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"Life Is Quite Fallen. He Wouldn't Quietly Let Them Hearse U
Fri Feb 24, 2017 07:50

"Life Is Quite Fallen. He Wouldn't Quietly Let Them Hearse Us Out."

Those are a couple of Tele receives from overnight. "Life is quite fallen. He wouldn't quietly let them hearse us out."

If you know they're dying you why would you let them do it quietly? If you know their intent is to put us all in a hearse why would we remain quiet?

And yet do we not see that all of the time? Has the last century not given us example after example of men quietly going with a gun person to be taken and shot standing next to a pit?

"Ready, now paralyze all the fists." Tele receive.

Are we seeing that the meek can break off the final die of Americans without the use of violence?

Was so busy yesterday researching and spent a couple of hours on the purported accidental shooting of the Punta Gorda, Florida librarian, that missed putting last nights Tele receives in yesterday's post.

So here are yesterday's and todays Tele receives:

"Close the war, get it done. 5.07 PM

The sinner degrades, get them to leave. 5.12 PM

A Russian jail holds you easily. 5.14 PM

They sold you horsemanship. 5.17 PM

You lost your right here, you remain defeated. 10.57 PM

Strike has failed. 12.19 AM

Moscow hike you.

Genocide is falling us fail.

Shove them off. 12.27 AM

They passed us out to die fistal. 12.29 AM

The crimes committed against us on our dollar bill, STRIKE THEM OUT! 12.36 AM

Rise up, stay awake here. 12.39 AM

They rice you here for life. 12.42 AM

They're getting us food, they're poisoning our field. 12.45 AM

You're closing your life forces out of here. 1.58 AM

They're throwing us hinge1.58 AM

Bitch won't harm us here.

Good luck to you, finish. 1.58 AM

You've reduced your usage.

You wipe yourselves right forces completely out. 2.00 AM

Goofy they're wiping the sparrow.

Germany failed to save us.

Completely pitched life forces.

Care passed out, STRIKE! 2.04 AM

They nailed thee, they nailed us good.

Keep learning a bit here.

America bopped its life forces. 2.56 AM

Their locks failed us. 3.00 AM

Their scorch is going to evict us. 3.08 AM

Get them off of here. 3.12 AM

Embarrassing abuse is about to make all fold. 3.18 AM

It's some marrow that's coming out to course you bad.

Get them out. 5.00 AM

You rate here, they can't stop your truth. 5.18 AM

Make your sale. 5.52 AM

Oh my god they destroyed all of us.

Deer. 8.09 AM

They're completely thrown out for nuts.

It's a stupid room. 10.22 AM

Molester tossed us outside. 10.30 AM

Lock them up. 11.43 AM

Bitch arrived. 12.48 PM

Vertess fail. 12.49 PM

I'm scared. 12.52 PM

Their dungeon skit fell. 12.56 PM

You fair us here. 2.55 PM

Your fault is doable, reasonable. 4.06 PM

Hear resources going out camels.

Camels offed you. 4.11 PM

Jew just occupies you mosh.

Your efforts here are cowardly, you force them out brutally. 4.34 PM

For genocide you fall. 4.54 PM

Jew forcing you away with electricity here.

They pushed the button and you've done nothing. A STRIKE has failed to save your own life.

Threw their threat. 6.55 PM

They're dying us with lethal tool. 7.06 PM

They run the government of the United States like its a private company.

Patrick, their battery is south of here. 12.30 AM

Personal life you failed refused. 12.31 AM

Finish it, they murdered me. 12.32 AM

Insurious they always throw you out. 12.37 AM

You failed stufish offensive. 12.38 AM

They fertilize some witless. 12.47 AM

They assault me in a true prison. 12.49 AM

We fell Jewish electricity. 12.50 AM

Total fortune on thief died quickly. 12.57 AM

It's fair to close your life right.

Police with Morgan catatish. 12.58 AM

Pensions right a deal. 12.59 AM

Goose-somes gave us a useless life. 1.00 AM

All German heart attacks fell for brave. 1.05 AM

Get them out, they're faulty life here.

Fired awesome to de-mental you. 1.09 AM

You all failed all life here. 1.10 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT, they've thrown our financials.

Little things mean a lot. 1.14 AM

Whiteness is being totally done. 1.17 AM

You're erased soon. 1.23 AM

You been made to die Germany. 1.24 AM

You will be trapped in this pool of nuclear waste.1.29 AM

Your life form ends here right. 1.24 AM

They nurse you heart attack. 1.34 AM

You're falling quite errorously. 1.35 AM

You lost your life helpless here, helplessly. 1.43 AM

They're assaulting here quite deadly. 1.48 AM

You lost your freedom, set to be debased now. 1.53 AM

They pitched your face and scruffed. 1.54 AM

Your mercy failed. 1.55 AM

Patrick we just hold you in error. 1.56 AM

For Fritz you died yourselves. 1.59 AM

They were quite fistal. 2.38 AM

They waste us air. 2.40 AM

Popi said you die too fist. 2.50 AM

Patrick tried to save us. 2.56 AM

He wouldn't quietly let them hearse us out.

