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"I Bid You Save Our School Today With a Fine Review" Just h
Sun Feb 26, 2017 07:35

"I Bid You Save Our School Today With a Fine Review"

Just heard that Tele send at 3.18 AM. "I bid you save our school today with a fine review."

Review definition: to view, look at, or look over again. The process of going over a subject again in study or recitation in order to fix it in the memory or summarize the facts. A formal assessment or examination of something with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary.

Might we start our review with some facts that may give us a direction that will help us try and survive the nuclear waste war we are being finished out in?

Maybe we should reach back to the beginning of the modern period of us, our human race on the surface of planet earth when our good God came to earth to give Moses the rules for God's village?

The Ten Commandments. Do we recall the big one was "Thou shalt not kill?"

Informed of the rules of the road in God's village about 3,500 years ago. 1,500 BC.

The only group on earth that God had to come in to clarify the rules in His village. The rest of our family on earth making progress in ways that God did not need to come in to clarify the rules. One group that was going the wrong way and proud of it. Weap Judah.

Gifted as we are with free will, God let weap Judah do as he wanted to do, and never once corrected him for his constant disobedience to God's rules.

Only in very modern times, about 1999, did we learn that we are created Beings ourselves. Genetically engineered hybrids.

Our body of a simian, an ape, combined with the high-level intelligence of advanced extraterrestrial Beings.

The "Missing link" that was never found because there is no missing link. We went straight from simple apes into advanced Beings with the addition of our high-level psychiatric genetics that gives us the vitamins and enzymes to figure things out BIG.

Our original creation, hybridization with our elders 223 high-level intelligence Galactican genetics, 200,000 years ago was of 60,000 of us in one central location in Africa.

From there we traveled throughout the world until today we occupy most every area of our globe.

We became extraterrestrials ourselves when we landed on the moon in 1969.

From the stone age to the space age. Our edition took 200,000 years to get here.

Only in recent years have we been widely informed about extraterrestrials that travel to our planet.

From contact with our kind elders from the universe, we have learned that the group is known as the "Nordics," are our brothers and sisters from Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter.

They were created with us 200,000 years ago. Venus became extraterrestrial first 47,000 years ago.

They now live inside Venus with a population of 70 billion. Nearly ten times the entire human population of earth.

Mercury left planet earth 10,000 years ago. They were Atlantis here on earth. They built an advanced technology that discovered the free energy that allowed them to become extraterrestrials.

There are 30 billion living inside Mercury. They are us, same creation 200,000 years ago.

Jupiter preceded Mercury into outer space a few thousand years before they ascended into the universe. Their home world is in the moons of Jupiter.

In this review, do we recall that Mercury shared with Bitch that when the question is first asked of whether planet earth is in motion or not, it is ordinarily a 300-year scientific study to answer that question?

If so do we recall that the question of planetary motion was asked in ancient Greece in the 5th century BC?

Might we consider that because of the constant turmoil of war and disruption that it took our edition 2 thousand years until the Polish Astronomer Copernicus confirmed mathematically that our planet was indeed in motion in 1543?

And even Copernicus it was not generally accepted that our planet is in motion for nearly two centuries more until astronomer Sir James Bradley proved it in 1729 with his observations concerning the 'aberration of light.'

Jesus we now know was sent to us from the Galactic Federation of Light 2,000 years ago. Might we understand now that Jesus was here to give us the light to follow? The right path that would eventually lead us to peace and harmony among all mankind.

Part of the ongoing meta-gorical transfiguration from our animal primitivism into our higher level extraterrestrial life form.

African continent enjoying abundance and with it easily learning cooperation and accommodation. South America having learned right ways from the extraterrestrial Quetzalcoatl before 900 BC. And Asia having Buddha to give the correct path to living in peace and harmony in the 5th century BC.

The mild man of the north invaded by the desert people in the 5th century AD.

Bringing with them Christianity and the word of Jesus to help us find our way to peace.

The focused desert dwellers not following the path of Jesus or God our Father in heaven above.

Are we understanding that heaven is an actual place that is located 38 light years from earth in the direction of the North Star?

The home base of the Galactic Federation of Light is located there. It is an 8-hour flight from earth to our home world in our elders advanced spacecraft.

