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"I'm Mostly Done Because Of You," Judee say.
Tue Feb 21, 2017 09:43

"I'm Mostly Done Because Of You," Judee say.

Bitch heard that at about 2.30 AM this day. And what is Bitch's response to that?

To say, "Thank you God for having your angels from Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Mars keep us in. Thank you, Father, for having Mercury send Bitch the report of what Judah attempted in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and again on June 11, 2014.

Thank you, Father, for your loving kindness to us. Thank you for the sweetness you have for your children here in this war troubled village on earth.

Thank you, Father, for having given Bitch the courage, persistence and the mental force that has assisted in affording Judah the opportunity to die himself off.

Thank you, Father, for being so good to us. We love you with all of our hearts and minds. You are all good and deserving of all our love.

I firmly resolve with the help of thy grace, to confess my sins, to do penance and to sin no more, Amen.

Must American Labor not immediately end committing the mortal sin of funding Judah sports war?

"I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR!"

Our glorious and magnificent good God above said to us for over 5 years now.

Update: 11 more bomb threats target Jewish Community Centers. Ivanka Trump responds.
By Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor
Updated 9:42 PM ET, Mon February 20, 2017

In all, 48 Jewish Community Centers in 26 states and one Canadian province received nearly 60 bomb threats during January, according to the JCCA, an association of JCCs.

Most were made in rapid succession on three days: January 9, 18 and 31. A number of JCCs, including Orlando's, received multiple threats.

On Monday, another wave of bomb threats hit 11 JCCs across the country, bringing the total to 69 incidents targeting 54 JCCs in 27 states, according to the JCCA.

Meanwhile, JCC members are commiserating on social media, sharing poignant pictures of evacuation cribs left in frozen parking lots and teachers herding children to safety.
You see a lot of pictures in the news from incidents of bomb threats and other horrible events, but I feel this picture says so much.

These 4 cribs held 18 babies as we pushed them out of the building until we loaded them into our cars to take them to a safe location.

When the staff came back to the building after the all clear, it made my heart stop to see these cribs sitting in the empty parking lot.

How do people make threats like this on buildings full of innocent children?

I'm praying for our country tonight and our children.
*edited to add, since this post is being shared. This happened at the Sabes Jewish Community Center in Minneapolis, MN and was one of 18 Jewish buildings that had a bomb threat placed today.
"This is how we keep ricing you out. Big I'm set to ghost for doing small church opps. I will just prosecute war until angel fish folds away.
Bomb threats, this helps to reinforce our ID.
We're paper mizen to help our scratch. Our council just wants to mosh you. Our rights are out for our algebra sale.

On the same page at CNN as the bomb threat at the Jewish Community Centers was a story about a purported white supremacist speaking at Texas A&M university.
Our purpose it to always attach you to the bureau. I'm set to fist you for the rest of my life for my freedom.
"You do some beautiful horse trespass every day." The reporter said to Richard Spencer in reverse speech as she asked him a question.

Richard Spencer purported white supremacist
"I'm a Jew on a zoo pipe, it's part of my conspear. Our candidate white men have always falsed them out. I hold you mirrors all the time, I'm a boursed Judas thief. I'm bringing in whites to bury you off.
I'm Jew MOX on false. This race force I hit you with takes you out. Your scientist, I pulled him off. I'm a white person roll. I just porpoise hay. I minnow casualty with a dog, that's what shells do well. I've got to sell you my opps, it's part of my hydrous sport. I'm just about passing your age out. I weaped out contact. I scan you, white boys, to die you for vulture sin. As an organizer, I'm a true joke."

So the purported white supremacist. Does it surprise us that he is, in reality, a Judah shell hybrid transplant?

The highly organized bomb threats made to JCCs throughout America and into Canada. Using voice masking technology. Who would be able to finance such an elaborate terrorist operation?

Have we not seen numerous Jews that have been caught spray-painting swastikas on synagogues to spot Judee opps when we see them now?

The baby cribs in the parking lot. Might we not merely be seeing more Judee baby opps right?

The white guy that is purportedly a white supremacist. Might the university president and faculty not know that he is a Judee opper? As the professor at the schools are mostly Judee guys and gals might they not know a Judee opp when they see one?

"We wanted Germany to possess you.
False lawsuits helped our hold. You see my management here tyranny, we use war to make you a drip."

We had the cribs out in the parking lot. And the white supremacist all on one page. Judee reporter asking questions of a Judee shell kid. But where was the dog? Here he is:

And once again a reverse speech of a synagogue inhabitant:
"I'm just a satellite for margarine. We're sick."

