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"The Cat's Still Wiping Us. Oh, My God, They're Destroying U
Sat Feb 25, 2017 06:15

"The Cat's Still Wiping Us. Oh, My God, They're Destroying Us All."

Those are overnight Tele receives. "The cat's still wiping us. Oh, my god, they're destroying us all."

Nuclear brimstone waste percolating on us. Poisoning out our fields and air. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and end the terror routine that he has filled our world with?

They pushed the button and you've done nothing. Must Labor not wake itself up and STRIKE THEM OUT until Labor has the concession to issue our money in Labors hands?

"You are a most stupid grease," Judee said to Bitch telepathically.

Father said some time ago, "You failed me useful." Then more recently," You failed me jostled."

Then the other day, "You failed me personal."

Might that reflect what this Druid woman said, "Patrick we just hold you in error?" 1.56 AM

Judah is "rare" in his sports abilities according to elders when it comes to transitioning a planet out of war and into peace.

Can we only wonder how it is that Father has a guy with a demonstrated fault of stupid serving in His transition of planet earth out of war and into peace?

Why not a guy with no fault of stupid to get American Labor convinced to act and save yourselves from a bop that will leave many of us imprisoned, sterile, sick and dead?

The deadliest toxin of them all, nuclear waste. Genocidal in its persistent effects. Set now to take a third of the human race out of existence.

Our bio-form that we have had as creatures that roamed the earth for 12 million years.

Our high-level intelligence 223 vitamins that were gifted to us 200,000 years ago by our Galactican family from the Galactic Federation of Light.

And now a third of us that have these high-level potentials facing being wiped out in only a few short years from nuclear waste.

What could it be that has kept us from listening to the thousands of warnings from our good God, our precious sweet Father in heaven above to STOP THE WAR?

If only there were a different spokesperson for our family from outer space might Labor give us a STRIKE?

The ability of an idiot savant of the National Security State. The guy that points out all of the tricks that Judah puts in to fool and hold the people.

While Judah enjoys his sport of fisting us in, if he did not have the concession to issue our money to freely bribe and cover things up, might he not have been found out earlier? Certainly.

Have those that have focused not been able to find Judah's facility of mind in sports?

Our brightest kids with the facility of mind to be able to see what is going on and how Judah is putting hidden holes in our vessel of state so that it sinks suddenly and with little warning.

The bright kids that have the social type facility of mind to first see what Judah is doing and then explain what Judah is up to and to then lead us to a remedy to save ourselves.

While Bitch has the facility of mind to identify what Judah is doing to us to harm us all, he has not yet demonstrated the social facility of mind to bring Labor in to help us yet.

Has he not demonstrated the technical facility of mind to explain free energy and the many reasons why it has been kept out of our world? Yes.

Some of the reasons that Judah keeps free energy out. Are we aware that it then lets him burn coal so that he can give many people respiratory disease?

Are we aware that along with homelessness sports Judah has a respiratory disease sport also?

Are we not yet connecting the dots to see his respiratory sport coming into America from his Jewish electricity sport from Hitachi-GE?

With free energy machines up and running producing all of the clean free energy we need do we see how that would impact Judah's respiratory sport both coal and nuclear?

So while Bitch has the technical facility of mind to help bring velocity power supplies into our world, he has not demonstrated the social ability to bring Labor into help us STOP THE WAR.

"Stupid gave us material to use to molest you with," Judee say.

The pictures that Judah has been using to molest those who could give us a STRIKE to STOP THE WAR.

Might Labor not see it exactly as Judee said it, "The material to use to molest you?"

Will Labor not refuse to let yourselves be molested by Judah with his picture show?

The social, personal weaknesses in Bitch's life. Is that what is holding Labor from helping us to STOP THE WAR?

"Patrick we just hold you in error. 1.56 AM

Could this be the sore point that is holding Labor back from giving us a general STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

Is that the reason that Father said: "you failed me personal?"

If it is is there not some way to overcome that error that will allow us to get together to get a STRIKE to get ourselves to peace?

The multiple of catastrophes that Judah is walking right in on us. Must American Labor not RISE to the occasion and take the free money away from Judah and end his many wars in our world on our American Labor dollar?

Tele receives:

"Throw them out! 3.15 PM

Chains are corrupt. 3.31 PM

They've left you a filthed deck. 5.27 PM

Lost and found racket. 6.49 PM

CIA murders fields. 6.50 PM

They are taking us to a lower income.

Deterior rates them. 6.55 PM

They're always having a nice threat. 6.58 PM

They're going to flush you, Dreyfus. 9.15 PM

Back rolls are starting from London. 9.20 PM

Jew ever makes abusive.

You've been saved, challenge them. 9.25 PM

You failed rights here, you set yourself for scrimmage. 9.27 PM

Fabulous torture you in minutes.

