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"They Scored Us Out: Your Rich States Will Clear Your Vision
Mon Feb 27, 2017 08:22

"They Scored Us Out: Your Rich States Will Clear Your Vision"

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "They scored us out: Your rich states will clear your vision"

The understanding is that our background radiation is normally in the 5-20 CPM, (counts per minute).

Des Moines showing radiation level of 7,000 CPM in the last few months. Can we only wonder what that might indicate for our health?

Can we only wonder why we haven't tried to shut down Judah's nuclear artillery that he is shelling us with from Hitachi-GE?

Bitch was outdoors and walked around yesterday. Early today woke up and caught just a hint of burning in his nose?

Radiation has no odor but the dust, organic material in the air that is fried by radiation can give an odor. Is that what Bitch sensitive nose detected?

Also felt a couple of bumps in the kidney early today. An Early symptom of roast kidney disease?

Are we aware our 5% congress crowd has known about roast kidney disease for several years?

Did Bitch not report it to the people several years ago when he found it in one congresspersons reverse speech? Yes, the dutiful boy did report roast kidney disease was coming in to the people for their consideration several years ago.

Do we perceive that once we have the concession to issue our money in the hands of Labor we can hire the engineers to get some boron into that dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE to get it into shut down?

Bitch just said "good wishes" to Sir Jason our Galactican big brother and Sir Morris our Qwill friend who is in our solar system to welcome us into the universe.

Jason's telepathic voice mailbox sent us this message today at 3.51 AM:

"The whole's fused, nickel industry now roaming."

Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today.

Are we understanding that our whole country is fused from Judah nuclear war that he is fighting against us using his nuclear artillery that is disguised as Jewish electricity from Hitachi-GE?

Here's a Tele send from a woman that Bitch saw while driving yesterday:

"They're dying all circuit."

Japanese weap Judah that has a fist grip on our family in Japan has used his bench to get some of his dirty bombs up and running again so that he can get more chances to poison us.

For those that have checked out the technical of electronic circuitry tapping into the electromagnetic fields of earth and the Cosmos, are we not fully aware that we have the unlimited clean free energy for all of our needs merely by letting our scientists and engineers get about the business of building it?

The almost unbelievable fact of Salt Lake City's Dr. Henry Moray having built a solid state free energy machine and demonstrating it as early as 1926.

Weighed 65 pounds, could fit on a kitchen table and produce in today's electricity market $240 dollars worth of clean free electricity.

And Dr. Moray's reward for bringing us advanced technology a century ago? To have bullet proof glass installed on his car because of all of the bullets that were shot at him.

Might we wonder who were the people that shot at Dr. Moray when they saw him driving along the street?

Who would have that level of organization and knowledge of him to take pot shots at him?

Might it not be weap Judah that has taken over America and with it planet earth?

As diesel keeps shooting us down on the streets of America will we not continue to pray that Labor will take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah so that he no longer gets free shots at us?

If we understand the absolute reality of free energy that derives its motive force from planetary and universal motion, and we perceive how weap Judah has known of the reality of free energy for over a century now, might we be able to divine Judah's deeper purpose in our society and world?

That is, by preventing free energy from coming in to our world do we see how Judah has set our entire planet backward?

80% of the human race living with less than adequate amounts of cash. Coal burning to produce respiratory disease among many of our family in this world.

Are we getting some ideas of how powerful is the authority to issue our money in anybody's hands? Have we not had a chance to see how particularly deadly it is in weap Judah's hands?

In the 1920s and 30s, it caused Dr. Moray to be dodging bullets for showing us his gift of a free energy machine.

Do we recall how cash in weap Judah's coal, diesel, gas, oil, and nuclear hands stole the good and useful Dr. Eugene Mallove away from us in 2004?

"We're only a few months away from clean unlimited free energy," Eugene said. Boom Boom they shot him down.

If we understand the circuit is real might we understand that nuclear energy is a cover for genocide?

That weap Judah refuses to shut his dirty bomb down at Hitachi-GE and continues to stoke it. Will we not act and get ourselves organized to get it shut down?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," our good God said to us.

As we now are into full burn nuclear brimstone waste mode where we are now feeling the burning from the high levels of radiation in our environment will we not act to save ourselves?

Their hot Jewish electricity radioactive nanoparticles that we are forced to breathe in that will deform our children and leave them non-reproductives in a relatively short time.

