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"Their Locks Failed Us. Their Scorch Is Going To Evict Us."
Thu Feb 23, 2017 09:34

"Their Locks Failed Us. Their Scorch Is Going To Evict Us."

The most imprisoned people on planet earth. Americans on Jewish management. Now being poisoned out HUGE.

A third of the human race on planet earth set for dying off in their nuclear brimstone waste war.

Judah blocking free energy over a century ago and still blocking it today as American Labor money is used to wage multiple sports wars throughout our world.

Weather wars to destroy our crops and put a famine on us. The mischief that Judah does when he is able to get away with it.

Police use stun gun on man damaging Iowa gardens with hammer
Updated: 9:03 PM CST Feb 21, 2017

Are we not recognizing Judah opps when we see them now?

Might we only guess what sort of a mental effect it has on the viewer to watch a man who is obviously running in some outraged condition using a hammer to pound away at statues in a public garden?

And wasn't it a lucky break that there was someone there to video it while the fellow was pounding away at the statues in the garden?

Might we only wonder how much it cost to hire that staged opp?

No matter how much it cost, are we aware that it was paid for by American Labor?

It didn't cost Judah a penny. All he has to do is write a check against the working men and women of America to get his staged opps done.

What is it about the power of Judah videos that is holding American Labor to continue to let Judah issue our money?

He's coming to get our marrow to shorten our lives radically. Open air burning of his nuclear waste to rain down on us.

Will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and end financing his opps?

The authority to issue money. Is it not clear that a general STRIKE with the demand for Labor to issue our money will end weap Judah and his theory of sports war as the way to hold the human race on planet earth?

"I played with your minds," Judee say.

Might we only wonder in what way hiring a guy to hammer the tops off of concrete posts in the China gardens in Des Moines plays with our minds?

Though whatever way it plays with our minds, might we not have to give it to the Israeli psychologist that he has been able to hold Americans long past our die in a nuclear waste war?

Are we recognizing the day that American Labor takes the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah will be the last day that he will ever again play with any children of God's minds?

When Judah took over the authority to issue the money of America have we not seen how he has been able to wage permanent war for free that allowed him to install his Replicons taking over the entire planet earth?

And what did Judah do when he took over planet earth with his war machine?

Has Judah not mined our planet with nuclear missiles? Yes, he has.

And has he not mined our world with his dirty bomb shots? Yes, he has.

The historical museum in downtown Des Moines.
Bitch has gone their several times. It has some nice displays and it also is easy on the budget, FREE.
The last visit Bitch went in to see a display with a Conestoga wagon hanging from the ceiling.

As soon as Bitch walked into the display room the lights tripped off. Immediately he knew it was our kind elders that were alerting him that something was set to fall on his head in that display room.

Might we remember the tricks that Judah installed when he controlled the United States of America?

The architecture of Judah on his sport. Are we understanding that he builds traps in the buildings he puts up?

The many workers that have been killed on the job. Might we only wonder how many were accidents and how many were actually traps disguised to look like ordinary accidents?

Might we understand how Judah has set his government to die off Labor activists on the job?

Setting traps in a public building. From that understanding, might we understand how it was that they had Russia attack Des Moines with a nuclear missile?

Might it only be a matter of time before the people focus on what it is that Judah has done in the time that he had the government of the United States of America in his hands?

Are we understanding that in speaking in reference to weap Judah we say "when he 'had' the government of the United States in his hands?"

Are we noting it is "had," past tense that we are speaking of weap Judah now?

"When he 'had' the government of the United States of America in his hands."

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our glorious and magnificent precious sweet Father for sending His angels in that left weap Judah cast himself out of our land forever?

Maybe the company we're working for has had a slow year. Can we only wonder how many died a few workers off to use the insurance collections to pump up the bottom line for that year?

God's rules that He gave to Moses in 1500 BC, "Thou shalt not kill."

How do we begin to ponder the mechanism to follow those rules when we have been given free will by our good God?

The snook who decided to ignore the rules of God's village on earth.

Judah with his defiance, disrespect, and derision for simple basic rules to help all of us. Thumbing his nose at the heavenly powers above.

Will Labor not get them gone right?

