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66 Bankers Arrested, Convicted and Jailed
Sat Feb 25, 2017 04:58

Sixty Six Bankers Have already Been Arrested, Convicted And Jailed

This is true.

In a huge Embezzlement ring including 66 bankers connected to the former head of the International Monetary Fund have been arrested, convicted and jailed.

Former IMF Director Rodrigo Rato (67 Yrs Old) was just sentenced, and sent to jail for using Private Bank Funds for personal purchases to the tune of 10.1 Million Euros.

Apparently he and his associates almost bankrupted Spanish Banks Caja Madrid and Bankia.

As soon as King Carlos - the Biggest Illegal Drug Lord in the world - resigned it left open an opportunity to arrest those who had been raping the European People of their money.

With the US Elections overturning the long standing Libtard Stronghold on America it left open a opportunity to arrest all those who had been committing Embezzlement and Banking Fraud here in America for investigations arrests, convictions and Jail Time.

The arrests are coming here very, very soon. In fact - they have already begun quietly.

One last note - I have been told by several Private Sources that of the $28 Trillion the US sent out to stabilize the World Banking System about $25 Trillion was pocketed by Bank CEOs and their associates. These funds are currently being Zeroed Out across the planet.

Out of the 10,000 Elites across the Globe about 9,000 are in full cooperation and the other 1,000 are being replaced with doubles, killed or arrested.

Please pray that the bankers conducting illegal activities here in America either turn States Evidence or are arrested and jailed immediately.


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