The salvation that our good God Almighty has offered us. Will Labor not reach for the love of our good God yet?

Once Judah gets his war between Russia and America underway, much chance anyone will have any opportunity to say anything?

Are Americans truly not aware of how far along the path we are to extermination yet?

Is there not some way that Americans will overcome fear and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"We ravaged ya's. We just war treason ape. I rottened you. I'm filthy luxury. Jerk failed the true state. We always pitch your scientists," Judee say.

Our scientists. Peace activists. Civil rights activists. Our spirited, useful, altruistics. Handsome and too pretty. Rappers that tell it in rhythm and rhyme. All stolen away from us under Judah's rules.

We won't forget Judah's war on our Janitors for insurance collections will we?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God, our sweet Lord, our Savior, our Sovereign precious Father in heaven that spared us extinction in weap Judah nuclear blast war?

Leaf? Mulch?

The numerous UFO reports that witnesses described the space craft as falling out of the sky "like a leaf."

Are we getting some idea of the meta-transiliatory communication style that our extraterrestrial family choose to speak to us with?

Is American Labor not yet coming to the conclusion that all these guys and gals got for us is sickness and death?

Judah started by violently forcing Americans to return to the old country in 1917 to war our family there.

Judah's children in the next generation drafted Americans to war our family in Japan.

Then Americans drafted by Judah to war our family in Korea. Then Vietnam and then throughout south America and now the Middle east.

Only to end where Judah's great great great grand pappy started it all a century ago, Americans now ready to war our Russian family back in the old country of Eastern Europe.

Russian forces now well enough equipped to knock most of our American state to smithereens.

"We always pulverize chickens," Judee say.

Is it Judah threats that are keeping Labor from acting to take the concession to issue our money away from them?

While any threats from Judah need to be taken seriously are we not figuring that if we succumb to his threats in the face of him waging nuclear war against us then we are guaranteed 100% to be put to harm?

Judah hostile behavior on 223 extraterrestrial implanted high intelligence psychiatric genes. Is there any one that thinks that we are going to be able to escape the brimstone weap Judah is shooting at us?

Every gulp of air we take now fully poisoned and getting worse everyday.

Have we forgotten God? Because we got so wealthy in America did we decide we no longer needed God in our lives?

For those who knew Bitch the atheist those words may sound real strange. Bitch felt certain there was no God ever since he was a teenager.

Even after figuring out a few basics of our extraterrestrial family he never made the connection that the top of our extraterrestrial house is our good God.

The Galacticans on the bridge of the Federation are a different species that we are. They are canids.

They have the agape love for us. Will we not try to perceive that our precious sweet Father loves all equally?

They are a 15 million year species and were gifted with the same 223 high level genetic intelligence factors that they gifted us with.

They have been in their high level life form for 3 million years now.

"Try to perceive me I love you," precious sweet Father said.

Their life span is in the 1800 to 2200 year range.

Our elder brothers in Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, the same creation as us from 200,000 years ago on earth have extended life spans now. They live in the range of 800 to 1200 years.

If only we perceive that our kind precious Father does truly love us might we not demand the peace?

"If it wasn't for Mercury I'd of truly buzzed you out for a nice win. I'm actually opposite of a human Being," Judee say.

Might Labor attempt to grasp the significance of those two reverse speech?

Are we understanding that if they could have gotten around Mercury and Sir Casper's diligent team they would have had their nice win with us no longer in existence?

"I'm actually opposite a human Being."

From that might we understand why our creators let Judah let themselves off right?

The die has been cast, weap Judah is done in God's village on earth. Are we understanding the only question now is will the druids be massively destroyed by Judah now in the end times?

Elders do not say that Druids are cowards, they say that our efforts are coward.

Will we not get ourselves together with a brave and courageous effort, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Rather than letting Judah molest Labor with some pictures that make the eyes sore might it not be more useful to think of the Bitch merely as the flag man on the highway waving trying to warn everyone that the road is washed out ahead?

Driving through the night, visibility obscured. Will Labor not take the thousands of warnings and prevent going right off the road into the river of death?

"Wasn't that the guy that insulted us some years ago trying to flag us frantically back there? Who wants to listen to what he's got to say," might some say?

"The gentle life we screw them so they made us. We just use white guys to do Jew lunatics," Judee say.

Do most of us not want the gentle life? Sure. The gentle life to live with our extraterrestrial family and our good God above to learn the ways of peace.