Life is quite fallen.

You're my fairest deal.

The cops will leave us die expired.

They died us all fist.

Ready, now paralyze all the fists.

Iowa's fallen for all abuse.

The die makes us.

Their theory rapes us.

The vene-us.

Excite your field. 3.00 AM

Sooth me, angel is physicaled. 3.01 AM

Super's failing, they're taking the white men away." 3.10 AM

"My family died you off. I'm leaving you obstacles. You'd be amazed how much we perished mortgage. The mouse Druid has never survived us. I died, I just prayed to sin you. I rolled fist, I failed pet over here to beast you to die.

Money, I finish you. We're scheduled opposite so right you are dead. I'm about to take you out tomato permanent. I'm just gonna roll you fiend. Contact has made our revenge fall. The Norse man we successfully scrimmaged out of life.

I set you molest head so I can fish you, Bob. Bitch taking my revenue. I serf to leaf. We did some fabulous stool. The Martian won't let me punish so I'm defeated by them. I just cap you and hold you, I won. I just push the minnow in jail.

I tried to strategy you to pump my male fist, my performance is full wrench on sexual. Since they got my fire of the gut my management force is off. Jew scrimmage frighten white man stewish. This is my last scrimmage because I took you all out hotel.

With my Jew catastrophe I thief and I won. My Jewish package is to put you into homelessness. Because I'm all wastious you're going to find Jewish men smell.

The terror of my force holds you in. We just punish and sport you well. You failed to take me away for my big day. I abduct you for my port days, that's why Jew is going. My Jesuits took out contact so my pure force still stays," Judee say.

Might we see the Jesuits in the clear light of day as Judah hybrid Replicon transplants?

Are we seeing they have been doing the mental to keep contact from coming in and ending their eternal war against us?

Have they not taken over the world by saddling American Labor? Once they lose their nearly biological white fist do we see it will be the end of the war on earth?

The "slave." The name given to the abducted people of the mild man of the north terrain, the Slavic lands.

The majority of mild men that are in Judah American sport military are of Slavic extraction. Now faced off with the other Slavic man of Russia.

The people that Judah shopped for his slaves from the early days of Rome.

Isn't that how Judah did it by using white on white battering each other in World War I to put his full blown totalitarian rightless tyranny here in America?

What was Abe's war 1861-1865 other than whites being put to slaughter other whites?

American people now assigned peonage. And this after it is known that Judah had his big day with thousands of nuclear weapons that he tried to take us away with.

"Patrick we just hold you in error." 1.56 AM

Druid now dying himself, his family off, fields, water and air, frightened by the terror of weap Judah.

That's what weap Judah said yesterday in his analysis of why white has not acted to STOP THE WAR. That white is too frightened and is frozen from acting against Judah terror machine.

And how could Patrick be held in error?

The guy that turns the air raid siren on informing the people nearby of the coming tornado.

Elders suggest that white needs to be re-sighted. That's all. Judah knows the game and uses white to degrade himself in war.

And some just hold Patrick in error?

Might we consider what elders said about that, "Minutiae." Is how he described what Druid holds against Patrick.

If the Druid has ever failed to save himself from Judah weap, and Judah has determined that the Druid is not dutiful, might Druid be holding Patrick in error as a way to sidestep having to come face to face with the terror of weap Judah?

"You're giving your lives to us nice. Stupid gave us material to use to molest you with," Judee say.

A war to extinction. And human Beings, us, Americans, those that are paying for every shot and shell used, every soldier that marches, how have we failed to stop it?

"The Martians are holding them down, GET THEM OUT! You're cleared to get them off!" 5.12 AM

Every single nuclear missile that was shot at us Sir Casper and His diligent team pulled off of us. Are we understanding that we owe our lives to our kind Martian neighbors who prevented Judah from scoring us with his great balls of fire?

Will we not telepathically communicate with our good God above and say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending His angels in to spare us from extermination?

Will we not send it with love? Papa loves us all.


Our good God has cleared us to let them off right. Will Labor not help us to clear the 2%, the deuce, that insists it is his human right to slay us?

When Bitch mentions about what sort of abuses Judah has done and is doing to Bitch, it is less a search for justice than it is something to let you in on so that you have some idea of how you can prevent yourselves from being abused by the errant guy.