Bitch is looking at the 6 AM news from Asia and the story of Kim Jong Nam, the half brother of the premier of North Korea, was reported to have been murdered in a Malaysian airport. Here's some reverse speech from the story:

"I use intelligent politics to throw you out minnow, it lets us do great theft. We report an image to port you. This is an obvious reporting a fake. Jew has arrangements to stop you good. Our struggle failed, I just put you in with bourse."

"This is an obvious reporting a fake."

That was a reverse speech from the medical examiner that purportedly is investigating the cause of death of Kim Jong Nam.

Might we understand why Judah went to such great trouble in America to get rid of the elected coroner and with it the grand jury?

Might 23 grand jurors not find out quickly when it is a ghost operation rather than a real death? Certainly.

"We report an image to port you."

Do we recall that Disney studios along with making wax models to put in carriages for ghosting opps, Disney also has their video technology installed in shopping store monitors that allow Judee to create false images of shoplifting events to report to police authorities?

Elders have been playing Bitch recordings of how many ways that Judee has set Bitch up. The false video from Disney studios has put a false brand of a shoplifter on Bitch in the local area now.

Might ordinary workers not have some idea of just how important are rights to help a person out of such a potentially deadly situation as Judah has set up here?

Will Labor not get the unlimited issue of free money that Judah uses to sport us away from him?

Judee's bomb threats with voice masking technology. Might that be an indication that it was Disney studios again that did the technical to make Judee's voice unrecognizable when he called his bomb threats in?

This reverse speech came from a high-level South Korean political official that was speaking about the purported death of Kim Jong Nam:

"Jew has arrangements to stop you good."

Have we not noticed that Judah way to stop us good has historically been with the overwhelming violence of war?

The childish opps that Judah has carried on for thousands of years. Yet, that he now has his hybrid, transplant Replicons sitting in every significant office of state in America and around our world, might we see the success that he has had by using his simple but proven strategy of false and force?

Quetzalcoatl, Buddha and abundance, South America, Asia, and Africa have not failed to Judah force.

If that is so, then why are most all the offices of those regions occupied by Judah or his Replicons in all of those states?

Might we consider that it was the fist of Europe that put them in over the last couple of centuries?

So even though Judah Replicons occupy offices in those regions, have we noticed that it is difficult for him to get the people there into any fights?

The last Judah fist. Are we seeing that it is the white fist that was brutalized into action after centuries of brutality to mild man in his terrain?

Must the mild man of the north not let Judah fist go?

So while these violent, false errant guys have got one on us all the time, are we not seeing that they are now out of time?

Their false courts with benches that shoot. Will Labor not put our rights in and protect us here?

The most basic root elements of civilization, might we not consider it is that we be able to talk to one another without the threat of being assaulted out of life?

"Ethically they're criminals," our good God Almighty said of weap Judah.

"They pushed the button to make us die." Tele receive. 6.43 AM

"I fist you stupid and now you see. I set you out and now we're leaving. My previous arrangement with bourse will still let me put you away. With my visual I have already held you through half of February," Judee say.

The many of us that left the old country because of the political violence and turmoil that Judah had put into the terrain over there. And what did Judah wish for us Americans now living in the land of the free?

"We wanted Germany to possess you."

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let them off of here right?

30 million Americans put out life before their time in the last century by the efforts of weap Judah on free American Labor bourse.

Might we recall what one of them said in reverse speech: "IT PAID BIG?"

We that lived in the terrain of the north for the last 30,000 years and have lived all that time in peace.

Might that have something to do with how we developed the "unique value of cooperation?"

One thing that makes Judah jealous. The weakness he has, his inability to accommodate others.

He thought he could get away with guffing man and he did. He tried it with God and did God not let Judah toss himself good?

The right to kill us with no redress or remedy at all. Judah claims it is his human right to kill us with no redress or remedy at all.

Might Labor in particular not want to ponder the significance of what has happened here concerning our health and welfare?

Judah has sealed us in to die out in the billions this time. Has he not cunningly caught us in the web he has spun of funding and fighting all of his sins of war?

Will Labor not let them off right?

It is 7.56 AM and just watched several videos of the death of the Russian ambassador to the United Nations.

Here's some reverse speech from them:

"I got to get out, I got too many warrants on me. Once I fatal you right it cores you fish. I fall, I won't defend pp rule. I fall you all without due respect."

Those were reverse speech from Vitaly Churkin himself.

"A new performance, that's why he had to go. British rolled him out of here for free. They washed him out conspear."

Those reverse speech came from 2 people that were interviewed about the death of Vitaly Churkin.