Might Labor not appreciate why the gentle did make Judee?

The gentle of Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Thank you Sir Casper for everything. Thank you all elder brothers and sisters for sparing us from Judah nuclear blast storm.

Will you all please continue to help this Bitch try and convince Labor to get smart and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Harry fault," Judee said telepathically to Bitch.

Do we recall it was Bitch's Jewish buddy Harry that explained to Bitch the thing called beginners luck?

Something will come your way when your new at it and you may not know how lucky of a chance it is.

Will Labor not give us all some beginners luck and get us to the safe shores of peace?

"You're letting your Real estate toast with out striking. Believe your punishment will total all of the wood."

Thank you Sir Morris for that telepathic message today.

Are the ordinary members of Labor getting an idea of what Judah thinks of us ordinary mere mortals?

Wood to make a desk, chair or footstool out of. Wood to burn in the fireplace to heat the house. Will Labor not pitch the Bunyon guy off before he burns our entire house to the ground?

Judah reverse speech continues to reveal it is commercial operations they're going to get underway in America.

Will we not pray for the 30 minute break though that will lift Labor in faith with the love of our good God above to STRIKE THEM OUT and let them off right?

"Shootin' is how I made you. Wall Street just let us rape true. We fooled you bad and with municipals we just weaped you away. With our tyranny we truly won. Super bust take our horsepower out of us. I said good bye to my force for Ireland," Judee say.

"He remained true to me," precious sweet Father said about His deeply imperfect with a fault of stupid Bitch.

"You're a nice boy." Father said to His Bitch.

"You're quite useful." Tele receive. 8.24 AM

"You're my scholar." Father also said to His Bitch.

Might Labor perceive that Bitch is not trying to get a sales commission from anyone, he is trying to get some help from Labor to listen to our precious sweet Father to try and save yourselves?

"Your mother failed to take our terrorizing off. My dog is holding off all animals, that's how I breed. You got a date with a major drill we fused. Druid almost take us away for our deadly force," Judee say.

How Ukraine Shot Itself in the Foot With Its Own Blockade of Donbass
11:12 24.02.2017

Jack Scherr — On February 15, Ukraine’s cabinet convened an extraordinary meeting and introduced a state of emergency in the country's energy sector due to the blockade of coal supplies from Donbass.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman warned that the energy crisis could lead to rolling blackouts and bring the country’s metallurgical industry to a halt. “We can’t call it by any other name than the erosion of the economy,” he warned. Home Minister Arsen Avakov said that in 16 days, plants in the cities of Mariupol and Kryvyi Rih would stop working.

It is crucial to emphasize that the so-called Ukrainian volunteer fighters who declared a trade and economic blockade of breakaway parts in late December 2016 are reportedly controlled by Home Minister Avakov.

They include some lawmakers, such as Verkhovna Rada member Semen Semenchenko, the founder of the Donbass volunteer battalion, who has been reasonably accused of atrocities.

Are we aware enough to spot when weap Judah plays in the background and interferes in ways that cause disruptions in societies that he then can bring them to blows with each other?

Will American Labor not identify the elements that are bringing the cruelly manipulated poor of America to come to blows with the cruelly manipulated poor of Russia and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah before his wet dreams come true and we are in a full blown high technical war with Russia?

"We're off because we boomed dumb. It's a fight I'm leaving you," Judee say.

Will American Labor not get smart, do your part and not let Judah leave us a fight?

If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"Stay fit. 1.30 PM

Pat you right thee. 5.26 PM

You called them quite rightly sweat. 5.42 PM

Shangaman got rid of Brutus. 6.10 PM

We can make loss topple if we end fishing. 6.17 PM

Don't let it go any further, they're pulling out as much employment as is possible because they're Jewish. 6.24 PM

Failed this field, your mission is squashed for free.

They pushed the button and you lost contact. 6.36 PM

You lost power to best us. 6.37 PM

They organize dull to weap war. 6.38 PM

They organize you Lincoln. 6.39

They put the reward on to harm people. 6.41 PM

They have no mercy they only disturb.

A restaurant target you.

You failed to save your life missiles. 6.44 PM

They tossed you racially inside you. 6.55 PM

I'm frightened physical too. 6.57 PM

Continues at:

Scientist hiked them out, we've done nothing. 7.05 PM

Contact doesn't prosecute. 7.04 PM

You're accused o

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