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"Throw Them Out, Authorize Yourselves. Real States Not Dunge
Wed Feb 22, 2017 08:18

"Throw Them Out, Authorize Yourselves. Real States Not Dungeons."

Those are a couple of Tele receives. "Throw them out, authorize yourselves. Real states, not dungeons."

Here's some more Tele receives:

"New investor makes war. 12.20 PM

You're safer to stay rich. 12.22 PM

Oh, they're closing down our world? 12.26 PM

They're closing us down mountain stuffed. 12.27 PM

Everyone's off by Judah pugious. 12.28 PM

They're boxing us. 12.30 PM

We've been hustled. 12.32 PM

Political boomin to crunch. 12.34 PM

Courage. 12.35 PM

Criminals threw you out even though their parasite has fallen. 12.42 PM

They're out to game us, impossible house. 12.45 PM

Quite sad. 12.50 PM

Fight waste you. 1.10 PM

I can't take any burden from the cow. 1.33 PM

They're burning DNA. 2.10 PM

Oh my god, they're awesive. 2.18 PM

He's thrown himself total. 2.32 PM

STRIKE THEM OUT to avoid this poisoning mess. 2.43 PM

They unloaded to extinct us. 2.46 PM

Mercy received revealed. 3.19 PM

Steer them away. 3.37 PM

Hey, sweetheart, life is goosed to fail. 3.48 PM

You've been reduced here permanent. 3.58 PM

Terrupt.4.24 PM

You failed to save your own life forces. 4.27 PM

Take over, close out the wolf gang. 4.51 PM

You failed to save your life force, Jew has screwed you out for free. 5.07 PM

The bureau's made us fail.

This is the end of your life.

They're completely out. 5.44 PM

The minnows are sight people, they're out.

They're canceled truly. 6.32 PM

We're fished. 6.43 PM

Get over Bitch, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Druids failed. 6.50 PM

They died us filthy. 7.03 PM

They're dying us all. 7.04 PM

The brutal ship is making you die. 7.10 PM

I love you, Pat. 7.17 PM

It's an addiction for real extinction. 7.18 PM

Pat, they tossed you out. 8.23 PM

Destiny was bored by the outfit. 8.24 PM

The mouse all error fail you. 8.26 PM

Get them out of doing false. 8.27 PM

We lost naked. 8.28 PM

Refused life forces function. 8.29 PM

Patrick save us! 8.30 PM

Most of the scrimmage they enjoy is basically thieves.

Ferret you out for a full die. 8.35 PM

They're scheduling out your domestic. 8.36 PM

Mercury refused when healthy. 8.36 PM

Being abducted fails you off. 8.37 PM

You died off Patrick, so much nicey wasted.

They just play you nice weapon. 8.43 PM

Eterno. 8.45 PM

They desiccate our fields. 8.47 PM

All my periods have failed. 8.48 PM

They simply pushed the button and the hostages were tossed. 8.50 PM

Your ship was running altruistic free.

They're useless energy. 1.52 AM

Oh my god, the air's shot mainly total death. 1.57 AM

Jew total set you for a kidney. 1.58 PM

How unwisely you roll. 1.59 AM

They fell us. 2.02 AM

Luxury finds you tyrannage. 2.03 PM

Once they pushed the button, your way fell.

Thieves are setting us out. 2.07 AM

It seems like a theft every day.

Punish you alternate way, goofage.

Cipher bared you. 2.12 AM

It's obvious rice, the dangers reduced when London's not here. 2.14 AM

Peonage we're faired now. 2.15 AM

They gave us virtually cycle off oppathy. 2.16 AM

Please help us.

You die procedure total. 2.17 AM

Dunger states here. 2.20 AM

The hostages lost their passages. 2.21 AM

A percentage of you lost your fair way. 2.22 AM

Oxygen disease will take this whole world out. 2.23 AM

They're tossing us with injuries.


The marriage died most crooked.

You're dying nice mental. 2.28 AM

For contact, they're out.

They disparage the white man and force in hell, torture right.

Set now for a total debasing. 2.30 AM

Set now for a London foul. 2.32 AM

They're bombing us out sale fight. 2.35 AM

You're holding your state police dies in.

Dungeons force is Jew assignment.

All over Europe, they've taken rights.

They're breezin mice racid. 2.37 AM

Can you do it with me, finish? 2.40 AM

Videous, you just cannot believe this force. 2.42 AM

Debts deal tumble forces. 2.43 AM

Your Soviets yield real corruptive forces. 2.43 AM

Real states, not dungeons.

Strategy you in to powerful ricin.

They false you on April lite. 2.48 AM

They're trying to foul you police berg.