You failed to lead a hatch rising.

Personally couldn't be excited about you. 9.32 PM

You're coming off your night eventually. 9.35 PM

Merchants have got a fisty future on pura deals. It sold even though they're bankrupt. 9.52 PM

Finish it! 9.53 PM

Bench outrage awful subtle cash.

Only when you get that money can you put a system in that reflects the true character of Americans.

Even with contact boursive reduced thee. 10.00 PM

Cable is a great die you lost. 10.02 PM

STRIKE THEM OFF, they're cycling here.

They make false videos. 10.07 PM

You lost your settlement rights, you lost your bank vagrancy.

Average rights pitch us bad.

Fouled wolf with a lack of rights.

Jew is satisfied when most of you are outside.

Animal state, they're resounded.

Without an attorney, they die you harsh. 10.11 PM

Survivors make us faultish fails. 10.19 PM

Down to their bitter end they hate whites. 10.21 PM

I urge you fabulous. 10.27 PM

They indict to scrimmage.

Your great potential failed leaving blistered. 10.30 AM

It's finished graceless. 10.41 PM


They've failed neutrons. 10.54 PM

You fail, die abusive, you lost your rights on plastic.

They're closing us up with dura-fail.

They war our genitals. 10.59 PM

You failed to save your own selfishness.

Quite procrasting. 11.03 PM

I urge you to STRIKE THEM OUT totally. 11.05 PM

Because they failed some light-bulbs everything else failed us. 11.06 PM

Hear me, theory canceled. 11.09 PM

You failed to save yourselves without a STRIKE.

The possibility of cancer dying us is exhausting us. 11.14 PM

Articles leave us manageable. 11.19 PM

It's forcage, forcing out yourselves. 11.22 PM

They assaulted us out of maintainable maintenance. 11.27 PM

Mental been pushed.

Brooklyn assaulted you right. 11.30 PM

They're pushing you out your field. 11.35 PM

They want us to take possession of our affairs. 11.37 PM

Judee fudges you. 11.38 PM

Act wise, defend kidney. 11.39 PM

They must have permission to do their wars.

You can release the green in one minute. 11.44 PM

The army made you huge.

Foul mistake. 11.48 PM

Cheer. 11.50 PM

This isn't a single thing, we're talking about they keep sporting us out. We're going to revolt to end their attacks. 12.00 Midnight

He loused our deals. 12.02 AM

Jew do luxural horseness. 12.07 AM

Close them out for doing my century sinfully.

It's a shatterer coming. 12.10 AM

With Lincoln, you were great fallen. 12.12 AM

They generally die because that's their sport. 12.33 AM

Pat don't score any faces. 12.34 AM

It's obvious fiscal life Judee uses to mush you's. 12.36 AM

A dog let him particle you's. 12.38 AM

ORGANIZE, they fatalize, threw us out. 12.39 AM

A debt now cost you. 12.40 AM

A shield ever undevelops us sport. 12.41 PM

Hustler, we were offended.

They fail marriage easily so throw them out.

With suckerage they always allege. 12.44 AM

Pure. 12.45 AM

They aggress with $700 dollar fines. 12.53 AM

My god, they score us enough.

Cover up America. 12.57 AM

Oh STRIKE THEM OUT, call their period to an end.

Pretty sad us and we don't know how to save ourselves. 1.25 AM

Wow, we have been pushed lethalage. 1.37 AM

They're on the floor crazy. 1.38 AM

Great be sober war. 1.39 AM

They pushed the button and you've done nothing. 1.40 AM

It's a huge falling life that will out.

The Alliance pushed you out. 1.42 AM

Principal is spiteful here. 1.43 AM

Oh, my god, they're going to die us all off pooch. 1.47 AM

They tried to save us nice sphere here. 1.51 AM

Company financials take us out. 1.52 AM

There's your freedom, right there in a STRIKE! 1.53 AM

Weed serves a purpose.

Hitler fails us greatly. 1.54 AM

The cow should get some sense. 1.57 AM

They're accomplishing oxygen all with rights here.

You boot yourself. 2.00 AM

Firing up the sacrifices.

They're blistering us mustard. 2.01 AM

It's finished, they're taking resources out. 2.04 AM

It's just a fisters court. 2.05 AM

I warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR exclusive. 2.07 AM

They treak us false. 2.11 AM

You're all coming off cuff. 2.13 AM

It ended, boot camps coming to attach us. 2.15 AM

You falsified yourself out failed. 2.17 AM

Without the country, it's obvious gas income.

They'll ice our family lecture. 2.20 AM

Particles pull. 2.21 AM

HUGE cancer take. 2.22 AM

War is a racket. 2.23 AM

Right forces felled you. 2.24 AM

They mica-soft you. 2.25 AM

Their scientists will fuse you up in the air you breathe. 2.27 AM

Harsh you's are fielded.