Does it appear that he did not ghost but instead was rolled and washed out for free?

"A new performance, that's why he had to go."

Could that indicate that his previous activities coming to light at this moment might interfere with the new performance that is planned?

Will Labor not come to life and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and end all of his sport around here?

Tele receives:

"Sucker degrade apps. 4.56 PM

Attorney arrives. 7.12 PM

Scare philosophy. 7.14 PM

Don't worry baby everything will be all right. 7.23 PM

He's an incredible telepath. 7.24 PM

Patrick missed their score. 7.26 PM

Let's stay buddies Pat. 7.30 AM

Jew racials do spite. 7.31 PM

Lunch-meat fails, it died you. 7.32 PM

The dude failed. 8.24 PM

A vicious boy shot us gorgeous. 8.29 PM

The economy is falling, they're falsing you severely. 11.13 PM

The oxygen failed because the white man failed. 11.16 PM

Many were involved in shooting you right. 11.20 PM

They're completely faulty, STRIKE THEM OUT! 11.26 PM

Cannibal cap put you in jail. 11.27 PM

A shoot you roll vitamin of a STRIKE will end the vitamin of the jerk. 11.29 PM

Gadget rolled all our atmosphere. 11.30 PM

Saturation will make you dead. 11.32 PM

A bad seed died. 11.33 PM

He tossed out matrimony. 11.34 PM

Whiskey holds a person for a foul. 12.21 AM

Put them all out.

Your circuits have all failed.

Screw ya ladle.

Your scoot's arranged.

If you lose your nation your whole freedom dies.12.33 AM

Bubble gum chomps fear completely.

Your greatest miracle is about to die fistal. 12.35 AM

Great scoring stumbled you to fail.

You'll die jail death. 12.43 AM

Save your life from a joke. 12.49 AM

You're devolved famously wicked. 12.50 AM

They rolled us in mouscious. 12.51 AM

They scorched you here. 12.52 AM

They're falsing a bankroll until you're dead. 12.53 AM

Fraudulent dorsal holds you in. 12.59 AM

You failed their life forces disadvantageously.

An enemy hikes you. 1.01 AM

It's hosen. 1.03 AM

Die fissile. 1.04 AM

You'll be out of time Muslim. 1.05 AM

Boost, perjury boot you out of here. 1.06 AM

A hearing aid posted it. 1.07 AM

The economy is dying off for security. 1.08 AM

The white guy, they wipe us right.

They have established permanent source fail. 1.09 AM

The mice are hung even with contact. 1.11 AM

Lawless here.

Instead of contact, we're mousing ourselves. 1.15 AM

Trump inspires thieves. 1.17 AM

Gangster life failed us purposely. 1.18 AM

They funnel corrupt. 1.20 AM

Rubbishing you failed. 1.20 AM

The industrial course now is a prison, not Christian. 1.21 AM

Conspeared to death easily. 1.22 AM

We're dying councilish. 1.24 AM

An oversight will cow. 1.25 AM

They push wrench degree. 1.29 AM

Your life has disappeared testament, secret accusations. 1.30 AM

Jobs have failed scratched. 1.31 AM

It's war failed cage-ish. 1.32 AM

You've been fooged. 1.34 AM

They fooled us right. 1.35 AM

By the clock, we failed. 1.37 AM

They STRIKE us debts and give us deputy pies. 1.38 AM

This is a porpoise head here. 1.40 AM

They got a boot for a college roll. 1.41 AM

You Drew-un.

Their cop store you failed. 1.45 AM

They made us with a great guard. 1.48 AM

Acknowledge they're through.

They're thrown away great. 1.49 AM

They're taking you off exhaustive, abused HUGE. 1.51 AM

They false your sight for excitement; STRIKE THEM OUT! 1.53 AM

Patrick save us. 1.54 AM

The door on white is closing on white.

Frostive. 3.45 AM

You're in, you made it. 3.48 AM

You enable Judeous. 5.10 AM

You tossed his tossage. 5.12 AM

Fair me. 5.37 AM

Debts make a nice nest egg.

Great you were robbed. 5.56 AM

It's true fell. 5.57 AM

Helplessness cost you your life. 6.00 AM

They pushed the button to make us die. 6.43 AM

Take off their error force. 7.15 AM

Their force has failed us, they pushed us out complete.

Shot failed. 7.38 AM

Swat breeze is not fair. 8.18 AM

The cannibal is sick. 8.26 AM

The bull's eye's been canceled. 8.47 AM

Continues at:

The sheriff's completely failed. 9.09 AM

The son of a bitch's destroyed us. 9.14 AM

You evade

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