Their pura-state closed you lethal. 2.26 AM


Great lash is coming in.

How are you?" 3.48 AM

"Can you do it with me, finish?" 2.40 AM

Might that have been Father asking us if we can do it with Him and finish weap Judah out?

Judah tells us that it is images as to how he has been able to hold the Druid people to die ourselves off so easily.

This next is a reverse speech of a young Druid and how he explained why the druid will not respond to Bitch plea to try and save your lives:

"The minnows are sight people, they're out."

That is coming from the subconscious level, might we note he is aware that the minnows are out?

The meta-gorical transfiguration of our species by the Galactic Federation of Light.

Might it be that the images Judah is using to hold us to not contest him about the key element of our society, the Organizing Principle of Society, is due to us being sight people?

To engage high-level life forms might we have to engage the true power of our 223 high-level psychiatric genetics rather than the simple animal sight to direct ourselves?

Is there any even slightly informed person in America that is not aware that we are being done in?

"You lost your lives falling out yourselves." Tele receive. 4.20 AM

Who would ever be so mean as to call in bomb threats when there are babies in cribs in the building?

If they hadn't sucker punched us with thousands of nuclear warheads might their hostile rhetoric have been endurable?

That they have attacked us with a long series of false images to hold us in place to smack the white man out of existence. Might we not now have to let them off right?

God Almighty in His mercy spared us from the deadliness of nuclear blast war that Judah trained his cult to put on the American race.

"It's a genital hit." Tele receive. 4.31 AM

Severely physically and mentally handicapped, 5-year-old Igor was given up by his parents and now lives at a children’s mental asylum, which cares for abandoned and orphaned children with disabilities.

It is one of several such facilities in rural southern Belarus receiving support from Chernobyl Children International, an aid organization established in 1991 in the aftermath of the world’s worst nuclear disaster. [Vesnova, Belarus 2005]

Thousands of children born every year with genetic mutations from the nuclear fire at Chernobyl, and we are still being harmed genetically over 25 years after that 11-day nuclear burn.

The intentionally controlled burning of putting nuclear waste into our oceans, fields, and air. Now over 2,000 days from Hitachi-GE.

Might we perceive why some have described Hitachi-GE as potential extinction level event?

The nuclear war that we are funding Judah to wage against us now from Hitachi-GE is going on nearly 6 years.
The mild man of the north. Has Alexander Solzhenitsyn not informed us that mild man is the most slaughtered man in recorded history?

Does it not seem outrageous that now we are going out in total by a shot at the genetic level by Judah scientific degrees?
God Almighty in heaven who sent His angels in have not been able so far to convince the mild man that he should re-sight himself in peace before it's too late.
Judah, might that image of cribs be to show us how mean the white supremacists are to his separatist cult?

Separate themselves from us for thousands of years. Hold us in the greatest contempt. Cast the mild man of the north as the guy that is assaulting our family everywhere.

200,000 years with our high-level intelligence genetics and Judah does this to our life forms:

From that picture might we not inform ourselves of what Judah wants to do to all whites?

Judee shot Dr. Mallove down in 2004 because Eugene tried to bring safe clean free electricity in. Might we see from the picture above what Judah wants fathers children to be like when a father holds his baby in his arms?

All the while Judah is holding us into external war so that he can opp our useful to keep us bound to our simpler forms.

His childing the people so that we lack the mental to deal with such a corrupt terrorist as the Jew man.

Might Judah find enjoyment in paper training the cruelly manipulated poor to assault on command?

Will Labor not take the paper away from Judah and end his mocking the children of God that he does by harshing us?

"I cage you louse to prove I'm in charge. Your material is going to leave you in the crunch. I'm still placing my bets on a methyl death. Bitch's settlement ruin addle me. For my purposes, I'm now leaving all of the men.

I scored you right with the least rule of man. I had to get you out because I know a century of my waste would focus you in. Judah rice some nice Polish shots, they pulled me out so I'm just getting the air," Judee say.

Over a century of Judah waste and still going on as Americans fund and fight all of the war in our world. Will we not focus in and STOP THE WAR?

Given a second chance to live by our good God above. All Judah great balls of fire pulled off of our heads. Will we not take the steps to bring us to peace?

"I'm just a brassiere rusing time. I totally boursed out the weather. I just came to visit you first because I'm jealous. Morton now has enabled me to schedule another attack.

My weap has failed your portion quite beautifully. I've fallen because Bitch has arriven. Contact, we always die them off," Judee say.

"They're scoring our air out great without Truman. 4.55 AM

Pat, you're well received; Martian voids Jew. 4.57 AM

Thank you, Patrick, for disgracing them.