Their minimum app closed the whole nation. 2.28 AM

Complete invetious now. 2.29 AM

They're closing you sandals ornery. 2.30 AM

They occupied us. 2.31 AM

This is to reduce us out of life. 2.32 AM

HUGE you sin. 2.47 AM

Their acne fears me. 2.48 AM

Some of your best years are useless indicted.

Get out the troops. 2.51 AM

You lost to armor-plex. 2.52 AM

You were supposed to have woken up yourselves watching them. 2.53 AM

Financial hurts. 2.54 AM

The cat's still wiping us. 2.55 AM

Oh, my god, they're destroying us all. 2.56 AM

The lunatics have now failed our lands completely. 2.57 AM

You'll be throwing out yourselves, casualties all here. 3.03 AM

Groceries are a questionable fail. 3.11 AM

You lost your rightness here for purity. 3.15 AM

They're shooting us financial. 3.21 AM

Mass workers. 5.00 AM

Here it comes, a new erection." 5.05 AM

"I was deaf," Judee say.

With his thousands of years of supreme knowledge and still, Judah chose to bypass the love, the guidance, the wisdom of our good God above.

Instead, Judah took the path of most harm to all the human Beings he came upon in our world.

"Put them out for insure here." 6.09 AM

"You refused my jealous field so my field is through for the ages. We false you up to defeat. You failed to mosh me even after my adventure with my big invention knocked me out," Judee say.

Will Labor not reconsider here and mosh them for their adventure with their big invention that they tried to exterminate us all with?

They've big invention knocked them out. If this singular most important and significant fact is understood then must Labor not close them out of here now?

"We always degrade death. We paid for you to use you. We're aggressive stealing. We whack you with lead, that's your affair. We always die tight. You made us go," Judee say.

By making public Mercury report of the attempt to destroy America with us in it in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 with one thousand ballistic missiles with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads on them, has that report not made Judah go right?

Will American Labor not react to our passing out of life form with an appropriate response to help us?

And what might an appropriate response be?

How about a general STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

"There's freedom right with a STRIKE!"

Thank you for that Tele receive from last night and all the other Tele sends. Is that not a memorable saying?

"There's freedom right with a STRIKE!"

"Our big journey assaulted you out. We pushed the button and made you destroyed even without our big balls of fire," Judee say.

Even after losing their great balls of fire have they not indeed destroyed us using their backup shot of nuclear waste?

"Their miracle is they shame us." 7.32 AM

Revelation 9:13-16 New International Version (NIV)

13 The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the four horns of the golden altar that is before God. 14 It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15 And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind. 16 The number of the mounted troops was twice ten thousand times ten thousand. I heard their number.

Twice 10,000 = 20,000 x 10,000 = 200,000,000

The number of mounted troops turned loose to kill a third of mankind, 200 million.

Might that be how many Americans are responsible for keeping the war going?

Judah scientists tell us that he is on target to die 200 million Americans off with his nuclear brimstone waste shot.

Will Labor not overcome all fear and STOP THE WAR?

Father has kept Bitch in long past his decease date. Father wants His meek children on planet earth to know that He loves us all.

Will the meek not do God's will and inherit the earth?

The people that provide the material to make war. Are they not responsible for war? If so are we understanding that it is American Labor that is providing the purse to let Judah make world war?

Father has and is helping us Labor. Is there not some way that you will step in and help us too?

The double beast that Judah is. Will Labor not take the money away from Judah and end his beastings of us?

"We use the sheriff with an opiate to roll you. We promise you journey suspect. I perished you off without questioning. Idiots trusting us.

I killed 120 million with poison. I just push the minnow in jail. I'm about to take you off tomato permit. Jew forcing you away with electricity here.

I'm just gonna roll you, fiend. Contact has made our revenue fall. Without a fist Jew is helpless that's why I had to cap you to die. I fall your dreams with my available rights. My plan is to leave you all in poverty. I'm just shallowing," Judee say.
The love of Father for us His little Simian kids on planet earth. How many can we only wonder have said a prayer to Father thanking Father for sending His angels into spare us from being exterminated by weap Judah on atoms?

How many can we wonder have tried to perceive the reality of Father?

"Try to perceive me, I love you." Precious sweet Father said.

Will Labor not say a prayer to God and try to perceive the love that Father has for all of His children on earth?

Father prepared our bibles for us when he was 200 years of age. Now Father is dying, He is in the last days of his beautiful perfected life.

Continues at:

"Occasionally," elder responded when Bitch asked if the angels ever have a fail when transitioning a planet out of war and into peace.

Will we not pray that earth does

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