story of a ghost that appeared where a murder had been committed:

An employee that was chased in the restaurant she worked in and was caught and killed and the man that killed her then committed suicide.

The ghost that was seen in the restaurant, might that have been sent from our extraterrestrial relatives so that they could MARK that restaurant killing for us to look at?

Might that slaying of the waitress have been a Judah opp? The guy that did the killing, hypnotized, drugged up and sent to do the killing and then commit suicide to leave little evidence of what Judah had done?

Might we see that as another instance of where our extraterrestrial elders help us to find out that an accidental drowning was in actuality a Judah murder opp? A young boy loses his big brother and an angel comes to comfort him a few days later:

Continues at:

Might we note the angel spoke into the 9-year-olds head somehow? Might we not rec

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