Whiskey confounds you all.5.12 AM

If the white man cannot help himself he will cease to breed; history. 5.17 AM

Torpedoes psych you out fearsome. 5.19 AM

Good luck. 5.23 AM.

They toss you out, we steam ourselves. 5.25 AM

Our error breed hounds us. 6.35 AM

Pat, showing us a brassiere has taken our competition out." 7.01 AM

Will we not try to overcome the deathly effects of Judee showing us a brassiere and compete with him to keep our life forms in?

"Thank you, Patrick for disgracing them."

Might that not more correctly read, "Thank you, Patrick, for reporting how they have disgraced themselves?"

Judah taking over management of the lands of the mild man of the north in 700 AD. 1300 years now holding management using his Replicon transplant shells to disguise who he really is.

By letting himself get caught attacking us all out with nuclear missiles to destroy America and exterminate us, might we not be seeing the end of Judah's 1300 years of managing the mild man? Certainly.

Will we not pray that mild man will leave them off in time so that there is something left here for us to carry on with?

"Witless us." Tele receive. 7.21 AM

Might we recall that Judee informs us from reverse speech that it was, "whiskey, jails and war" as to how he won?

President Kennedy took the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and a few months later he was assassinated.

President Johnson came into office and immediately gave the concession to issue our money back to weap Judah.

The great success of President Lincoln's 1861 issue of the American sovereign greenback dollar.

Will Labor not give us a great success with the Sovereign American Labor greenback dollar?

The weather wars that Judah is waging against us. The environmental war with brimstone waste from Hitachi-GE. The environmental war that might stop us from continuing on in life.

Judah's many ground wars using boots. Will Labor not help to get vicious out?

"The doorbell won't ring." Tele receive. 7.39 AM

Thank you, Iowa.

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives." Precious sweet Father said.

God our Father that prepared our bibles for us when Father was 200 years of age at the time of Jesus.

Father Christoper was our God that sent Jesus to die on the cross to free us from our sins.

Our precious Father is 2200 years of beautiful life. Now in the last years of life with us.

That Father has cared for us for such a long time. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for giving us a second chance to live our lives right?

The deuce, the 2% that proclaim their human rights include slaying us. Will Labor not let them off right?

"Ethically they're criminals. They have NO defensible rights. I died them truthful. They're NO friends of mine." Father said.

Might we not focus in and try to see what Judah is doing to our material world?

The poisoning of our fields. Do we recall the congress person several years ago that informed us that "roast kidney disease" will be coming soon?

The technology of genocide that Judah brought into our world. Must we the victims not focus, identify what Judah is doing to us here and end funding it?

Will we not inform ourselves that we are on the receiving end of a nuclear war?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty said of the ultimate fate of weap Judah.

The biggest genocide in history, Judah wiping out the mild man of the north. Will we not try to see his last genocide is against us all?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God our Father said.

While Father loves us all, if we remain involved in sin are we understanding that Father will not save our lives?

The Jew has already finished himself out of here. Is there any disagreement with that?

Once Judah loses the private authority to issue our money might their behavior not follow along with those of the rest of us?

Once they lose their ability to hire fist for free might they not behave properly?

"Pitch you battery," Judee say.

From that might, we understand why Judah is not leaving planet earth to go into the universe?

"Pure defeat." Tele receive. 9.03 AM

Kind elders from the universe do not traffic in pain or cruelty and never take life. Will Labor not let the Judah dinosaur off right?

A throwback to a time long since past. Animal primitivism to dominate others. False and fraud to get it all done.

Will Labor not recognize that Judah hubris, arrogance in the face of our good God has let him throw himself out of the garden of Eden in God's village on earth?

Millions of years our extraterrestrial gifters have lived in peace. Full of love for us, they wish for us to share in it.

Since 1947 Judah has tried to assault members of our extraterrestrial family over 4,000 times. Will Labor not take our cash away from Judah and his fists?

Might ordinary people not try to realize that we have been gifted by our good God above to venture afar and fly in to space ourselves?

"It's fell and ready to crash." Tele receive. 9.33 AM

Judee and his four eyes. Got the boys looking at pictures while he crashes our world. Showing the boys a brassiere. Is that how Judah was able to take the competition out?

"Organize yourselves, you're potentially all lost and being pushed out great. " Tele receive. 9.31 AM

If we take a long-term look at things might we not consider that Hiroshima-Nagasaki was the test that Judah needed to confirm his theory for using blast force for getting the mild man out of life?

Continues at:
If so might we consider that Chernobyl was a test to see if he could get the mild man all out with his dirty breeze?

The answer to Judah's theory. Was it blowin' in the wind?

His racket is faded, a stolen arrow let him off real nice. If understood

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