The Federation's "Resources Management Center" is located 2 light hours from planet earth. It is 10,000 miles of storage containers in outer space that handle the material collected in this region of outer space.

"Desmond" is a "Transport Clerk" that is directing the Center for the Federation. Desmond has been in that position since 1385.

Desmond directed the choreography for the light show in the sky when Joan of arc fought Judah English troops on the battlefields of France in 1430.

Desmond is a "Nayling." One of the thousands of species that live together in peaceful cohesion with the other members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

The rules and regulations of the Federation. The law books, the statutes, the codes. Do we recall they are all covered in the Federations legal books under the title, "Most favored suggestions?"

"It's a pleasure." Do we remember that is what elders say to us when they can help us?

Our extraterrestrial elders brain neuron number begins at 600 billion neurons. The top extraterrestrials, their brain neuron count is in the range of 1800 billion neurons.

Ordinary earthlings, us, neuron count is in the range of 100 billion neurons.

Some of the cunning Judah have brain neuron counts in the range of 550 billion neurons. Close to the neuron count of our extraterrestrial family.

Bitch running about 350 billion neuron number with those focused on technology.

Our neuron number as any muscle, if exercised grows throughout life.

Our 223 high-level intelligence genetics are from the first Galacticans that passed out of existence 6 million years ago. Their high-level intelligence was naturally evolved.

Our intelligence would reach the level we are at now in 2 or 3 million more years if we were not genetically engineered by the Galacticans.

That we are hybrid creations of our Galactican elders, are we seeing that is what afforded us the opportunity to be intervened and saved by the Federation?

Are we understanding it was our good God that directed that we be saved that prevented weap Judah from dying us out of life with his great balls of fire?

Our extraterrestrial elders did computer simulations from 1840 until 1870 to prepare for the twentieth-century world at war to extinction that they knew Judah was going to put on to us.

In 1906 the "Proper Behavior Committee of the Galactic Federation of Light made the decision to actively intervene in earth's affairs.

Sir Maximilian arrived from the Federation in earth zone in 1910. He was here until September of 2008.

Sir Maximilian is the Being that is known as the 'Infant of Prague.' He is the emissary that was sent to earth in 1350 AD to contact the "Centers of Power" of planet earth to invite them into the Galactic Federation of Light.

The Centers of Power of planet earth declined the offer to join the Federation as they had already perfected the predator relationship.

Might we consider how unchanged Judah is over his thousands of years of time?

Are we understanding that the decision to exterminate the rest of the human race is not a recent decision, rather they have carried the plan forward for thousands of years?

To just review what has happened recently. Are we all on the same page perceiving that Judah attacked us all out with thousands of thermonuclear warheads to die us all off in a nuclear blast war?

Are we able to bring into view what Liebknecht shared with us in 1915 that war is false, not aimed external, rather it is a social tool to subordinate one's own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class?

If so are we understanding the war against the Muslims in the Middle East is actually to subordinate the mass of the American population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class?

As more of the atrocities that weap Judah and his palace sport crowd perpetrated against us inside America is coming to light, might we not want to reflect upon what happened here and what is happening here and listen to the Angels that God our Father sent to help us and take their good advice and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Might we review what Father said concerning the ultimate fate of weap Judah?

"I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty said of what He is doing with them for their failure to overcome their weakness, their inability to accommodate others.

"They have no defensible rights," God said in reference to the position Judah put himself in when they attacked us all out with nuclear missiles to genocide us complete.

Might we understand that by the inaction of Labor to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah we give them permission to make war?

Warned by the angels above, "You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." And our good God Almighty that warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR."

Judah revealed just the other day from his analysis that mild man is scared of Judah and that is why he has not struck them out yet.

Elder didn't call us cowards, they said our "efforts are coward."

Facing our long slow die by brimstone waste while they shoot us with Russians is there not some way that we will act and take away the goose-paper they use to sew us up with?

Using our own dollar to wipe us and our nation out. The Labor that makes the dollar worth something.

The pieces of paper we call "money," are we convinced they are as our elders from outer space describe them, "abstract receipts of Labor?"

The entire kit and caboodle found right there in the concession to issue our money that Judah privatized in 1913.