"I prefer my racket to the quite usable. I generally use a whole shear theory. The snail of America we must chop. We just embezzle you. I molest Druid to frighten you so we can proceed," Judee say.

Might seeing a guy swinging a hammer and busting things up frighten the viewer? Might we consider that what Judah bills as news are in reality mental opps?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let the Israeli psychologist off of us now?

"Our deed is booming you sport and leaving you torture. Nice to meet your senses, I accomplished your sign. America, we're wholesaling Germany's right fist.

We spite your knowledge harshly with abuse. It's my right boursing error. I'm scheduled to be put away from here for being corrupt. Our barbershop has clearly lost our day," Judee say.

There was a story yesterday out of Chicago about a woman bringing bugs in a blanket and leaving them on a CTA train.

Bugs on a train: Video shows bag of bugs on CTA’s Red Line
CHICAGO -- There’s something ‘bugging’ passengers after a woman brought a bag filled with bugs onto the CTA’s Red Line -- and it was all captured on camera.

A video taken on a Red Line rail car at the Garfield Stop shows an open bag with several bugs squirming around.

“The railcar was immediately pulled out of service, and treated," said CTA spokeswoman Irene Ferradaz.

Michael Moore saw the bugs last Friday afternoon when he stepped into a train car at the Garfield stop headed north toward downtown. Inside a bag of clothes, a bunch of bugs were creeping and crawling. He recorded a video of the sight and posted it to YouTube, and also reported it to the CTA.
"This is ever to keep you minnow head and call in the police. We just give you a garbage problem with police and set you to fail. This stabilizes Federal voices and fortifies our rules. Image holds performance to wipe a right jerk. It's a nice breeze I'm sporting out."
"Harold let their whole rate go for scrimmaging. They're trying to make us wrench."
"I just think it's great the Bitch is shouting."
"Diesel rollin here."

Might we note in that last reverse speech, "Diesel rolling here?"

Might that indicate that Judah opps are becoming known?

"We just give you a garbage problem with police and set you to fail."

Can we only wonder did Judee do that opp to allow questioning homeless on CTA El trains?
"I just think it's great the Bitch is shouting."

Might we note that Judah opps in our society ever is for forcing a safeguard?

Michael Moore recorded a video of the sight and posted it to You Tube.

Any chance Michael Moore was boursed to capture that video to post to You Tube? Might it be used to hostile homeless people?

That the story made it to mainstream news. Might we not perceive the Israeli psychologist put that into our view?

"My conscience ever shot you suspect. I've used the white folks for my complete fail even though I'm completely dead. We're scheduled opposite so right you are dead," Judee say.

To try to bust us with nuclear blast war and now his last shot, nuclear waste war. And what are to we to think that Judah is telling us that as he is opposite to us right we are dead?

1500 BC, 3500 years ago. Given the Ten Rules of The Road by our good God above.

Made aware by Father Baldec then that we have been gifted with free will to do whatever it is that we want to with our lives. Gifted with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by precious sweet Father.

"Put an existence stipend in with something in it for every one. Consider it a God-given right," God Almighty of heaven and earth said to His children on planet earth.

Bitch, a deeply imperfect boy that wants to be a useful servant of Father's will. Unable to bring American Labor to end funding our die and it is so obvious to anyone that has spent 40 minutes thinking about how we are going out of life form now.

A general STRIKE that will end Judah controlling his planet tyranny. Will we not pray that American Labor will reach for it?

"Because of my tumor investment you fold," Judee say.

"We're only a few months away from unlimited clean free energy." Dr. Mallove informed us in 2004 shortly before he was gone from our world.

Might we see in that how aggressively Judah protects his investment sin tumor force?

Dying off Americans in the hundreds of millions as Judah goes away from us for good.

Our great wealth being poisoned out. An out of control carefully designed to die America off nuclear dirty bomb poisoning us. And it is still going on.

Druid weapon still serving Judah sport fist even though Judah is dead and no more.

700 BC when Judah attacked the Galacticans and killed them all. The early times when our extraterrestrial creators lived right here among us.

And all these centuries Judah thought that he actually was able to surprise extraterrestrials and kill them all.

