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Russian Diplomats Keep Dropping Over Dead - Why?
Mon Feb 27, 2017 05:23


This war for the control of Planet Earth has intensified since the election of President Trump. One side wishes Nuclear War, the other side wished peace and prosperity and an end to these constant wars.

What is happening in Russia may come here unless President Trump does as GOD has directed him to do.

We can see this battle raging hard in the Russian Federation and the retaliation for these murders will now begin worldwide, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

Six Russian Diplomats have died on the last 60 days. These include:

1) Ambassador Andrei Karlov - who apparently died after being shot several times and there was no blood. We believe he went deep underground.

2) Peter Ploshikov - Senior Official Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Latin America - Shot dead in his own apartment with the gun stashed under the Bathroom Sink.

3) Vitaly Churkin - Russianís Ambassador to the United Nations - he apparently died of a Hearth Attack at 64 years old.

4) Alexander Kadakin - Russian Ambassador to India - Died after a brief illness

5) Andrei Melanin - Russian Consulate in Athens. Found dead in his bedroom and the death is nder investigation.

6) Oleg Erovinkin - Former Director of the KGB - No enemies there.

Now go back another 60 days

7) A Plane carrying the Russian Army Choir shot down on Christmas by a US Missile

8) Sergei Krivov - In charge of Consulate Security in New York - fell from a roof after being beaten.

9) Putinís Driver - killed in a Freak Accident September 2016 - when a car crossed over several lanes and hit his car head on.

Now A Few More Months:

10) Mikhail Lesin - Founder of Russian TV - Adviser to President Putin - was found dead in his hotel room November 2015 - in Washington DC after being beaten to death.

11) Remember when President Putin disappeared in early March of 2015 - he was giving a Lecture and he bent over and collapsed and then for several months cancelled his appearances???

Keep in mind that the Corporation of the Russian Federation is licensed in London and the CEO is Prime Minister Mevedev.

He was shot with a Microwave gun - A Tiny Heart Attack Gun - and had a Minor Heart Attack, and two days alter the man we told him who would shoot him disappeared?

That may happen again 6 March as the Elites are trying one again to terminate all those who oppose them.

This war between those who would start a Full Scale Nuclear War and those that would preserve Planet Earth is intensifying so expect more casualties.

As for Russia - They would have been spared all of this by the Living GOD if they had done as GOD had asked. See fax to Deutsche Bank 25 November 2014.


We are about to release huge savings on food both here and on our cooking channel starting 1 March so hang on folks.

Please pray that those killing Russian Officials stops immediately and Russia does as GOD has asked them to do

Also pray that those who are stealing hits from our You Tube Channel stop or face severe consequences immediately.

Further -- please that that those promoting Fake Stories on Before Its News and squashing the truth stop or face severe consequences immediately.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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