The tool box of unlimited printing of free cash that Judah holds in his hands combined with his organized cannibal cult to play sport with us.

While many claim that the fiat banker dollar is backed by nothing because it is not backed by gold or silver, is it not seen though that it is backed, by Labor?

If we make the connection with our Labor as the motive force that gives value to the fiat banker dollar as our exchange mechanism, do we see we can have sovereign Labor dollars back our economy better than banker fiat dollars can?

If cash was backed by gold and silver and it was learned that the gold and silver that backed the cash was gone from the bank vault might that not end acceptance of the gold and silver backed cash as a medium of exchange? Sure.

Likewise, as the banker, fiat cash is backed by Labor, as it is, do we see that if the value disappears, the Labor, the cash then is worthless?

That Labor continues to work, are we seeing that is what is making cash valuable as a medium of exchange?

When Labor STRIKES will we not instantaneously see the value go out of the fiat banker cash as if the gold and silver were no longer in the vault? Yes.

Are we seeing then Labor it will be easy for you to claim the authority to issue our cash?

While our good God will not pull Judah down, are we seeing Father will help us rise up?

Might we understand that much of our world is in a critical condition due to who it is that has the Organizing Principle of Society in their private hands?

The Organizing Principle of Society. Are we aware that is the authority to issue our money?

The party that has that concession in their hands, weap Judah. Might that one issue not explain why our planet has been mined with nuclear weapons set to go off by accident or on purpose?

That Judah convinced us to give him permission to build tens of thousands of atomic bombs. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Lord for sparing us from Judah blast rod of plutonium?

To get ourselves to where we have a possibility to survive the nuclear waste war that Judah is waging against us.

To get ourselves to where we have a chance to prevent our economy from being forced further down by Judah.

To get ourselves to where we have our rights again.

To get ourselves to living in a world at peace and not war.

To do all these good things for ourselves are we not aware that we must challenge weap Judah for the authority to issue our money to be transferred from weap Judah to a Committee of the Whole comprised of members of Labor?

Father will never harm us. But should we not be aware of what Father said, "I won't save your lives because 2+2=4?"

Bitch had a Jewish buddy that used to come around once a month and we would exchange thoughts about what happened during the month.

He was no Replicon, he was 100% Jewish. He related a story to Bitch one time that made Bitch a bunch money years later.

He had a little store near 48th and Ashland on the south side of Chicago.

Went to one of the places he shopped one day and they had a large number of coats that he could take all he wanted for $5 a piece.

He thought it looked like a real a good deal, but he wasn't sure? So he bought only an arm full of them. There was a big stack of coats so he thought he could come back and buy more anyways if they did sell well.

He got back to his store early and put them in the window and before noon he sold that armful.

Jumped into his car to go to the warehouse to buy the whole load of them and when he got there, the big stack of coats had all been sold.

Then he explained to Bitch that what he had that day was "beginners luck."

He thought they looked like a real good deal, but wasn't sure and didn't want to get stuck with a bunch of coats that were hard to sell.

Then 8 years later Bitch was selling real estate and came upon a 2 flat that was listed with a Realtor that didn't sell because it had some building violations on it.

The owner of the two flat had passed away and it was a family member that was trying to sell it for some time with no luck and didn't want to put the thousands of dollars in to correct the code violations.

The real estate agent offered the listing to Bitch finding she couldn't do anything with it. Bitch took it and when he saw what it was, it occurred what Harry had said years before, "beginners luck."

It worked out real well for all involved.

"Beginners luck." Thank you, Harry, for that tip.

That was the first real estate deal Bitch made substantial money on. He was an agent for about two years at that time.

And why talk about "Beginners luck" now?

Because it came into Bitch's head while thinking about how to bring Labor to get us out of war now.

Might Bitch not have some beginners luck again?

Judah, only misfiring once in 5,000 years.

This is Bitch's first deal trying to prevent a genocide of a few billion people. Have elders from outer space not said many times to Bitch, "Good luck?" Yes, they have. Elder just said, "Good luck" to Bitch a couple of hours ago.

Might Labor notice, the way Bitch does a deal? He gives you more than you wanted often times, and happy to do it.

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