Only in more recent times has Judah figured out that it was "meat dolls" that he attacked long ago.

"Mission specific Beings" dressed in the robes of our Galactican elders letting Judah think that he died our family from outer space out. Chasing our kind elders that were helping us from the surface of planet earth.

King Henry V of England was pulled out in 1422 by our elders from outer space. "He was on a roll," elder said.

Henry V only 36 years old in 1422 when he was beamed up and gifted with a wonderful life by our extraterrestrial elders.

And what about the body that was buried as King Henry V of England? Might we not be aware now that was a meat doll substitute that was buried in 1422?

Would the royals not be aware that was a meat doll and not Henry V? Of course they would.

Have we noticed the royals have not revealed that secret since they knew about it in 1422?

Genocide Judah driving the cruelly manipulated boys from England to invade France to commit genocide against our family in France.

Joan of arc and her 1430 defeat of Judah on the battlefield only 8 years after Henry V was gone.

Judah wanted to carry on his genocide of our family in France in his hundred years war in the 14th and 15th centuries but was held by the love of God for His kids.

Now Judah working his last genocide carried on against the people of the United States of America and Europe. The major target of Judah genocide, the mild man of the north. Judah has now set 95% of us out to die from his nuclear waste war.

Might some be thinking, "if such a thing is true would we not know about it? Would our investigative news journalists not reveal such a dreadful fact to us"

Might we think for a moment that the same people who own investments in nuclear power plants and thermonuclear bombs are the same investors that own the broadcaster news stations?

From that might, we perceive that what we watch as news are perfectly crafted intelligence operations of weap Judah?

The fact of extraterrestrials being in our world and having been in our world throughout all of our time even before we were crafted with their high-level intelligence genetics 200,000 years ago.

Might we think of how Judah has been pulling his targets out over time fibering us in our food products?

That is he may be fiberin us for years in food products to give us internal cancers to get us into his medical procedures where he then can finish us off in ways that we don't identify that it is Judah that did it.

The long slow process of death that Judah puts onto so many people. Might we not perceive that is what he is doing with his nuclear waste weap?

A nuclear waste weap that is deadly and yet not perceived because it is invisible, tasteless and odorless.

How will the people be brought to act to prevent Judah from closing us out of life form?

The authority to issue our money. Are we seeing that is the tool that allowed Judah to assault our world with war as he did?

That it is still in his unholy hands. Are we perceiving why he is still assaulting our world with war?

"Super tossed him out!" Tele receive. 8.26 AM

What might it take for super to be able to convince Labor to step in and try to save yourselves?

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

"They're completely thrown out for nuts." Tele receive. 8.33 AM

Our $100 trillion dollars clean energy velocity power supply sources economy only 4 years away. If only Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and let it come in.

Or will Labor stand aside and let our economy face a poisoned food supply?

War with Russia set to begin. Have we not seen much of Wall Street's basic sin in Judah's century of war?

Is it not clear that Labor can get them out and their war sin off of us when Labor STRIKES THEM OUT?

By our good God, Sovereign and Savior expressing His will to us that Labor from now on is to issue our money, is it not seen that Judah is now done?

Thousands of years of royals, lies, and fists. Will American Labor not step up and give us the real good stuff, the peace?

Might we consider that Judah thought he could hold his rule by killing as many of us as he needed to?

To put his first world war in. Did Judah not brutalize Americans with his prison camps for those that would not harm their fellow man?

The Hofer brothers tortured to death in Alcatraz during the First Judah sports World War because they listened to our good God and would not harm their fellow man in Judah sports war.

Is American Labor not yet ready to let Judah man go before we are died off in his multiple of sports war?

Bitch doesn't stick his nose into other people's business. Using Bitch's income tax to shoot his family is his business.

Might Labor not recognize that using our income tax to shoot our family, is all of our business?

Are we perceiving that our income tax is also being used to shoot us out with brimstone waste disease?

If so will Labor not do something about it?

Will Labor not get smart and end funding shooting our brothers and sisters in this world?

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The rightless druids of America and Russia. Set now to shoot one another right. The best package of human and civil rights ever put in and made the law of the land in the new United States of America in 1791.

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