His beam weapons, killer satellites that he gives us heart attacks while we sleep comfortably in our beds.

Maybe your job is to be outsourced in a year or two and you have no knowledge about it. Might you not look much better to Judah as an insurance collection than having to pay separation and unemployment money when you leave your job?

Do we see how that killer satellite with the electronic beam to stop your heart can be hired for a percentage of the insurance collection then? Do we see the reduced costs of workers comp?

Bitch no grudge boy, once you close them out its goodbye to them. Then we go on our way in to the universe with our kind elders from the Galactic Federation of Light.

Our economy on free energy will grow gigantic over the years to come.

Thousands of years of assault and battery, an unending stream of death and destruction from the house of weap Judah will end the day that American Labor STRIKES THEM OUT!

Will Labor not recognize that God Almighty is with us so we have nothing to fear at all?

Our good God that had His angels step in and pull Judah's nuclear shots that he tried to wipe us all out with in the middle of the night.

That Father already saved our lives. Can we not respond to the love of God and end harming His children on earth?

Can we not wake ourselves to the level to perceive that we are harming ourselves?

Are we not alert and awake enough to hear the thousands of warnings over many years now to STOP THE WAR?

The Federation's computer simulations two thousand years ago of how Judah would die fully a third of the human race out when it was time for him to go.

With over 400 Jewish electricity dirty bombs going into meltdown do we see how he will be able to easily die off the entire surface of planet earth?

For that matter, if just the one dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE burns for a couple of decades uncontrolled could that one alone not die the surface of planet earth off? Certainly it could.

Is there not some understanding that hot Jewish nuclear electricity was only secondarily designed to power our world, primarily it was designed to die off our environment and die us out sick?

"Why didn't you try it." Father asked us. The STRIKE Labor. Why didn't you try it?

The pools of radioactive waste coming in now. Might we only wonder how that is going to affect our children now?

Are we getting some sense that God will Let us have it our way if we choose to continue to not listen to Father's love for us all?

"I gave you the peace must you fail?"

If we remain paralyzed might we not be the third of the human race that was prophesied to be died out now in the last days?

Might we see how powerful are the financial tools that Judah has used to put our world into permanent war?

The concession to issue money. Are we understanding that is the key component for operating society?

A U.S. dollar is an IOU from the Federal Reserve Bank. It's a promissory note that doesn't actually promise anything. It's not backed by gold or silver. P. J. O'Rourke

Is that not quite true? It's not backed by gold or silver and what does a dollar promise? Is a dollar bill not of itself worth very little?

How much might a piece of paper that size be worth?

Fractions of a penny? Sure. 2 cents printed as a dollar, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 dollar bill.

Is our understanding that it is our Labor that makes those little pieces of green paper worth something?

The tickets to access the aggregate resource base, the tickets we call Money. Abstract receipts of Labor.

If Labor is what makes them valuable, then why does Labor not have say in issuing them?

Might we consider that the question is more than academic in that it cost Labor leader William Sylvis his life in 1869 for mentioning the significance of the issue of money to Labor?

"They're closing our nutritious down here." 7.30 AM

Might we think a little about the famine Judah waged in Ireland and how corn was being exported while the people in Ireland were dying of starvation?

Might Americans not want to think about our food supplies, as we have no rights, may we someday see similar things happen to us here?

Are we understanding that Judah is trying to get the biggest die possible with war, disease, famine and nuclear waste before he leaves forever because he has offended God and God is dying him off of here?

That our whole state is corrupted stem to stern. Will Labor not step in and help us to straighten out this mess here?

After thousands of STRIKES across many different industries in that last century, how is it that labor finds itself on the short end of the deal and losing more ground every day?

If only Labor will think about our most important interests and focus on the root of our economic purpose, to produce for all of God's kids, might Labor not join together and STRIKE THEM OUT to take the issue of money into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

Are we getting the message from Judah signal of how he is mocking us with his Auschwitz presentation and trying to define our United States of America based upon his jesting of us?

Will American Labor not overcome the terror of weap Judah and help us to peace?

"Fish heads, waste be on you. 5.14 AM

I love you, Jews won't right you. 5.36 AM

They surged your field." 5.41 AM

Might that have been Father speaking to us at 5.36 AM, "I love you, Jews won't right you?"

As weap Jews are doing all they can to take America down as much as possible before they go out of our world will we not try our good God who will right us?

Our good God from the Galactic Federation of Light.

"Try to perceive me, I love you," Father said.

"You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." The angels sad.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

"Neuralgia berg. 8.17 AM

It's a great abandage." 8.20 AM

Continues at:

To abandon the safe harbor of our precious, sacred United States Bill of Rights.

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